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Crosstown Game part 2

4:45 pm Well I have to have some place to go PRIVATE you can see me this is just where I journal, now what! 4:34 pm Okay I have the NEW blog rolling and YOU guys can see this is … Continue reading

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Calling for a BOYCOTT

4:47 pm I will just move with or without you I know how to do that too this stuff will be in storage so fast and I will leave the city and that will be that, DARE ME! 4:46 pm … Continue reading

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See Y’all got jokes

12:26 pm Live VIDEO on http://www.ustream/ MIDNIGHT Let’s go home! 11:59 pm Before I forget WHAT I hit if I fall! 11:56 pm BRING THEM HOME FROM TEMPTATION NOW! Got the at pilot or else and that is not a … Continue reading

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What you want me to say…

3:37 pm Still waiting on Derrek to decide what team he wants to play for this is his last contract year and well, it is not about money for me (duh) I want to enjoy my partner and I want … Continue reading

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