Life in Tucson, can I be honest????

Where do I start?

Well I moved here in May 2016, I could not take the violence, and hopelessness in the city. Bodies were falling left, right, and every direction between… I was not in the mood to wake up to a fight everyday of my life. So I sold off all I could, my deep freezer, washer & dryer, a few other house items, then hit the road.

I arrived here May 7th, started seeking employment May 10th, found, and interviewed for a job May 17th and started May 31, due to “legal restraints” I cannot speak to this issue, but I can say, it’s life.

I moved into my unit on May 27th, and unpacked from storage on June 15th, transition was pretty smooth, but I have to be honest. In Tucson, white women do not like black women, however white men do. I try to find the sunshine in every cloud, and the only rainbow I can find, is the unbalance of racial relations is “to be desired” in Tucson.

If you ask me of the cost of living, it’s great, you can find a great place, in a nice community for an average of $700 for 2 bedrooms, access is great, getting from point A to point B is less than an hour in every direction, most employers in customer service, pay average $10-13 for entry level positions.

My problem has been, finding one role that pays me the way that I like to be paid, for my skills set. Now you know I would be in law enforcement, my stalking ex’s make that a problem for me. I would love to work in Government, but you know they will use that against me, so I have to find a regular day job, that compensates me with a base plus commission (show me the money).

I cannot lie, I bought a Benz in my first 3 month (off my check list), I ran into some health issues, and had to return it, my plans are to pay it off in full, hopefully without having to take legal action.

My primary concern is I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy, I will not go into details about what happened, but I missed my date, due to issues with paperwork, and filings. I think I am more excited to get it over with, more than I am concerned about the adjustment. I am not having any more children, no thank you! What I have done, has not been properly respected, I refuse to abuse my body again. My long term goal is breast implants! USA, LLC

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