Bishop Eddie L Long Merry Christmas 2016 (RIP Father)

As I am sitting here reflecting on my personal loss, I would pray that those of you who knew him, knew of him, knew about him.. are kind in your words. His personal life was not perfect, none of our lives are, but he used his time, talent and gifts, to be a blessing to all. Please try not to judge him so cruel for his personal demons, more than his public accomplishments!

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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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