What is in that needle?

Prophetess Valentine

“What’s in that needle?”

For years conspiracy theories have been shared about how some agencies and states, push experimental drugs; on unwilling patients using them for scientific studies. From the theory that the “Tuskegee Airman Experiment” was a study designed to implant syphilis into African American men, to study their resistance to the drug; to the current theory that many of these vaccines being administered to patients today are many times untested or approved by FDA standards. It has been this theory, which has changed the way people select and manage their healthcare.

As a mother who has a extremely complicated biological make up, I am one of those who subscribes, that you never know what or who is treating you for the purpose of making a profit, pushing studies and endorsing special interest; or caring for my medical concerns based on my immediate needs.

A recent study conducted by…

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