BBD REUNION Westside Music Festival 2015

I guess I need to talk out my emotions in one box, you think? Brooke Payne I have so much I want to say, not sure if I can get it out my mouth… in tears… Right now I just want MY LIFE and MY IDENTITY back. The Steve Harvey Morning Show with Nephew Tommy. I would like to say for my own personal relief, if I were a hoe, I would have slept with BIV by now… unless they know the history Ramonski L Wade they would not know “Michael Bivins” was my FIRST LOVE in fact, they are the reason why I love basketball… not Jordan. It was games are Mendell with Kirk Townsend back in the early 80’s. Most people do not know the history, but BIV was my FIRST JORDAN… so overcome with emotion, I am not able to talk right now, my heart is broken… trying to smile.. Preparing to move to Phoenix, too much! Its just all too much! Time to go! Yes I see him calling me to the stage and apologizing! 50 Cent via Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson I hear you are returning on August 22… with EFFEN Vodka. Good Morning America withLIVE with Kelly and Michael with The View with Windy City LIVE with The Chew Let me HELP YOU understand… TIP: Bivins dealing with his inner emotions Chevette Valentinesings thru Ricky. And Dawn sings thru Ronnie smile emoticon I taught them to read to me smile emoticon with fiance GOD is my witness… smiles Michael Jeffrey Jordan Amen
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