Going to the Chapel

5:22 pm BULLS: I can’t help but notice ADVOCATE the same hospital that pulled the plug on DJ has a new practice facility, named after Advocate (was that your reward)? That is almost as funny as naming a eatery after BMO Harris, is that his reward… LOL! I want all of it, I own you Jerry and your soul! Until you do right by me, you and that team…. LOL

5:20 pm How the hell did he get my attention long enough to distract me away from my work, to hell if I know… he’s the perfect plan I never thought of.. I would rather be alone together!

I can’t help but stare at you!

5:16 pm I saw big sexy on the wall, hey you, BIG GUY wrapped up in a box from Richie for me, LOL, see Richie you play too damn much! You looking for me, under construction, doing my hair! Big weekend on the way!

I knew Richie set me up, if anyone knows what I like that I can trust, it would be something Richie would show me!

1:17 pm I am offline doing homework! No exceptions!

1:14 pm TIP: Here are my aunts Jackie on right and Yma on left, with Phyllis Hyman, 1985 I was born this way, where were you back then? Hun? If my Aunts who were raised my sisters, partied like this back then, why is it so strange that I am the way that I am (far from impressed). People are MAD I do not want to marry a celebrity, I am angry that you have an opinion on who I place in my bed. My bible says “Blessed if the man, whom I chose”, for “he that finds a wife, finds a good thing”!

1:12 pm Borderline mental breakdown!

1:10 pm Another audience dressed for a wedding, you know what?? Brian, you are getting on my nerves already, and I have not had sex with this man 🙂 LOL

1:07 pm My granny cast Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany, The Wiz.. hello!!!! Yes, My granny is responsible for helping start her career… Tracy you got colors! I only have 50 spaces total ladies!

1:06 pm I did not have a normal childhood, it was life with Debbie, this is normal to me, so those of you who think I am new or a groupie, if Debbie had not helped open that door, many if not all of you would not have a voice, you are welcome.. How do you cut off the head that made you!

1:03 pm Quick lesson before I go do homework, when I was growing up my granny was besties with Berry Gordy. I can remember the night Diana Ross called Debbie to talk about Berry being her oldest daughter’s father. I slept with my grandmother, so I heard everything. Here is Sherry Gordy who I ran across on my birthday last year, trying to make sure Helen did not break her hip! In this picture is Da Brat’s mother “Hodgie”… you did not know this, but Shawnie (Da Brat) grew up across the street from where I lived on the west side, if she don’t know, don’t tell her!

1:01 pm Rachel Ray, Anthony.. are you lining up!!! I guess Tracy Ross is also lining up! Smiles..

12:59 pm Deja loves gay men, like I do, I know that much! Offline resting, see you back at 4pm!

12:57 pm Must post!

12:54 pm See why I have to beat Oprah’s ass like I do, its okay I have a full staff to film in her old studio, I am claiming everything the devil stole from me… Amen

12:53 pm Daphne wants everyone to talk shit like her, what does not kill you will make you stronger, like any curious teen you have to know what you love and what you do not. I am not one to judge!

12:52 pm One day Clinton is going to be a great father… Clinton, drinks on you and we must work on a dance, LOL! I love you guys so much!

12:51 pm Deja left me a 4 she better return to me a 4 thank you very much, where is my granny noodle! Amen

12:50 pm Honorary Bridesmaid (they say prom) and Deja is a lead Jr bridesmaid, of course my baby is in my wedding!

12:48 pm JAMEIS WINSTON, of course I will be there, trying to be incognegro… I am shy when it comes to revealing my identity, no so much as I am embarrassed as much as the security issues and concerns. What will happen next! Is always fun!

12:47 pm Well you know I am pursuing my degree online, from 1-4 I set aside time to study and handle personal issues. I was scheduled to go to dentist today, but I will go tomorrow!

12:43 pm Time for the dentist, think they will leave me any teeth this time, you know??? just asking! Dentist Dr. Wilson tomorrow before heading downtown!

12:42 pm I am in crowd control … LOL… I have to be LOUD!

12:41 pm Nicole is it safe to eat 🙂 Smile… I say BOY better!

12:39 pm SYMONE he is that big hun? Stop worshiping his penis hey! His penis has a fan club of its own!

12:38 pm One for his right and left ring finger, smiles covering BOTH hands.

12:35 pm Some will STAND and say I am their FEMALE BODYGUARD, some will say PERSONAL CHEF and others will say I am their PRAYER PARTNER, either way, that mixed with everything else I do.. Brian it is about the bride baby, you get to open the prize later, you better not be a joke or the jokes on you! Rahm don’t make me cut off another finger, you know you jinxed me right! You got jokes!

12:34 pm Beautiful Floral Arrangement, where do I fit all of these guest, where do I host this reception? How do I do this? And he is normal… LOL!

12:33 pm Nicole has been following me since 9/11… Amen

12:32 pm LOL Symone, you know how we ROLL in the kitchen, the best thing about dating a chef if you smoke marijuana, you always have something to eat!

12:30 pm THE CHEW: Michael Symone, you look great in your dress, LOL! You look great in Fushia, I love you for it baby! YOU HAVE TO RESPECT HIS HONESTLY!


12:25 am OMG Nicole is dressed also, you guys are so funny, can I work on my lamb and duck skills, I need to practice on my lamb more. You guys know I cannot cook with pork!


12:15 pm I have to replace Lisaraye and her crews, to bring in my team, can’t kill off everyone! Daphne’s arms are falling off!



8:43 pm URLACHER!!! HEY BABY.. and yes he lost his mother September 15, 2013, not joking just like we lost Tim on Diandre’s Birthday January 30, 2011!

RIP Mother Urlacher

1:33 pm RIP Mother Urlacher! Condolences are not enough to express my tears and sorry, excuse me now turning off the computer! 1:20 pm I remember when Derrek Lee’s grandfather died recently, I felt so bad, so guilty and when … Continue reading


  1. Chicago Bears VP Tim McCaskey dies after battle with cancer


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12:08 pm LOL Moment

12:03 pm I see HINTS of purple and fushia, LOL, I can imagine what this table will talk about… BATALI… what will I serve? LOL

12:01 pm LMMFAOAOTMFF: What is this retro look from THE CHEW, OMG, if you attend my wedding like that! LOL

11:42 am Hank, the recent deaths at Baton, yes baby, not joking!

Same week Cardinal George died!

11:41 am Ryan is a good cover down low swinger, he is remixing and killing off for fun, she will admit it!

11:38 am TIP: Val is dressed in All White, they are running their lines… watch out for the REMIX! You are supposed to mix with BAKING SODA not Fentanyl! If she is mixing, they mix out for ratings!

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  • 11:36 am Val leading Deja into sin with her, TIP/FACT they all have HIV and share with Pippen, when I realized what this set was about, I lost my taste for it. Yes this is a perfect dream for Pippen groupies, for the public DO NOT TOUCH them they are so LOW DOWN and DIRTY!

    11:32 am So if you hear sex during the game, they are pimping hoes live during, I guess Pippen finally found a home. Is it safe to say Dale is the star in this suite, you are sick as hell!

    11:24 am I only watch this show, because they watch me. I do not care for this show, they are all (Ji, Ryan and Val) screwing Scottie Pippen in the Pippen sex suite during the game and after. Duh!

    Bulls Giving Away Overnight Stay in United Center Suite Hosted by Scottie Pippen

    The Bulls announced Monday that they are teaming up with Airbnb, a community-driven hospitality company, to give a fan the opportunity for the “Ultimate Bulls Experience.”

    From the announcement: “On April 11, one lucky winner from the Chicago area will receive VIP access to the United Center and player areas and be the first to ever stay overnight in the owner’s suite, which will be redesigned for the ultimate Chicago Bulls experience.”

    11:14 am Break to make a salad!!! Fight Night at M’Vie Saturday with Dawn!

    11:13 am Drive Music

    11:10 am OMG Brian oh damn, you have an entire football team behind you.. Ray Lewis you lining up, these are LINE UP calls!

    11:09 am WINDY CITY LIVE: Roe, you and Hank are invited… and Michael Cox the camera man who has followed me since high school, he filmed me doing Thriller back in 1982, has also followed me in my Jordan days.

    11:08 am Good Morning Cokie Roberts!

    11:07 am Jamie Fox, yes he knows you are coming too… You have to talk to Brian! TIP: What was Nia Long’s boyfreinds name in Best Man 2… Brian sorry you are my Star.

    11:06 am Kevin Hart you are not the BEST MAN but you can pay for that party, and yes he can play! LOL! What a party that will be, do not take him to Vegas, LOL! No Kevin, No!

    11:05 am Now if everyone is part of the wedding, who is going to sing?

    11:04 am Brian: they know their roles, are you ready for yours, don’t get intimidated, it is what it is baby! I come with serious baggage…

    11:02 am RAHM: LOL!!! He gets to pick whom he likes, however, just remember the cast who keep me alive! The cast of BEST MAN and THINK LIKE A MAN and of course you know my arms… Amen!

    10:51 am VENUE: Holy Name Cathedral, that is a huge venue, so this will require a long train. I am thinking we can limit the party to 50 each including bridesmaids and flower girls, if Brian needs help we have him covered too… Kevin Hart LOL, said he better have a space in the line up! LOL! This is my body, love me as I am! When he learns of who is lined up with him, he will love his life… I promise!

    10:50 am THE VIEW: BILL has colored the stage of the view “FUSHIA and PURPLE”! Smiles I love you so much Bill, I know you love me! Save me a DANCE okay baby!

    10:43 a, Okay, here we go! Wedding Plans (from Jordan in 2006) excuse me, some of this list have been died, been killed off, etc… this is no longer a NBA wedding, but I am still responsible for my body!

    Sent: Saturday, September 09, 2006 10:38 PM
    Subject: You study and know your roles… Presenting the Esther and all the hell she could pull up… Cast and Crew I don’t need no substitutes:

    Suge Knight and Bride,

    Dr Dre (son RIP) and Janet,

    Michael (RIP) and Lisa Marie Presley,

    Prince and Pussy Cat Doll (Shut Up),

    Condi (Cover) and CJ Jordan,

    Tyson and Banks,

    Jen Bush and LeBron,

    Babs and Mello,

    Chelsey and Wade,

    Malika and Move Faster (Please),

    Vivica Fox and Tyson,

    J~Lo & Money (Cover),

    Nations Guards walk… Now this is the big one here, we must stay in prayer at all times knowing our lines ladies… there are going to be people from around the world and you do not know who is going to do what…

    Dorothy is City Media Face, international relations… you now work for the Mayor’s Office like you did not know with Cheryl Burton and Host ABC follow along on plans exclusive’s…

    Time/Warner has all Sports, CNN has political, Mary BET face, walk me out with my faces please, my best of the best, Platinum Rolls, MTV give me the best looks I got with love please…

    Janet will have this hair, thank you, from here on out, the cover hair is out of step, but it looks better now…Anna Harbin is media face…Heidi…

    Team B:

    CoCoa and Luke (Cover),

    Heidi and Ace,

    Diane and Wood,

    Lynette and Lamont,

    Sharon and Tim,

    Lisa H. and Mark (Cover),

    Van and Master UP,

    Remy and Teddy,

    Lauren Hill and Busta,

    Riahna and Bobby,

    (RIP) and Lil John

    Team C:

    Bark Lee and Lil Kim

    Gordon and; Whitney,

    Meyers and MJB (Cover),

    Grant and Beyonce,

    Rodman and Yo yO,

    Isaiah and Brat,

    Lambeer and Jessica,

    Grant and Halle,

    Payton and MiMi

    Team D: Leslie and Snoop,

    Jada and Will,

    Cheryl and LL,

    Sue and Bobby,

    Swim and Twista,

    Tameka (Cover) & Combs,

    Tina & Game We have both been hurt,

    #23 Sky & Jay Z,

    Sunshine (W2X) &Cube,

    Angela Bassette & Wesley,

    Shakira & Fat Joe

    Commercial Break I can feel that, I don’t need to feel that one.

    Team E:

    Jeffery Jr & Jenkins

    DiAndre & Kai (Cover),

    Dominique & Cherish,

    Bow Wow & Ciara,

    Justin Combs & Ryan,

    Lil Romeo & Paris,

    Chris B & Paulette,

    Sammy Sanders & Vanessa Simpson,

    Omarion & Jasmine,

    Marcus & Jenkins,

    Ace Jr. & Jenkins,

    Bobbie Christ & Jackson,

    Jr League:

    Team One (2-6) flower girls 6 please… Madison hello Angel… she holds the ring, make sure he is a Jenkins they have some pretty eyed baby in one of those clans…

    Team Two

    (7-14) ring bearers 6 please…
    No (expletive) Magic Johnson faces on my shit this is a Jordan EVENT AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR HIS VOICE…More about Jordan please…

    Dr. King will be performing the ceremonies, he says I better as much hell I am raising… CeCe & BeBe, Kirk… No way can I make it without you. The best is yet to come, it is here, this is the real deal this time…

    Kevin Bond and New Birth have this one covered without Eddie or Vanessa please… Rev James Bass (Cover) Pastors Parade, now I have to leave this open only New Birth can tell you who will sign, but I will say this, limit to booth areas only, I do not want to look into the faces that have been staring at my every movement for this hellish time okay…

    Feel me on this one, we all need this time to celebrate LIFE, not death, it is about all those times we shared, together, the reasons why we love like we do and why the curse was broken, every movement has to have a great meaning and all scenes. Mister Jordan, you make me sick I can use a real suite right about now, we can you know… Esther 2

    10:40 am Atticus, face and cover for Hootie, yes he is eating good, LOL!

    10:32 am Million Dollar Baby, Floyd Mayweather, I want my Bugatti.. damn it! Yes I will watch you fight Saturday, you know where I am going!

    10:31 am If you do not know my heads, LOL!

    10:26 am BRIDESMAIDS CASTING CALL, tell me who is lining up to star, casting call! Who is ready? Start thinking from here! Less the wedding in the box cast (my six pack, less one). TIP: Ladies and Faces that were cast to act out on screen for me!

    10:21 am Question Morgan Freeman, what percent am I at now? I would say I am at 85% of my power, you think?

    10:19 am My son Hootie is giving Brian something to drink, LOL, I believe that! He was with me when I found Brian! Amen

    10:16 am Whoopi: Donald Trump sold my unit, I have NOTHING to say to TRUMP any longer, he sold my condo! Please ignore him! He met Deja,and got off the hook, on his case. I verified him in my life, he saw me in person, won his case, and I did not get Floor 89. I do not have anything to say to TRUMP!

    10:14 am Rahm, I have not seen Brian, THAT is why I am still planning to move, I do not see any signs, that I want to talk about. I guess I have to do my hair today since I will be on TV tomorrow, ugh! Let me go to the dentist first!

    10:12 am BALTIMORE WAS STAGED CHAOS, I explained that, no justice, no peace… Staying in prayer I do not sleep well at night, so you know! Yawn until I can find help teaching this reading class, you have to excuse me… I am so FULL that is makes me HEAVY! Someone provoked that crowd, insighting violence! That was more than needed!

    10:10 am TIP: CVS burned down…. CVS is a high school in my area, that I cover!

    10:09 am I am so tired!!! For some reason /I am not sleeping good and I am overworked and drained. I am going to let you guys read, I will respond as needed.

    10:08 am I wish you would forget your job!

    10am The View:Morgan Freeman, my Sesame Street teacher, in case you do not know.. WTTW is Windows to the World, my mother in law is on the chair for WTTW, Diandre’s Grandmother is Barbara Proctor 🙂 Only son Morgan Proctor, they are mixing him out that way also!

    9:56 am WHO WILL BE IN MY WEDDING? Well you know I have my SIX PACK less ONE! Do you know who are the SIX females (less Lisaraye, not sorry) that you KNOW ME BEST FOR, who can answer that question? Growing up I had SIX females that surrounded me, there were BRANCHES from those SIX do you know who my SIX PACK of friends are? You know Dawn and Lisa (not relevant) who are the other four?

    Next question, I need RAHM to hint to me for Brian how many bridesmaid and groomsmen I can have or if we have a wedding, so.. RAHM you better start talking!

    9:54 am Richard Dent what did you do baby? Speeding, LOL! You are a mess!

    Strahan, you need help raising those girls… you will be fine, I think that is a good match!

    9:51 am ROGER GOODELL wants to see me live, I just thought about it… I was a BEAR before I was a BULL that is so TRUE we partied with Walter Payton in Schaumburg at 34’s long before any of you knew who we were, I was sweetness’ dance girl! I opened the BEARS Season working the bar, that was FUN but they had a fit, after revealing my face!

    9:49 am GELMAN: Kelly is having separation issues I see, its okay… they were going to FIRE HIM off this show anyway, that is why he has GOOD MORNING AMERICA, I have to save her marriage, like it or not, he cannot play in her play pen. He needs a wife, he is hungry, he needs to eat… I am not revealing who I am giving him to, that is private! So you will be here for DRAFT TOWN on FRIDAY.. uh my finances have NOT been released and I am only attending ONE DAY for ONE HOUR… I do not have a beer and food budget and I am not playing!

    9:42 am LOL! Mike is not used to being in a FAMILY like mines, and I cannot tell you who I gave him to, trust me, he is in good hands!

    9:40 am You will see my COLOR popping up everywhere, I promise!

    9:35 am The background is the color setting to my FRONT ROW tickets page, look!


    9:25 am JOSH GROBAN, I have his tickets on sale on my website, look for Front Row Tickets!

    9:20 am Dawn cannot plan and be in the wedding also, I don’t know, for those of you who do not understand and or know, she is my best friend, the LIE is that Lisaraye is, she is NOT, if you know the story Dawn and I discovered and made Lisa. I chose to raise my kids when I got tired of rescuing her ass out of stupid ass situations, she had no business being involved in. Send off in the worst form, she is not allowed access to me and tries to “force her hand” in my life! I am not going to THINK too much today, I want to dream and have a stress free day if possible. You cannot FORCE yourself into my life, Sorry!

    9:19 am Bridesmaids Dresses: I am thinking strapless, long and with jewels! Corsette style jeweled top dress with a long skirt!


    9:16 am I have a WEDDING in a BOX all I have to do is plant the idea and they run with it… Trust me, I keep a girly squad on staff, for this specific purpose! #1 has the flower colors I love so much, Fushia and Purple 🙂 with Silver shoes.

    9:13 am LOL! Strahan will be in town for Draft Town!I have something planned for him!

    9:05 am I need a vacation!!! CAN I LAY ON THE SOFA and just rest today,only responding when I need to! Taking a break!

    9:02 am GELMAN: Trying to build my wedding line up! What do I want to think about today!

    9:01 am Live with Kelly and Michael, I found something for him to play with!!! And he likes it! I found Strahan a wife!

    8:59 am We have put a black man in the White House, like it or not, that is not a easy task… Yawn, turning my eyes on!

    8:56 am IN MY HEART!!! I do not think Dawn had DJ shot, I do believe Lisa was behind it, either way, I lost a son! And what happened to my son, tore the roof off the world, and you cannot remain silent about what happened.

    Now, will my dream husband be the hero to figure out what happened to his stepson! They mocked him in his face to blind him from who I am. If they knew who they were touching, when they did it! They would have left him alone. The rest of the cities are making noise, Chicago Set It Off! Don’t touch my children!

    8:52 am Can you IMAGINE my wedding party and you have all of the gals I LOVE with a dream team line up! (Brian calm yourself) I can call Janet, Mary J. Beyonce, Taraji, Gabby, all of my crews to walk me up the aisle.. it may be a power play, but if you know my LEFT HAND DAWN then you know, I can make ANYTHING HAPPEN… I own her ass 🙂 She belongs to ME! For those who underestimate her loyalty for me, she has a purpose! Yes she does!

    8:50 am Steve Harvey, why do I stand with you for so long? I love the way you introduce me, I love the way we play on a good day, I love that Rolls Royce, that Bank Deposit, and those suits that will make Brian look so good, and I will step up and match! When I talk to Steve, he talks back to me! I said Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, he made it into a movie and used EVERYONE that I love to laugh with!

    8:41 am Life as the “Obama Girl”, LOL! Everyone gets nervous when I am in the room with Obama! Giggle, you are such a flirt, the good thing is… I keep him honest! How can O plan a wedding where his daughters are walking with me, if they know I allowed their father to lick the bowl, stop playing! What did he say after my birthday? LOL! Everyone is used to Obama tapping my line, this is the life I lead! Giggle!

    My FIANCE saying Obama don’t touch my girl (LOL)

    8:39 am I need a CRUISE so bad, just non stop action and dancing, until I pass out then back up again to start over!

    8:38 am It’s cool having a Chat partner who is President, I got it like that, I pass a note to his sexetary, she comes from under the desk to whisper in his ear what I say, he responds, that simple… It is not rocket science… Yawn!

    8:36 am Obama (Bobo) did I miss your call this morning, look damn it, you got a call, why are you tripping! He will be in Chicago soon… I know, I know… but Chevy we see Dawn with Obama… he is not allowed to be alone with me, you know he’d eat me alive! Yes Me! He is a punk ass but he is my punk ass… Bobo can I make “Marijuana” Federal before you leave office that is all I am asking? If Civil Unions can be Federal, my medical condition and treatment should be also!

    8:34 am Sorry I had to say it that way (being so blunt) but when you can tell me what was in my gift bag, when no one knew what I gifted to Brian for Valentine’s Day (tip from photos posted yesterday) you touch my damn nerves! No matter where I go in Chicago, there are people who follow my every step, it takes a strong man to stand with me (not thinking he is paranoid) and the people around him have to be equally secure!

    8:02 am V103: Good Morning, I was in bed trying to sleep as long as I could, until I heard Shirley say “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”, I felt myself lift from my bed, not knowing if I was woke or dreaming, motioning as if I were loading a gun, ready to shoot at Shirley… In my mind I Was thinking, BITCH if you get anywhere close to Brian I will kill your entire blood line, wiping them off the face of the earth, as if you never existed!!

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