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Going to the Chapel

5:22 pm BULLS: I can’t help but notice ADVOCATE the same hospital that pulled the plug on DJ has a new practice facility, named after Advocate (was that your reward)? That is almost as funny as naming a eatery after … Continue reading

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I’m back online live!

10pm GOODNIGHT! RAHM AND G-MAC, I AGREE HE SHOULD BE TERMINATED! But that is dinner conversation I will have with Brian. 9:58 pm BACK TO MY OLD SCHEDULE: 11 pm – 9 am Ears On V103 and eyes on as … Continue reading

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Time to say goodbye…

Excuse me, making final plans. I will be relocating west in June, preparing for fireworks for the 4th of July. I have to stay focused so I need to play motivation music to stay motivated. Love is, knowing when its … Continue reading

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Suntimes Forum 7th Ward Candidates

Election 2015: 7th Ward candidates discuss the issues Posted: 01/21/2015, 01:30pm | Emily McFarlan Miller Left to right: Chevette Valentine, Greg Mitchell, Natashia Holmes, Flora Digby, Margie Reid, Keiana Barrett, LaShonda Curry, and Joseph John Moseley II are aldermanic candidates for … Continue reading

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RIP Cardinal George you will be missed Father

I was blessed to attend his final mass… I don’t remember much of the service as when I saw his frail condition I could not handle it emotionally. When others passed through the middle, Cardinal George passed my way so … Continue reading

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Back on the blog!!

9:42 a.m. Offline resting! 9:39 a.m. LIVE with Kelly and Michael spirit of Ahab and Jezebel, when they curse men, into wanting to be women… yes its a curse… 8:56 a.m. Attempting to relax on the sofa, debating a walk … Continue reading

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No more Obama, for your Momma

I am not connected to President Barack Obama​ and/or Mayor Rahm Emanuel​ or anyone who is connected to the political party. I am electing to disassociate myself from all political ties and/or affiliations. I do not work for, am not … Continue reading

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I am “not” a Muslim and never will be…

5:05 a.m. The Final Call via Louis Farrakhan with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with Minister Louis Farrakhan please be advised, as of today I am not longer associated, affiliated, connected to or wish to be connected to The Nation … Continue reading

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2015 Back On Live

9:48 pm So much happened during election season I am posting up videos and such from my campaign, it was my first run and it was fun… if I fail, if I succeed, as least I did what I believe … Continue reading

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Draft Town is coming!

UnlikeComment Tag Photo Chevette Valentine #DraftTown 2015 NFL with NFL Draft Chicago and NFL Draft with CBS Chicago andNBC Chicago and ABC 7 Chicago with WGN Morning News with WTTW Channel 11 withFox Chicago News with The Chicago Sun-Times and … Continue reading

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