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12am Good Night and Good Morning all in the same breathe Commander Brian Thompson, you still have to wait! I will see where things go from here. I was not supposed to be in City Council today but Ed Burke is sending off and I need to make sure I pray him up. Amen

Rahm, I did not cuss you out and you got volunteer time… oh no wait, I billed you for that by the hour! LMAO.. I am not joking!

11:57 pm I have been on you since 2011 and I do not fall this hard for regular guys, you may not see me again until after Rahm is out of office; I a not attending the parade this year, too political and I want to develop time away from the madness before I step in full Nelson, hope this is enough to read for now… if not go into the Archive and type your name. You my dear man are all I pray, think and talk about. Until I find something (someone) who will take my focus off you.

11:48 pm Okay I am getting tired and I have not heard John Legend, so I will close on this note, then pass out I am so tired! Just in case Rahm is not tripping and you are ready for the challenge, I have my dream planned. SMILE, GOD told me to plan it so I did.

Wedding: Holy Name Cathedral, Reception: See Odyssey below… honeymoon, I am all yours!!! You tell me.

Color this Wedding “SILVER” on the Odyssey

6:55 pm DREAM BIG even if he is not the man, I can DREAM and when the REAL MR RIGHT shows up, I will be ready! 6:53 pm Now to plan the other DETAILS, is there any baseball on tonight??? … Continue reading

New Dream

Revising the dream to suit the King. You cannot make another man’s dream, fit your current blessing. Line Ups details are not as important as the final details. Venue: Holy Name Cathedral with Cardinal George, I cannot have it any … Continue reading

Have a DRINK of WATER:)

11:25 am I give a 90 day trial i it does not work after 90 days it won’t matter… Going to kitchen to cook I am hungry FINALLY! 11:23 am I am hungry and need something to eat! I will … Continue reading

11:45 pm What was I thinking… The way he makes me feel 🙂

What the heck, you only live once!

11:40 pm LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN: 8:32 am Thank GOD it’s FRIDAY!!! I am looking for a man, here is where I start! 6″ or taller, 190-250 lbs, athletic build, med-light complexion, face hair, must have some college, employed, own home, car, resources. Must look good in suit and jeans. Must wear a size 14 or bigger shoe. Be born after August and before April. 45 yrs of age or -/+7 years, no more. Must be HIV Free! Enjoy oral sex! Giving and getting oral sex. Must enjoy cuddling, kissing and showing affection in private.

Public displays of emotion are not required but welcomed. Must enjoy life with a Foodie! I enjoy a night out; dinner and a movie or live concert, or even comedy.

A spontaneous road trip, camping or to a quiet beach. Must enjoy sports: baseball, basketball, hockey and football.

Oh yes and most important, NO!!! Anal Sex, Abuse (any kind) or Cheating. Monogamous partner only please! I refuse to date ANYONE FAMOUS they want customized groupies, I need a mate, who can help me run the 7th Ward. Limited Choices. #GrownWomanTalk


11:38 pm This is what I think of you!

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Silver Fox, my what BIG FEET you have!

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Italian Suits for “Silver Fox” (I found the notes)

7:11 pm Hi Eli it was s shooting in New York today and I just don’t feel like talking sorry, bad start! Love you baby! 7:06 pm Liar, anything I do is a BIG DEAL what I am trying to … Continue reading

Dream Date with Silver Fox

10:36 pm Offline and enjoy! 10:35 pm I win either way Steak or Seafood I still win! 10:34 pm Well they called your name now, what do you mean can he get in, I am afraid to ask, can he … Continue reading

History of Silver Fox

7:03 am Anita Baker I like your version just NOT who its a remake from, can’t use that one as his theme either, sorry but I like. 6:50 am Silver Fox you a fool in training, keep in mind, they … Continue reading

First Date, Bears Game w Silver Fox

711pm RIP MAYOR MULLER, JESUS PLEASE HOLD FRANK. 10:56 pm Can I say this was our first official date a BEARS Game? LOL, Fox News until end of post game. Cardinal, did you set this blind date up? I did … Continue reading

One of my SURPRISES of the day. Yes that is “69″ aka SILVER FOX on the left and Otis Wilson

Remember I told you about the Commander of the Mayors Police Security Detail… Well, that is Big Dude, no Otis did not sandwich me like that, LOL… There was a high alert for security, I will explain later, feels GOOD … Continue reading

11:33 pm HEY THAT’S MY JAM! Do you still care! Hey! Oh sorry. I am not sure what to say so let me find a few clues to what I already said, you might have missed. Did you get the note from today, Rahm owes you $152 Million, LOL the extra $2 Million was for today $1 Million per hour and no he cannot be re elected.

11:31 pm You blew my mind today, normally you LEAVE the ROOM when I step in, today you stepped in when I arrived, my stomach fell thru my shoes and I was ready, LMAO, I am sorry I am so direct but I am not good at hiding my feelings or beating around the bush. Does this mean I have to save myself for you, for the next 8 months? Does oral sex count?

11:30 pm I kinda opened this door for you ALONE, no one else knows I am up talking to you, and you better be reading!

11:27 pm R. Kelly (You Ready) I am, LOL… in my mind you are playing along with me and my friends
(V103) In Chicago you are MY MAN! I tell everybody about you. I tried to behave but you brought the mannish girl out in me and I am not generally THAT BOLD but I felt the need to share something with you. SMILE.

11:26 pm CONFESSION some things in my life I want PRIVATE does that make sense. I don’t mind BELONGING to a man, but FIRST I cannot touch you until Rahm is out of office! Oh damn, I just reminded myself. I have to rewind the video from today and watch, so much was going on I missed much of the meeting.

11:25 pm I got it bad, for real… when you called me Dawn, I am not OMG really, you too! Really, is there any fine brothers not taken and to answer your question NO I DO NOT HAVE A FELONY! LMAO

11:23 pm I am going to TALK/CHAT until I get tired. You bust me open today in a way that I cannot explain. I mean I stayed in my seat the whole day, but just thinking hard about you, focusing on you, just dreaming caused me to make a BIG MESS, no I am not embarrassed, sometimes we have to endure something silly to see, just how bad we want a thing. I do not have a sex life so when I THINK HARD it OPENS ME UP! I hope I do not have to explain that.

11:22 pm I am so busy being important and providing for everyone else I sometimes forget I have feelings too, an occasional one nigh stand does not work well for me, I need something with a little more substance.

11:20 pm I am not looking for an affair, I am seeking a LIFE PARTNER, not a one night stand. OMG Chris Michael is playing She’s out of my life… I miss MJ so bad, like it or not I was one of the few who got to meet, and hang with MJ and I am telling you, it was awesome… now back to you. I am not good at this dating thing.

11:19 (a) I am not good dating, sometimes I have trouble expressing how I feel, I guess to avoid getting hurt, this is my way of protecting myself.

11:19 pm Ssshhh just READ please, that’s all I ask (Listen) V103 and READ I am writing just to you for the next HOUR.

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