There is a saying going around: “I am not afraid that people were talking behind my back, my problem is they felt comfortable talking about me to you”. Makes you think don’t it?

Of the sad, incomplete, empty, lonely and tired people to hurt all of their energy talking behind your back, while you keep moving forth. I despise back stabbers don’t you.

There are some things you can say as a child and people say, oh that is so cute, then on the other hand… you are now a young adult making statements, it becomes conspiracy to a crime.

My lesson (point) is simply this, be careful of what you say and who you say it to, what you plan for someone else can happen to you.


My prayer is blessings to all people, I don’t take a risk or chance on using my words wrong. I simply say, GOD be merciful.

Today is going to be the first day I pick up and start researching my business plan. I fear failure, not success; but success is so hard to obtain! I press toward the mark!

This week I go before the board to argue my grades, the “F” I got in Concepts was unwarranted and I was the victim in that case. I was the person who got attacked, really?

I just want a full refund, grade reversal is not good enough at this point, you give me a “F” and you did not give me the complete course? Are you serious, I am paying $600 per credit am I not?

But of course I contacted the Education Civil Rights Division, we meet this Friday and I will have justice or I will sue for discrimination and I have them on multiple levels. In the meantime I just want to go to school.

City Colleges of Chicago called me back, I would love to just complete the classes, get the certifications and open up… I don’t need the international cooking credential, but it would be profitable to have.

I will close this open thought with, my final goal or perspective school I would love to attend is still KENDALL COLLEGE, but if I cannot make it that far, I will focus on finding a state where I do not have so many obstacles standing in my way…

I did not attend John Marshall Law School like Debbie wanted me to, but I think she will be pleased if I just get a degree.

I tried to attend City Colleges, just to complete my pre-requisite classes. I got denied due to a SAP hold, that for some strange reason cannot be removed. It would have been helpful to pay $89 per credit, but it appears I have to pay $600-$890 per course milking me out of my financial aide. You know the new rules are you only get 12 disbursement of financial aid now, the rest is loans and I do not want to dig into debt.


(I think) I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!! I am looking for a home I can afford and located in the 7th Ward, I hate moving and I refuse to live anywhere else.

This is my community, where I am from and it means something to me, if I cannot remain here then I need to be comfortable, while I prepare to locate another location and build up my money to relocate.

HOMES IN PHOENIX HAVE POOLS. I need to find a warm climate, having degenerative bone disease is painful in cold and wet environments, I can no longer try to reside in a area with so many bipolar weather moments.

My children enjoy the city life, I am more of a calm, quiet, relaxed environment.

No matter how I try, there are just too many shadows in Chicago. Too many people who can hurt me in many ways I just choose not to deal with right now. I have wanted to move to Phoenix since DJ died and I guess if I leave, it has to be final and I want to slowly back out of this room.

I have encountered more back stabbers in this period than I care to discuss and right now I need to slow my pace and focus. I would actually do better in Phoenix than I would in Chicago..

There are not that many soul food restaurants and I could cash in on those who are not familiar or are home sick from the need to dine my way.

MONEY COME TO ME NOW!!!! I spoke with a legal aid adviser who gave me some GREAT ADVISE!!!

Healthcare and Family Services has been billing me for child support payments they cannot justify, as a result I gave them 60 days to validate said debt and to date they have not done so. So not only do they have to reinstate my child support, they have to validate where my $30,000 disappeared to (I think I will hire a lawyer for that fight if I can).

I am finally getting action on my Freedom of Information Files Request, I think I may actually obtain the files and records, I am not sure what these files will tell me, but I can tell you, they are fighting me tooth and nail to have them released. We know DJ is deceased, I would like to know why.

The entire time in custody I was kept in the dark about what he dealt with and what happened, I want these files. I even submitted the files where CPD told me I was BURDENSOME when I requested records associated with his death.

What is Chicago Police hiding? Not only did they LIE in this letter, I have never lived at 766 S Colfax (Oakbrook) and there is not one piece of correspondence to prove that. I never got the hard copy of this letter, but I did keep the emailed copy 🙂

I will try to start my morning sharing my opening thoughts, I have to open my mind to possibilities, and maintain some kind of peace.

Okay enough of all of that, time to make the donuts… Oh before I go! I lost 5 pounds! And I have 20 pounds to go, I need to grab my salad makings and such today and its on! This is a soup, salad and sandwich summer 🙂 If you not buying it, I am not cooking it!

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