5:40 pm Correction I toured with LL in 86-87 before I had my son, his FIRST TOUR for 2-3 weeks!

5pm So exciting Lakers vs Pacers or Bulls vs Atlanta???


4:56 pm Cannot put that one out! I could not get Mustapha clearance for the White House so I sent BRIAN aka SILVER FOX the JOHN (URBAN) LEGEND himself to watch that shit in Washington 🙂 Y’all know me, he was on CNN yesterday and they had to let him shine today. I know, I know I direct this movie so good… back to work! Shine baby, I enjoyed when he was my boyfriend. I also told him his worth $50 million dollars right Obama? Rahm and Magic?

4:51 pm I told you Deja is FEDERAL you cannot get FAR with that one, you might try to pimp her, it only hurts you Dummies! With a FEDERAL STAMP 🙂 How man people YOU KNOW can take pictures in the Federal Building:) Ok, Ok, just had to make sure!

4:49 pm MARSHALL GUARD THE FUCKING BALL!!! Do you know how hard it is to be this RICH!

4:46 pm BRIAN RESPONDED: I know that ain’t right, she don’t want him right here!

4:45 pm I got my eyes on you Chuck, yo in Washington baby! No love for QUINN support for Rahm, bah humbug!


4:35 pm Indiana still in my face, but you want me to stay right… LMAO whew funny as hell!

4:32 pm That is my baby PAUL as soon as I loved in they started shooting and Paul came in and checked on me 🙂 my baby… Seeing me FACE TO FACE and trust me, it saves lives to SEE ME FACE TO FACE!

4:29 pm Brian knows I know Garry, I attended Malcolm X and called Danny Davis to attend on the Westside, Garry and the Supt of Police blocked shots for me, they did not get rowdy I as there…. balancing my hands, looking over my shoulder for Brian. Felt something, had to pee August 2012 was it?

4:26 pm Yes Garry McCarthy you called?


4:18(a) I am used to living in isolation, ain’t nothing like it! I love how I live don’t you?

4:18 pm The beauty of seeing inside the booth, I am used to living in a bubble, SILVER FOX, this is your job, anything can happen! 10-4

4:05 pm Yes Michelle, Deja is eating much better, thank you for asking!

4:04 pm Michelle is in Washington fighting with Rahm…

4pm Hey Linda Yu girl Yu Look GOOD to me (alive) always works.

3:56 pm I am not going to CRY he is more powerful in death and SCOTTIE will not get PRAISE in his death! Taking a mental break!

3:51 pm Last WORK set for the day ABC News then ME time!!! Yeah!!!

3:43 pm Ellen you pop up too much with jokes, funny humor.


3:38 pm They MOCKED DJ and making FUN of him and he is HAUNTING THE HELL out of this city! DJ aka CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST! How the city posterized him. Who this figure was based upon! MOCKING my son.

3:35 pm The way CHICAGO is being directed is not in good favor or light right now, killing fields.

3:30 pm But of course I will play dress up at the movies with you, and smile and cheer, can I bark at the Oscar’s LOL!

3:29 pm And Hillary wants to run for office after all of that? Really? No seriously? She got 8 years in the White House and she wants me to do what?

3:28 pm Jokes on me

3:27 pm 44 Obama tripping.

3:27 pm Ellen knows I am addicted to men to a fault! But yes I feel much better… I am best known for my performance at BATON yes it is TRUE I performed at BATON in DRAG for my birthday 10/1992 with MIMI (I did say it right).

3:25 pm Ellen said SMELL MY HAND … you smell blood in the water too, LOL!

3:24 pm No I am not going to endorse Hillary and you know why, so NO HILLARY questions, all our asses on the line, no thank you! I know what kind of bitch I am in heat, so no!

3:23 pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show taking a break… to dance!!! REMIX what we talking about Oscar night baby? I guess this is the starring role tonight. Hey blue eyes, you look better in a tux than me, I am jealous!

3:08 pm Kevin Buie is tripping about LL COOL J, look I am not going to discuss what happened or who is looking for me. Like I said, I am tired of the drama in Chicago and I do not wish to discuss who I am dating. I am going to leave that part PRIVATELY at this time to give me ROOM TO BREATH, and I do not want to discuss and/or argue with HILLARY.

Look Chelsea and I am going to talk to Chelsea because that is who I cover (INDEPENDENCE DAY 🙂 kiss and hug. I don’t judge your mother for being a lesbian, and we all know Obama fucked her to get even with BILL for the MONICA issues (NOW I AM CRAZY) I do not care anymore. I lost my son on this watch and she is still alive, that was her LAST prayer request answered!

3:04 pm She is wearing a SKIRT… likes to get some head and give it, under the Congressman Danny K Davis umbrella.

3:03 pm See Hillary I got Bill covered and you are not going to WIN that fight… go back to THE VIEW box with Joe Biden earlier today!

3:02 pm Michelle Obama called in so I keep this box open before going off at 4pm.


2:40 pm Valerie Jarrett also say my face… JOHN LEGEND aka BRIAN is there.

2:38 pm Governor Pat Quinn is also present!

2:34 pm REWIND Obama footage. TIP: Anytime I make contact with BRIAN, Rahm runs to Washington 🙂 I connected to him and he is running eager with results. They know I sent him the video on CNN and RAHM is panicking because he knows I am trailing him! On top of that Deja returned home, MAJOR developments and I may be heading for a less risky deal chatter!

2:27 pm Back to CNN that was his I want to be cool like LL Cool J moment… what ever!!!

2:24 pm Stay out of my bedroom and do not touch my head 🙂 literally and figuratively, I do not need help with my marriage decision, that has noting to do with you and you still cannot BREAK DOWN the Farrakhan’s… you still playing with Sherry hun? STOP! Make me cut you NO YOU CANNOT have a taste, Michelle I am going to CUT him… Malia and Sasha!

2:23 pm I am not pouting and yes MARIJUANA collected $184 million in taxes, I am banking a good bet, I am always RIGHT!

2:22 pm EMAIL ALERT! Chef Valente resigned from Illinois Institute of the Arts, the school I got excused from… Obama is high as hell!

2:12 pm Everyone knows I am Monica Lewinski and there is still HOPE in Arkansas 🙂

2:11 pm Rahm ran to Washington for his lunch date with Obama, LOL, funny… I still have more seniority, LOL Bill Clinton… I did explain the Hillary twist… who is sucking Bill’s dick I am home with kids today!

2:09 pm CNN via KARZI: Hi baby, it is too risky, I do not want to take that chance I would rather he beat her ass I would never want to gamble the stakes are too high!

2:08 pm CNN: Sorry this is my OBAMA or POLITICAL TIME BLOCK with CNN revised hours 1-3 I do not want to ARGUE with Jake Tapper… TED TURNER can I MEET JOE BLACK please, fairy godfather 🙂

2:06 pm CNN back at my desk, had to made a simple grocery run Deja needs a perfectly balanced diet, okay sorry for the delay… had to make groceries for 2.5 and yes I support food stamps 🙂 smile! I know a country depends on my wise decisions, I am very good! G…G…G… UNIT

2:05 pm Yes Obama I am on CNN back from the store, you can talk now…

12:14 pm I have to run to the store right now, Deja needs lunch soon!! But I leave you with Clinton and Symon, they have KNIVES cutting sausage SMILE my sick humor my turn your stomach so use your imagination here!

12:09 pm Now you know who I am ordering drinks with, see what I mean… it is not about living a life of SIN it is about leading people to the LIGHT not DARKNESS… I have to see a LIGHT!

12:07 pm Big Momma used to fuss if we crossed our legs with baby, said it would wrap the cord around the baby neck! Sit with your legs uncrossed third trimester, might get on your nerves but I had 4 healthy babies!

12:05 pm We waited until 12pm to go to the liquor store 🙂 I told you I would travel with him on the set, I work well with Todd one way or the other, I never said… I said…. I wanted a home on the beach!

12:03 pm Deja and Daphne are pregnant AT THE SAME TIME you know I was OPEN trying to have a baby with CLINTON!

12:01 pm Preparing to go shopping… I know there are just too many LAYERS to unpeel for you to understand. I TOLD YOU I ordered a VING RHYME to go extra razor and knives! I AM WRITING MY ASS IS OFF praying for a HEALING my job is to LEAD them to CHRIST not JUDGE!

11:50 am I knew the CONCERT Set Up, battle to see who she is going to WIN with (then I thought about who was TALKING SHIT, Sandy Jackson is behind the scene, trying to evade jail time and run off with the bodyguard.

LMAO then I thought about it, they are negotiating with Brian on his career. Don’t need to, I told him I was on him and I am watching all of these flying bullets. The Italian Cop died at 69 years old last year… now HAROLD (Washington) RAMIS dies at 69. Deal fall through they targeting you. Relax I got you, don’t want you, but I got you! I will never give Rahm that much favor in my life.

The only thing I need to do is SHOW MY FACE and the rest is done… MY PEOPLE will find me, if not, why you so worried? You not worth that much to me, I would have to put Jesse down for you to be right! All because I sized you up, my job to cover you, but take all the DAWN pussy you like, she cannot and will not pimp me baby. I got my own phone and I can make my own calls!

11:47 am As soon as “SKI” arrive, I was eating, he asked to what capacity are you here today? See Mustapha you got jokes! I said… I think I am here to enjoy the show nit working (something like that) I am only at a show for 1 of 2 reasons.. Someone is on me, or to kick ass with bail money, however (test) Bobby is married now. Condolences Favor is one thing, but you are not trying to put a RING on my finger. I need to save this up… I got emotional when I saw TODD that was my FIRST both ways… cause if you lick me I will lick you back!

11:45 am I love Mustapha but… I am not willing to gamble the stakes are too high

11:44 am Chevette WORKING with KEITH SWEAT watch him move his hands! with Ramonski of V103 and my dance partner at the 25th Anniversary Party! My FAVORITE SKI moment, my Aunt Sara did not know I was working with Keith Sweat, she got a picture and hug later… My treat!

11:42 am I called the Knight in Shining Armour to come forth.

11:39 am If I were a groupie or whore, I have had access to MANY artist, up close and afar over my lifetime. I only dated ONE artist and almost married him and that was SEAN LEVERT (RIP) I try to maintain and command a professional manner and demeanor when I have my MALE clients especially because I do not cross lines. I am used to Mustapha watching me in Chicago… Ramonski Love from V103 walked me to the band limo after the show WAKE UP!

11:38 am I am sorry I am catching up.. HE WAS FIRST my first GIVE AND GET came from LL COOL J is he okay or is he hissing in the background, OMG, what is he thinking?

11:36 am My staff of chefs at Illinois Institute of the Arts… I will have to rewind.

11:36 am Who has he worked with, like MJ I would pick what I like and they would bless them… depending on my emotion!

11:35(a) I loved my conversation with Todd last night, I know I always get jammed up in the bathroom!

11:35 am BRIAN: I know you would LOVE and CHEER for BRIAN is he in Chicago or in Washington with Rahm.

11:34 am Working Day in and Day Out and I am not making progress I am stifled with DRAMA from PIPPEN, he thinks my life is all about him, it is not… BRIAN!

11:34 am I told you, give me Deja and I am GONE what?

11:32 (a) Titanic or Noah’s Arch?? I have a 2 toned Rolls Royce Music before NBA songs of my heart!

11:32 am Your husband is backstage waving hello, hope you enjoyed your knight in shining Armour!

11:32 am RESPONDS Ride my bike

11:29 am I just told you I am GODMOTHER to Prince William and Harry, I have been a ROYAL since Prince Charles too Diana! As his wife!

11:28 am Vet grabbed her RED Scooter and some switch blades and razors and chopped that shit up like fine Julienne meat, served it to the dogs baby!

11:27 am KEITH going off backstage, I know… I know… My godmother JIM FLINT is hidden in the corner hun… told you not to wear my dress bitch! What is your favorite Holiday? I got to VING a Rhythm for that ass…

11:25 am Monique my RIDE OR DIE chick who carries my 45 🙂 you wish you knew… she kissed me at DJ funeral. I have kissed many females including but not limited to Dawn, Lisa and many more… depends on how much I love you… You jealous and no I am not a lesbian, why you asking?

11:24 am I made connection with NINA and I tried to SAVE HER but she plays the WALL… Double Minded!

11:23 am MOVING HIS HANDS they need instructions to know what way to shift!


11:20 am Think of ALL of the LOSSES and NEAR LOSSES on the SET of WCL alone, they have had 4-5 deaths of STAFF and loved ones since its inception, ASK THE CAST, he is in control of that set with DAWN and they are calling themselves OUT trying to play me off. They KNOW I am real, if no one knows anything else, I am a KNOWN GUEST it was ONE of their TOP shows. I did that for VAL that is why Mother Dear has FAVOR they KNOW I am in her ear!

11:19 am My husband has to know my body inside and out, not just how my brain works and how my body functions (what I need) but what will turn me on and turn me off and what brings out the best in his creative juices!

11:17 am RYAN is busting his ass for JESUS dying to help Scottie play out his GOD complex, a PIPPEN TOOL! What is DELUSIONAL he is ON THE RECORDS calling OUTS thinking that no one is paying attention, that is the bad part. He is working SO HARD to make me look crazy, but everyone cannot SEE ME they SEE and HEAR him! DUH!

11:16 am STING WILL BE OUT HERE IN JUST A BIT, see he plays on words, and talking to the POLICE, come on RYAN loves to SHOUT OUT, WARLOCK causing a fight!

11:12 am NO SEAFOOD off the WEST COAST only seafood from BOSTON… water is contaminated on the WEST nothing good can come from it, acid rain!

11:10 am I want a home on the coast where I can make love looking at a ocean shore… I said Costa Mesa but you know when I wanted to attend Pepperdine, I loved Malibu Coast, when Debbie died, so did my dreams!

11:07 am Just like he is DAMAGED GOOD after his brothers suicide he hates and blames everyone for… yeah! I notice a HOCKEY PLAYER got hit… pay attention, the trend cannot go on and not be noticed! Uses his access to cover the story with his hidden grief he is WORST than KEVIN ROY signs of depression and suicide, he enjoys other people pain, look in his eyes. He is watching to see who will die before him first. It is like having sex with a HIV hoe and hoping everyone around you dies from what you did! FACES OF DAWN!

11:04 am I get a break right here! Only speaking to STING! I do not want to promote Windy City Live, Ryan is a pal of Pippen and they only exploit me for who I know… I lost HAROLD RAMIS on this watch, Ryan got to play wicked for Pippen and his clock is running out, he is too damaged and bitter I cannot and will not help him. So I stopped reading to the show!

11:01 am Sorry I do not work for or with Obama, that is Dawn’s Job, you told me to MOVE ON so I am heading on to the next one… You thought you could get on my nerves… I am not Olivia, Michelle, Dawn… I am leaving and I am not looking back, I do not care who… you call and I do NOT want BRIAN, stop playing! I don’t need you!

11am Obama ordering dick sucking and Rahm with a Silver Rod in his hand, I told you I can find Brian! LOL!!!

10:58 a Obama said he wants JENNY to suck… JENNY come on baby! How far will a career with BW take you, after you loose your sight and view?

10:54 am TIP for WINDY CITY LIVE then I have to go grab Deja some fruit! and snacks for the baby, she is not eating good and I refuse to have a unhealthy baby in my house… Child please the DEVIL is a liar!!! She is HOME with her MOMMIE!!! Now to grab Peppa! Keith the key you would need with STING is, I think he was in LONDON and he hypnotized me with DRUMS, it is that AFRICAN part of me, I am drawn to the DRUMS!

10:53 am RIGHT she loves holding her head down, I ordered her on the line and she tried to trick Jenny off, SHERRY is working.. sorry Sal you have to babysit. She wants to party tonight, husband has to stay home! She loves working the line!

10:52 am I can excuse myself Sherry is talking to Kim!

10:50 am Who is in Kim’s head? Sherry alert… I saw them calling him out, Whew! FAMILY!

10:49 am Deja, what did I study when I was pregnant, LAW, my first open door cross over case and the reason why he won… JOHNNY COCHRAN my connection to KIM KARDASHIN no comment KANYE she used you to find me, she better behave! North West Love!

10:48 am WEIRD SCIENCE, you have to know my movie trivia!

10:44 am THINK OF EVERYTHING I HAVE TOUCHED, your level of success is your ability to repeat back to me what I said to you… JUMPING JACK FLASH (I am still solving crimes on my computer) with my ASSOCIATES ( got caught playing in Baton, dragging my ass) or maybe you see a GHOST (who did I bring back from the dead) or with EDDIE at the Basketball Game (coaching the NBA). If you not careful I will paint the set the COLOR PURPLE. I do not want a big wedding now… I want something private, intimate and personal! Before it was about fanfare and celebration, now I just want peace near a vineyard… NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! Thank You Quincy Jones for writing the SCORE to my life!

10:43 am Now you know if they CRY Chevette she is picking on me, that is a Momma said Knock You Out Moment!

10:41 am Now you know I have raised more little BECKIE’S and MIRANDA’S than I have SHAQUITA’S and SHANIKA’S…

10:38 am TRAP DOORS, I know all about them… Come on man I only have sex once every three months and many times its just head 🙂 Self Control and Discipline in this MIND GAME!

10:35 am BW wore her GREEN SKIRT and JENNY stood, she still a pimp… NO! I wish you would, sot your ass DOWN! Jenny come on now… BW singing like a canary in her yellow jacket wearing that quickie skirt, so obvious! Never let Sherry get funny in my White House face.. Jenny you are not worth a loss, he is not a typical Democrat and he knows the Obama games baby!

10:33 am Why won’t Hillary run for office, truth, she screwed Obama and that is the MAIN reason why she cannot run, everyone knows it. She crossed the line that is why he was allowed to hit her and beat her ass… Bill knows, she was using Rahm to filter me in, JOE is not stupid… we are watching RAHM that is my job!

10:32 am JOE’S JOB is to keep an eye on OBAMA 🙂 Otherwise he would not be in office… who is my FIRST PRESIDENT??? JIMMY CARTER!

10:30 am LOL! How long has JOE been in my life, you always focus on what is in front… Let me help you… I was in STROGER HOSPITAL August 2008, Obama had to TEXT his VP choice… I thought I was going to DIE. I called VERA DAVIS, CONGRESSMAN DANNY K DAVIS wife and told her (had to SAY it on the record) pick JOE BIDEN or OBAMA cannot win…. that was when he chose JOE BIDEN!

10:29 am SHERRY do you really want to be the reason why Obama plane crashes 🙂 SMILE!

10:27 am How BW pimps you in the system, who is she sitting next to, Jenny is a Catholic BW is making mockery of her and exploiting your image… savable, BW is leaving and you have room to grow, BW team Hillary but who has the space NOW not who MIGHT come, who is there NOW… Hillary cannot clean this up and honestly all JOE has to say is CHEVETTE!

10:26 am They cast you to play hoe, what you with BW, come on baby Sherry is up there, you are her counterpart in color, how were you cast? Come on baby!

10:25 am JENNY not so much!! SMILE!

10:23 am I hope they do not start killing COPS again in Chicago… I have not even had sex with the man and they make me work…. Rahm does that shit to cause me to panic, it also sparks my attention to focus on Brian, which is cool… I might look a little crazy but he is the son of a COP and his brothers will surround him, I PRAY!

10:19 am HAROLD RAMIS age 69 Jersey number for BRIAN that is as obvious a tip as Phillip Seamore… calling targets, hopefully his eyes are covered!

10:16 am Having trouble crossing over and adjusting my life to the way the Nation want me to live, if I visit I will cover my face in a veil, I cannot live with hate! It is killing me and no I need to walk away! I am looking to LEAVE ILLINOIS by any means necessary Hillary has too many trap doors planted and this fight I will win… BENGAZI, the shooting of my son associated with my brother Benji. She already failed me, no! I am not putting a angry white bitch in office… he tried to kill Joe too, now what? Could not do it, he saw me too!

10:15 am Why is Sherry talking to me for KAREN! DAWN OR LISA!

10:11 am Imma need Coretta Scott if I’m gonna be King! I will never forget those words! Happy Black History Month! No I am not going to gamble Farrakhan with you, stakes are too high, plus he is going on vacation with his family! When did JOE BIDEN hear me READ THE BIBLE for himself, the day he opened it BEFORE Obama was elected in 2006 at the Funeral for Coretta Scott King! At New Birth MB Church where I served 5000+ every Wednesday and 7500+10000 every Sunday 🙂 The HOUSE that CHEVY built!

10:08 am WHOOPIE!!! CNN has BRIAN on a lead in spot!!! LOL I do a great job covering my eyes… I am not mad, my PROFILE for DATING has not changed!!! Cops always turn me on, SMILE!

10:06 am Like my first dumb ass husbands wife… I not only raised her kids with her, we shared Holidays and dinners and when I went to pick up the kids, shared a drink and so forth… now… JOE I need a place where you can have dinner with me! I have to start on you now… What do you have on Hillary, you saw me and she has not… Sorry Rahm, bitch ass nigga! Can I shoot his ass now??? His watch!

10:04 am I am a great Wife in Law, especially if I love you, not omission but inclusion, especially if I have to share raising your children. I will call your mother and tell her… you don’t correct I will send you your child… trust me, the biggest punishment is not being around me because I am so much FUN!!! I get to CAST Todd in movies and go to the SET and play behind the scenes… really, OMG!!! You can watch, you will regardless, so I might as well pick my playmate!

10:02(a) TIPS YOU MISSED Todd and I have 30+ years, he has been married to Cookie 26 years SMILE he brought her to me… yes he did. If you were to ask Cookie she would say, Rosemont Hyatt year I don’t know, but that is a FAMILY DINNER at the TABLE with STEPMOM!


9:59 am JESUS CAME TO HIS OWN, they received HIM not… I have no problem walking away from Chicago, Illinois… this land has the blood of my babies, scattered all across it… if you did not trust and believe me now… and I am right here in your face, why would it matter now… Where were you when I needed you… JOE BIDEN… on the POLITICAL LEVEL today! SMILE!!! Joe I am going to cook you a steak if it kills me… and like Obama, he has seen MY FACE, he and JILL.

9:56 am I close this set before moving on the the next one, I have no problem walking away from the NBA I never have, they had me on their NBA welfare plan, but my dreams have never changed… WHERE YOU GOING? To the catering truck, sitting outside the restaurant, across the street from the liquor store and sex shop in Hollywood.

9:55 am What does it mean when he kisses his two right fingers, then open them 🙂 I can answer that… kiss then spread them legs, he is so mannish…

9:54 am Yawn!!! Many layers covered in one man… I like that, looks good in a suit and tie, jeans and a work out gym suit, versatility… I love that!

9:52 am LL COOL JAMES but I call him TODD I am the only one who calls him TODD that is how he knows my voice in a crowd, distinguishing factors! That is not new to me, he took the ball and ran for weeks and I loved every moment of it! See I knew that was a set up… LOL!

9:51 am Am I working on a NEW LOOK clay in the Potter’s Hand!

9:45 am I ran with DJ all my life, he as born waiting to die, I love him and held him the most and they hurt me with him. Problem is, they did not expect him to RETURN, and when he did… it was over… Option #2 walk away and get far enough to watch the fireworks. Choose Love… TIMES UP!

9:41 am It was never about MONEY with the NBA it was about settling a debt for what I have done for the game and the places I took the game to. The NBA does not want to give me credit for connecting the behind the scene’s play, and guess what I can WALK AWAY from that aspect in my life… I have too many LAYERS to depend on or be defined by JORDAN, PIPPEN, MAGIC or OPRAH just like I play with you, I played with them, and their curse is, they were not CHEERFUL in their giving 2 Cor 9:6-7 GOD loves a cheerful giver, but like many fools Nicodemus you trust your gifts and glory and seek my hand, not my face, everything they have done is backwards, how they handled me and so forth. I can let go and never look back again, I am tired of looking back!

9:40 am I definitely need a manicure/pedicure… things I talked to LL COOL J about last night!

9:38 am BRUNO you are making me CRAZY!!! OMG I am loving you… Mother Mary, mother of JESUS! FIRST MISTAKE PIPPEN NEVER CLAIMED HIS SON, so how you giving him so much credit! DELLA!!! Hey Auntie!!! Faces of Debbie are everywhere, blacks were not accepted in HOLLYWOOD until DEBBIE if only YOU knew who she was… FABULOUS WOMAN!

9:32 am Chandra dressed for the OSCAR’S!!!! I know that is right, I need my GLAM SQUAD to nip, tuck, and boost the breast 🙂 LOL Whew… Deja came home last night… that homemade chicken pot pie does it every time. Amazing how that home cooking will stir the belly right… Now I need to take out the garbage… I have to clean up a few messes, BEFORE I LEGO!

9:29 am You will never UNDERSTAND what it is like to have your child die in your arms, and his bills are not paid and I am still fighting… really? Compared to others, who take credit for my MIND GAMES, you cannot craft a tool, as talented as I am NATURALLY this is not a LEARNED gift, it goes way beyond my ability to BLOW YOUR MIND, but depends on your ability to REMEMBER… I love people who can share Michael Jackson stories with me… SIKE! He was my FAVORITE play mate. The very things you hate me for, are the very reasons you love me.

9:27 am GIRL PLEASE my daughter is used to eating crablegs and lobster, she cannot find ghetto life as fabulous as with me, come on now, nobody loves like Momma!

9:27 am CHANDRA: Came from Scooter, I love my gay men! I am not biased 🙂 I know how to pick a man up after he is fallen!

9:19 am SOME PEOPLE took the gift and tried to OWN IT, how can you OWN ME if I made you? If I hold the POWER to do what I do, I control who I bless, if not me, then who and if you have the power to do what I do… then you do it! I will watch, but you will NOT call my name KAREN! LISA! DAWN… MY NAME IS CHEVETTE but you can call me CHEVY!

9:18 am I prayed to LEAVE ILLINOIS I will not stand in the way of GOD, I trust him, but it has to feel good, plus I can be freaky and you know when it is me! SMILE There has to be more to life than this.

9:15 am HAROLD RAMIS with BILL MURRAY my original comedy crew…

9:15 am My ENGLISH ACCENT, LMAO they do not know that PRINCE WILLIAM AND HARRY are my gifts from DIANA!

9:13 am PROGRAMMING A MAN FOR GREATNESS… You have seen my cast and crew, those I play with… GELMAN you are more than welcome to follow me and Kelly to the GREEN ROOM with a BOTTLE of 1800, they put KELLY on this show in the spot of WINDY CITY LIVE for a REASON!

9:12 am That is a REALITY sorry for those of you who got caught up in PIPPEN my life is so much deeper than that. Which is why he cannot TOUCH me. He had power over my son, that was his blood, but he cannot break me, because he did not make or mold me. He only enjoyed me and I made him who he was…

9:10 am CRYING (RAINING) I keep loosing parts of my MOVIE BODY, I have Movie, Music, Sports, Politics… and my body is slowly dying off and no one notices!

9:08 am SCRIPTING! I type what I see and hear HERE and they say it on the TV that simple. It is likened to THE WIZ of OZ, I know it seems strange as HELL, but that is how I am PROGRAMMED to TEACH!

9:07 am My FACEBOOK work page has many hidden features, I can plug directly into the watch board THERE but share my thoughts with you publicly here for my fans to read what I am scripting behind the set!

9:05(a) BOOM, excuse me if you are hearing voices in your head, if you know who LL COOL J is, then you should hear his voice in a sound over (Hollywood). Ability to transmit sound, from a third party location onto the set.

9:05 am She never made it to the SET of DISNEY, Hi Gelman!!!

9:03(a) I was walking past the Tae Kwon Do studio on my way to the liquor store, when I stopped at this guy standing in front of the sex shop!

9:03 am I am having issues opening the door, as soon as I started talking yesterday I lost HAROLD RAMIS that is why I do not open the wall!

9:02 am The baby was on the set yesterday Happy Birthday Joaquin!!!!

8:11 am To GOD be all the glory, Deja came home last night… and took over my bed!!! Her and her belly 🙂

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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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