Have a DRINK of WATER:)

11:25 am I give a 90 day trial i it does not work after 90 days it won’t matter… Going to kitchen to cook I am hungry FINALLY!

11:23 am I am hungry and need something to eat! I will watch while making an omelet you chat!

11:17 am Val… I also caught Ji trying to justify her fantasy of dreaming about Your Man, WHAT she can hear me!

11:16 am Roe, you know I cannot pass a good SUCK joke, SMILE, I stopped crying to say that, SMILE

11:09 am R. Kelly can only talk about me being the SAME GIRL working at WAFFLE HOUSE! LisaRaye had a panic attack and chose not to sing… I did not get my credit card (YET) I cannot go to school, mow my grass, buy a beer WTH man… I am so drained!

11:06 am LOL Michelle I just said to Rahm, in City Council yesterday… Drink some water, so you got jokes!

I got your back partner:)

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12:49 pm And for the record Rahm did not pick you for me, he knows my taste that is why he used you to bait me in, Richie picked you for me. Now what my profile does not change I have been dating SECURITY/POLICE all my life. I am Homeland Security, this is who I am and this is what I do! Drink some water punk! and we all know how familiar you are with DAWN what you did not know that is MY BITCH my MAIN BITCH now what, let it be learned you had my son ASSASSINATED say that with me, you said it… Murdered all over a Aldermanic Seat, really! Pippen dick is that good… I heard Burke say dick!

10:48 am I just noticed the COLOR of the SOFA, see what I mean Barbara, no comment!

10:47 am Hey Cheryl just saw a pic with you and Kidd rock! They should know my County Girl name “Becky”.

10:45 am Now you know Oprah is addicted to me, she use to have Roosevelt drive me around in her Rolls Royce for heaven sakes, she has it all on film and knows the story:)

10:38 am Clue: Dated for 2 years… Brian, smile… Since July 15, 2011.

10:36 am Wheel Chair, you mean Scottie cut the brakes on my car I crashed into a 18 wheeler truck, head on at 80 mph. They THOUGHT I would never walk again, SURPRISE! He even made a song to joke about it!

They said I would never walk again and I am walking, running and much more. No MF you did not kill me off, but you did kill off DJ!

Trust me Marijuana is so much better than the Vicodin, Oxycontin, Flexril and Ultra I have to take to manage my pain but leave me helpless, I need some weed right now…

I am starting to get emotional and my muscles are starting to tense up so let me relax for a moment! Shout Out to Sandy and Jimbo, because that could have been me in that chair baby! I don’t care who they use SIGN THAT BILL Thank you Governor Pat Quinn!

10:36 am I was raised very strict and was not allowed to do many things, Wow!

10;32 am LMAO!!! Things you did not know “DEBBIE ALLEN” I was supposed to go to New York to study dance, I am the REAL LIFE Penny from Good Times (based on my family that still live in Henry Horner:) I was also supposed to be cast in Different Strokes she died before getting me cast… all Facts! Phlyisha Rashad was my HERO groweing up I was going to marry a doctor and be a lawyer and we were going to lie in a brownstone in Hyde PArk, LOL Funny!

10:30 am You are my sister!! OMG that was who made me want to study LAW, did you know my grandmother is the woman who booked Bill Crosby back in Chicago and opened the doors for him? I remember one show, he as in a chair at he Chicago Theater

10:27 am BW you know people have issue with you because you EXPLOIT ME so… they wonder your loyalty you have been here since BIRTH, how has all of this happened without and no help? It is forcing her into retirement just like Oprah! (Dr Phil speaks for Oprah).

10:24 am For those o you who do BOT know Dawn’s sister Lisa WAS in my JORDAN WEDDING PLANS, all you have to do is look and the Obama girls have been part of my wedding plans since I put PA in office:)

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10:21 am Michelle I bet you miss me talking to you, well… yo9u know how to find me, I told you that. I want to know who shot my son. A drink later will be cool, but please do not pacify me, I want to know who, not why… who killed my child. You can do all the promos you like, my breast tingles and I have no shoulder to cry on, who shot my son… Not to mention Malia and Sasha are still in my wedding if I marry:) I would not take that honor from them, I knew who to contact when I said it sweetie, you underestimate who I am.

10:17 am Michelle Obama, see you know what? Is this why I am home today? That is the second spot now Val is really going to have a fit… 2 for 2 Michelle you will need to work a spot in for Windy City Live!

10:15 am Shout Out to Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic High School in Westchester, Illinois Catholic Girls Rule… but we are the best to party with!

10:14 am I explained to you that Quincy Jones has been my guardian angel forever, now what? Taking a mental break, if Phil is on Oprah is sending a message! I do not feel like talking right now!

10:10 am Good Morning Dawn I guess that Michelle Obama call was from you, LOL! Charlie’s Angels and Demons, LOL! Pissed off I am not in class, dealing with personal issues… I have has GPS on her since she has been in my life, she knows how to read, and misses me when I do not read to her!

10:07 am Taking a break from the madness, my mind is spinning I am missing school today and I am pissed!

10:01 am Whoopie do you see the Quincy Jones connection?

10am Dr Phil, twice in one day!

9:58 am LOL Michelle Obama did a drink more water spot, did Dawn do that or was that me behind the scene I am confused… Oh Lawd, Val is going to have a FIT about this one.. I told Rahm to drink water yesterday, LOL! Inside Joke!.

9:49 am I need to be in school today, I am feeling the need to be in class right now, I need to hurry up and move! Ugh!

9:48 am Diane Thomas, really was that the best you have? You listen to that mic I am busy!

9:46 am Isn’t that where they filmed I know what you did last Summer? Fiji!

9:43 am Cheap Viewer will not last, they are unstable, is this why WGN dropped them and lured them to ABC? Think about it? You want to appeal to a crowd that will stick with you, not turn away… people who take your advice and learn from it, we can get cheap headlines and trashy news anytime. Some formats are not for daytime TV. I think to myself, if my child was home from school today, would I want her home watching this show? What images are you projecting that will be embedded in the mind of the future?

9:40 am Quality media would not draw CHEAP attention to Miley Cyrus, the media is giving her attention and that is what she wants. When you want to use parental controls you will filter your shows to reflect images and stories that will measure the quality are you a gossip show or a family friendly set. The media is pimping her and enabling her… same thing I tell Barbara Walters, how do you talk to a President one day, then highlight a female shaking her ass, you are pimping her!

9:38 am Not patting her on the back but “Oprah” had a successful show for years and never comprised or the news, her topics and guest. You do not have to be sleazy to be good… Well I missed another week of school, the devil is a liar, how do I balance my life?

9:36 am RAISE THE STANDARD: Val, not being funny, but do you see why I work on you having a clean image, you can have all the success without compromising who you are or whose you are.

She wants to see me LIVE, well Kelly you have to go thru Val and Ryan I have no control over that baby, but I will give you permission to see my face ONCE… Mike I can find you anytime I want all I have to do is call Dawn and tell her to plan a party with Nicole it is just that simple… Anywho, back to the show but I will party one night with you Kelly… you can buy drinks and pay for limo.. bring Paris Hilton

9:35 am Mike all of them men cheer, do not touch and do not take the bait, we can all see the lure baby!

9:16 am She is dying to “TWERK”, Gelman let her do it ONE time so she can get it out her system please

9:10 am White Chicks play slut so good, hats off to Miley Cyrus for showing us why white girls have more fun and get away with it… now if that were me, I would be a whore… whatever I am just observing! Not all white women act that way, but if you like it… MIKE GET PAID and PLAY WITH IT, just do not loose your pants, you know I work BACK UP, we keep VASELINE and TIMBERLAND BOOTS handy SMILE!

9am LMAO!! Why is Kelly dressed like a NUN, LOL funny! Correction her skirt is above the knee, such a tease!

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