New Car Issues

10:18 am My GOAL is not to be the BEST person, I want to be the best mother FIRST saving Deja is my MAIN priority, she is loving driving… 17 in a Cadillac not bad and yes Whoopie, maintaining her has been very crazy, she freaks out about shootings, what do I do? She freaks out, I Stabilize and call for back up, it is all I can do. I don’t want to loose my town. Ugh!

10:13 am Face it, no matter how I try to HIDE the TRUTH the FACT is DEVONTE PIPPEN was RELATED TO NBA PLAYER SCOTTIE PIPPEN and that is what EVERYBODY i son edge about, what will I say? or not say… Now many of YOU will tune it because it will be the FACE behind this BLOG reveled, the Pippen rape girl, I am coming because my son was Murdered.

10:08 am And what is surprising, we have been friends SONGS together. This is my second Cadillac from Joey, LOL, my first was green and white. And don’t forget my GOLD sports car.

10:07 am Brooke, I am happy to be living again, to get my life back on track and to be alive and YES Joey gave me another Cadillac, I know right… he loves me. He knows what I could be doing and knows I am working hard to DO THE RIGHT THING! It’s my Italian side, I am not ashamed, he takes very food care of me, always has.

10:05 am Is it FAIR to want to think of mu life bigger than Domestic Abuse, is that to much to ask for? can I be judged for my success’.

10:01 am I am home finding the rules to filing Bankruptcy, I have to file on after my taping this week.

10am Yes Whoopie I will play with Brooke today, I have known her since “Pretty Baby”, she has to tell me to speak. We also share our eccentric relationship with Micheal Jackson

9:55 am EXCLUSIVE: The night, I did the event at House of Blues with Toni Preckwinkle, DJ was treated for stitches at Jackson Park Hospital, I know they were after my son, he told me. I have his words that haunt me, because I could not do more to stop it.

9:53 am I won’t repeat this, I sent US Attorney Pat Fitzgerald a email 3 days before my son was shot, I told him I was getting death threats, after Jesse appeared on the South Side with me, AFTER I was punched in the face TWICE walking to the corner where Fox (who worked for Preckwinkle lived, was KILLED)>

9:51 am Silently my family is coming together to tell you, my son was murdered, I know, I know Chuck, lead up to my appearance, I know.

9:48 am My most historical moment… has to be Patti Blagojevich hugged me the day Rod was sentenced. I went to pick up a card for a young man who dropped it during is sentencing and she grabbed me for a hug, on her way to the bathroom. I told Mary Ahern her black leather skirt was hot! In the courtroom, Rod told her the SAME THING!

9:46 am I tried to explain, how they did not contact me, I found them, then they are contesting his funeral payments, tragedy on top of terror. SHOUT FOR CHUCK! I know this is going to be a BIG ISSUE!

9:44 am Chuck Goudie, I know all eyes on me, will I break on film, the caught me on record lst week in school, I could not hear them, but I explained how there has been NO FOLLOW UP with my son’s murder, thank you ABC I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Thank you in advance.


9:41 pm I liken Ron Mager to my Speech Professor, he is silky smooth, much respect.

9:38 am I don’t know WHY that seems so STRANGE to people, but the only GOAL I have right now is to cook, I swear to GOD.

9:34 am I have not decided, if I will return to the 7th Ward, right now ALL I WANT TO DO IS COOK, that is the only dream I have on hold.

9:32 am Things I will NOT talk about, you just have to follow the blog, yes I am sweet on 50 Cent, Val, telling all my business, LOL, yes Me. Back to the story… I did stand to listen to what Rahm had to say on EDUCATION you know I LOVE TO TEACH.

9:30 am 50 Cent hun Val, I got his attention hun? Do not tell me this is a blind date, HaHa, y’all got jokes, and they wonder why I look crazy, my life.

9:27 am You do not want me to talk to Garry do you, where did I stand with Rahm? Hun? Where?

9:23 am Garry McCarthy, I was just thinking about that, would you like me to take you back to his starting day.

9:20 am Val is living bulletproof in red, these people do NOT want to SHOOT ME do they. See poka dots means I am a WALKING TARGET I do not know WHY, what would make me or put me in DANGER out here, Lord Jesus, you have got to be kidding me. Nah, I trust Frank and I live doors away from Randy, I think I am fine, I trust GOD.

9:19 am You mean Pastor Odell Ryan?

9:16 am I might bring JOEY CELOZZI with me, what he put me in a Cadillac, ow can I deny that love baby 25+ years and counting. And I fuss at him too.

9:14 am I have to first DEAL with and STABILIZE Deja with the loss of my son, we are still in the getting to know each other phase, she still freaks out, with justification, each time someone gets shot. I promise to TRY not to cry, can’t say I will not PRAY but I will try not to cry.

9:13 am For once I do not want to call a press conference, I just want to go to school damn it, don’t just follow me for the story, I just want to get this degree.

9:13 am Ron Magers, one of the FATHERS of ABC who fathers me while he speaks…

9:11 am My 3 minute speech that will give us all a moment to pray is, trade the guns for book, you know I push education.

9:10 am I just try to be NORMAL and my rant would be TRADE GUNS FOR BOOKS speech.

9:09 am You caught my LIVE ELVIS act, giggle… yes, it is true. I told you I am Italian damn it.

9:08 am This has turned into a emotional week for me, leading up to this show and the anxiety of it and issues at school… I need to hold my peace.

9:06 am Ryan, I am not finishing my Oscar party from last night, it’s too easy, Val and Ji… got my hair done, I promise not to cry.

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