Jesse pleads Guilty

5:04 pm DREW PETERSON: first of all Joel could not lie, he saw me on Michigan:) SMILE I kinda possessed him on that one. NEXT, it is sad that we are spending tax payer money to consider retrial of this murdering police officer who not only betrayed all who knew him, he killed wives 3 and 4 and thinks he is smarter than the system, this time should be used to sentence him respectfully your honor!

5:03 pm JOKE: Did we pay for that purse too, I want that bag!! What? Politically appropriate that Karen Jordan who knows OUR circle of madness covers this story… Well, should I return to the 7th Ward or no?

5pm Irony, the year he became Congressman, is the same year my son, who is now deceased, was born…

4:57 pm I am STILL ON ABC, I want CHERYL’s view of this issue.

4:52 pm CNN: See all the trouble “HURRICANE SANDY” has caused, “BLESS THE CHILD”, everybody has RAT issues now.

4:16 pm I take pride in looking like a “SMART WOMAN” (on the right) I have played the role of the white girl, throughout this movie, whatever!!!

4:15 pm Thank you for the correct spelling of his name.

4:12 pm Where is Dawn in all of this, I know y’all got that footage too.

4:11 pm Balling Like a Rock Star… Well I am trying to spare the brunt of the pain… Don’t SPARE HER, she has to go too… IO am not joking and that witch has my sons blood on her hands, NO MERCY she has to SERVE TIME TOO they THINK you cannot read, I stand in the seat to judge, oh yes I am!

4:10 pm Oh my they just ordered him to PAY BACK That money $750k, there goes that house! LEFT HAND they are going off, but it was classy for a black man to say that so no one can say it was racially motivated:)

4:08 pm Update from Washington, I am right here on ABC Ronald Machen Jr.

4:05 on Okay to ABC for local updates.

4:03 pm So Jesse which one of these cameras was on my house, you know it:) SMILE! It’s not a secret that I was followed by them (admired by him, stalked by her) and no I am not being paranoid that is just fact.

3:57 pm CNN okay I am staying with Wolf for a few moments more I am with ABC all the time. Besides Wolf you LOVE ME so I will stay right here for just a moment.

3:40 pm Trillion I love that word don’t you? If I could just make good on some of it:) SMILE!

3:32 pm Friday is very busy… Funeral with my cousin Bo (no comment)b who died on Valentine’s Day (no comment) then hair and nails, I think I will spend the weekend in the city. I have so much that has to be done. I have a taping of Windy City Live and I need my hair to be FRESH! I lost 2 nails (they cheated me this last trip and my nails broke, ugh) and I think I am going to spend a night ALONE! I will NOT be answering my phone… I am spending some time for ME, I don’t need a date, that is more money to share and I do just fine ALONE!

3:24 pm Very smart and I learn from the best Wolf… I should have kept my major in LAW but I enjoy food more, LOL! Dana Dane…

3:05 pm CNN: HOLD UP, I am not taking calls from Obama just yet dang it, so anxious, dang man, I am not talking until AFTER I know… you know

3:01 pm Baby I’m a STARR, hey Barbara, (singing PRINCE).

3pm CNN: WOLF, My favorite “POLITICAL SCIENCE” Professor.

2:58 pm I am currently working on a 6 concert date calendar, I need to make some serious money this summer and I am having FUN! I hate moving damn it, I just got comfortable… Deja is still having her moments, but its cool, I am taking a break from her this weekend, I need it! 9 months to go then she is free and Hootie can stay with is father, I don’t need the drama. When did the parents have to give account to a child, really? For real.

2:56 pm I can say what I want to, to Obama (BoBo) why do you think Michelle named the DOG BoBo, we BOTH know he is a dog! I do not feel like cursing I don’t have any beer and my computer cord has not arrived yet.

2:53 pm Michelle, I cannot fit into that dress,OMG I need to loose serious fat for that one, LOL, you are in the GREEN ROOM, LOL, that is Friday… LOL! Whew, I won’t tell that secret, but you know the GRASS ROOTS PARTY is always the FUN PARTY to attend, I won’t tell! Stop being so LOUD.. is BOBO setting up Sandy so I will talk to him, is it too late to amend my agreement, how about she has to do more than one year and I need… let me think. I know he is your husband but I am not finished cursing him out, he used to it… with his Punk Ass!

2:26 pm CNN: TRUMP! Heading to your Casino this week:) You must have heard me talk you up:)

2pm Pontiff, blowing kisses to you Father! Undivided attention to CNN, okay I am black… uh hem, back!

1:57 pm Closing with General Hospital, I do not love Scottie that is a lie… Go Lara, Luke let’s go have a drink!

1:47 pm CNN: Mom who hired strippers, I would so it too, just NOT at the town bowling alley baby! That was so cool, I have taken my son with me… and I would do it for my sons. HEY I know men who take their sons to EXPERIENCED WOMEN for their first encounter! Come on, that was so cool, just not in the bowling alley! But who is tipping and do they have a pocket for change.

1:42 pm I am a bit behind, I was so tired after retuning from Helen’s that I kicked my laptop off the bed and broke the pin in my power cord, yeah, yeah, yeah… I will be back up Friday!

1:40 pm LOL I just found footage of Aaron calling me and Deja backstage and entering the dressing room… Yes you caught me, LOL this was funny… Deja recites, “This is so cool”… Like I said Ji, I am the stage baby. If I am on the set, you better believe I know who I am coming to see, I don’t play groupie and I am LOVED by those I know baby, if I am not going to get LOVE I will not show up!!! Aaron, I love you baby!

1:32 pm GH: You know what, LOL, I am not marrying ANYBODY named Scottie, but I am following the story line, did I have to bring you back for this, RATINGS HIKE, when do I get flowers or something for this? And they wonder why I charge so much for a public appearance:) Val I hope you are reading a good book. Ryan, you will never be on this level and be careful baby, I guard that hip, watch your mouth and love me, that your days will live long:) I don’t need to “work my way back stage baby, I am the stage and you have been scripted I CHOSE YOU, don’t think you chose me.

1:24 pm If you ask WHY did I study so many court cases, ONE I was supposed to study for the FBI, my career with IDOC was the start but that was part of my ambition and TWO becasue I read so many court cases, they had to have my face on record… I explained I have been a FBI prodigy all my life, did you know 3 days before DJ was killed I sent Pat Fitzgerald a email telling him I was getting threats and after my son was killed and I was safe from the city, I made a trip to the Fed Building, the next day Pat resigned. He took that personal!

1:22 pm Oh Lord Lara is engaged to Scott, no wait… STOP! I do not date any men with a name CLOSE to Scott, I take it this is a spin off to the current story line. FYR Pippen cannot get anywhere close to me ever again in life, stop the madness… Luke I need a drink, damn! And if he appears on Windy City Live during my taping I will WALK OFF the set I mean that!

1:12 pm CNN: Arias is making the system look as crazy as she is, child please, she is guilty.. and playing on the emotions of the court, I will not waste my time on that case, she is GUILTY! Your honor(s) and I am asking for my Federal Judge panel to weigh in on this Zagel, Lefkow and Manning… (whom I love and admire, ssshhh you not supposed to know it is me in the room… HEY RICH, sorry, I was a bit LOUD… giggle, I am holding on… For such a time as this. Is this a deterring moment to put me back on the path for a career in Criminal Justice? I have to first have faith in the law to want to study it again, I lost my faith in the Judicial System, I once loved so much.

1:10 pm I understand the need for the attorney to give a update, but you know I would prefer fro him to be in the courtroom, not in the face of the cameras…you about to make a movie hun baby. I asked you to leaver her, I begged you and well… she has her foot in your ass!

1:08 pm CNN back and forth between ABC Lara is back:) I must see this for myself.

1:02 pm And I am taping “GH” for later, right now I need updates on the Jackson’s.. I need to get paid for writing scripts…

1pm CNN I repeat regarding Oscar Pistorius: Argues he did not have his prosthetic leg, when shots were fired, argues he was NOT wearing his legs when he shot his gal. They can measure the height of the shots… With legs, bullets will measure at a higher level than without. With legs he is 6 feet tall, without legs he is 4 feet tall. They can MEASURE THE HEIGHT of the bullet hits to determine. This is my area of study.

I only PRAY Oscar does not use the excuse he is scared of where he lives, my question is, if you are so afraid of your surroundings, WHY DO YOU LIVE THERE? Making people fearful of blacks is not a smart spin, especially in Africa, FREE MANDELA!

12:59 pm Say it with me Deborah “Debbie” Valentine, and that name opens doors. She is so GANGSTA:) Love you going to CNN now, change NOW!

12:56 pm General Hospital aka All My Children, Lara I am back!!! Giggle I did explain that yesterday with Charles S. Dutton on “Windy City Live”. I explained when Morgan Proctor raped me with Diandre, Luke raped Lara on AMC and the saga continues… GOT THAT RYAN CHIVIRINI, I am doing you a FREE favor baby:) SMILE!

12:42 pm I pop in and out on and off as I need to!

12:30 pm On the living room sofa, nodding in and out until 1pm then CNN for the rest of the day, she is scheduled for trial during my CNN segment:) Timing!

12:27 pm Okay COMCAST has left and my phone is now working again… THE CHEW CREW when I am home… back and forth between CNN and ABC for updates, but if you know my Wednesday Schedule, normally I would be in school… home playing sick. I cannot believe Jesse is styling my hair, see you have serious mental issues… You are facing your life and you are still holding me RIGHT THERE (I am always on the RIGHT, unless you see me as your wife then I am on the left, example, I am always on AARON and TEDDY’S LEFT, very confusing square, LOL).

11:10 am And to Ryan Cherini, as much as I hate smoking, if Mustapha cannot stop me, and I love him, you (whom I don’t know) have no say so or input sweetie, I am not your sexual fantasy and you are not mines… so please hold your judgmental opinions and views to yourself. If I do not touch you, you are not blessed sweetie, I have to make direct contact with you for it to count and so far I have not found one reason to do so. Some things you have absolutely NO CONTROL over and NO INPUT into!

11:07 am Taking a moment to CRY no matter what jail time you serve, it won’t bring my son back to me… I will never kiss his lips, hug his neck, or smell his funk. I will never hear him say “MA you used too much garlic” or What is for Dinner Ma?” I will never hear him making jokes, singing songs or watching Lion King singing his Lion King songs.. I will never hold him, smell him or touch him, and for what?? All because Debbie wanted me to be your wife… I am sorry for you, when no one is sorry for me.

11:03 am “3J” You are in all of this trouble and you are styling my hair, yes Sir, if that will please you I will style it that way, just for you.

10:46 am CNN: Yes Jesse I am right here with you and I am a good WIFE when she is not baby, I see you! I know how you feel about me baby, I just wish she could take this fall and not you!

10:39 am THE VIEW: Don, you are bisexual??? (hint, he has earrings in BOTH ears)

10:35 I told the staff of Beavers I should have sat on his face, I wish I had now, that BITCH is a mess.

10:31 am I just saw the footage of them walking into court, that witch did not even walk in with her husband, if that was not a Jezebel move baby, she walked in and left him behind, talk about a loveless marriage. I just want to know who wears the dick when they have sex? Seriously, she is making him look so weak like she is all that and is not humbled, Judge Wilkins PLEASE give her some time, she needs to be humbled for real, arrogant and cocky.

All this because he wanted someone to hold him and keep him warm.. come here Jesse let me give you a hug baby! Jackie I asked you to let me hit her, but no… look at her, upstaging him even in trials, she thinks it is all about her, does she not realize she may be heading to Federal Prison. For Real??? Pass a not to the Judge and send a message, Jackie and his sisters have the kids, like I said, if he has to go d
own, she is going too!

10:19 am Shout Out to the Illinois Department of Corrections and the “BORN KILLERS” for training me with a 12 gauge, mini 14 and a 357, guns I qualified for when I worked for the state. I am a precision shooter and I love shooting from long range. If you know me from my life in Earle Arkansas, you know I am a seasoned hunter and I am used to shooting at moving targets. I don’t need two hands to cock a shotgun I can jack it with ONE! What you know I love Cars, Dogs and Guns.

Contact: Maureen Squires Public Information Officer 217/524-8195

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
Contact: Maureen Squires. Public Information Springfield, IL, April, 1997 — Nikki M. Zollar, Director of the Illinois Department …. Chevette A. Valentine, Chicago

10:09 am Tell you what SEARCH SANDY JACKSON and do your own study!

Okay Sandy Jackson YOU have PUSHED me too far

Okay Sandy Jackson YOU have PUSHED me too far Posted on April 17, 2010 9:26 am Let’s not forget Dr. Carl Bell now we cannot forget about him! All that money he is getting to test drugs in the black community … Continue reading


2:44 pm they are watching all the TRAFFIC outside my house, got it! 2:43 pm They don’t know what you are saying so they have no evidence I know! 2:40 pm WGCI: Lisa was the last one with Tupac NOT … Continue reading

Who pushed me…

10:51 am Jesse Sr, I just have a question, did you really set Diane on fire for telling that you had DR. KING assassinated! THAT WAS 1968 RIGHT, DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION FIRE… RIOTS OF 1968… WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN PLEASE!!! 10:50 … Continue reading

***************End of Archived Post***************

10:03 am CNN: If no one else knows my ties to the Jackson Family, of course his father does. He was there when the book was authored, I do not have to EXPLAIN my history, Debbie HAND PIKED Jesse Jr., that was her baby, why do you think I am attacked to him and sorry I cannot beg a pardon, I am short a son people. Am I supposed to put his pain over my suffering. I told you a modern day Ahab and Jezebel. You think they are not reading my journals, yes, yes they do!

10:02 am CNN: I cannot get coverage, come on get me inside the courtroom.

9:57 am It always AMAZES me who and who knows all my secrets but cannot tell me who shot my son. If you cannot tell me who shot my son’s brains out, do not judge me for how I deal with the stress, thank you! If MY GOD does not judge me you have no right to, I am not trying to fuck you baby, I am only trying to be entertained.

9:44 am I love you too Jimmy, no facial service, LOL, I speak fluent facial, LOL.

9:38 am FACT CHECK: Did you know… When Oprah attended the Michael Jackson Concert in 1984-85 Victory Tour with his brothers, I am the person who showed her to her seats, then ran, changed clothes and danced with my date(s) all of the Jackson Brothers (LOL) front row all three nights (See Brian Jackson, Anna Harbin and Raymond Boyd for those photos… Aaron told you I was with GUY for 25+ years I was with MJ and PRINCE the longest!

9:36 am I am searching for the BEST Seafood Tower and I mean it. I will be in Chicago Friday, for hair and nails.. I broke another nail today and I will be hanging out. I do not live for Ryan I just try to keep him alive… I am cutting my work load I am carrying such a heavy load… I am doing this show for ONE REASON only, Val! Okay Ji you too but for Val, because her light got bright when I saw her face and I think Zoie and Maxwell are cute. If I can make Oprah famous I can do the same for you.

9:32 am I made a hard decision today, I decided to give my ex husband FULL CUSTODY of my baby boy as long as we agree he will NOT seek child support… I think that is best. I can breathe again and in 2013 I am working on building MY LIFE back in order, Deja will be 18 soon and out of the house and I need to keep busy for me!

9:28 am Let me “BLOW YOUR MIND” you ready? “Bless the Child”, Life with Deja and the cult leader (well I am not sure if they were talking about Eddie or Mustapha, but same story line and you know I HATE Rats… go ahead, keep walking into the CIRCLE of FIRE:) his is FUN for me!

9:26 am Most people do NOT know I am real, until they see my FEDERAL FACE at work. I did explain the FBI has been following me since 197? but you know… I am going to be back and forth Jesse is in court today.

9:20 am Excuse me I cannot play all morning I have to package together 6 concert dates and I need to get to work, but I can see and hear you just fine.

9:19 am Everyone who knows me knows I smoke weed shut up! Anyway, no kisses for Ryan I will save them for myself!

9:14 am I will see you guys NEXT WEEK!!! Ryan be prepared for me to ask you to dinner at Mastro’s Seafood Tower… I need someone to share it with… I am going to treat myself after the taping of your show and Ryan, you know too much about me not to know me baby:) Exposing you are following me hun? I ti s cool I follow you too!

9:12 am I would have allowed the Olympics last time, they did not know better… Yes I am watching today, I know I am not in school SHUT UP I am dealing with a teen who suffers from PTSD compliments of the State of Illinois. Illinois should be PROUD of the way they SCREWED her head up and let me with DAMAGED GOODS.

9:08 am “WINDY CITY LIVE” OMG I want to send ROE someone to give him HEAD, I agree Sandy should get at least ONE YEAR in jail, I love you Roe for agreement!

8:53 am I got the kids computer working again, yippie!!! Now I can talk again, I needed the break!


10:19 pm ABC UPDATE: Fact: The runner from Africa case, argues he did not have his prosthetic leg, when shots were fired, argues he was NOT wearing his legs when he shot his gal. They can measure the height of the shots… With legs, bullets will measure at a higher level than without. With legs he is 6 feet tall, without legs he is 4 feet tall. They can MEASURE THE HEIGHT to determine. This is my area of study.


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