Another day in the life

1:13 pm CNN smile joinLAPD I’ll pass, LOL, but I am watching, glad to be black, you can see me.

1pm CNN, nodding in and out.

12:14 pm Mario is working w veal. How do I cook lamb… Tell me WHO is reading. Mike you got pot… LOL, puff pass. LOL.

12:10 pm Clinton you are coming to.Chicago and party at Baton with me, you’re buying drinks. Okay I am not in school today, so I can watch with limited feedback. Its cold, every bone in my body is tense . So I am bundled in bed trying to stay warm. I might nod off, from Flexril… After cooking class… CNN from 1-4 wake me if I fall.asleep.

12:05 pm Okay, I am in bed resting… No fussing I am not in school today, shut up and going for hair and nails Friday.


10:36 am JOAN AND MELISSA RIVERS… DEBBIE KNEW JOHNNY CARSON. I was sending sexy notes to Curtis… Okay, fresh out the shower, and I washed my hair w/o braids… Ahhh.

9:56 am I feel like cooking, when I get emotional, I need to cook… A deep max and cheese would be great… Omg.

9:52 am Tom Cruise TAPS…

9:48 am Ryan, I am very normal, I am approachable and normal. You guys are holding me a whole day. Will I meet Hadiya’s mom? Tell Holt to bring his wife

9:38 am My scene from homework, chant CHEVY. Ryan you so silly. I told you my TV appearance would be major. I did it only because Michael Cox is on your camera


9:37 am Fact my granny knows his wife Debbie, I TOLD YOU WHEN MORGAN RAPED ME LUKE RAPED LAURA ON ALL MY CHILDREN what???

9:35 am Val you about to be married, too much leg. You don’t know my GOTHIKA face.

9:32 am Rock wit you… The Jackson Family knows how to find me. Ooohh, if I have to play nanny…LOL, Janet got jokes.

9:27 am Zeke you coming in for my taping, going to get my hair done in Chicago. Val, Ossama in Hyde Park is my spot.

BURT OLSTEEN, keep following.

9:24 am You put a curse on yourselves, until DJ’s killer is caught GOD SAID no peace. I can’t and won’t pray for peace… My son did not deserve this, this is YOUR CURSE… Zeke where is Darryl, I saw him… Tell my baby, I said hey.

9:21 am Select, you know I don’t talk to him… Anyway, for the panel Zeke is the man he is today, BECAUSE DEBBIE LOVED HIM. Please know that… My cousin Tim Robinson was one of the ORIGINAL GLOBTROTTERS and yes Zeke knows my HISTORY with Jordan and Pippen.

9:19 am I hear you too boo boo, I wired him for found 🙂 or is that Mustapha moaning, he see his baby, walking in her power, I told you she got juice.

9:17 am Zeke, no I do not want to date his bodyguard, he was cute, but child please. Zeke, I got busted, I was trying to back him up and cuff him on the wall… Anyway…


9am Nina no papi talk and you got the backstage scoop, just hanging with my family, I don’t have to WORK MY WAY backstage, I use to run that stage.

8:55 am As important as it was to see my GUYS everyone wanted to see if I knew Teddy… Our Michael Jackson bond, CONFIRMED. why do you think MJ picked Teddy for me… He only hand picked those who captured my attention. I see PRINCE JACKSON I sent Tito Jackson the video from the show… The kids know I am real… Storyline Deja hung with her Mom. Yes Mustapha, I explained Deja, only to Aaron, he was there from the start…

Lamont, Sharon and Jada gonna make me snap… Hold me Jesus, that same phone game Sharon played with Lynette, Jada trying with me.. 50 tell them.

8:53 am I was there her first appearance on Merv Griffin Show. Secret people do NOT know, you had to be there, her left breast was exposed during that taping and I signaled her to fix her strap.

8:48 am I did explain my role in The Wiz, we did the Quincy version, yes I knew Al B Sure too (via Raymond Boyd) but I was there HONESTLY for SWV and GUY. We missed the girls performance, but they played with get stage left, while Teddy played games with her behind the curtain. She looks so much like me, people got confused… Clive, I know she was pushed and you know it too, can’t solve my own child’s murder, let Nippy rest.


8:43 Zeke, hey Zeje Sharon is going to make me go off, how is Momma? Karen? Darryl? You can CONFIRM my FIRST OFFICIAL BASKETBALL BOYFRIEND WAS TONY FREEMAN, and YES, you dated Yma, while Doc dated.Jackie back in 1976, that is not delusional, that is fact.

8:40 am Teddy knows I am silly, he started thinking HARD, I know, I get WEAK IN THE KNEES too, we are good at hiding our emotions, LOL 25+ years… I broke the peg in my computer, damn, damn, damn… Working from phone.

8:37 am SAM, you watching Pete? He mentioned the hair on his robe… What, I am followed everywhere. I am known as Mother Nature… I always read the weather. It measures my mood:)

8:34 am I will not huff and puff and blow the stage down (Deja missed the parade with Gov Quinn).. SMILE… LADY ANTEBELLA, now you know I do honkey rink, folk music, why you think… I am where I am…

8:25 am GOOD MORNING AMERICA, GIMMIE A KISS SAM, I know I am not in school today, no comment, Robin not back and I am NOT talking to Rahm. Hey Val, Isiaih Thomas dated my aunt Yma and I dated his nephew Darryl…

8:40 pm Obama.. want me to play with you… Sandy gets ONE YEAR and I get the 7th Ward and favor for HB30 and I mean it. If Lisa Madigan wins I go to Michigan anyway, so the ball is in your hands, she must serve at least one year and I need to self medicate, the ball is in your hands


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