Day in review

7:05 pm Lifetime Movie: A FAMILY THAT PREY’S TOGETHER… Looks good. Offline.

5:30 pm STUCK ON ABC no BET today.

5:26 pm Marc G., I did not argue a retest, no discussing my grades, that’s supposed to be an undercover issue… LOL… How am I supposed to be normal and you keep busting me out.. known him since Jordan:)

5:19 pm Stuck with local news on ABC, with my HONEY BEAR sister Cheryl Burton.. Jim propsed to her when I was pals with Richard Dent.

4:51 pm Reprogramming my daughters computer, getting ready for BET… I need at least ONE computer working.

3:43 pm WOLF: You cannot get me to talk to him, no I will not make whose booty is bigger jokes today… I am on a 4 year sabbatical, I lost my son on his watch, no baby… I want him to get full credit, for this tired mess.

3:18 pm Hey Barbara Starry… What I do???

3:05 pm Well, The Urban Legend of Prince Saw lives, in case you do not know the connection, my slain son, was a student at Hyde Park Academy, until you find his killer, there will be unrest. I will not cover Obama and Rahm will be a ONE TERM MAYOR, don’t ask me to help you with a damn thing, you cursed yourself. And your bodyguard ain’t that fine. Dude at Arie Crown… Almost got patted down, he had big feet too…

3:03 pm Hey Ted I am fine. To the McFarlan family. This is a club, no family should want to join. I pray for you…

3pm CNN : Political Science with WOLF, then local news @ 4pm, BET @ 5pm.

2:49 pm As I positioned myself for a run for office, my political profile matured… And for the moment, I’m on Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson…

2:30 pm CNN: Okay, picture show (below) on ALL levels posted…

1:58 pm I do NOT want to discuss issues with my school, I love my school and some things I want to deal with privately. Mustapha, I do not need you to RESCUE ME I AM FINE.

1:38 pm I find white people who are in DENIAL that a Black Woman, is this intellegent, has my power, and influence. I am a HUGE threat… Religious, from the Pope to Cardinal George (Yes I am Roman Catholic, and yes I was at Holy Name Cathedral, with Pope John Paul II and Yes I am connected to Farrakhan too… STOP LOOKING FOR DEJA.

I am Political, from Obama to Jimmy Carter, It’s a fact my grandma was campain manager for Jesse Jackson Sr., just like I interceded for Obama.

I am Music… I know Teddy is impressive but I started my career with Michael Jackson

And yes I am sports… Yes, I know Michael Jordan and I had a baby by Pippen, so now what.

1:29 pm All this drama to cover up the Pippen’s raped me, which one I don’t know, my son was evidence, now after the rape, they blew his head off… But I am crazy, I think not. And Pippen walks away Scott free, mad Kobe was going to divorce Vanessa to find me… On fact the SAME DAY his divorce was supposed to go through my son was shot in the head…. Pippen gloats, if that’s the case the city of Chicago is suffering from PTSD. FOR THE RECORDS DR. FAVIA CLEARED ME OF ANY MENTAL ILLNESS CLAIMS, and what is beautiful, when o discuss that case with people in the county I live in now, they ask… How, did they get away with what they did? For so long? And so many people… Crook County baby, and here is the twist… IF I WERE MENTALLY ILL, THAT IS WORST rights violations protected under ADA LAWS:)

1:23 pm I can openly discuss my issues, yes its true.. my children were SEIZED out of my custody, brainwashed into believing my stories were lies. My daughter was saved in my arms last week, she saw for herself my life is not s story, and she knows what I walked away from. I don’t sleep with my artist. Which is how I maintain the respect I have with artist I know.

1:20 pm BUSS dies day after ASG, bet you want me to speculate, nope. I am out of it. I did not play at the game, sorry to Jenny… RIP to Busse. Well Kobe, I taught you. Sometimes you win and loose, then you can loose and win.

1:05 pm OMG JERRY BUSS DIED… REALLY… JOHN SALLY NO I WILL NOT SUCK YOUR… where is Gio? Not delusional, I once babysat John’s daughter on a flight from Atlanta, movie EDDIE:)

1pm RIP to McCready, wow… You know, I might watch something else, this is too depressing. I send prayers to those who truly suffer from mental illness, what hurts the system are those who ride that bandwagon irresponsibly. I was once called GRANDIOSE DELUSIONAL, when I explained my life backstage. That is not mental illness, that is fact. Yes I know Jordan, Janet and many others. That people is NOT crazy, its me sharing MY LIFE STORY.

Can’t wait to refile my FEDERAL CASE this Friday. I have a multi million dollar case vs. Illinois, this Bullshit case cost me 4 years with my kids and the story ended.with me loosing s son. They were never able to prove a case and the agency, mental clinic with Dr. Bell, Director Rainfall and all have been fired, closed down since. Falsified documents, perjury, all that and a few attorney’s and judges who are under Federal Investigation. It ain’t over…

12:55 pm Yes CNN I am on my way, okay, you have a confirmed connection to Michael Jackson, and yes Teddy is very laid back. It was Valentine’s Day and the sexyness was for me baby, and I still sweated my face off, LOL. I needed a night to DANCE. See, very normal… And shouts of love to Aunties of SWV, child they spoiled the hell out of Deja, but she is doing chores without being told…SMILE.


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