Deja had a ball

8pm NBA on TNT All Star Challenge, no comment!

6:50 pm LOL at Kevin Hart, watching ESPN (no comment, don’t feel like talking to anyone, NOT REAL to me:) anyway watching.

5:26 pm Deja had a BALL!

12:02 pm In the library at the Dupage Court building doing some reserch, I will be home by 1:30 pm.

8:21 am Good Morning America, yes Lara I danced, and danced, until my feet hurt!

7:53 am I had a ball last night and my feet are killing me. And trust me by the time I saw Teddy, I had DANCED all my face off in sweat, I had a BALL!! Jamming stage left… JAM!! Thank you Aaron, Teddy and Damien for making Valentine’s Day awesome for me. I had a good time and I love you all so much. The beauty of being ME is, they love ME for ME, not for who people want me to be. Real LOVE is always beautiful, I have not seen these GUYS since Teddy recorded for Michael Jackson in 1991.

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