Off Line for the Union

6:06 pm Finally finished groceries, and errands, now to top Off this homework while watching DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN.

6:57 am Chicago Police are responding… the ONLY Chicago Police I dated THAT MATTERS, really does not matter, I told you I chose him because I thought he was GAY, what part did you think was a lie? Just the DOMINATE version, who likes to DRESS UP BOY when I play BABY DOLL.

6:53 am Leah Hope has that story, not delusional… THAT really happened… Uh Oh those who missed their place in line… NOW YOU KNOW if I would have started dating WHITE MEN in Chicago, ALL HELL would have broke out, this is a whole NEW ME, I don’t care what anyone in my past thinks, time out for dying, I choose to LIVE and have FUN while doing it… SMILE

6:52 am Jody use to do drive by’s on me, he used to walk by my house, come to the beach, drive thru the community. I need time to HEAL first… I need this time to heal.

6:51 am ABC Jody Weis, he is co cute, my baby… you know the pictures we took at the global Mayor’s Summit did not come out, the room was too dark, I am being good:)

6:49 am ABC NEWS shopping with Hosea:) Okay off to our first week of Spring 2013, took my first Algebra test, I passed but nothing impressive to brag about, that chapter kicked my …. (sorry for cussing:( but I think I did good.

6:17 am Taking a day AWAY from the computer.

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