Knicks WIn, Road to the Ring

8:49 pm KNICKS WIN yeah baby, Go Melo, Go Melo! You can only see me, thru my eyes baby… only thru my eyes.

8:48 pm Stop playing CURTIS does not scare y’all I am meaner. He just looks meaner, HaHaHaHa!

8:47 pm Nelson, Chevette so spoiled, we give her everything she want, she want Melo to win a ring, go head baby, thank you Nelson, I love you too!

8:45 pm When they are focused, I have a POWERFUL ARMY of BROTHERS… I have one of them wait let me go get my big brothers move, stand right there. Y’all know you all love me. Everybody in the room says HUN shut up!

8:45 pm No comment Spike, you too short for me baby, LOL She gotta have it:)

8:43 pm SPIKE now you know, SPIKE, LOL I am not sitting next to you.

8:42 pm Stoudie (1) with Melo SMILE I can read. So I would be his first hun? And you know I am coming for the baby RIGHT? You already know… he with ME!

8:41 pm Heat: BRB, I have about 3 minutes with Melo.

8:40 pm Answering Jordan: I want $168 million. If I am not REAL to you, I don’t want nothing from you.

8:38 pm (16) Pope Go to Bed. Pontiff, LOL…

8:38 pm LOL! Now you know New York followed me religiously, Ghostbusters.

8:37 pm I have been to New York, Sbarros Pizza baby, there goes my diet.

8:36 pm Only 3:28 in this game.

8:35 pm What Knick Fan just said Chevette. Let her talk! He said Let her talk…

8:34 pm Right Melo my seats would be right there! Where did he inbound the ball, he knows where the baby is.

8:34 pm Set Shot!

8:32 pm Heat: I am not familiar with that arena, BRB I met DWade, I never get to spend time with Melo.

8:31 pm I am not ignoring LeBron and DWade I am spoiling Melo, he my ONLY baby without a ring damn it, order the NBA pass and you can see this too.

8:30 pm Right, see Spike, I would be about 3 seats away from him, LOL! Yes playing with Melo Jr., yes, yes I would. He can sit with me dang it!

8:28 pm Of course it is almost as exciting as me sitting right there across from the visiting team, next to Spike! We got them 4 seats court side and the 6 behind that!

8:26 pm KD35 cannot pull a $25,000 per seat with his team… come on now this is the NBA! While promoting a movie or new CD, come ob baby.

8:24 pm Only THREE tourist cities you have people are willing to put out top dollar for are Los Angeles, Miami and New York, Star Power baby. See Howard Stern, who did I offend?

8:22 pm NBA is all about Franchise, what team can carry a CITY be the FRANCHISE, so far Clippers replace the Lakers in the West, OKC is cool but too remote; not to mention there are too many in line for a ring to let KD35 pimp them:) and you have to be strong with Hotel, Food and Entertainment Venue Value. Players make fun money at side events.

8:20 pm Melo what about the 40 rule, and who got the 20/15 I am not playing. Who got 10/8 you supposed to go into the HALF feared and come back ready to play. See y’all so new school, who ever gets into the HALF top 4 is the TOP 4 FINALS TEAMS, y’all so slow.

8:19 Heat Game Tied at HALF.

8:19 pm This is basketball not volleyball.

8:16 pm NBA Terms you hear and did not know what they meant KNICKS BACK… Off the dribble means, do I really have to explain that one?

8:14 pm Hubie said every time I come to play the Pippen’s throw 2 brothers at me (double team) as long as they stay away from me and keep bringing good weed:) (distribution, LOL)

8:12 pm RIGHT Hubie, thought he got banged on the shot, right what happened to DJ, all you do is open me up for other plays.

8:10 pm DWade how is mom, sis and nephew, good.

8:09 pm Hubie Curtis is not too small for me, excuse me. I will be the judge of that, thank you.

8:08 pm Yes LeBron.

8:06 pm Have a baby by me, LOL, don’t get him started.

8:05 pm Right, y’all know I don’t talk mess, stop playing… No damn dookie stick, SMILE

8:03 pm I wish I had a beer, LOL, too far to walk, LOL! I have school in the morning… See you got Dr. J memories, see why you causing a argument.

8:02 pm See why I stay in the house… Melo, you know dang on well, I have one eye on you.

8:01 pm I am not, I wish I would… I did say HEAT GAME until half time, BOY I see you dang! You saw me LIVE stop tripping we gt film.

8pm Now DWade is pouting, WHAT???

7:58 pm I am loosing my memory, what does Chandler mean again? I keep trying to explain, I mistook what he said, I cannot lick him, LOL!

7:57 pm Hey Hootie Hoo.

7:55 pm Now you know Melo “POUTS” worst than I do, you know, you tell me he out there fighting, I am right here… what???

7:51 pm I am tired of being where I am tolerated, time for me to live where I am celebrated, that simple.

7:49 pm I will continue to laugh, dance and do all the things you do not expect me to do, I will deal with my health issues and with what I can do I shall LIVE.

Melo, I got 8 minutes to half time then back to you but I can see you.

7:47 pm Hubie, you know why I love you, You were the first coach when they built the Fed Ex arena for me, I know he has a good heart, the rest is IMAGE, I am checking him out. I have had him this long… Want to see a little better. It is time for me to enjoy life and I am not going to trip with your boy. If I have to CUT the NBA out of my life so be it, but I am going to LIVE!

7:45 pm I want to hug those who knew RON CULP’S WIFE, that is what I owe you.

7:45 pm LOL, sorry I did not run the streets, I cannot apologize, my destiny took me on a different path.

7:44 pm Birdman: We sit in the Kid Rock seats baby.

7:37 pm I am not changing my religion, you sell your soul to whomever, I don’t go with the latest fashion trend. I hold on to my Jesus, thank you!

7:36 pm BRK y’all got jokes (11) on the line, and you want me to RUN to play on this floor, LOL!

7:35 pm BRK: Well at least you play music, no reason to, but you have a LIVE DJ, cool.

7:34 pm LOL, Tyson used to pressure Reddick (7) Betty, see you know what? Heat Game.

7:32 pm I know who she is, thank you for that FLASH CARD.

7:31(a) There you go, keep Deja out of this, thank you!

7:31 pm MELO!!!

7:29 pm Tyson, LOL, glad you got your face shaved dang it, I can hear just fine thank you.

7:28 pm Okay, we ready to play or what? Sheed! I am just fine, Pass Grant Hill baby, by HALF SEASON we good.

7:25 pm TIME OUTS all over the floor, what happened. I’m hearing voices in my head Jeezy, HaHaHaHa.

7:24 pm “BEAUTIFUL FEED FROM INSIDE”, Stop reading Curtis private emails, hey! I think I heard him say, I already know how they feel about Chevette, am I right?

7:22 pm Celebrity Row, “King of the Offensive Howard” mic, Okay New york, Star Power baby!

7:21 pm Yes, teams shoot against me, whatever, back to Knicks.

7:20 pm What??? Look I play for FUN, the NBA does not control me, that is why I decide who I play with and when. No one can be mad, I lost a son, so any time I give to read these open books, should end with a Thank You for all you have done, that’s it, that’s all.

7:17 pm Works well for me, GREAT PLAY LeBron.

7:15 pm ESPN: I look up on ORL possessions, well??? You think I am playing don’t you, HaHaHaHa.

7:15 pm I can see Miami, the have TWO rings, now back to Melo.

7:13 pm BRK: Wallace, LOL, see y’all got jokes, well I love you all too, but I refuse to attend another NBA event unattended, sorry. BRB! With Melo!

7:12 pm Yes Hubie I will be moved by the break, relax I will be fine sweetie, you worry too much.

7:11 pm We got TWO games in New York, WOW!

7:10 pm Sometimes a role can be so fr off it becomes over rated, I am siting right here until HALF TIME, stop plating, no favors… WIDE OPEN!

7:09(a) I do not want to cut off my NBA memories I have too many good one to dwell on this one bad one…Woodson, I can see you.

7:09 pm ESPN: Mike and Hubie.

7:07 pm LOL Pippen can take credit, for what? HE is not dong anything and I will not associate with him, what you giving him credit for? Child Please, I wish I had gone to school for LAW right now, if I had a legal team, child please…

7:05 pm ESPN: Birdman, do we really, really? Seriously, well… you know? See why I keep my head in the books. I have no regrets.

7:03 pm See I only have THREE CITIES where the STARS will come out to play… Los Angeles, New York and Miami. If Melo don’t win damn it… I can do STAR POWER in either of these THREE venues.

9:03(a) Tied @ 31 NYK/ORL.

7:03 pm Knicks, we need THEME MUSIC on BIG plays baby!!! You got to know how to rick the party, come on baby! Mello makes a 3, that deserves a SONG!

7:01 pm Computer and TV keep playing, I got this, ESPN on TV and ONLINE with KNICKS keep going?

7pm Yes I will babysit and he will be so SPOILED, my T.T, said… Error?

6:59 pm Melo so spoiled, HE KNOWS I am not going to play, unless I play with THEM.

6:58 pm JKidd, I know MOST of who Dawn knows, anyway, if you were around Jordan era I know you, trust me.

Sandy Hook kids had fun, cool! Are they going to Houston??? Well???

6:56 pm Tyson got his face manicured, awh, so cute, thank you, you use to look like a wolf, we know you love her right. See don’t that feel better when your face hair is groomed, thank you, thank you, thank you. I could see if you was begging for coffee but damn, your cup is full, thank you! Woof! LOL

6:54 pm As it stands right now, I will only think about Three Players Melo, LeBreon and DWade, that simple.

6:54 pm I don’t care, I can get Curtis to bring me Melo Jr., and I don’t have to come to a game, nah, nah! I will find mu dreams… LOL!

6:53 pm I am going to miss most of this game, ugh! I need Melo to WIN East I am not playing, POUTING I want all my fingers to have rings and y’all know I am right.

6:51 pm If Melo don’t win a ring, I am not coming to any Knicks Games, ever. Smith (Will Smith or 8-Kobe?)

6:50 pm I wish I had beer, I have class tomorrow, FROWN.

6:49 pm David Stern I played for you, over 20+ years, I played for you. There is nothing I ask of you, that should not be because I played for you, Internationally and you know it.

6:48 pm I am calling Code 21 on BOTH ends of the floor, and they wonder why I smoke, you would too.. all you got to do is FOLLOW the BALL, the BALL does not lie. It goes in when I tell it to and it does not if I say No.

6:47 pm LOL, don’t bet on me Curtis, LOL not tonight!

6:46 pm Keeping it away from Chandler (Mustapha) away from it. See, I am not talking about him either, he know that too.

6:45 pm This story is so TIRED is that all you got? Really, Seriously? I know the pussy good, that is why I need a MEAN DOG.

6:44 pm BET I can see you

Knicks: Big Baby, you got HEAVY as HELL and I do not feel like this RAPE (11) crap tonight.

6:42 pm “Iman” I found my REAL Kid N Play baby.

6:41 pm What I miss? I had to load my book bag, I always forget something…

6:38 pm I missed BOTH performances on BET but anyway, back to action.

6:37 pm I was leaning towards this look, but THAT look keeps getting stolen, damn it.

6:34 pm When I see The Heat I will tun in then, finishing up with the kids @106Park. Multi-tasking dancing, blogging and watching the game:) I like my dates with Curtis but he busy being “50 Cent” so I will hold on, because it gives me an excuse.

6:25 pm Ready for a night of high paced NBA FUN

6:15 pm Fresh out the shower ready for NBA Action then to bed, I have class in the morning.

5:25 pm BET: In a society, where black women are referred to as Bitches and Hoes, I do not expect much from this room. But I try to keep an eye on my kids.

5:17 pm PUSHA T, what he get a GRAMMY for?


4:19 Making this page more fun and interactive:)

4:16 pm Awh damn, ESPN Action tonight, well, I can watch Melo via computer and have the HEAT on TV, what? I am feeling so ugh! This weather has me swinging.

3:38 pm Knicks and Clippers Games tonight.

3:30 pm FINAL CALL The God of Israel is a man, a Black man

1:10 pm Why is Curtis’ mic on?


12:18 pm I did not expect, to have so much on my plate. I bless GOD for the sanity to keep my head up in the midst of the fire.

12:17 pm I can’t wait to get mt TRUCK (screaming) I promise to GOD it’s ON!

12:05 pm I have my TIVO set to catch everyday, Live watching the chew, only time I get to eat lunch salad.

11:24 am Sorry, can’t talk, I have to do my travel agent section at the bottom. Sorry, I have to make this page work for me:) Toodles.

9:38 am I start class tomorrow so I need to update my vendors ads and set up for the next season.I don’t market THIS audience, I direct market my target crowds:) I work SMART not HARD. I focus my marketing energies, in the area or demographics audience. Odds are in my favor as long as I am BOT intrusive.

9:36 am Well, I am watching Windy City Live, all I can say is LUNCH would be nice … JORDAN you punk! My appearance for 2013, only for my baby… that’s it, that’s all.

9:36 am Go RAVENS!!!, Ray Lewis better win dang it.

7:49 am I have finally got some of my packages online. I wish, I wish… I can begin to focus on marketing my deals…

All Star and Superbowl Tickets and Packages see chart on left, every LEGAL ticket available I have found, trust me.

7:40 am My last full day of FREEDOM until I break for the end of this Semester, so I guess I will pack up my room and relax… NBA ACTION later tonight, I wish I had moved to Michigan, but you know.

7:25 am Good Morning and Welcome Home George Ryan.

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