Were moving on up

1:58 pm I am a witness about family reunification…

1:52 pm Immigration Reform, thank you.

1:41 pm CNN: McCain, DREAM ACT, what am I dreaming this time?

1:36 pm Durbin and McCain, I feel so much love.

1:33 pm Curtis is not worried about Bobby, why would he be?

1:31 pm CNN News room, hi guys… Love you too! Where am I? CNN from 1-4 baby… SMILE I will attend a POLITICAL EVENT just not events with Obama present and Curtis may attend on my behalf…

1:01 CNN: Boy Scouts to drop gay ban.

1pm CNN: Brooke, Senators meet… awe, playing nice together.

12:51 pm Homemade pop tarts, re you serious? I really do need that pastry and bakery certificate.

12:50 pm Carla, stop worrying about me, I don’t care. Live, Love and Learn.

12:30 pm Carla, why am I living bullet proof? Bobby Sanders is coming to Chicago dinner date. Bow Wow your Dad called.

8:46 am She did the dance in the ballroom, yes I dragged at BATON:) We said it right and wrong at the same time, EYE CANDY he better dream about making love to me:)

8:35 am Sam will he fit?

8:33 am Mary!!! Angela!!! What’s Love Got to do with it…. It’s time to ask GOD what next, well. I knew both women… Betty my Ugly face and I served Coretta at New Birth, blessed servant of GOD, I carry. Take me as I am, preferably with no drama. Mary you better marry me off girl.

8:11 am When I plan my wedding, it gives me room to DREAM, something I do to cope with DJ, just like I used to do when coping with their being away, as crazy as it sounds, it (to me) is dreaming out your life with the one you care for and plan to share these dreams with. Yes, yes it is important to DREAM while balancing character, moods, emotions and reactions. My judgment is…

I know who is watching, how clear can I see and hear you in my life? How is the mood changed or not changed when he is around. Am I respected more or less, can you seriously see me in a relationship with this person, then finally. Would it draw attention if I am truly in a bonding or committed relationship. Marketability is most important, then I have to make sure he can meet my expectations and needs, match the list needs/wants and I feel it out.

8:04 am I will miss where I am, because of the hand full that cared, not the dozen more who did not.

8:02 am Sam gimmie a kiss… where is Josh:( Lara, I let go of my Princess Set damn it… “A lot of common ground here…”

7:58 pm I wish I had Val’s grade of hair, I would love to rock a short look right now. Short and sassy. Okay so all of my moving plans are ready and its time to move in. Was my decision to move out of Carol Stream racially motivated>? YES and NO, but it did not help, getting off the bus, being called NIGGER it did not help things. And I am moving in a build to suit unit, color specific and less space to care for.

7:55 am Bishop taught a while ago, sbout the 5 brides who were not ready and the 5 who had oil and were. I dream, knowing the standard of my life, dreams and aspirations, dream the dream that are pleasing to me. It is not my job to dream for another as I can only can account for myself. I am not looking for another sex partner, I am looking for a husband. There are certain things I seek and in exchange, I allow the space needed for him, whom I chose, to look inside what it is I have to offer.

7:47 am I am excited about my new place, now I have a day of rest, absolutely nothing to do but rest. I feel like the bottom is falling out:) I am not going to flash Curtis, he can find me, planning my wedding before meeting the groom. GOD instructs me in Habakkuk to Write the vision, make it plain, than anyone who reads it may run with it… though it may tarry wait for it…

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation


And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run And Jehovah answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain

7:41 am GOD is so good and I need to find boxes and grab a few rolls tape. Good Monday to you, our new place is being painted, Deja picked PINK…

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