So I pray

11:42 am I tell you what, you get 2 events Mustapha, I will promise Saviour’s Day and Atonement Anniversary, we cool? And he will adopt all rights, it is not about seeing him again, it is who I come and leave with sweetie. You want to kill my child, because of who her father is, I can get over how I feel. I don’t even remember what happened. I just want him to have a full understanding of who is following and why.

11:39 am Besides Mustapha Jr., your little sister would be honored to sit at a game or a concert with “her big brother”, the girls may not be as receiving but I think it would be fun. I w3ould like her to met at least Jamilla, if for no other reason so she can take a picture with them and I will keep that secret in my heart.

11:38 am No I do not expect him to COME BACK some more, that tattoo on his back may be sexy, but I am hoping to cover his ass from here.

11:36 am Okay I might do this once a month until my head is covered (married) well, she is who she is I cannot change that and I do not fight over my children, I already lost one and I don’t plan on loosing another.

11:32 am CNN UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: A Brazilian nightclub where hundreds died in a fire Sunday was about 1,000 people over capacity at the time of the blaze, a fire official said.

11:31 am I will not talk money, want I am worth or how much is coming to me… Trillion:) I know what pay grade I sit in, I want Curtis to love me, not what he may gain.

11:27 am We do not need your money, we are fine. She will be fine. It is my decision to keep matter separate, respecting the current man and protecting my secret. Putting no obligation or pressure, saying thank you, without Deja, you would have never been called to Washington for the Million Man March.

11:25 am Good Morning Mother Khadijah Farrakhan.

11:24 am Hey Sister Ava.

11:21 am I expect you two gentlemen to work together peacefully in this matter.

11:15 am My entourage, 2 kids Deja and Hootie (Dee is as he visits) 1 assistant and 2 Gorilla’s with 1 Nanny. That is half of our rider. Optional Glam Squad Hair and Make Up. (4 Jr Suites:) and One SUV this will probably be her 1 Gorilla’s for the kids and 1 Gorilla from you to WATCH ME:) Or 1 Nanny from Him for her and 2 Security from you. Talk together and work that detail out, I can have one unhooded Nanny and 2 Gorilla’s

**Marquis you get your own room and you get 1 Gorilla baby:) I did not count you out, that is your Dad’s detail… SMILE, I made a promise I would always keep you, in fact I promised I would keep ad raise you if anything ever happen to Daddy, you did not know that did you.***

11:14 am You have to understand WHY my making an appearance is so important and valuable and all I have to do it show up:) I am not going to want to attend EVERY event, but I will enjoy a few, and yes I get paid to come out the house, you have your staff and you have to assign mines.

11:11 am Extra security back up baby, I would be a fool to say there are not feelings in this room and yes it gets tense, but he is assigned to cover Deja and again, you have to know who I am and why I look so crazy. I am used to being in isolation and again, you have to have a open mind, it will be just You and I in our bed, but we are never alone.

11:07 am Curtis, I do not allow men to fight over me and I do not put you in dangerous or risky settings that might cause us both danger, besides we don’t need permission to buy the 7th Ward, that only takes the money… Mustapha can sit with Dawn, she is used to playing im his head, she will be fine. But I must remind you, who is watching, when and how and I may not be accepted but I am respected.

11:06 am DINER: What role did I play in “GRDT” the famous server or waitress.

11:05 am Again I say, the same people who persecute him about Deja are the same who want to EXPOSE HIM for Deja forcing him to CONFESS The HOW “I” got pregnant and so on…

11:03 am Curtis is sitting in the Nation, well Mustapha, he follows WELL and I expect you tow to play together well, nice to see he is comfortable. Back to Back blessings. “Supreme Wisdom Swagger”, I may not speak but Curtis sounds like his faith is greater than some of those sitting with you.

11 am Have you ever watched the videos of Farrakhan, if he says something it will TRIGGER a reaction, he did his first Saturday meeting and something was said and you heard SIRENS outside the building, the Minister os WIRED FOR SOUND he knows I follow him, just like I follow you Curtis, you have to know how to walk humbly in this kind of power, you can NOT walk BOASTFUL and PRIDEFUL with EGO that means it is You, when all this time GOD has saved you.

10:56 am They know I cover Mustapha and I will go off, they FEAR the power I have in his life, I think they will be just fine, plus we all love boxing:) He is MEAN but I am just a little bit MEANER:) They know I am not going to let them KILL him or his father.

10:51 am The same people that persecute him for not claiming Deja are the same people who are mad he got caught with me and want to kill his father if he ever confesses he is Deja’s father, so you are doing him a favor, just don’t be offensive. They want to trip and expose us, I am not crossing that line.

10:47 am Curtis, just like your sons mother is always going to be his mother and there is a certain amount of respect due, like wise I show him respect, in the same manner you have to establish your respect also. I am NOT a Muslim, I have sat with Farrakhan as far back as I cam remember, It is all about having all secrets in the table with all honesty and there is NO Judgement in Christianity, so we are just here to say hello!

10:44 am Deja closed the door, I am only here until 11:30 this is Dawn’s room, I don’t play or fight, but they obviously want me to hear something.

10:41 am Deja is playing Mary J Blige and I lost the signal, here I come Mustapha, you tripping.

10:41 am I keep loosing my signal, I am not rushing to the Nation.<P<

10:39 am You cannot have BOTH roles are you going to be Daddy and marry me off, give away the bride and Jakes perform the ceremony or are you going to make me BEG you.

10:38 am Eddie I don’t need your permission, but I would love it if you give me away.. wanting to be married.

10:37 am Eddie I need to visit Nation if Islam at 11am you have 23 minutes, I must and do not FUSS damn it.

10:36 am Yes my body is tired, I am sore and just need to REST I have not had good sleep and NO I do not do cocaine (Kane), I am not going to change.

10:35 am Healed, made whole, about to manifest HIM, Amen.

10:33 am The things he wants to do in me, SMILE, I know he is not being mannish in Church, we see that.

10:32 am Curtis, Genesis 32, changed his name from “Jacob to Israel”, changed your name. Study notes from yesterdays baby.

10:31 am If you can look past what is wrong in your life, Eddie he knows he is not allowed to snatch and his security is not going to let him loose control because they would NOT want to loose all of the blessings associates with me. I am worth too much to you and in life baby they would take me from you, Eddie took me from Torrence.

10:29 am GOD can work thru whom HE pleases and uses those who have a pure heart, a pure body and pure mind FOR HIM.

10:28 am See Curtis, GOD does BEST working thru sinners, a Saint is just a sinner who fell down, but you can’t stay there, and GOT UP!

10:27 am “Praiz God”, I feel good, okay now! Ok! Feel much better, he went fishing and came with a catch.

10:25 am Don’t act funny in Church got shot 9 times and you still here, I had every part of my body praying for you, child please. I found him in 2002 right Eddie, “I AM PRAYING for YOU!”

10:24(a) I can leave you with my family in this room, you okay with them, I won, you here…

10:24 am My sister “Deidra Cooker” I AM back.

BRB I got to REBOOT!

10:19 am It was the BIGGEST LEAP OF FAITH I had to gamble on, that simple. You stepped thru the doors looking for a blessing and the message is when you opened the door, you got it.. Chasing me you found Jesus.

10:17 am See you are so self conscience that tou are missing the blessing, the mere fact that you play hide and seek with me, opening the various doors I set before you, shows you have a child like faith, you are seeking GOD following me so I already have the victory, you believe. For that, you are a CELEBRATION I did my part… See my motto is win a sinner and save a soul, you my sweet have just been saved. That’s It!

10:16 am GOD instructed me to guard the doors, not marry the Bishop, my job was to SERVE HIM.

10:14 am Can’t just bring anybody home, you have to know what and who you in bed with and what angels are watching.. Look at it this way, when Eddie tried to marry me, he called me on the alter and I asked GOD and 2 days later 9/11 happened in New York, I don’t think GOD will mind you:)

10:13 am Just making sure I explain it all to you, you would get something out of the WORD this is so you can feel comfortable, my anointing.

10:12 am Curtis I cooked for Eddie from 1998-2003, he did not TOUCH a plate, glass, fork etc outwith me blessing it, I washed each piece and wrapped, I took KAI Lisa’s daughter to New Birth.

10:11 am I can look for a home in Atalanta too:) This is a TIME SHARE LOCATION like Miami and Vegas…

10:10 am “Party in Da Club” style. See you fit in and it will affect you if you let it.

10:09 am Scene from “FAME” when the CHOIR will get ROWDY with a “Earth Wind and Fire Band” segment.

10:07 am In New Birth I am Mary but they call me “PRAIZ” because Praise IS What I Do… I have a video.

10:06 am Look at 9:59 am talking in tongues, I am the CELEBRATION, send it up, not down. Know how to PRAY!

10:04 am He knows I cannot come down Eddie, stop with the HANDS we in Da club at New Birth, LOL! We 50 be working his arms up and down, LOL.

10:03 am Thank You Lord for redemption, see Curtis, I know all of his secrets too, I use to pick out helicopters and all sorts of toys for Eddie, can you believe?

10:02 am He looks good in a Church suit too.

10am Win a Sinner Save a Soul, he is EXCITED, thank you Daddy stop playing, he gets to see me again.

9:59 am Curtis is a DECLARATION and I am the CELEBRATION.

9:58 am Trip to the Vatican Eddie, come on, you know you want that honor, you and Jakes… say YES!

9:56 am You know all of the Pastors want to see me MARRIED OFF and The Crouches will have a FIT! Book it a a event New Birth can attend, Eddie… 50 guest 20 rooms and 10 Suites for wedding party and you get to marry me off Daddy, Jakes perform the nuptials, please Daddy.

9:55 am I have to get credit for SERVING YOU! You know you will not allow me to walk from under you.

9:53 am Eddie is not wearing a G Unit tight suit, awe… Now back to plans, Eddie Holy Land, I promise not more than 50 guest…. And you can book it as a New Birth Event and bless me there and back. You just play good Godfather.

9:51 am There is one row far left you can sit in or just on the side, behind Bishop. It is not where you sit or stand, it is your presence that counts.

9:50 am Yes Curtis, you can sit front row or behind the alter, or just be normal in Church. Stop passing notes.

9:49 am Whatever GOD tells him to do he does it. They actually believe:) I am doing a good job, thank you!

9:48 am They lying something look funny, gimme kiss… gimme kiss.

9:47 “Holy Land”… your hair looks crooked today Eddie.

9:44 am It is kinda my Preacher Wife face, LOL, I do better when he sees me as spoiled daughter, if I do Esther I get confused, LOL, I can pray without guilt of feeling I am committing a sin. See, Eddie has been following me all week again, did I write this weeks sermon, if I did, then you know about the BROOM. You know New Birth would LOVE to sponsor a surprise Cruise for a Sabbatical, I got family now.

9:43 am Old School Church Boy, that suit, let that baby have some normal clothes.

9:41 am Okay Bishop, don’t be looking for tithe offerings, LOL, you tripping early this morning. Teen Praise.

9:39 am Nice track, that is a sweet groove, see that “Baby Gangsta Praise”.

9:38 am Boy, if you don’t seer them babies “lifting you up, not holding you down”, I will fight you.

9:37 am NO they did not do the opposite of what 50 do with this hands, SMILE, y’all tripping.

9:37 am Good Morning Waddell… uh hem, I got caught behind the kitchen door, smile.

9:35 am Entering the gates of BEAUTIFUL look at the babies.


9:31 am NBA y’all was buck wild lsst night, Stella Awards were nice, well Eddie… marry me off, you might win a award dang it, but seriously… I want to hear WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT:)

9:26 am Well, its a FREE PASS on TV ends today I have to enjoy the access.

9:16 am I confess I nodded off


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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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