Yes Mustapha, I am in love with you

1:11 pm I am watching from the sofa resting, no comment, I refuse to be teased NOT funny!

1:06 pm Now that I think about it, you are sight the SAME DAY I was in court with Calvin and Mustapha showed up, was the same day your wife busted your life up with the gold pins and took the baby. did you tell her you wanted to have condomless sex with me, LOL, what? It is true. I did not say I would have sex with him, Jordan would have a fit. Mustapha would loose his mind. But yes I have many choices if I wanted but I play for keeps and not for the BIG DEAL, sorry!

It was also the same day the couple crashed the party at the White House, just look back in History, I am not teasing with Tiger as bad as I need … anyway, you tease, you make me sick!

1:05 pm Tiger keep your tongue in your mouth, see you got issues!

1:03 pm NBC: Yes Tiger I am watching, damn it, missing football… Called my Daddy on me, so I would watch you play!

1:02 pm Oh damn, I almost forget I got Ryder Cup, sorry, Pop Bush is in town… turn to NBC

12:59 pm NE 7/ BUF 7 score is tied, offline watching I don’t want to talk!

12:58 pm Okay I can go to football now, end of Church go to CBS time for FOOTBALL!

12:50 pm Jamel where is GRACIE, my gift to you, Amen!

12:48 pm I feel like we are at the Jesus with the Woman of Sumeria, you have 4 husbands and the one you are with now is not your own, and I want to say to GOD what if? Just once I just want to ask GOD what if this is the one, what if he is right, what if we do something great in GOD?

Then GOD reminds me of the book of Exodus 20, No other GOD before me!

12:46 pm I know I cannot cross over, I know!

12:43 pm We claim him as a Christian though he is a Muslim, they love him I know, I know! they know my heart!

12:42 pm If I know Tommy, because I watch so many rooms if he calls Joshua he is reading to you but reading Mustapha!

12:41 pm Rahab aka Dawn, the whore who plays all sides of the religion, Revelations!

12:38(a) No I do not want Jordan, Tommy, keep going! He is pointing she is right here, same rules I am always ion the right hand, unless I am the wife in here I am his sister, keep going!

12:38 pm So important to “us” today, I hear you Tommy, preach and teach, go ahead!

12:36 pm Joshua (Nation of Islam) we see you too, LOL. where is Mustapha, LOL!

12:36 pm I have been portrayed as the “Little Catholic Caucasian Girl”, all my life, LOL, oh y’all cannot see me hun, that’s a dang shame… Jesus came to His own and the received Him not.

12:34 pm Tommy is one of the original disciples who has followed me from the start!

12:33 pm Let me explain, TBN paid for the additional 70 satellites to follow me via GPS, and New Birth GPS chipped my children all of them, SMILE, pay attention, this is where it all started! Who can explain what really happened on 9/9/2001 and you saw 9/11/2001.

12:30 pm Stop playing, you know I was raised by Nun’s LOL, and they are very serious. Okay let me explain it in a way you will understand Sister Act with Whoopie Goldberg, is that better!

12:29 pm Tommy use to teach on God Chasers or Chasing God, people who have a passion for GOD Amen!

12:28 pm Hey Jeannie, I had to look it up but girl stop playing you know I remember you from New birth, Hey!

12:25 am I forgot you wife’s name, good packed house at Salem, late but on time, Amen, good job Salem! I see you STRONG today that call was for last week but its cool GOD is patient!

12:23(a) You look like Santa, LOL, Oh and I have to give credit he is part of my TBN family, he knows I am the baby of Paul and Jan Crouch and can attest I am the subject of One Night With a King from Generation 8.

12:23 pm I have served him, literally I have cooked his food and have served him at Snapfinger, the Family Life Center and at the Cathedral, WOW!

12:21 pm I have to sit still, Hey Tommy Tenny, I know him from New Birth, Hey Tommy! In fact, I have known Tenny since Snapfinger New Birth, I have to stay and he is one of the authors who has known me since Eddie named me Esther, what are you up to!

12:20 pm Guest Speaker, do I know him,, if not I get a football break.

12:19(a) NFL Update NE (7) and BUF (0) 1/6:46

12:19 pm Okay now you know it is Football Sunday right, BRB, New England and Buffalo, now you know I struggle when it comes to my football! Stop playing!

12:17 pm See that, The Pope got mad because y’all were treating me bad in Chicago, LOL,

12:14 am I know that man threatened to arrest me, no comment, if only her knew…. Yes I sent a email, of course I did! He ain’t got no power and is not ready to be a god, so leave him be, not worth talking about! If he knew who he was talking to hew would have never made that threat! Dawn has his head messed up, let her keep him!

12:12 pm LOL, y’all say me cutting loose at PRINCE CONCERT and LOL, I had a ball thank you very much! And I wore black, LOL y’all got jokes, LOL

12:11 am Meeks am I Caucasian again, not funny.. Hey Gerald Baker!

12pm Go to WJYS look for Salem Baptist Church we got a mixed crowd today, PRAISE GOD! Y’all caught me at PRINCE Concert, LOL now that is what I am talking about MEEKS, hey!

11:59 am Yes I will have my restaurant Amen, thank you!

11:57 am And to the ladies of the Nation, I love you because I love him, Amen!

I think I will leave thse notes up for a moment!

11:56 am Okay time for Salem Baptist Church, got to get some Jesus in the room! I have to check on Meeks!

11:55 am To the Nation, no I am not apologizing for having a good time I belonged to PRINCE first!

11:54 am Hey Ish what you got behind your back, LOL, “PRINCE” moment!

11:54 am see momma I am a big boy, I know babies, I know!

11:52 am Is this a Janet Jackson moment, we go deep and we don’t get no sleep, so is that where Stella found her groove in Qatar, no comment!

11:52 am The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

11:51 am I am back to Mary and Martha, here we go!

11:50 am Don’t make me cuss, you know The Spirit of Pete will crawl up on me and I will cuss, no I will not put a price on your fathers head… He will die old and I will sit here and work behind the veil and you will never know it is me!

I promised you I would be a nurse sitting by his bed and until he is too tired to talk, he will be in power teaching!

11:48 am I think in wisdom, the more they offer the more is on your head and no I am not going for it, STOP and pay attention, what good is money and gold if you loose your life and cannot enjoy it!

I refuse to allow your father to be put on the chopping board for financial gain, his wisdom is worth more than money and you will let me be satisfied, LOL, I am about to bust!

11:47 am I don;t need his money his love worth more, and right now I think I heard Pop say there is $500 million (to a TRILLION) on the table, see they think we are joking, this is a very BIG DEAL!

11:44 am I am also the only one who can call Amidenijad, Karzi, Olmert, Netenyahu (singing you dropped a bomb on me… “GAP BAND”) and Catro and say if anything happens to him, push the button!

11:43 am And there is not anger she willfully shared him with Beyonce, Jada many more… I think LisaRaye might have and Dawn… the greatest fear is with ME because I carried his seed and not many can say that and live! So understand the significance I play in his life, okay!

11:39 am Jamilla, video here of Deja;s older sister tell your sisters I am not trying to take your mothers place I am loving him because he loved me first and I will not deny him to her and I will not deny him for any of you! I don’t care what Dawn tells you!

so you know when we met at Malika Shabazz’a (Malcolm and Betty’s daughter, twin who Betty was full of when Malcolm was slain) home on the South Side, she had no furniture but a bed and we all sat on that bed together!

We sat and spoke for hours and he read me then, I did not understand he could read me so well, but yes I have sat face to face with your mother, she knows me well!

The other instance was when we met for the first time at the Amphitheater (to see Aaron Hall) she had your fathers Rottweilers and she gave me the reins to the dogs and I petted them and Mustapha stared in awe, your dogs were never that friendly he told me, SMILE!

I am not a stranger to your mother!

11:36 am I will fast forward to October 1995, when he was called to the Principal’s Office (White House) so he could show you the face of the father of the prophet to come, so you see Obama was not the first black man I sent to Washington, SMILE, Mustapha was President and you did not even know it, why are you all so afraid of his power!

11:33 am Just like Junior was my dream, LOL, Karen caught hell on that one and was mad he was not a girl, LOL, sorry… Do you want me to tell you the story of us all sitting on one bed! when men see me they usually dream of a son, just a fact! I don;t know how you won this fight with Deja, what did I drink that night, see Dawn, I could kick your (@$$) for that one but I asked for it! What really happened in Phoenix Arizona February 1995 at the NBA All Star Game, you tell me! I think you already know!

11:31 am She is Jamilla’s “TWIN” omg yes she is! Just a smaller version! His seed is really strong you cannot mistake it once you see one, SMILE!

11:29 am Lazarus I already called Pop back to life, he good!

11:23 am Deja looks JUST LIKE your other daughter, her sister… I swear to GOD and what they have to accept is this, DAWN may be a good groupie to him and many others but Deja is your sister and without her there would be no reason for a Million Man March, there would be no current and present power in the Nation and the POWER you have today is because you are who you are to her, so accept that, you may not like me and that is fine but you cannot deny who and what she is!

11:22 am You know I am coming out to play sexy this week right? I promise to behave but I am coming out to party!

11:21 am you know what I think makes the Nation love you when you love me, I am the image of a sister, I know Karen is a sister but I look like a real sister, LOL! I look like your Mother, Hey Khadijah Farrakhan, LOL!

11:20 am I love Pop especially when he gets excited and you call him crazy, LOL, no he is having fun!

11:19 am Yeah I know about that CRACK issue, she just wants her car back! Can she just get her car back please! I won;t hurt him, I promise!

11:17 am Did you say AIM, here we go back into my English Class, LOL, I am getting a “B” in that one, smile!

I am proud to say that I have a “B” in 3 of my 4 classes, hey!

11:15 am I am not looking to “Brian Thompson” I told him I was just inviting him to dinner, he does not want to try to arrest me, child please! He obviously does not know the honor I was trying to give him, don’t think you got that much pull baby! And for the record that chapter is closed, I was looking into his motives, I told you I wanted to see why and who was reading me, my fear was he was Obama sent to fight with you so yes I tested him! He was strategically placed there for a reason that chapter is CLOSED!

11:12 am Right Ish I am not giving up my “21”, Brian get your dude, man, I am not surrendering “21”, and I must keep wine!

11:12 am He wants to clean me up so bad… I FEEL THAT! I CAN FEEL THAT, HEY!

11:11 am Josh, would you get him man… see Pop, you know you wrong for this.

11:10 am Josh, would you get your brother man!

11:09 am What I say the ladies stood up, smile!

11:08 am You know it has been 9 months and I am struggling with flesh right and rubbing my knees together is just not working right now!

11:06 am I may be poor in finance but I am rich in love, our chapter will always read a passionate love story! Does it surprise them that I am so openly willing to admit my love, adoration and respect for you, any woman who knows how to speak to a king should know what to say to her man to keep him strong at all times I write my love in his heart and you get to watch secretly!

11:05 am See the FOI is not right, I love you guys so much, he thirsty hun, SMILE, well you know that living water is clean, LOL! that was a smooth “MY WIFE” move, LOL!

11:04 am Trayvon aka Devonte, who killed him, I cannot be mad because he was Pippen’s son and if he did not…

11:03 am Who called me a nigger this time, oh that is right sorry and you know I did not hurt Deja a spanking was a rude awakening because she has been tripping but she is fine and you know I love you too much to hurt her!

11:02 am I am not going to openly make love to you in the middle of the masses (stop hating this man has been embedded in my heart since 1983 or sooner, he was the President of the Pretty Boys Club before any of you knew there was one, so just STOP, okay) Anyone who knows this story knows if I could go to GOD in prayer and ask to be all yours I would but I would have to submit under your religion and I cannot do that!

11am I am always confused when I encounter you and I should have known you were not going to free me up for Brian Thompson, I got that hint when Brian Jackson’s wife called me in anger about supporting that school event but whatever!

10:57(a) I had a dream, we were in a parade, it was some kind of event and I was supposed to be working and you kept chasing me, you eventually found me and was so tired we camped and you just, HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS?

You just held me right there in front of everyone, you were so tired and weary and you just did not care. I felt all of you in my sleep and I could not (like usual) hold you off me, Wow, so I just submitted, are you that tired? weary? worn?

10:57 am I had to make this call, the night BEFORE the basketball game with Pfledger, you know I do not like him so why would I lie…


10:56 am SMILE, you have a smile on your face, LOL, thank you!

They your people who love you, know I love you with all my heart, soul body and mind, but these HORMONES!

10:54 am Mustapha I need you baby, really I do! thank you!

You want me to be ungrateful hun, nope anytime I see you I walk up to you, rub your in affection and softly say I love you in our way without words!

I cannot marry you and you acting a fool!

10:52 am Oh yes excuse my manners, Hi Amidinejad, Hey Castro (The Pope did visit:), Hey Karzi, Olmert and Netenyahu, I know I spelled that wrong, did you sing Drop a bomb, giggle… Giggle, inside jokes!

10:49 am Hey Pop, don’t try that dying off stuff on me again, I will have to raise you from a death bead with more power, LOL! I will have to explain that later, don’t try that again, LOL

Yes Mustapha he is still here, SMILE, I love him that much, the same year I came back to Chicago hun, Dawn tried she has no power over my love!

10:47 am He has not denied me access, or denied you seeing my face, not once, you can all identify me. I just woke up and understood (face uncovered) and I think Patti Labelle told you, You can make a slave outta me, I got a song for that one too Ish!

10:44 am Satan aka Dawn or Rahab, the real hoe… Ladies of NOI, think with me for a moment, do you think he would have chosen me if he did not know where he planted his seed, think about it just for a moment!

He called for me to be present among you all, August 2008 Educational Challenge, do you remember, he has not denied me, he called me to you and when I enter the temple he seats me where? In the front RIGHT usually in the first few rows. I was right there in 2008, do you not remember?

10:43 am Where is our son, yes I said it OUR SON hey Jr! Was Deja pay back, or were you just being experimental, LOL, after I learned the truth, yes it became funny!

In my bible that was a be it unto me according to your word, moment!

10:42 am Karen cannot cut that head off baby, she just has to know and play her role, I cannot decrease the power of GOD in my life at the same time I will not allow him to decrease his power in the lives of the NOI!

10:40 am What did your Father tell you, first of all you know I am not going to let anything happen to you, so STOP THAT way of thinking now! I confess, my love for you makes me crazy as hell, but I cannot have you so WHY???

10:39 am Lover of Truth and hater of lies, I know that is right! Well, you called me so why did you call me?

10:38 am I can her you moaning in the background, ladies stood what did I say?

10:37 am Okay if you will not answer that question, why did you choose me?

10:36 am EVERYBODY knows this is his baby, it is not a secret, Dawn make me find you, I am so serious, make me find you.. you claiming you did what to DJ, she spoke out of line in your face, now you know that deserves her head being cut off, why you playing, what do you gain from her?

10:34 am Respectfully speaking to the Big Guy on the wall, you know Mustapha, you are really putting a dent in my sex life and blocking off anyone from touching me is making me crazy, how do you keep me for you and you know you cannot satisfy my needs dude, not cool. It has been HOW LONG and you think I am not stressed, not cool Supreme Captain, not cool! Brian Jackson “SHUT UP!”

10:30 am LOL, I am not drunk… today, it was oinly beer!

I was drunk when he loved me, smile, that did not stop him, TALK TO ME! LOL

If you had this man following you, you would be drunk too, how do I explain it, you called just ti fuss at me!

Noah was a drunk and danced out of his clothes and Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine… your play!

10:29 am I know you are not fussing at me for not having a “A” with all this stress, see you got jokes!

If you had my Humanities teacher, you know.. no comment!

10:27 pm For the new readers the rules are still the same Karen, first part (left hand and Quran) and Chevette, second part (right hand and Bible) he good, however in my bible a double Minded Man is unstable in all his ways, LOL, in the Quran he would not be a king with less than a few wives. Ish I have a “B” average than you!

10:26 am Ish would you not agree, he does so good when he only focuses on Karen and I, Dawn is just confusion, why she still got her head (Ebonics) you tell me

10:25 am Ish how much did you pay for that Intro, you paid him, LOL, now let us see…

10:24 am Good Morning Ladies of Islam, I need not apologize for loving him, have I ever, truth to power, I cannot be a Muslim but I do love him, do you know how HARD it is to find someone to match him, ugh! Wssup “MGT”, your step mom is still strong!

10:23 am Deja is doing more cooking, she made scrambled eggs with broccoli and potato cuts and sausage, very good less the salt, SMILE

10:19 pm Yes Supreme Captain I see and hear you, oh tel Dawn, she might take it in the ass better but I still have your baby (with her salty and over seasoning self) right here. Okay so Brian was not as fine as you or as intelligent, you know I had to check him out and yes I told him you said, don’t get (Excuse me) with your co sign! I still lick better, what I have to have fun, what! Karen knows my sense of humor!!

10:16 am Good Morning Pop Farrakhan, LOL, you need to stop playing, you know you need to stop head locking me

I enjoyed reading with you, and I love being in your presence. I love you so much and not for what and who you represent but because of who YOU are as a man and for keeping a close eye on me, you saw all that hun, LOL.. sorry for breaking it down like that it was PRINCE! That is how I keep his attention hun, LOL, yeah that was me, sorry!

10:08 am No stalking allowed in this room, LOL, Mustapha I am here as your guest today and I do not feel like arguing in this room, You heard DAWN talking, and I am here as your guest… By the way Deja says hello

No matter how this story is told I am a critical part of your life and yes I had a ball at PRINCE CONCERT, yes Nation I stimulate his mind like THAT YES ME!

9:26 am Right Allan I cannot take any action until after Election Day, what really happened in my law cases, I just talked about this last night, Wow, yes my FEDERAL CASE is back in just a moment!

9:25 am I just got my Sunday Paper, Uh Oh, sounds like trouble, Cover of Tribune! How CLOUT keeps court cases secret, yeah baby!


How clout keeps court cases secret

How clout keeps court cases secret


Cook County judges routinely have hidden hundreds of cases from public view since 2000, sealing lawsuits involving a famous chef, millionaire businessmen and even other judges.

8:32 am Live in New Birth with NO COMMENT I refuse to talk to this shit I don’t want him and am only here because, without me he would be stuck on Snapfinger, I could care less about who believes me or not!

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