Ann Romney plane scare

6:05 pm Brian: Pay attention, see me babe! I am right here, OKAY, I am learning to lighten my load and I do NOT want you to be stressed out with me OK!

6:01 pm ABC: for News!

5:55 pm Brian: I know this can be confusing and troublesome but there are kids in this room that he is in control of, you are JUST CHICAGO and I do not expect you to cover all grounds, that is why I need BOTH eyes WIDE OPEN, I pray that UNDERSTAND your job is to LOVE ME not the drama that follows me!

5:50 pm BRIAN: This is Mustapha’s room, I am sorry this is his set in control and you are not responsible in this room, relax. Anything happens this is his call!

5:47 pm Brian: RELAX!!! This is not about YOU and Mustapha, relax baby! This is a Lisa/Dawn set!

5:41 pm BET: Hip hop Awards, got it!

5:39 pm Brian: You have a MOVIE babe, WATCH, based off your life as a cop, “END OF WATCH” see you are doing great!

5:36 pm BET: No I am NOT Rosci, but anyway! Enjoy the show!

5:34 pm Going to BET, I need to rest my mind for a moment!

5:32 pm Okay this is a “I need some weed” moment, I am getting stressed!

5:30 pm ABC: OH SHIT!!!, WAIT, Ann Romney plane troubles, here we go. Emergency landing n Denver due to smoke in the cabin, are you serious?

5:29 pm Going to BET to check on my children!

5:25 pm Brian: Ron Magers said you are paying attention:) And can I tell you a secret, Dawn and Lisa are not mad and they do not want to FIGHT (I would win) if I go they go at the same time. There are MANY who will go AT THE SAME TIME, so do not be confused, I am more valuable than they want you to know, they just do not want ME to find real love… There is a movie for this one CINDERELLA babe.

5:19 pm Hey Momma Chili (Baton) I am OK!

5:18 pm Mustapha (Jerry), you got jokes.

5:12 pm Brian: This is your time to study me, why I like you and what is ahead of you. I am only talking to you as a friend, you cannot judge me. I am not worried about that, but the mere fact that you are still here, watching and reading lets me know I have your attention. If I did not, you would not be talking back to me. How do I know you are watching??? “RAHM COMMERCIAL!”

5:10 pm Oh DAMN can I please LEGALIZE marijuana in Illinois DAMN IT, do not burn that, come on man!

5:04 pm Let me explain in this picture you see Chevette (left side of Big Joe, bodyguard for Gerald Levert) Heidi (right side of Joe) and Lisa (in front of me) Heidi is my R. Kelly, Jordan, Marc (LeVert) and such connection. She is also the pal of Oprah who keeps me connected to that circle of friends. No Question.

I have nothing to hide, my job was to bring the girls to decorate the table, when I dragged at BATON (yes babe, I actually dressed up like a man and Jim Flint {BATON} allowed me to come play for my birthday 1992) they all got confused, it was like a Homecoming Prank , we all use to cross dress at Proviso East, that is probably why I do not trip on shit like most women do.

I love men who are in touch with their feminine side I do not do well with “Q’s” though I love them!

4:59 pm Can I share a secret Dawn and Lisa would LOVE for me to cross over but I am not a lesbian and I am not confused, sorry!

4:56 pm Brian: Let me explain, YES I am noted for exotic dancing in the lesbian community and yes hte women get a bit more feisty over me then the men, but I assure you I love MEN with all my heart there is nothing like it, have I experimented YES, but I taste too good to be confused baby, oh hell no. I have no secrets and I am not in denial. For some STRANGE women I am attractive to women who want me to be a MAN and well… What do you want me to say. I lived at 10 East Ontario, yes Suite #2206 and I enjoy finer living. I do not think like most and well, that is just me, no apologies!

4:48 pm Brian: Can you see that Jim Rose is a sell out, no baby you cannot trust him, her is a glorified groupie and truth be told he wants some too!

Last time I saw Jim rose I was working house of blues with Toni Preckwinkle, he met me (coming out of the ABC building) going to sign DJ out of the hospital.

He is on Team Bull(shit) and truth be told he is not on Mustapha’s side either! He is a 2 faced sorry MF mad that Cheryl eats pussy better than he does!

I have known Jim Rose since Jordan, over 25+ years baby and he will not tell you the truth he is a spectator just watching for a story line. He knows Derrek Lee wanted me and if you are looking for him to justify DJ’s murder, he will not just like he knows more than he tells you, a insider with a BIG MOUTH! Yes he wants some pussy too and will act like he does not, he is so weak, I know why she left him, he is not real baby!

4:43 pm ABC: Rahm, if Brian is that HUGE I will pass, LOL, smile!

4:32 pm I hear MORE sirens going off in the atmosphere, YES, I adore him, stop going off Chicago Police, my goodness… Or maybe I should have a show of BLUE for your man in blue!

4:24 pm LOL, Okay this is definitely one I would RUN from, are you serious, my FB friends have jokes, Derrek Lee, I miss you, LOL, well he is the only one I know that got this close! HELL NO! I refuse to believe this

4:09 pm A Note from the FBI today on Facebook! SMILE!

Working Undercover: In the 40 years women have served as agents, they’ve taken on some of the most difficult roles. Read more at:

4pm News on ABC

1:58 pm Going to baseball, I don’t want to think, I want to rest, CUBS GAME!

1:55 pm IRAN: Hi baby Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I won’t bother explaining,. Why should I?

1:48 pm CNN: That is correct go to my ARCHIVES and “Search Keyword” NATO: the instructions given were NO DECISIONS until AFTER the Elections, that is correct and yes that is what I explained would be my final decision.

12:56 pm Katy Perry yes I am WIDE AWAKE and Clinton I want a baby, Brian.. aka John (Ham) Legend, pay attention baby.

Let me explain this video (look above of the picture of my son DJ, that was from his memorial, all of his broithers wore shirts honoring him, Katy Perry did this perfomance shortly after, DJ’s death is not going unnoticed and if you watch the video, it is based off photo design above)

12:43 pm After the Chew to CNN and taking a nap until Deja comes home then cleaning my house, next week I shampoo my carpet and thrift store scavenge hunting! I need to find a laptop for school!

12:42 pm I need to get a DVR I am switching from Xfinity to AT&T soon, when I do I have to record this show!

12:41 pm Daphne pulled her hair back while cooking, thank you!

12:39 pm I want to do the spiral curl for the birthday run but I am thinking my hair needs a break so I am just going to do braids and play with them! Besides Scooter is being a BITCH!

12:36 pm Yes Clinton I have all 3 of my new looks, I wish I could have lost a few pounds but they are sticking to me like glue. I did buy jumpers I can alter to fit me and I am taking them next week to have them adjusted, I have one red, one green and one black, all very comfortable and oh yes… I have the formal gear for lunch with Judge Zagel!

Now I need to find accessories and I am ready to celebrate, I am going to ENJOY this year, I have to, it is a must! I even have an outfit for the PRINCE CONCERT which is loose and free

12:31 pm Brian, when Rahm pops up I am thinking of “You” not him!

Rahm is bragging I am posting a picture of him and Brian is in the background, I know, I know! In this picture, someone had done something disrespectful and Rahm came over immediately, having this much power will make one a bit cocky at times!

12:25 pm I know Clinton, shopping there can be a pain in the ass, I know, you saw that too! Yvette (Cover for Chevette) they are not supposed to say my name, sorry!

12:18 pm TIP: If we as adults are having trouble handling all we know what would you expect from Deja, she knows she is on a world stage and finding people who genuinely care about her is a problem, there are as many sent to as there are to bless her. I cannot even trust my own family so what do you think she is dealing with!

People follow me all around the world, that is just how I live, I have been living this way ALL my life. I am used to it, this is a GLOBAL stage. In your life you talk to your neighbors and friends I do also, mines just happen to be leaders, kings and rulers and all I want is to live a normal life and mind my own damn business!

12:16 pm Yes Carla (my face in the kitchen) they gave Deja a break on her fees, yes the world is watching you!

12:15 pm Touched your show, wash your hands Daphne!

12:14 pm We all agree, no advise from Daphne today (we know who she is locally) Michael you are going too fast damn it!

12:12 pm Clinton, if I ever have a party you are working the BAR baby, I need to go to BATON for my birthday hun!

I just asked my classmate how to make Guacamole yesterday!

12:12 pm Michael Chicken Kabobs, OMG that looks good!

12:07(a) Daphne did you send me one of your Dr. Oz, therapist to be a voice of guilt in my head, I heard the Man Bag Tip… you all enjoy her playing BOY. I am not in that, that is none of my business, Judgement of GOD in her life!

Tip: In a society where women take it in the ass and try to tell me my life is hell, go get some business of your own, I don’t talk shit sorry! (What? Peter cussed).

12:07 pm Hum Dinosaur Jacket:???

12:06 pm HUG JACKET: Worthless

12:05 pm Purse Wine: Worth It, worth every drop (penny) excuse me in the Clinton drinking room!

12:02 pm I spoke to Daphne and she smiled!

12pm The Chew, I am doing my FIRST catering order for my class(es) next week, this is going to be fun, I have a pregnant instructor and I am going to have FUN with Food with my Class, I am so excited. Hey Clinton, Carla, Michael and Daphne!


11:55 am What Rahm!!! I hear him, stop bragging!

He saw my face and knows my power and he is boastful, so very boastful!

11:54 am I heard you sing, if you AGREE with that come on, Amen, I do not rush GOD so if he is in order GOD will reveal it to me! I keep hearing KEY WORDS: Proposed and Engaged, we will see!

11:52 am Why am I seeing Brian in this song!


10:45 am Illinois is running out of time, WOW, in February I have to make a decision and I am not straying away from my plans! I need to break this curse or I am leaving!

11:37 am Linda, did Yu say he is proposing, oh really.. He can speak for himself!

11:29 am Shekinah glory, I wanted to use “YES” for DJ’s funeral OMG, hello to all of my ANGELS, I must see this! Stop Playing, New Birth opened many doors for me, Ministry is my FIRST LOVE to Praise GOD, stop playing!

11:25 pm I know I get a BAD WRAP from “her” I know, I know, this story is NOT about her so IGNORE her! She needs to mind her own business! That is on Frank, I did explain we are 2 Mayors down, trying to keep him around!

Judgmental people annoy the HELL out of me, they watch and read and think this is really about them, sorry naive people this is way bigger than you people who sit around reading about me, if you are watching me I am watching you. So enjoy, you think you have a hand over me, you do not. In fact the more you follow me the MORE POWER I have over you!

11:21 am Steve, LOL, party with PATRON, now Steve you know better, LOL! I want to indulge so bad, how much can I play, LOL! you got jokes!

11:16 am So you see Brian, there are those who will profit trying to deter Deja from who she is and what she is “ordained” to do on her life. Trust me, it’s that simple, you are a part of history baby. No matter what happens from this point, you are a KEY part of this story!

I see the Chicago Police are getting in on the story, just watch baby, just watch!

10:42 pm A Look into my HISTORY, I thank GOD that I surround myself with people on MY LEVEL.

Deja has some BIG SHOES to fill,
thank you for asking who she is and what she has ahead of her!

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