Romney Accpets Nomination in Florida

10:21 pm Rockwell Portrait!

10:20 pm Those babies are taking over, LOL!

10:17(a) Ain’t no IF to it them babies plan to party in the WH!

10:17 pm The babies are taking over the White House, HI T.T.

10:13 pm When I am elected President Mitt!

10:08 pm Okay who was he lunatic in the front that stopped him in his speech! Why am I reading a incident just happened that was caught on camera, I know a security scare when I see one!

10:07 pm What did I miss, what just happened!

10:06 pm Rahm that was your point, let me make this very clear Amen… That is Rahm!

10:05 pm John 4:18 I am reading!

10:04 pm Here we go, talk to me now! Let them hear THE PLAN simple bullet points and concise!

10:01 pm Tell me what I need, LOL… Jobs… and more jobs… Was that a Silver Fox moment, no comment!

10pm He is not afraid to talk to Obama, strong businessman!

9:59 pm Thank you for the WHISTLES!

9:57 pm He almost did not get off the ground, did he fly in today?

9:55 pm Was that “MAYOR FRANK”… hey!

9:54 pm I refuse to rig the machines in his favor, NO!

9:53 pm No “CHOKE UP” jokes, I slipped on the carpet!

9:52 pm Whew, finally a break thru… thank you!

9:51 pm LOL, Sher is very serious, LOL!

9:49 pm Talking in code trying to cheer up his wife…

9:46 pm CNN stop playing you know she is working on it, relax people!

9:44 pm Yes I am very EAGER to work and excited too! I got GREAT JOBS when I Republican’s were in office, no camera shots of Ann when she is MAD AS HELL please!

9:42 pm Who got carried out of the room, sorry for the disruption people!

9:41 pm Green ear piece, hey Pat Quinn in my Quinn security face!

9:40(a) Did you slip and say get a little head, ANN!!!!

9:40 pm Party at the ESSENCE music festival

9:39 pm Good comfort level and great delivery so far… Good and smooth!

9:37 pm See Jan is smiling and youthful, keep smiling!

9:37pm Lick back at you, bless Ann, she does not like the kisses part, LOL, and she does not hide her emotions

9:36 pm Yes I wore a red silk dress today, you booger! Ann I have to work on your smiling for the camera, so serious!

9:34 pm Everybody wants to find me a date, LOL!

9:34 pm Secret Service Chick, Ann smile please!

9:30 pm Sharon talking too loud!

9:28 pm I did wear RED today, you got me on that one… At work… Like I am supposed to be!

9:27 pm He pulled a James Brown on us, WTH did he just say! Oh they are reading, no surprise! Hi Frank, I know you see me!

9:25 pm Creflo Dollar, I must confess… I asked What Would Jesus Do… and HE said, ask Creflo!

  1. Creflo Dollar: I Should Have Never Been Arrested; Devil Trying to…/creflodollar-i-should-have-never-b…

    Jun 11, 2012 – Creflo Dollar Jr., who was arrested Friday on battery charges involving his daughter, received a standing ovation from his World Changers

  2. Rev. Creflo Dollar arrested on family violence charges – Atlanta – Fox 5…/rev-creflodollararrested-on-famil…

    Jun 8, 2012 – FOX 5 News has learned that Reverend Creflo Dollar, the well known pastor of an Atlanta-area mega church, has been arrested on a family

  3. Creflo Dollar, corporal punishment and fear as a parenting tool…/creflodollar…/gJQA36K9hV_bl…

    Jun 17, 2012 – Creflo Dollar gives his Wednesday night service at World Changers Church International, in College Park, Ga. Dollar has been arrested after

9:23 pm First Ladies SMILE for the cameras Ladies, appeal!

9:20 pm Tom Cross where are YOU dude?

9:18(a) No the Romney Women did not balance the boat like that BLUE on RIGHT and RED on LEFT, you read very well!

9:18 pm Silver Fox, I wish I could start you up!

9:17(a) Where is the Illinois Delegation?

9:17 pm I sat ion the porch of Dawn’s house last night!

9:14 pm I cannot wait for the first conversation about all them grandkids running thru the White House this should be funny!

9:12 pm LOL, I can hear you loud and clear, Anderson!

9:09 pm LOL, they have Obama mic’d and he is talking to Obama, I can hear him, LOL, Y’all got jokes, well he wanted to play in the White House, they will begin to work his nerves soon!

9:07 pm He is playing with Obama’s head, is he watching his room, LOL! Missing person in the chair he is talking to… LOL, they are going to haunt the hell out of him, this is when they turn up the psycho!

9:06 pm I have been with him all my life but I started my dreams with Any Which Way You Can, that is Debbie!

9:04 pm John Milliner is present! I heard Randy Ramey is here at home watching me, I know!

9:03 pm Clint Eastwood, I am still your Million Dollar Baby!

9pm Less on fighting and more on fixing!

8:57 pm Remember focus less on fighting with Obama and more on how you will fix the economy, build jobs, repair foreign relations and rebuild our country to being a stable Nation once again, you will not be a orator like Obama in fact you are his worst night mare, focus on the end of the line and less on what he did wrong… And remember wipe your brow and use When I am President with confidence!

8:55 pm That is his biggest cheerleader and if my man (when I get one) was as good to me as he is to her, I would be his biggest cheerleader also… That is what fundamental voters will focus on, structure and stability… His life “SHOUTS” stability and that is what people can relate to!

8:50 pm I know that is right.. Give the band some, we need another DANCE tune, this team knows how to party!

8:49 pm You put a (Bebe) Winan on the floor, good choice, I know that is right, BLESS the FLOOR baby!

8:49 pm Republicans can party too, Is Herman Cain the only black Republican there, LOL!

8:47 pm To the brothers on the floor, “GET PAID”, Republicans pay really good, and you can get in on a camera shot here and there… Why do I not break, you know when I was a single working mom, I had to manage and temper myself to the fact that… My personal business cannot define my professional conduct, I have to PUSH myself at times, but in the end… I earn my peace! I am not easily broken, if I can watch my son die in my arms… Not much will break me beyond that!

8:42 pm And yes I will be working election day, smile.. You all know I am a Republican Election Judge… I was in Cook County and am now in DuPage, did you have to ask…

8:39 pm Ryan thank you but I will hold Silver Fox, too dark, LOL, sorry I missed last night, handling Personal Family Business, your wife is ready to play, I have to study you, relax.

8:31 pm I can’t dance and text… And now, entering into the ring… One faithful marriage, five successful sons, eighteen grand children, one successful business and more money in his personal savings than Obama can manage, your next American President… (In my boxing announcer voice) the man who once elected I will finally be able to return to work… President Mitt Romney, don’t be popular be effective.

8:23 pm Romney rides deep, time to party… How you feel champ.

8:14 pm Anderson are you jacking off, that SHORT SKIRT is tempting you hun, she sure is SHOWING LOTS OF LEG.

8:11 pm Roland keep a job please.


7:53 pm Pat Quinn, you snuck into Carol Stream, LOL, so Clint Eastwood is speaking tonight… Cool.

7:36 pm I want a big hat from Texas, I need my hands and feet done.

7:20 pm Hey Uncle Jeb (Bush) finished my fish and salad, I wrote notes to his speech 2 days ago!

7:10 pm Anderson, Cooper, out of the rain… CNN, trying to eat will be talking soon!

7:08 pm Trying to eat Fish and Salad my FIRST meal of today!

6:43 pm V103 Okay who is talking sexy, if you are expecting me to be feeling down and out, try again, who is looking for me, Ski you have 16 minutes to tell me.

5:47 pm Trey Songs, said Rudy is GAY, I know baby, I knew it! Yes he is reading him life, NEO means men who give good head!

5:44 pm If you think I am about to spend the next 4 years hostage in my house, GET OVER IT! I am not, life goes on!

5:31 pm Some lessons have to be taught the HARD way, thru life’s experiences!

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