Obama Urban Legend

3:23 pm Eddie LeVert: Hi Daddy, I miss my man too, love you!

3:15 pm It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH you are free to express your opinions and I am free to express mines, you cater to your listeners and I cater to my readers. I am known for my UNFILTERED TRUTH when I do my readings:)SMILE!

I wish I would untie my tubes, the devil is a liar!

3:13 pm Is it just me or is Rudy struggling with bisexuality is he trying to come out if the closet, damn he is such damaged goods! Is he gay wanting to come out?

3:09 pm Tyrese aka Cedric??? See that kind of punk will make you want to date a inmate off death row to BTF outta his punk ass, I never did like that simple negro, LisaRaye tell your bitch to be silent… Damn! Pass me a broom stick!

3:08 pm My ongoing QUEST to find a real man who can give great head and hammer home a Home Run… Damn, only in my dreams!

3:05 pm Now that I have taken care of personal family business I can finish making my point

How to spot a DL brother

Sep 26, 2006 – Five signs your man might be on the down low: Has he been to prison? Sadly, a lot of brothers pick up these dl tendencies in the joint. Because

2:48 pm Real Women who listen to Doug Banks make fun of and do NOT listen to Rudy, he is so DAMAGED and when he opens his mouth, all you hear is I AM SCREWED UP IN THE HEAD!

How to Tell a “DownLowBrother – Topix

20 posts – 5 authors – Feb 23, 2008

A downlow brother is the lowest form of life there is. He has sex with men and woman and usually doesn’t tell either about his bisexuality.
How to Spot a Down Low Brother– 15 posts – Jun 17, 2012
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2:47 pm CNN: I am still waiting for his feedback on the New York shooting!

2:45 pm CNN What did I say that pulled Obama on the floor?

2:42 pm The DANGERS of finding brothers who are secretly on the down low is they will fight a good fight to put their ass on the line if a brother might have a good back stroke, damn can I get in my own damn bed… Lesson #1, when I do find a serious dating interest do NOT bring them to any of my previous activities… Damn!

  1. 20 Warning Signs of Down Low Brothers – Nubia – Google Books

    books.google.com › Health & FitnessDiseasesAIDS & HIV

    20 Warning Signs of Down Low Brothers is a self-help book dedicated to stop the spread of HIV among black women as it relates to secrets of bi-sexual men

  2. A Down Low Shame: What Some Black Women Don’t Know About

    Jun 23, 2004 – “Antoinette” found out her fiancé was on the down low too late to avoid …. Jay says that although DL brothers seek out sex with other men, they

  3. Down Low Brothers In Hip Hop | Celebrity News & Style for Black


    May 26, 2009 – As long as African American and Latina women are the largest group being infected with HIV and dying of the AIDS virus, down low brothers

2:40 pm Doug, relax I know its your job to cause “reasonable doubt” to any man who might consider dating me seriously, mainly in part for your own personal reasons but secondly because you get paid well to discourage any serious man from wanting to share my world, I really have to change the influences in my life… Especially knowing that some men, want the men I choose for themselves secretly!

2:31 pm I love attending classes with Intelligent Men who can teach me something, I don’t need someone to teach me to be poor, I don;t need someone to teach me to be broke… I want to surround myself with people who can teach me something where I can grown and learn. I refuse to surround myself with people who don’t want anything!

2:28 pm CNN Mitt Romney is speaking to Indianapolis, I love to listen to “Men I can learn from, I did write a book about it, Act Like A Lady and Think Like a White Man, to obtain success!

2:23 pm Keith Sweat (calling) WHAT!!! I am in my room resting, no I will not come rub your feet, What damn it! What go to sleep and stop whining! Triple Threat Tour 1991, we did go to Biloxi, Mississippi, spoiling him was FUN, with Lonnie and Bobby! LOL we had a ball, Seafood table and a movie baby! Shout out to Terrence and Dex baby! And no that girl is not 18 keep looking!

2:22 pm See this is why I keep my legs closed DAMN are you serious, I would justify mental illness on this one, this is a Are you serious moment?

SICK! Married Pastor Arrested For Spreading HIV at Church

Craig Lamar Davis, a married minister in Atlanta, was reportedly arrested after allegedly spreading HIV to some of his mistresses who were also congregants of his church.

Read more: http://www.v103.com/pages/dougBanks.html?feed=423478&article=10380472#ixzz24y7iBUu2

2:15 pm V103 LOL, that was funny! So it’s your fault you got raped, wow, so you slip something in my drink and involuntarily have me participate in sex I did not consent to and I am a hoe? I know I need to STOP dating black men, is it me or are they getting stupider or maybe my standards are too high… NO they are stupider, maybe I need to find a new radio station to listen to. Damn, a total life make over!

2pm Ears on www.V103.com

1:58 pm Its like trying a case in court, you have all the evidence proving you are correct, witnesses (I am talking credible witnesses, not just Joe Blow on the corner) and the Judge says Not Guilt! Bitch WTF you mean NOT GUILTY they have the smoking gun in hand and you cannot see the shooter, or maybe you want me to get shot! Oh so that is how we playing this game hun? Cool!

1:56 pm I got out of my bed of rest to eat a meatball sandwich and drink a beer! When finished I am going back to bed and resting! Had a BAD night and woke up to bullshit text messages! My mind won’t let me rest, my deceased son keeps trying to show me his shooter, maybe I am thinking too hard or maybe I went to be stressed out, my dreams have never failed me before. I am haunted by the loss of my son, if his father did not love him, he was one of my heart beats.

1:42 pm One last word, when I find you Cedric Preston Harris, I want your angel heart! SMILE! you are getting too much credit in my dreams and if I cannot find a man strong enough to handle you I will act like that man I need and do it myself! Trust ME! You have rented too much space in my head! “I know “YOU” shot my son!”

If you are waiting for me to remove this comment, keep waiting! As long as he is hunting my daughter and refuses to leave us alone I am waiting for the open shot! No I don’t have a record… yet!

1:37 pm Relax Rahm, I tell you what… to take pressure OFF of you I will STOP liking “Silver Fox” and move on to something NOT working for YOU, I am bored already! If that case is not dismissed and it goes to trial I will show my face ONCE (I have to refile my Federal Case anyway) so that I will do, it all started with my face and I will cosign on that issue but I don’t want to date him, so I voluntarily let go.

Right now I want to go to school, get my degree and start my business, I don’t want to date anyone! I will Rent A Date when I need to and cut all strings to commitments!

1:25 pm CNN Go Condi Rice, I can’t wait to hear you tonight!

9:51 am If my children cannot go to college, screw it! Won’t NOBODY go to college, in bed resting!

9:43 am Awh Shucks, getting back in bed, I am tired.

9:29 am Last night I learned something NEW, you can smoke weed in a APPLE, no seriously, really, wow!

Step 1:
For this pipe you’ll need an apple, a knife, a pen, and a piece of aluminum to build this particular apple pipe.
Step 2:
Core it
Using the knife, core out the apple making sure that you do not puncture the bottom of the apple. (As you become more skilled, you can carve the bowl in such a way that the aluminum screen from Step 4 will not be needed.)
Step 3:
Stick It
Stick the shaft of the pen into the side of your apple pipe. (This will act as the mouthpiece of your pipe.) Remove any apple that became trapped inside the pen.
Step 4:
Screen it
Take a piece of foil and poke a few small holes in the middle. Stick your foil screen into the apple pipe.
Step 5:
Spark it
Enjoy the “fruits” of your labor and spark it up.

9:26 pm Going to CNN!

8:59 am Baby I swear its Deja Vu. Hey Cardinal George, I am reading my bible father, if they hit me I can hit them back. Don’t start nun won’t be nun.

8:56 am Silver Fox is working for my birthday, sorry.. I need to find a capable replacement, I refuse to spend this birthday lonely and alone… Report that.


8:51 am Must be something in the water they drink… Prince.

8:48 am RELAX this particular Legend only applies to those PRESENT not including TV VIEWERS, you get to sit home and watch, someone has to sit back and watch… Rahm has one daughter dressing bulletproof, have her explain, she knows how to read.

8:25 am Thank you Obama, it did not take long to approve this message, good job. In my best Obama voice, this is Barack BONO Obama and I approve this message, done deal.

8:19 am Jennifer Hudson, relax they hit you the first time… This reminds me of the 10 Commandments when Moses went up to the Mountain and the people made a golden cow to worship and forsook GOD we will call this Obama’s day of Judgement, put some of that new shit you using in the food and water we can say they got bit with a West Nile bug from Hurricane Isaac. Rent a Movie: Omen for those of you not updated on what movie we are acting on!

8:16 am I wonder how much a full body massage and licking would cost, I can spoil myself for my birthday, send Deja to a friend, steam my own seafood favorites and just lay in bed from midnight to midnight having stupid “RESPONSIBLE” sex with a hired dick for a day.

8:03 am Urban Legend Obama style, he would love to honor this one, because he will not win, you owe your first born boy or girl, they skipped Dee, and took DJ, bets up, let’s go.You cannot have another ONE of MY children, “DJ” paid it all Democrats only on this Urban Legend, I dare you to say you know that’s true. If I lost a child you can all loose one with me, let’s go…we just need a head count on who has a child to pledge and if you don’t want your spouse and your chick on the side is present, you owe all your kids, Vote for Obamacare

7:59 am Relax, I refuse to crash the party… I won’t even tune in to the Moses on the Mountain spectator, why would I want to join this witch hunt, I can buy a case of beer right here at home… Besides I have all of the weed votes in this room.

7:56 am Get your ass in the boat, I am wiring everyone to see WHO knows about DJ being murdered, I need a new Urban Legend and of course Sandi will be there, she has Jesse’s credit card… She won’t need permission to spend his money, she will say, “Ignore him, he is mentally ill”.

7:53 am Relax EVERYONE is holding it “DOWN” on this one, they even have a special HIV band for your ARM, Red bans will match up with Red and Bisexual is Blue bands.

7:48 am House and Senate Leaders take CASH do not use state and Federal issued credit cards, you don’t want to be caught using your credit cards to buy liquor and pay for room service. And if you are under Federal Inquiry for fraud, be sure to avoid room set aside for the chick on the side.

7:45 am Secret Service, we have a special team of Secret Hoes coming in, they won’t tell… They will keep your secrets, just rent rooms with alias names, Silver Fox, if you go, you can’t hide… Stop playing, they want you to cut up, it might be boring if you stay at home with me, use a condom… What happens BEFORE you find me again, don’t count, but your room will have cameras.

7:42 am Oh damn, I forgot the heroine, I don’t know their specials just order the “Cedric Special” it comes along with crack on the side.

7:37 am Oh damn, I just got reminded, I need all available strippers (LisaRaye special is 3/$500) pole dancers and pimps to the Democratic Convention in NC, all special interest groups and those who need a loan, hurry… You know Jack the Rapper has limited seats, you need to plan big parties at tax payers expense so they can tax you later… Strippers tip minimum is $20 per table dance, and Magic is only pushing “Magic Special” 8 balls buy 2 get one free.

7:32 am Silly me, to think you can go out to dinner, spend $69 on appetizers alone, and the final bill being $300-400 is just unreal, to pay $30 for a steak and not have to worry about the lights getting cut off or car running out of gas, silly me.

7:30 am I mean not too many men are used to wearing custom tailored suits at $500 without being a rap star or drug dealer, foolish me.

7:24 am Jay Z has Beyonce, just in case I had to match him with beauty and a equal bank account, they watch each other while BOTH keep an eye on me.

7:23 am Michael Jordan does not count, he hoards his wealth in foolishness. Why would I want anything in the NBA after that, do you know how hard it was to win 6 NBA rings and all that follows, no thank you… Been there done that, had a t shirt they stole that too.

7:19 am The ONE thing I give Eddie credit for, when I dreamed he would one day Pray for Presidents, he believed EVERY WORD, in fact he believed in me so much, he built me a FAMILY LIFE CENTER that would serve as my own restaurant, so sad I could not close that deal… But the rules are no crossing the lines in religion and politics. And before he kicked my ex husband out of Atlanta, allowed him to lay the foundation, shout out to Williams Welding.

7:03 am It is what it is, I don’t want a person in my life who on payday, stands on the corner begging for my money, I need a partner who is making what I am making and who I can turn to.. in fact, the more I think about it, I wanted to throw a birthday party, hire a DJ, cater food and bring in live entertainment, you know what… I would rather call a limo, take my daughter who I am training for success to dinner, then go out… Save myself the drama and use the change to continue to build up and furnish my home.

6:57 am I guess that is why I choose to remain single, I don’t need a wanter I need a do’er in my life… Anyone can want to do better it takes a strong man to do it… There are some that want to do better and some that do it. There are many who stand around and talk about what can happen and some who make it happen. If I can use just one example, I guess Bishop Eddie L Long, is the ONLY man who took my dreams and brought them to life… Other than that, the rest wait and watch… I think I’ll drink a beer to that thought… While I plan to earn my first million.

6:48 am I mean how many black couples, do we have, married over 20+ years, successful business they own, sons who range from doctors to real estate agents, more than a quarter million in savings, has a wife he chooses to keep at home to raise his children, and not begging for a hand out, not strung out on drugs, no criminal records and the major flaw is he pays too much of the money he made in taxes… You are right, I need to find another role model…

6:45 am I decided 6 months ago to stop trying to save a generation and focus on my dreams, there are those who will work hard to build something and those who will stand around and talk about it… I choose to be about it, not talk about those who do.

6:40 am Excused Absence from any comments, I choose to sit in the owners box, where I can learn to build and own my own business, versus sit in the area with the workers. I refuse to apologize for wanting to do better for myself, if you desire to own a business and leave a heritage for your children there are few seats, many are called, few are chosen.

Offline, eyes OFF and ears ON http://www.V103.com

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