Heat Win Game 3

9:45 pm Sit your $1.00 ass down before I make change, I am watching, now your move.

9:42 pm Tip I gave the building rented out next to you, not the empty lot silly look left, try again. I have been watching you for about a month or so, wanted to see how you would play me, step outside, try.. go ahead… Try Me

9:40 pm Sorry fans I cannot play publicly, there are too many who know me who can use my children to blackmail me and hold my children hostage,

9:37 pm DWade next game I.am talking on FB only, from here on what we do is private, we know all we need to know and this is not that, let Flournoy talk, we ready, no more looking back, no regrets.

9:29 pm Answering Machine: Sorry can’t talk now, DWade is praying for a baby and I love to listen to him pray.

9:21 pm I am not talking until HEAT UP again, you read.

8:52 pm See the NBA is where I am best known, loved and followed around the globe, in over 200 countries, watched in over 50 languages, Stern cannot afford for me to walk away and I will only play with a certain kind of player, they say DWade proposed and its cool but after loosing ky son, I need insurance on my sucess separate from DWade, its all arranged and PR.

8:50 pm To know I am the reason for the contract and season hold out, risk, risk, tisk… Tell you what I will be silent the rest of this quarter.

8:47 pm LOL funny, poor David Stern can’t dig out of this hole can you, such a mess. You don’t have a choice but to bless me, see how it feels to have a gun at your head.

8:43 pm Kristy Stern aka David, see what I mean, the problem is David Stern’s neck is on the line, just like DJ we will honor him also…. Amen.

8:38 pm DWade, they have promised so much in so many ways and honestly when I see a ring, then we talk, no more games. I have nothing to loose, on the other hand the NBA loose me, your game loosed its flavor, its boring. There are maybe 6 teams worth watching, I go back to school and work, this leauge has nothing. I will not open my heart Luke I did with all the others. Over 25 years vested in this game and NOTHING to show for it and No law degree, so I failed Debbie, myself and my children.

8:35 pm Kevin, stay away from the parties and practice discipline during this season and u mean it, why party, you have bot won yet, tell them I said you on lock down, avoid temptation okay baby.

8:30 pm Nothing less than a 10 year contract and you tell me what it is worth, I will believe it when I see it.

8:27 pm I promised LeBron 7 rings and if I have to miss 1 I expect to see the other 6 and I want some love from every owner who I called a game for, if not I walk away.

8:23 pm David Stern needs me hun? I don’t believe him, how much is he offering me for a contract, and I lost my son, hell yes he has to PAY ME he cannot live without me, pushed out of control Pippen on me and you think he does not have to pay, over 25 years of being a exclusive NBA psychic, hell yes he has to pay… I can have what I want, I want DJ back and Pippen to burn in hell with ALL of the people who played against me tied to his ass, that is what I want.

8:20 pm I made this game INTERNATIONAL for the NBA and Ur cost me a son, RIGHT in 258 countries and 50 languages, RIGHT. I have been with Stern since JORDAN and yes he knows me, I am the one stuck in the bottle.

8:15 pm David Stern, main reason why I don’t want another NBA player, I don’t want any part of David or Kristy Stern, I am sorry and yes, I can walk away. All that money YOU are on the hook for and sorry, you can gamble on you, you allowed Dawn to play me, so keep Dawn and I will walk away.

8:13 on Hey Gloria, I am very PROUD of him, thank you for trusting me with your heart, I am very proud of him.

8:09 pm Fish, that is no longer a topic okay, do like DWade, treasure all you know. I don’t believe a word any of these say and NO Jenkins, Tharpe or 6 pack access, check my FB account, that is my guest list.

8:04 pm I don’t want a big wedding I only want my children present, in fact I don’t want my marriage to be announced, I want privacy and peace… I don’t want contact with family and pomp and circumstance, I just need time to heal and I do not want to be a notch in a belt, if it isn’t love… I don’t want to hear about it. Do not USE ME to make Jordan, Pippen, Shaq, Kobe or anyone else jealous. Pippen is no longer a topic, that chapter is closed.

7:59 pm Fish do NOT talk to me about Kobe, I list DJ same day of he and Vanessa’s mess, not even close.

7:54 pm I can RELAX and enjoy tonight, I know DWade no onions and I thank you all for playing in Deja”s head, you can help illustrate just how bad you hates on her using whatever excuse you could and every demon possesses spirit you could to bend her faith, no onions.

7:45 pm Momma Wade, see he has issues, has he always been this stubborn, does the FACT that I am 43 have anything to play, wake up, y’all just taking advantage of me, is this a JOKE or what?

7:43 pm DWade we are NOT having sex on the floor, you got Baby (9) jokes.

7:41 pm No Perkins I am not taking callable from Him either, too many 5’s on the floor especially the BIG fella, protecting my heart.


7:33 pm Sorry it is a sin for me to practice ANAL sex aka Haslem, I am not a dirty or low down player and I must say, I DobNOT want to talk to anyone who cannot pick up the phone and call me. Genesis 32: Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold off into slavery for his facie with God,, if i did marry I am good with 10 people on my guest list, very private affair..

7:31 pm On the court I AM LEBRON AND DURANT and yes I am HIV FREE thank you for asking,wssup Joey Crawford, Celozzi and Joe Vault.

7:26 pm Tip Russell Reid handling my court case and Supreme Captain I am NOT talking to you, I called you earlier, excuse me.

7:22 pm Tip I’d I grab my phone to say something, they call a time out, working from phone in bed, Jackie’s Mic is on, is that Horace talking. Just know many are called, few are chosen… Seeing that those wirh eyes can see, hearing that those can hear will hear, set your TIVO people and play back later.

7:17 pm Tip: Noah aka Sivough, DWades ex wife and you know I am LeBron, taking KD to school, it takes a minute to mold him into a Play Off player, like I do with all teams, passing the Baron.

7:12 pm DWade you want to KNOCK ME OUT for a baby him? I missed Zaire and Zion but you want to knock me out for one him, do I have SURROGATE OR BABY FACTORY tattooed on my forehead and can we STOP the knock out plays please… I would like to ENJOY some of this too you know.

7:08 pm Okay I had to get out of bed to fix the keys and I am in bed so PLAY BALL I am not talking play by play and yes I am BOTH TEAMS, Amen!

6:52 pm Keys to the game.

Score Card:

Breaking the SCORE CODES My Number Chart

2 Second Wife to somebody, never know who? I am engaged..

3 You see/hear GOD

4 “Me” HIV negative

5 Someone with HIV near me

6 LeBron James

7 Lucky in Vegas

8 or 24 Kobe Codes

9 I am not having a baby by nobody

10 Perfect Me

11 Who did it? RAPE!!!

12 Jesus had Disciples how many?

13 Esther

15 Hootie


18 DJ (RIP)

21 WEED (y’all so LOUD)

22 Both of us on second marriage

23 Jordan

25 Derrek Lee or Dee

31 DWade’s Age


34 Walter Payton

35 K Durant

36 Bishop Don Juan

43 My age

44 Obama (40’s are usually Presidential Codes)

45 When I am snapping (what gun do I carry?)

50 I am going off about something

52 Mustapha

77 Farrakhan

87 Dee

93 DJ (RIP)

95 Deja

97 Hootie

99 Jay Z

6:34 pm Eyes filled with TEARS missing my son… On to ABC for post game comments, excuse me but I want to watch tonight. Giving clues and tips but not wanting to call play by play.

6:29 pm I give credit to SHAQ for covering my hotel with FLOWERS AND TEDDY BEARS when I took the kids to Miami on vacation in 2003. DJ, Deja and Hootie downtime a whole week with me in Miami and we had a low budget ball. It was during the season and our tickets were never sent to will call but we had a BALL on Biacayne Blvd and I hope to do it again.

6:00 pm Getting my GAMEFACE ON working from bed, in lots of pain but cheering as LOUD as I can GO HEAT. LeBron, if it were not for YOU, DWade, Mello, DRose and KD I would not be watching the game at tgis time. I thank tou men for saving me and holding my sanity. I have loved this game for SO LING I honestly don’t know how to NOT PLAY.

1:03 pm to my surprise, Deja just informed me that DJ met his aunt at Salem and that The Harris family has family there and that the Thomas’ family attends Church there also…. with Neshell Robinson the sister who tried to take over at DJ’s funeral, I see now better than I did before! I am learning new things everyday! So maybe my prayer won’t help, AMAZING what we learn… I fell asleep on the message Sorry it has been a LONG morning!

12:17 pm Salem, how is Meeks, GRACIE, T.T. angel, hey girl… Lady Meeks and children how is father doing, Gerald standing in the GAP praying when you cannot!

12:13 pm WJYS watching Salem of TV with NOI online!

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