Happy Father’s Day

12:12 pm And I need to run to Salem to check on Meeks! MGT in Hootie glasses Amen

12:11 pm Deja cooked a wonderful and filling breakfast this morning and I shall also leave you in peace!

12:10 pm Can I tell you a secret, Mustapha is seen as a white man too, I just want you to know that, Amen!

12:09 pm No she did not sing a LeVert song, no comment!

12:07 pm He cannot handle rejection any better than his son can, I see where it comes from I miss a meeting and he goes off. I was not present so was that a Karen and Dawn message or did I miss a point.

12:06 pm Unlike some women I am not soft skinned and I am not a baby, I love the Lord and I am who GOD made me to be… I have no secrets and the lessons will be taught if I like it or not…

12:04 pm I love hearing what she hears it lets me know what they see and what they hear and yes when I am present, the Minister has fun also… still curious am I the religious whore or the political whore, not being sensitive just want to know my role!

12:02 pm Hey Pop Farrakhan, can he come outside to play with me, I promise to send him home on time and he won’t get into any trouble, I am not too LOUD am I?

11:58 am Check your fax machine!

11:54 am Wssup B… I know right… But working as hard as I can to decriminalize… what paper do you read?

11:53 am I am white again, it’s okay I was raised Becky! Y’all know I am black or a mutt, so you know! Just hold the truths you know in your heart, I have walked amoung you and sat in the seats amoung you… See video below, he called me and I came!

11:51 am And you wonder why I drink, yeah right… Code 21, LOL bet you heard about that, it is sad the only time you know it is me is when I am being raped (11) or talking LOUD! (21)

11:50 am If there were no Deja there would not have been a Million Man March and you would have never made it to the White House, you are welcome!

11:46 am Did you complain when “Morgan Proctor” RAPED me, did you complain when “Scottie Pippen” and his player(s) RAPED me, then why should you be MAD when Mustapha got a piece and TRUTH to POWER I wanted him bad I chose not to because of my being Catholic and his being Muslim, the one child I have with certainty is my baby boy and not one is a regret, God used me the way HE chose to use me and if GOD did not want to say something GOOD Deja would not be here!

11:42 am Are you talking about Torrence that is the ONLY one I am willing to shoot Amen! I do not an will not speak or pray that on Mustapha and I will hold his secret in my heart and no one has permission to hurt or think harm upon his head no matter what parable is taught Amen, I love him with my heart but that sound like Torrence???

11:39 am Deja is so STRONG, LOL she is amazing!

11:38 am Yes Barbara Baker (Dawn’s Mother) well you should have taught her to cook, were you a part of that in Phoenix, it would not surprise me, Dawn you play too damn much!

11:37 am You know how much I love to work, have money, a car, job and ability to care for me… I love being taken care of but I love to take care of myself!

11:36 am You know the rules I cannot marry into Politics and/or Religion and you being the Supreme Captain, makes you a Religion, it is not that I have not thought long and hard, your job is to be My Bodyguard! You know I have BAD Arabic… I thought they asked me to lick sorry, SMILE you know I love you! But I cannot marry you so STOP fighting and let go!

11:34 am STOP I have to find a husband and you will have to learn to share me, now I am not sure what man is strong enough to want to deal with all of this and carry this heavy burden but you will have to allow me to be found and I am not looking for your approval for who that man is, you will never think anyone can measure up to you and I am not going to sit and wait for Karen to die off because living or dead I cannot leave my faith and you have to learn to accept that!

11:32 am I have a song or 2 for that two, do you want me to sing Mary J Blige (I’m the only woman) or would you prefer I use Patti LaBelle, Somebody Love you Baby! I’mma need that one for later, Move Faster honey Move Faster!

11:30 am I hear Felicia still has her tongue, you should be angry because the unsubmitted wives and women who used my child as a bargaining tool, not only put me at risk but put at risky the safety and security of the Nation. I carry a much heavier burden than Karen does, he was not sent to Washington to defend her honor, to be honest they do not care about her, I sent him to Washington!

11:28 am And I do not expect to loose another while you stand there with your chest all poked out and proud Amen, don’t tell me what is yours and not yours I should have never lost DJ and I do not plan to loose another! You knew all you needed to know BEFORE and you knew what came after when I did not know how the Men In Black wiped me out!

11:25 am Happy Father’s Day Mustapha and Thank you for the blessing we are safely tucked away, because they will try to kill you and/or your Father trying to find her, so I hide her in the safety of the Lord Amen!

You just make sure YOU find her is she wanders looking for answers, if this child does not have questions Oh My GOD!

11:24 am In fact the SON they have came after I touched him and anointed her head with my oil until that time, she only had girls and Deja looks like Jamesha the most! Well, I am STORNG like that and his prayer was answered!

11:22 am For those of you who do NOT know the history? I have met Karen on m,any occasions, Amphitheater with the Rottweiler dogs she handed me the reigns to the dogs and I played with them, with Malika Shabazz when we all sat on the bed and she looked me in my face… No she did not say Cedric (over stated his importance we KNOW the TRUTH and yes he can see him also).

11:21 am He did tell you who she was and his father explained it to you also, Karen you said something, I know you are not complaining you gave him to me like you have him to EVERYONE else you share him with sweetie Amen!

11:19 am Relax baby, the family who uses my crossing over or who tries to redefine me, did not like me anyway so nothing loss and nothing gained!

11:16(a) You knew she was going to be HOT when you saw her coming and I did all I said I would do for Obama and that is all that will be said, yes I sent the email and I meant EVERY word I said, don’t make me read him again!

11:16 am She came in with POWER and she was HOT when she came in!

1995 Chicago heat wave – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The 1995 Chicago heat wave was a heat wave which led to approximately 750 heat-related deaths in Chicago over a period of five days. Eric Klinenberg, author

11:14 am Obama has had his title for 3.5 years, you have had your power and anointing for WHAT 16 years now and she should not be a secret hidden in the brush, she EXCELS in all she does and is blessed and anointed. Let me remind you!

11:12 am In my faith GOD does not make mistakes, what he has done is given you reminder of what was really in your heart and no matter what Dawn or Lisa tries she is who she is if you are willing to admit it or not and “you” are all blessed because of her. I hate to admit it but Obama was not the first black man I sent to the White House in power!

11:10 am You know, my greatest pain is that she walks in so much power, with such a powerful anointing and gift and cannot take and give full credit for being the blessing that she is. Her demons and shadows is she has a DOUBLE anointing, and YOU cannot hide it even if you want to. It is what it is.

11:05 am Know it for a certainty (drink of water) Good Morning Mustapha, Happy Father’s Day, Amen

11:04 am why black men are feared when I walk in, I will be silent for the next 20 minutes!

11:03 am Nation of Islam I walk into applause and a Sister is on the Alter http://www.noi.org/webcast/

11:01 am Word to First Lady, hold on!

11am I am going to the Nation but I will be back trying to give time to all of the Father’s good thing about Jakes is I can watch this replay later today and I spend all day on Sunday in prayer (I try to).

10:59(a) Amen, who has on GREEN is that Junior, I see you baby!

10:59 am Amen you can always tell when I am in the Church y’all having too much fun in the WORD Amen!

10:57 am Hey Sara and Cora, I love you girls so very much, hold on and in your womb a baby shall LEAP and you shall conceive! And he better love you right!

10:56 am I was looking for a baby and I found a preach Amen, we have a song and T-Shirt for that also, nothing catches GOD by surprise… We fall DOWN but we get up Amen!

10:55 am Stop telling everybody I was your babysitter and just know you can hang out with me on the other side and know GOD will have the FINAL word!

Genesis 32:30 KJV – And Jacob called the name of the place – Bible

And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is.

10:53 am Jermaine, you been out partying hun, well now, what a surprise and GOD will use you!

10:49 am Oh MY.. Sara and Cora are married, and one of you have a linebacker… Amen, where is Lil Man Jakes Jr the baby… I know we need some babies, am I that old are you serious?

10:46 am Are we working on a GRAND BABY JAKES yet, which baby got married was it Cora, where is the grand baby sweetie, its time!

10:44 am I am taking a moment to BLESS those who know my body and love me for who I am, I have to leave a little late but I will eventually make it to the Nation, that is my last JET and a study class, I need a Rhema Word!

10:42 am Full house this morning Amen, God spoke a word into the atmosphere Amen!

10:41 am Be careful Jakes last time you read this book a TORNADO hit Dallas, Amen!

10:39 am I need to also add that Serita Jamison Jakes is also my cousin the anointing carries over baby!

Family and heritage

When he was 24 in 1981, he married Serita Ann Jamison.[2] They have five children together (Jermaine, Jamar, Cora, Sarah, and Thomas Jakes, Jr.) Jakes is a strong advocate of abstinence and has made appearances on the subject ranging from Good Morning America to Dr. Phil.

On the PBS program African American Lives, Jakes had his DNA analyzed; his Y chromosome showed that he is descended from the Igbo people of Nigeria.[8][9] According to his family history, it was also suggested that he is descended from them through his grandmother.[10][11] He is a second cousin once removed of vocalist Will Wheaton and first cousin twice removed of actor James Wheaton.

10:37 am Hello First Lady and Potter’s House Family, what miracle can I share… Woman Thou Art Loosed being slain in the spirit, I cannot remember what year but it had to be in 1999 and Darlene Bishop with Paula White had us all on the floor and this HOUSE is also blessed, not by faith or by might, but by the SPIRIT of GOD and they all were slain, I have also served The Staff of the Potters house.

10:36 am Happy Father’s Day TD Jakes, no tie today hun, LOL Serita put a hip on you before service hun blow your breath LOL! http://www.tdjakes.org/echurch/

10:32 am Hey World Changers, Amen… I need to jump on a JET and run to check on Jakes now I love you and hold him holy and do not allow drama to distract him OKAY. Happy Father’s Day Creflo, and I know YOU are a good Husband, Father and Provider for your children and I am EMBARRASSED that your child is behaving in that manner, not of GOD or in the image of GOD. Amen!

10:31 am I am the assigned SERVER to Eddie’s special guest and on many occasions I was the ONLY face they were there to see and witness, Eddie was very proud of my service I was Eddie’s wife for hire Amen!

10:29 am We once did a New Birth unifies with World Changers at Phillips Arena, many of you did not know it but during Intercessory Prayer (if you watch the video you will find me pacing back and forth praying throughout the entire service) I was praying off bad spirits, and during the service, Pepper Spray was released in the air and NO ONE was hurt, I said if you check the records from the meeting while we were in prayer in service, something release Pepper Spray into the air and no one knew it until the next day!

10:28 am I have served, prayed for and cover World Changers, to tell the HONEST TRUTH Creflo is the reason I found Atlanta, Amen!

10:27 am okay I just wanted to check in on Creflo and Taffi (pray for me) Taffi we need to find JUST ONE, not a variety of man JUST ONE, and for those of you who do not know I can give you ONE miracle from World Changers!

10:26 am I don’t know how YOU were raised but we got up at 5am for Church EVERY SUNDAY and did not come home until it was time for bed AMEN!

10:21 am Hey Taffi, good girl I know Deja was acting up too there is a spirit in the air, I have one response God Chastens them he loves and Spare the rod spoil the child! Ephesians 5 Children OBEY your parents, I am exercising patients and prayer!

10:18 am Quick into my LIMO to my other Church Happy Father’s Day Creflo http://campus.316networks.com/worldchangers/

10:16 am Break the Curse and Submit to your husband Vanessa Eddie is your husband I am not sweetie and Mary cannot save you! I bless you Eddie and I know you hear me Amen,. I thank GOD for you in my life for all you did RIGHT!

10:13 am Well at least I came to the alter when called, we have the book (Esther) we even did a movie (One Night with a King) and she is blind, Amen!

10:11 am I don’t know what YOU cook but I know my bible told me to give a man a fish…. Amen! I fed him right when I was home, Mercy Lord, and Blessings and it is not a curse it is a desire she has to deal with, Amen, do not feel sorry for her, a unsubmitted wife in the Church will curse the body!

10:06 am Happy Father’s Day to all of you who LOVE and won’t deny me, thank you all for standing and being a witness! I don’t see Jones but I do see Blue! I cannot remember all the names it has been so long but I know all of my hugs and faces of love, Vanessa still struggling hun, holding her head down… Amen

So I am here to bless you in place of the bitter seeds planted in your heart! It forces you to seek affection where there is none and it forces you to be angry holding your head down. I pray that today this day you had a reason to hold your head up and stand as a strong man of GOD! Some women LOVE to get their ASS beat, they know how it feels and like it that way, GOD bless them Lord have mercy!

10:04 am I know all of the MEN on the alter Amen! EXCLUDING HARRIS!

10am Vanessa what do you say to him, how do you talk to him, if you would TRY to enjoy sex with your husband he would not seek affection from others, Mary step aside so she can be a wife, Amen! Talk to him right so he can honor you correctly, you have never lived in the same house, room it has always been a struggle, when do you STOP Vahsti and love the man you were given YOU hear GOD just as well as I do and if you would CHANGE your mind he would be healed and the body will be healed also! Everything you knew THEN you know NOW it is no surprise like the others you wants to capitalize on the confusion, it was a quick OUT for you, no baby! You cannot expose HIM not more than you want to be exposed so let go and let GOD be in control, you have to submit to something! Vanessa you should be up there with your husband and he should not have to cal you!

9:57 am What Anthony Render, you are too dark and you know Eddie will have a fit! Here we go, did you find a penis? Just want to hear me say your name, see I am tired of causing confusion in New Birth, Well, you know I do SECURITY well, LOL with a smile!

9:56 Am I love you ALL New Birth and I miss you all so much and I wish I were there, I stand before you as a daughter, sister and blessing ion the body of Christ!

9:54 am Taylor: Message to his daughter, I receive that Amen!

9:52 am The ONE THING I know is ALL of New Birth knows my name, my face, my voice and my life in service… And I was loved, and I loved you all in return, take this bread and eat it, this is my body… Take this blood and drink it it will give you life!

9:51 pm He said if you think you are perfect stay in your seat! If you don’t need forgiveness, Stay in your seat.. if you are not at the alter you did not hear me right Amen!

9:48 am Alright Eddie read my email back to me, show your right! You are not perfect and you have your faults but yes you are a wonderful FATHER and I HONOR YOU today because I never knew LOVE like that and I miss you the most!

9:44 am Nation of Islam: Yes Ishmael I will visit the Nation of Islam Today, coming soon, I have to give my body the food and meat it needs to eat FIRST then I will attend class with you, Deja is more sensitive than I am Wow! I am not a Muslim but I love to learn on all levels and well, I don’t believe the lie, I believe God’s promise! So if she cannot know the truth it really does not matter or need to be spoken! I cannot give credit for something he will not rightfully claim, she is tormented by her shadows! Click here at 10:30 am http://www.noi.org/webcast/

9:43 am Hair still looks good I get jealous when you r hair looks better than mines, I have a problem, where is Bronner??? “Wise as a Serpent and Gentle as a Dove”!

9:42 am Yes Hootie took his first train ride this week and he had FUN!

9:40 am To New Birth the Baddest Church Band on the PLANET, you would come in and need praise and leave feeling like you were in a Earth, Wind and Fire Concert… Thank you!

9:39 am Silver Fox is reading hun, LOL! Girl Screamed, yep you heard that right! Good Cop and Bad Cop!

9:39 am Amen to that we ate what the Bishop ate and we lived good, LOL!

9:38 am Momma always cooked AMEN, give Vanessa a smile it is not the same but hey… did you order a Quarter in Church, LOL Eddie got jokes, you silly but he is smiling!

9:36 am Right and you do not want to LOOSE ME COMPLETELY you would rather have some of me than none of me #4-27.. 27 is too young see you got jokes! Ddi you just order me some.. you play too much!

9:35 am To know that one day I might find a man worthy and not be able to love GOD right here at HOME, where I belong and where I can come into MY HOUSE and PRAISE GOD pisses me off (Peter Slipped)

9:34 am Stop being MAD Eddie and love me for me so I can CLAIM you later, you know what hurts me the most, I will confess… I see Shaunnie talking to Ulmer and others calling their Pastors, knowing I should be a shining light in the house I built for praise!

9:32 am What?? I covered her head and when it was presented on the alter GOD said NO and we are just fine, do not dial 911 from my phone when I am open, Amen.. tried that and guess who answered. Hi Taylor and Jared, I miss my Sunday kissed Jared! Kody is still my baby, not so loud baby…. I know you get that from me:) and Eris how is the baby girl, see I told you YOU would!

9:30 am Martha better hold him right if I cannot have him, YOU said you would stay there and til death do us part and if he won’t she knows I will and I lost a son too, Vanessa knows me well! Next Question!

9:29 am Mary Hill, Good Morning! She misses me this morning too hun, LOL

9:29 am Eddie you are supposed to stand as my FATHER I am not supposed to stand as YOUR WIFE today!

9:27 am Donald Lawrence, when Juanita got married and he was planning to sweep me off my feet, You Ain’t Seen Nothing, the Best is Yet to Come!

9:26 am Mother’s Board, yes ma’am, he has me on the screen this morning Amen!

9:25 am Agape Love in front of the WHOLE BODY right I took you from Snapfinger to Woodrow… We built New Birth City! Hi Momma Cornell, I see the Mothers tell the truth AMEN!

9:23 am I know this may be HARD for some people to understand but when I am present he is a STRONG MAN and very well loved and it gave him much pleasure to have me in the kitchen cooking while he was in his office working! Have you seen the BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN he built just for me!

9:22 am New Birth does not know me by CODE 21, trust me okay they know my servant side!

9:21 am He will “BREAK” at any moment, New Birth is a witness, pay attention… SMILE I am supposed to be Mary not Esther today!

9:20(a) Lick of Love breathe… I got one for you… If I was in Arkansas and I did not want to return for a event or to serve… he would send Smokey I need you NOW!

9:20 am Praise is What I do… when I want to be close to you, I lift my voice in praise!

9:19 am Who remembers when.. Elder William Murphy was there and I would enter on my Theme Song, New Birth WHAT was my Theme Song?

9:18 pm Peter Cussed: If I am so UGLY why do YOU love me so much, wait to reply on that one, you know I wil catch you off guard!

9:17 am You do best when you stop TALKING at the people and talk to the people Eddie, you know you are not comfortable trying to read, LOL, just relax and talk!

9:18 am You ugly, LOL, so if I am not smoking weed I have to be ugly, LOL can’t bee too ugly Mustapha would not have knocked me out you think, we will never know!

9:14 am Pastels are cute but only in the darker colors that pink is not working for me, you look like Dee, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, are you going to talk or are you going to PREACH, talk to me not at me and try not to be too serious talk from your heart!

9:13 am I like the pink, but you have too many muscles to wear Pink Eddie, Samson, he looks a bit loose, is he in the gym working out. What is he doing I did not see tight muscles on Wednesday, slacking in the gym hun. I dressed that man for years I can see thru his clothes!

9:12 am Side note for adjustment, your hair is uneven, farther back on the left than on the right, hair line is not even, Roberto… what the hel??? fix that please!

9:08(a) Eddie: You have on your ring, right hand, yes, I could explain but I will not, yes I will…. Praying with BOTH hands! Vanessa on left and Chevette on right! Vanessa is missing??? eeerrr!!!

9:08 am Sports Figures: Don’t feel bad this is my last NBA season also I am leaving them too! I lost DJ so that chapter of my life is closing, slowly but surely!

9:06 am You want me to TALK TO YOU, I don’t feel like being preached to and like I said in the email, I just wanted to have a point of love to touch on today!

9:04 am I will let you go but I am dealing with inner healing and moving on with my life and to make it from one stepping stone to the other, I have to have CLOSURE in my life on ma many levels without being bitter!

9:01 am Video and pen mark Judges 2:10 (Judges the book of instruction by Deborah)

Judges 2:10

And also all that generation were gathered vnto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord, nor yet the woorkes which he had done for Israel.

9:00 am Don’t take all morning I am making rounds and I want to check on Jakes, Dollar, Meeks and yes Farrakhan!

8:58 am Build me a son

A Father Prayer by General Douglas MacArthur (May


A Father Prayer by General Douglas MacArthur (May 1952). Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to

8:56 am Loves Volunteers and Checks, LOL, you got jokes…Message.

8:54(a) Mother’s Waddell and Brooks and Canty who keep me covered in prayer at all times, Roberto… is he drinking his teas and eating good?

8:54 am Hey Waddell, I know you miss me, I told you I am spoiled at New Birth, my family will stand up!

8:53 am Yes Eddie you look nice, you got jokes, just to make me fuss, Father with most children… more than 12 we got 11 all by the SAME woman is a factor, LOL! They need a TV thank you!

8:52 am 82 Year Old Father Happy Father’s Day, Amen!

8:52 am Good Morning Deacon and you look very nice today Eddie, much better!

8:50 am New Birth, well there is Eddie! I don’t argue with him, and yes he is on a timer too!

8:46 am Happy Father’s Day Bishop TD Jakes, Hey First Lady Serita Jakes, I love you and bless you also, beautiful testimony about a man who married a wife and became a father to her children The Upchurch Family. Amen http://www.tdjakes.org/echurch/

8:43 am Checking on Salem and Rev Meeks, Happy Father’s Day Reverend Senator Meeks


8:41 am New Birth: Sorry too much Harris and that is not a face or name that I know or like and I do not agree with his name or his spirit so I am turning away for a little while to OTHER online Churches! I will try back later!

8:38 am Michelle, I know you know New Birth it was where Obama met the whole family at once, after seeing my face… I never knew it would cost me a son, you know… I never knew it would be so painful, I am searching for my peace and I find despair, all THAT SON wanted was love ans what we got was pure HELL, to know my son was Martyred for his faith in GOD. I was talking ion tongues and my children were taken, WOW, my children do not like to pray, they say well why did they say we were crazy. So much, you know… All the faith I have, maybe my mistake was faith in man and not in GOD, maybe I trusted him too much!

8:35 am New Birth, sorry I am multi-tasking! When Harris speaks I mute and go to other things but I can see you just fine. My eyes are on ABC and I can see New Birth but I control what my spirit receives and as long as I see him at the podium I will not respond. But I will tell FB about my life and service at New Birth!

8:32 am ABC Updates: Michelle… well you know I was going to tell it, anyway, he cannot say a word to me and I see you Malia and Sasha and no Sasha Deja did not wear my Sasha designer skirt, so pretty I am not mad at you girls and I love you both! I forgot to add he HITS you, sorry, but I think they got the just of the email.. Well, I did not name Lisa or Dawn so I guess I am good. Hello Mama Robinson!

8:29(a) He is a father to the Fatherless, Wssup Tremmel, shut up, because there is nothing that Vanessa knows today that she did not know then, MAKE ME TELL IT. we all knew he just made it public, now keep going.. why do you think I offered myself as a sacrifice to save his soul! She did not want to! Anyway, back to [raise and worship.. Why did you bring Harris out Eddie, you know, not this morning! That one is a JOKE to Me and I don’t know him and his name keeps him out of my presence, Amen!

8:29 am Come on man, I use to be in charge of the kitchen from 1998-2003, then I drove the Mother’s, College Ministry and Delegates and Guest.. Eddie kept me very busy:)SMILE, he never liked it when I went home, he use to just WATCH THIS, WATCH THIS, WATCH THIS!

8:28 am I see my big brothers, Shaz (where is Caleb) I see Minister Blue, Happy Father;’s Day to All of the Deacons and I see faces I know, see you know I would RUN to the kitchen to serve a very special breakfast between services, Hi Carol (blind women I helped on the bus)

8:25 am Good Morning Eddie, I bless YOU this morning because when I searched to fond a person I could honor the answer has not changed and I do not expect it to, you are the only FATHER I have. See what people fail to realize is you trusted me with all of your secrets and it never changed my love for you, SHUT UP ANTHONY RENDER< where is my bay Anthony Randolph!

8:23 am Well it appears you are more FREE about your slaying in the spirit, so long as you can handle the mess in your house, you miss me that much hun, I can tell!

8:16 am Email sent to New Birth this Morning: Heading to New Birth with Bishop Eddie L Long.

Live in 9 minutes…


He may not be PERFECT and yes he has his faults, but when he saw me clearly he was a AWESOME Father and I was his SPOILED BABY.

I love you Bishop for all the things you did RIGHT, I love you Bishop for the times I cried and you wiped away my tears…

I love you Daddy, because I know how much serving GOD means to you and how no matter what they say about you, right or wrong. The true sign of a Saint is FORGIVENESS.

I know your eye is on the sparrow and I know you are watching me.

I love and need you and BLESS YOU on this day for all that you did RIGHT in my life.

But most of all for understanding and believing in me.

This name would be MARY for I gladly served my FATHER.

Bonus, Deja is just like me… You know YOU taught her she was unstoppable, my Lord.

10 minutes to get to Church. Amen

7:05 am I had several dreams that concern me, first a ailing family member who is sick and close to death, next LisaRaye is trying to pull me in I had dreams about Kai and last Drake picked me up on a bus and I lost Deja in a crowd of people???

Happy Father’s Day

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