No love for Band

12:19 pm Took a quick tour to GBN and POOL back for a drink and to turn the AIR on in the house! Ahhh!

11:04 am ABC NEWS: Thank you for using WHITE PEOPLE for that footage, if that room was black OOHH WEEE! What was that address to that room, taking my son on on a TOUR of the area and will be back later!

9:41 am Yes Debbie knew Quincy Jones and you would not know my role in ROOTS so I won’t bother to explain.. Hootie took his belt off and spanked Deja, LOL this is so funny!

9:33 am Dear Barbara Walter, Fuck You! I never want to talk to you, meet you in person, share my views or bless you.

For all of the lies, you covered up (after my grandmother bailed you out, after you almost went to jail for Communism) I never want to bless God for your name nor do I want to watch your biased show. I am not sorry I am not a lesbian, nor am I sorry I am not a one sided, on mined Democrat who uses my platform to shape the lives of people who have  less that I have and I want nothing to do with you!

Thank you! I am not Bipolar Bitch I am FREE to speak my mind as I please and I am tired of you making money marketing my ideas, you have been following my family as far back and I can, you named your daughter Jackie after my aunt you want to lick and I am honest about how I feel unlike your phony ASS! If it were not for me your heart would FAIL (test chest pain) and I don’t need you!

From the moment you opened this door and I lost Princess Diana, I have regretted you and you know what, I am thankful that Prince Charles and Queen Mother keep an eye on me! I will never forgive you and if it were not for the fact that JOY is on this show and Whoopie has been playing me as far back as Quincy chose her to be UGLY I would  not be talking to you!

Sorry I will not play your silly LESBIAN GAMES and Sherry can stop telling everybody where my son is he is just fine in the arms of his loving mother, enjoying his day at home, dreaming about College again! Football and Wrestling Scout LOVE HIM yeah baby! He ready for the stage baby! MEAT!!!! LIL MEAT!

9:36 am My Auntie Gladys Knight, friend of my grandmother Debbie Valentine, Hey Auntie, I love you too!

9:35 am Bernie called me “KICK ASS”, and he knew all action stopped, Sorry Rhonda for cursing your baby out, I did not know it was her.. I thought he was cheating “KICK ASS”, that is what I did back then…

9:34 am LOL, well, he made me laugh… LOL, I cannot help it Calvin know I am not lying! He and Eddie Griffith had me laughing so hard I loved it and they were funny> Tony Scufield knows this story (WGCI)

9:33 am To hell what you talking about YOU owe me $125.00 for dinner at Shaw’s damn it I invested in your career personally!

9:27 am LOL, that is a GOT DAMN shame the ONLY time you all know it is me is when I am smoking weed, I’ll be dammed, WOW, but you did not believe I was engaged to … anyway.

9:21 pm If one more person tells me that the Jenkins called me a Alcoholic one more time I am taking my hands and prayers off of AL of them and I mean it!

You know what, I could talk about them and tell you things about them but I am too important to me and they will miss the favor in my life much more than I will miss the drama. I made them famous and lest they forget, Jordan was “MY HOMIE” and PAL, yes you party with the wives, but I am not going to get into that because I don’t have to. GOD is too good to me, I sill simply STOP praying for them, taking my hands and heart off of them and STOP covering and protecting them, just that simple.

9:01 am I could speak to D.L. HUGLEY remind him of when he was a NOBODY trying to be somebody and I begged Calvin and Ce Ce to book him, and when he performed at the Clique I treated him to dinner at Shaw’s Crab House, it cost $125.00 do you know how much hell it was to get $125.00 out of Calvin, but no… Your wife plays with Lynette. After I got you a dig at CNN, screw you and all the bitches around you. No access to me. And NO we did not have sex he wanted Tony Blair’s ex Wife Audrey, LOL.. Tony shut up!

7:09 am ABC: Do me a FAVOR PLEASE guide Hootie in safely, i don’t want to talk publicly right now, ijust want to wait for my son to come home.

7:05 am Good Morning America, going to BLOG did you see the image in the rainbow? OMG, did you see that? There was an image in the image. Happy Birthday Brianna.

6:56 am ABC: I AM UP, the Officer is okay who was shot last night, may sound strange… But at least he is alive, what did we talk about, I don’t need a I TOLD YOU SO right here, please. Send my love… Why is Roz, playing wirh ROACHES ugh.

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