GB2G hey Ma and Pop G

1:11 pm Just a reminder when eating with Obama! Why would Pop say “if anything happens” and for the record I did not have sound until the last 3 minutes so I missed everything.

  1. Click here for all of our Primary 2008 – The Frederick News-Post

    Other than long hours in cold weather at the inauguration in the nation’s capital, visitors who traveled was on duty Tuesday in Washington with the organization’s horse ambulance, ready to handle any County reacts to Obama inauguration

  2. Kennedy taken by ambulance from luncheon with Obama |

    Jan 20, 2009 – JOHN MOORE/POOLAn ambulance leaves from the the East Front of the U.S. Capitol after the inauguration of Barack Obama. Sen. Edward

  3. Thoughts on Barack Obama’s Inauguration from Iowa – Yahoo! Voices…/thoughts_on_barack_obamas_inauguration.htm…

    Jan 24, 2009 – Thoughts on Barack Obama’s Inauguration from Iowa needing to be evacuated by ambulance from the Senate luncheon that followed the

  4. Ted Kennedy Suffers Seizure at Inaugural – TIME

    Jan 20, 2009 – Amid the celebration, one of Barack Obama’s great champions He was escorted to an ambulance by three Senators, Orrin Hatch, John Kerry

  5. Talk:US Senator Ted Kennedy collapses during inaugural luncheon…/Talk:US_Senator_Ted_Kennedy_collapses_durin…

    Jan 23, 2009 – “he looked better when they put him in the ambulance” – sen orrin hatch an inaugural luncheon for new Democratic President Barack Obama

  6. Magazine – The Inauguration of Barack Obama – The Atlantic

    Everyone there for today’s inauguration wanted a piece of history, and the more with the pace until I started drafting behind an ambulance on 18th Street.
  7. Kennedy Recovering After Having Seizure at Obama Luncheon

    Inauguration 2009 January 20, 2009 – Washington, D.C. luncheon for President Barack Obama on Tuesday and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

12:27 pm Jen and Bab see you are not supposed to giggle, LOL!

12:25 pm Hurry to the presentation, who got perfume, you know we smell like… sshhh, okay time to be in public, mouthwash, 2 minutes to camera time and no giggling , exhale… here we go WATCH LIVE

11:36 am “Dan Lothian”, come on baby you stick out like Deja, sit up right and ask good questions

11:34 pm Just In meeting at White House at 12:15 pm today,

President Obama and The First Lady Attend the Unveiling of the Official President Bush Portrait

11:29 pm I am on the sofa with game rewind, sorry but I am tired and sleepy, so off with the computer and on to the game from last night…. oh after the news! Another plane incident in Illinois, Obama is coming to Chicago soon, who is delivering those lines, LOL! Helen Obama needs a 8 ball!

11:03 am Now time for Senate

10:45 am Break for the next session.

10:14 am For the record, we all have the right to express our opinions, we do you have a right to have your opinion and I have a right to express mines. If I were not such a threat and if my being right were not an issue I would cause such a distraction when I enter a room, this one thing I can assure you… Obama will not serve a second term. Okay thank you for asking! You don’t have to believe me, I really do not care and that is the final word. So throw your money at him all you like, and have every kind of special interest you would like, we all know why my son took a bullet in the head and he broke the rules and that is final.

10:10 pm You do know I have photos with EVERY person I mentioned below right and they all know me I was supposed to run for alderwoman vs Sandi Jackson. What we will argue and fight in this building is Obama vs Mitt Romney… LOL! the Obama supporters want to do all they can to STOP me from getting Mitt into office , here lies the problem, you denied me credit for Obama so why would I care?

10:05 pm I am laying on the sofa while listening!

10:03 am We are one coalition!

9:56 am And that is just ONE room:) Yes I work, volunteer, and speak to all of these and maintain my private identity… under the WPP, it is very hard to look and act normal!

9:44 am Roll Call to who I know or have met in this room, are you ready… here we go, who just got a email before this meeting started?

Good Morning Mike Madigan (met with Rob B in his office back in 2007, I am not going to fight with Lisa, I don’t have to sweetie… you are welcome for that younger baby:) she needs me to survive and if she dropped the ball, well that falls on YOUR shoulders. Barbara Currie (who you see me with everywhere, including BBD Parade), Tom Cross (also met with Rod B), Ken Dunkin (no I do not work for FREE, pay me and htne I work), Karen Yarbourough (Sat with in Black Caucus, RIP Eddie Washington), LaShawn K Ford (he got killed before he could make it to Lincoln’s Challenge, thank you for wanting to help), Annzanette Collins (tell uncle Ed Smith hello, BBD 2011), Art Turner (you had just me me, Lou Lang (Casino/HB30), Kwaume Rauol (BBD Parades, you know I roll with Bill, just doing my job baby), Emil Jones (no I did not sleep with your father, he wants to but I did not baby, I am not for sale), Monique Davis (BBD Parade), Rev Meeks (LOL, I told you that you were not going to be Mayor) Jackie Collins (Martyred for my faith), Mary Flowers (Aunt Sug’ was my baby and no I am not crazy, I have more power than you and being a Republican minded women does not make me crazy cousin), Constance Howard (RIP Eddie Washing, do I look crazy now?), Deborah Mell, yes I know Patti too and you would know that because you were the ONLY other person she hugged sentencing day, other than myself), Kirk Dillard (sorry about your dad, its Obama baby see what he did to Kirk, same week DJ died, hidden message in my face!), John Millner (much history) Randy Ramey (hello neighbor.. drinks on me), I almost forgot Bill and Nancy Brady, it was a pleasure to serve you! Deja gave her speech on gun control and asked to wear he Bill Brady t-shirt… versus her Pat Quinn shirt, LOL!

9:42 am Hun?? Communities where the taxes are paid the pensions are higher

9:41 am Is this why I got 2 additional State Handbooks this week, thank you Jesse White!

9:39 am I apologize to you all if Deja is a handful but her mother is global and I try to keep her on a normal basis, did you all enjoy NATO, I host a hell of a party… and yes the tragic loss of my son is taking a affect on her but she will heal!

9:38 am I work “Behind the Scene’s” on many issues I am currently working on a Chicago Casino and HB30 to legalize medicinal marijuana and I hope I have made my way around the room. Good morning to you all!

9:32 am Good Morning and without disclosing what school Deja attends, I am shouting out to the @1 School in Illinois, good morning to you all

9:10 am Live in Springfield see below post

8:15 pm Fact: I breastfed DeVonte the longest, he nursed until Deja was 3 months old, that may be the reason WHY his loss hurts so much, I was most attached to him.

8:13 pm and you can’t do nothing abut it, oh really… I wait for the post game interview, that is sometimes the most important part of the game! You keep me focused, LOL


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