Let’s talk about sex

12:59 pm I know who loves me and I know who hated on me and those who hated on me will talk all the shit they like and  enjoy it and just like DJ did not have help, I don’t see or hear anything either! My son had every right to enjoy life as everyone else… Now excuse me Deja has a choir picnic and I am doing the Mommy Thang today!



12:58 pm Do I give permission for you to beta the hell out of “everyone” who helped call DJ out, yes I do!



12:57 pm Chew Crew, I don’t want to have therapy when I am cooking. I like to enjoy my cooking and not be RIGHT all the time, I just want to enjoy cooking!



12:56 pm DWade doe snot like onions so he gets a separate everything!



12:48 pm What he wants to eat, LOL, thank you for the tip.. I know that part!



12:44 pm I am not chasing them, they are chasing me damn it and I am not going to take in a man who is … I am lying Wilson was 30 when I met him 2 years ago, you right!



12:43 pm After all I have been thru I need more than GREAT SEX I need the mental foreplay, I know DWade will fuss like hell and he and LeBron would be so protective but OMG that is all I need TWO husbands fussing and watching over my every move.



12:38 pm See I feel old when I hear that and I… not funny!



12:36 pm See, Jackee’ I am not a cougar either, they chase me, I don’t chase them and you are correct if they do not know what they are doing it does not matter. See why did you bust me out like that!



12:32 pm I want something NEW, something DIFFERENT, something I have never had before, someone I am not in love with or have strong affections for!



12:27 pm How did we mix food and sex, what a steak that is ugh!!! LOL Clinton you did not eat your breakfast, most important food of the day baby and I love the sweet side as much as the salty!



12:05 pm The Chew cooking tips!



11:50 am Tips for wine drinking or picking! Red Wine Red Meat, White Wine Fish or Chicken!



11:35 am pm SPRINGFIELD: Mike Boast, LOL, you have fits like that too hun? you need to smoke weed baby, LOL, I vent like that too baby, it’s OK!



11:34 am Silver Fox, I will confess, you have my attention and you get my attention quicker with the Chicago Police title but you know I have my issues especially knowing how my son was killed and that is your wall block!



11:34 am Hold on I need to clean my carpet while the news is on I will be right back and I have my ears on!



11:33 am I was thinking about what I want in my life as a playmate and what I want Mr Right to be like… very versatile and spontaneous… Silver Fox, you cannot whisper baby, your mic is still on, LOL!



11:31 am Back to my topic for the day, how do you make love? I am looking for romance, fire, that I think about you all night and day (without stalking) kind of love, the pleasant and pleasing trophy kind of love and I am not settling for nothing less!



11:30 ABC NEWS: Silver Fox, can I be honest with you babe, until you are no longer working under the authority of Rahm Emmanuel I will NOT consider you a serious candidate, I am sorry but you would have a three year wait period, seriously!



9:52 am This morning I want to stimulate the mind, this is adult conversation… for mature audiences only… Do you make love, screw (putting it politely) or have sex! I know this is going to throw a lot of you off this morning but I want you to think with me, what attracts me most to a man is the foreplay of the mind, do you take a lady out to dinner and a movie or do you go to McDonald’s for a burger and try to get it in the backseat of the car? Think with me for one moment!



9:32 am Who would agree with me that breakfast is the most “IMPORTANT” meal of the day, scrambled eggs baby!


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