First Officail Date with Wade

10:42 pm Rondo they were going to TRADE YOU baby, right! They did not want you, they did not want me, can you see now?

10:38 pm Nice date, funny, this may not make sense to you but he has seen me face to face and he is not phased and yes Gabrielle I can get my hair done like your too and Jordan is not going to let you go, your ass is too good to him, I don’t need the publicity!

10:37 pm You are strong as hell, you know that go DWade now that is a MAN baby, stand up and he is not ashamed baby!

10:32 pm If you look at MOST of the men I date interactively they all share ONE key feature, great kip, sorry, what?? Tel your mom I apologize, just motivating!

10:30 pm Fact: two of the three of us gave most of these players HIV (5) and guess what I am clean

10:29 pm Bee is having a baby I am not!

10:27 pm Now you know I get weak for great lips, LOL, what??? you tease too much, LOL!

10:25 pm Hey Bee, I already know that you are going to say and I hear you, I am so proud of you baby number 2 its a girl, I taught him well and he is proud of the first one, now do it all again!

10:23 pm I was all excited about breakfast and I need to take a bath but you guys want to play overtime, is this a date. I did not read what I wrote last year until just now… Jay you got jokes, you just wanted me to shout out to Blue Ivy, how the hell am I supposed to get to her if you all keep me in the bottle?

10:21 pm If I don’t win stop talking to me until I get to my promise!

10:20 pm What Jay Z??? Beyonce is on her way to baby #2, what do you want (99) Jay Code!

10:13 pm Jordan Rules: Chevette aka Jordan (Chicago), LisaRaye aka Magic (Los Angles), and Dawn aka Bird (Boston), he cannot afford to deny me now! I an the one who does NOT have HIV, sorry babies, I am the good girl!

10:11 pm Is that Birdman, who the hell told you to finance that stupid and ghetto how all the money I made you and Weezie, I wish you would, I see you! Hold my cut thank you, oh they did not know? Now you do and Master P, you know I got C Murder out of jail back ion the TBN days, just counting my money damn I saw Birdman!

10:10 pm Everything Jordan has he got from playing with me and hell no I do not want Jordan I want someone who wants me Kobe can keep Lisa bitch!

10:07 pm See I am looking at Peter and I saw Jordan and I went into a fit, I know MF well Jordan did not just call me, you weak A$$ negro my son is gone and you want to play now? after all of this? I know damn well you did NOT just say something to me you sorry MF, what the F do you want, make me cuss you out right now, sorry MF you!

10:06 pm So you see my dear and loyal fans, there is more to this story and the hate… is great.. I know damn well Jordan did not just call me, fuck you Jordan!

10pm They cannot touch him, all of Boston would fall on that one baby, see why you don’t want to gamble, that is why he has to let go! Boston is betting against him, see how they play him, RIGHT!

9:58 pm I am NOT having any more babies!

9:55 pm Now, wssup Doc, LOL, Dawn cannot save you on this play baby and I refuse to remain in Chicago after all of this, but since we are talking, let’s be honest and open why don’t we! Do you know how HARD it is to raise a normal child with this I.Q. being a target EVERYWHERE she goes, I don’t think so and let’s be real, that will never happen, you broke your promise! And like him or not you allowed them to drop the ball so this is my LAST mention of this QUESTIONABLE CALL baby! And you wonder why she is so mean?

9:51 pm He knows who Deja’s “REAL” father is and he knows he has to play strong with the ball! “BIG GUY” in the middle:) Sorry I cannot change my GOD baby!

What you looking for all you have to do is look in her face, who do you see, hell NO I am not going to let him forget!

Who are you looking for and why

9:39 pm Bet this Mikey Arison and Pat Riley what was the DEAL last season when we let them win that ring? You know I got the notes baby, come on say it isn’t so!

Remember this Marc DALLAS WINS (it’s first ring)

10:43 pm Marc Cuban, YOU WON baby, what did you gamble I am RIGHT you biog baby you I know you won BIG MONEY tonight, not just Mikey 7 later baby, at home resting, just ate and then BED to … Continue reading

LUKE being mannish


9:35 pm Ready to END this baby, LeBron is this “I DO”, I do not want ANYTHING MAJOR just you and Carmelo (Carmella Jamison), OK Whitney Houston here is where we see Cinderella BLACK GIRL version wiht Whitney Houston, WAIT don’t sober her yet, we got to get drunk FRIST then she can go it, I can say I made it across… Angela Bassett is it time to JUMP the BROOM no let me call Jakes

9:23 pm Dwade said IT right there he said this will be MY WIFE when I get there they Miami gets 7 rings later off the TOP

9:13 pm Yes David Stern what did you say, Hey Mamma Stern!

9:12 pm DWade is no dummy he been sitting here listing to me talking to Gary Payton and Shaq all these year his DICK is hard in the picture with his Mom, Look!


***********From the Archive********************

9:35 pm Well Momma Wade (photos below), I know he does not eat onions and Sivoughn, his ex wife working with Pippen also knows me, LOL, she gave him to me!

9:34 pm DWade is feeling like a Super hero and no Alex I am not a whore! Sorry to the sisters who take it in the ass, I don’t play that way, not sorry! You talk shit!

9:32 pm Scooter aka Dooling (Boston) aka Halsem (Miami) is having fun!! All I need is my hair man baby!

9:19 pm I had to see who they sent to FIGHT thank you for showing me my hands, it hurts but you know… I am used to it. I have a mother, a family and friends, I moved closer to them all, thank you! I needed to see WHO they used to kill my son with HATE, JEALOUSY and RAGE, now listen, we can hear you all TALK, we need it all on record!

9:15 pm Now Boston, which one of you have I seen, who made me real, without DWade (not even Kobe he faced me up and knows who and what I do, like I always have) you have nothing!


View more videos at:

9:13 pm Yes Hootie they know you baby, been watching you since birth, I had to sneak you in, smile you mean that much to me! I had to have ONE child I knew 100% who and why I made! I wanted you and you have to be made 100% right baby, you are not a accident or a mistake, or a questionable call, you were a 100% blessing from GOD

9:11 am And if you win, I have a even bigger surprise, I can’t help it, you found me and you put your mother on me too, ugh!

9:06 pm Hootie (15) is talking to DWade hun, and LeBron is on DWade’s left (wife) LOL, did you say you wanted toi eat breakfast, SMILE, you being mannish in front of your mother!

9:02 pm Now stick to the script that works best when Debbie died who became my family, Maywood Police Officer Lattrell B Sheriff, my sister is Dionne and Terrence (he use to play ball with Jordan) I have cousin’s that you can see and I have plenty of friends, and yes I need Scooter to do my hair (he is really good) Deja wants to come to Florida to go to college and my older sister lives in Louisiana!

8:55 pm DWade did any one of these people, any of my family or other stand by your side when your nephew was shot, RIGHT, play ball this is just a game baby! If you loose the game I owe you a night of play, LOL! Kissing all over your face and some how about that? I know how to make you feel better if you loose a game baby! They call me a whore anyway, you know I am wife material, the best “REVENGE” is success! You will be here soon, and you know how to find me, LOL

8:53 pm This is my last and final season anyway, LOL! Now you have new ass you can use, LOL, send more trips, dips and flips next time I am not protecting anybody just my children baby… Just my children eve Dee stupid ass. All of the people around me who hate me, may GOD bless them, they did not believe, LOL! Just know this you better to bet with me than against me… I know how to look for who they see, open your eyes!

8:51 pm thank you for showing me who was playing against me, I needed the tips, LOL.. back to work I have so much more to do… LeBron, just remember this Boston cannot afford for me to be wrong. So don’t stress it, they lied their way into the game Philly should have won this round, you already know Doc’s game looking for anyone and everyone he can find to play against me, LOL… Thank you now I know!

8:32 pm Gary Payton, I don’t know you , YOU are with Lisa baby, don’t tell nobody you know me please!

8:31 pm I am BOTH TEAMS

Score Card:

Breaking the SCORE CODES My Number Chart

2 Second Wife to somebody, never know who? I am engaged..

3 You see/hear GOD

4 “Me” HIV negative

5 Someone with HIV near me

7 Lucky in Vegas

8 or 24 Kobe Codes

9 I am not having a baby by nobody

10 Perfect Me

11 Who wants to RAPE… yeah

12 Jesus had Disciples how many?

13 Esther

15 Hootie


18 DJ (RIP)

20 Gary Payton

21 WEED (y’all so LOUD)

22 Both of us on second marriage


25 Derrek Lee

31 DWade’s Age


34 Walter Payton

36 Don Juan

43 My age

44 Obama (40’s are usually Presidential Codes)

45 When I am snapping (what gun do I carry?)

50 I am going off about something

52 Mustapha

77 Farrakhan

87 Dee

93 DJ (RIP)

95 Deja

97 Hootie

99 Jay Z

8:23 pm Oh they are setting up shots so I am going to listen tonight, excuse me! I almost panicked then I see we are setting up shots so if you are NEW to this game you have to see how this works, LOL, this is my game baby! Read without me and watch! LOL! I have a global blog, with people listening from everywhere, let’s see who hears what tonight!

See you have to know who they are talking about, talking to and what the subject is, I have family and some friend who will hate on me because they know who I know and what I know… no matter what that is just one more person I don’t have to take to Miami with me, LOL, you know they (the family) believes if not they would not be hating on DWade, yeah I am kinda his girl and I am not going to loose he who believes in me for they that want to hate on me, everybody knows I never knew my real family, now we get to listen and see who plays what play, LOL!


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