This is my confession

12:58 pm Woman hit was a lawyer, LOL, I know who got voted out there. So that BITCH is at it again, see you used me then you got used.. no names needed she is OUT right Ricky Hendon!

12:53 pm Let them run and tell the principal I do not care.. who you gonna call you called the President, okay next… LOL, if you have the number call it damn it… then they can come in and play with your life… I keep my eyes open do you? LOL! Call in today and crash into a truck tomorrow, next question! Better yet, win a trip to Vegas and while you were sleep… we video taped it all!

12:50 pm Hilarious, you really do NOT want to know the story! We will not tell “Monica Lewinsky” jokes today I do not have a cigar! Oh my they know my White House alias, LOL!

12:49 pm That was HILARY’S (Clinton) laughing, I know that laugh.. I tried Vodka it did not work, LOL!

12:42 pm I love to play with the people who look for reasons to NOT like me it give my angels and demons permission for tear your life apart, if they don’t tell me to pray for you I won’t. They know I like FRANK so they tell me when there is a need to pray for him or call (cover) his name. I am watching you like you are watching me, here let me help you! April 20, 2009

12:39 pm Don’t mess with FRANK, Hi Mayor!

12:38 pm I wish I could find Derrek Lee right now and convert him into a normal guy again. Even if he is not a CUB I miss my baby!

12:37 pm Clinton, if you think I don’t know the skinny, men who abuse women usually are thank you for the tip baby. I know he likes you more than me, LOL!

12:32 pm See why I date men with guns, I say stay away.. what part of NO don’t you understand. DAMN, I tell you, what choices do I have France, Germany and London right… Italy is still a favorite and you KNOW I can make a way for a door to open, the USA is so STUPID at times, the shit you do for ratings (Peter Cussed) wondering what happened today, damn the DRAMA continues!

12:30 pm The Pippen mic should be off, he is TOTALLY disconnected from my life why is he still calling, turn OFF that mic and he is NOT allowed access to me any longer!

12:25 pm Obama desire to have a baby with me and when he made the statement “If I had a son he would look like TRAYVON that was his fucked up way of saying… If I had a baby by Chevette that is what he would have looked like”

FACT: Trayvon is DeVonte, okay now you know the truth, screw that sick bastard!

12:21 pm Shameless Plug: I have been trying to focus on my catering business since I got to Chicago, I am dealing to find a catering truck and such and such and I have been working diligently trying to get on track… But as you all know all HELL broke out in my life. I am a Chef by TRADE I use to cook for Bishop Eddie Long at New Birth from 1998-2003 which is how I know Usher because I use to serve the Bishop, his family and the Executive Staff excursively… so that is how I know all of the Pastor’s I was Mary and Vanessa was Martha… I was the cuter and happier wife. Anyway!–staff

I have not done catering beacuse well you know. I met Obama and he has pissed on me and pissed me off since that time and I have not been the same.

12:19 pm I am trying to loose weight and you smooth chocolate, thank you very much I am 29lbs over weight and you pour chocolate, not funny!

12:18 pm Carla they found my secret garden, LOL, invite a friend to VEGAS and let them enjoy the trip, when they WAKE UP!

12:17 pm WARNING: Be careful of playing with my hands when I am cooking, it’s not nice to food with the Chef when cooking!

12:16 pm Thank you for the TIP to the SET UP, saw it coming!

12:15 pm Who the hell is breaking my signal damn it. Do NOT screw with my CHEW damn it, trying NOT to cuss getting pissed!

12:06 pm THE CHEW: TEACH ME how to make CLAM CHOWDER! Michael everything is a big set up baby!

12:01 pm ABC: Chewing my food slowly, cannot talk with my mouth full of food… Is the crowd and ratings growing yet?

11:38 am Good Morning Jesse White, don’t feel much like talking today, God Bless! No mater who I work with or vote for God has been GOOD to you!

Did they make FOOLS of themselves and contact you if so I have a good legal claim, do they really want to TEST ME. Good, I can start this party with a BANG, to avoid litigation they need to FIRE the person(s) who doubted me, thank you!

11:12 am LOL, Dominick’s I am creating my shopping list for Memorial Day, jokes!

11:04 am France, Germany and London are still here!!! SMILE, Thank you very much I will be around town tomorrow. Thank you for staying a little longer! I am very interested in those areas, very interested!

10:59 ABC NEWS no comment, just want to hear updates!

10:01 am The Price Is Right on the sofa trying to catch up on some sleep, I have NOT had a good nights rest in over a week… oh damn I have to find coupons.. dag nab it!

9:44 am If I may VENT honestly for a moment, it is simple to say YOU ARE RIGHT After the fact…After I have lost a son, after my daughter has been mentally damaged beyond repair, after loosing 5 years with my baby boy… after my life has been turned up side down… Now, you want to say I am right. I want my son and I cannot APPEAL his death, I cannot resurrect him from the dead and I cannot have these years lost back so I don’t care about being RIGHT!

9:44 am Get the money girl!

9:43 am Enough of that on to CBS fore Let’s Make a Deal!

9:23 am Oh that is not Marks gal but she is still pretty!

9:22 am Mark is that your soon to be wife, cool she is pretty… Win a Sinner, Save a Soul good girl!

9:21 am LOL, I am not ENGAGED or DATING… I am trying to get my life back together after it being tragically torn apart, if you think I look nuts think about Deja!

9:18 am Here’s to YOU “Silver Fox”, my FAVORITE Chicago Super Hero in a badge! I miss you much… if only in my dreams! (Goto 1:50 in this video, he is the big guy, yellow tie, looking confused, trying not to trip over his “HUGE” feet… do I make you nervous baby???)

9:17 am When it is all said and done they will say, I spoke lovingly of him and I was great for his pride and confidence… wishing I could bump into you again… Funny he first met me with Hootie in the halls and gave me a drink of water it floored me!

9:16 am Codename Paul, he is bi… damn… well it was a good thought anyway! I am crazy for a guy with a siren,,, woo, woo, woo.. pull over… pull over… well… can he ride a Harley, that is the master skill, can he bike it, Win a Sinner and Save a soul is my motto!

9:14 am Nina got jokes, LOL, it’s good for his ego… is he gay or bi??? LOL

9:12 am Huge, code words to describe the kinda man who can make me think… How did Silver Fox do yesterday?

9:09 pm WINDY CITY LIVE: I am up eating Sugar Babies, going thru this last stage of the period cramping my butt off watching #Windy City Live… (Let’s Make a Deal on Hold Today I have to stay on top of facts, before I enter the WAR ZONE tomorrow)

8:34 am Obama is the MASTER DISTRACTOR he causes problems to occur where there are none to make himself seem more powerful than he is, or to throw you off focus, G Mac, they set you up for a fall and if Silver Fox was not my heart I would not tell you anything. But they were targeted and I warned you that was the plan. See its cool being a cops gal… That was for you babe.

8:30 am ABC: I WAS RIGHT AGAIN, THE DISRUPTIONS WERE STAGED…say it with me, you were RIGHT CHEVY… I told you EVERY disruption was staged, see that G Mac, I am never wrong, see that.

8:17 am FTR: Yes, Chris B, was lip sync’ing… Next Question, I wish he had danced a little more, just remember NO HITTING GIRLS, I don’t mind lip service, just keep your hands to yourself, Love Mom… Wayne you have to PAY ME if I am handling his image.

7:50 am ABC UPDATES: Usher, LET ME GET THIS, RIGHT… Tameeka, is fighteng with you over my grandbabies, did I hear you correct? She is fighting over MY grandbabies and I am still in mourning… Ok.

Didn’t I warn you that BITCH was too old for you? Did I not ask you, to keep tha WHORE out my house, see… I don’t let you hit women, so you did good… I spared her gold digging ass once, but I know damn well… She does not have you crying over them babies, see I told you we should have kept her asleep the first time… No she did not… Hold on one minute, let me pray…

Yes, I am cussing, you know that will make me cuss, not today, you know I go off about my boys, yes I am watching and I can hear too, from bed

6:50 am Yyyaawwwnnn, Good Morning


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