RIP Devonte Pippen

9:10 am References to the similarities as sick as they are to the DJ story line in Meet the Browns. I am tired also… Now offline.

9:08 am I see purple people. Resting with my son while watching.

9:04 am Happy Belated Birthday Hank.

9:03 pm Windy City LOL, Val was cheering fight scenes.

8:29 am DCFS Erwin McEwin (gone) Hull House (gone) people who touched my kids that led to my current state of mind…SHUT IT DOWN not just Neighbor to Neighbor but the whole company.

Robin, not talking to Cuban, he got his ring and no Rolls Royce.

8:26 am DJ is twitching his thumb, I sit next to his bed, in a recliner where I sleep and monitor his progress, while holding his hand. He twitches his thumb and they saw it… Cool. Keep praying.

7:23 am FIGHT SCENE… y’all got jokes…No, I am not moving him yet, I am trying to rest, LOL, fight scene… No comment.

7:03 am GMA: George… Robin, not talking, trying to rest my eyes… Deliriously tired. DeVonte is ALIVE!!! Damaged but alive.

6:50 am NORTHWESTERN: I know you love me, let me get him STABLE first… Then I will bring him over later… I heard that and yes I explained I am simple but global. That is NOT important now, DJ recovering is. Trying to get some rest 26 hours no sleep, wishing I had a shot of tequila we don’t want Scottie anywhere near DJ, screw him.

6:20 am I am not talking… Eating a cold Whopped from Burger King, see my father is not bad… Offline, trying to rest. Code 21, I need a shower and a fresh change of clothes. Not leaving his side, we in this baby… Bye, I have my eyes on. No comment and DJ can hear to be cool on the drama please.

6:17 am What movie is this… Meet the Brown’s YOU watch, I will just direct… You did remember that curse right Rick Fox, thanks and screw you all.

6:06 am Okay, back on Mommy duties… Eyes on ABC offline my most important job is Mom… Later.

5:48 am Okay, I am WIRED off strong coffee, so very WIRED that and not wanting to miss a heartbeat. I am mentally drained, but he made it 24 hours after, now I just need to wait and be patient for the swelling to go down. Sorry I am not answering. Dealing with my son and trying to hold my peace. I may wait until DJ is stablized and move him to Northwestern later AFTER he has cleared the TRAUMA stages. They have an entire wing dedicated to nothing but nuerology, not taking a thing from Dr. Shaeffer, he is great… I will pray on this. Okay, I am drained and Jay should be back soon.

5:42 am Amanda and staff are doing. Great Job, thank you for that shout of love for her… She is awesome.

5:30 am I already alerted who I need to, I want her to come to my house… Come on:) I have. Big surprise. So, was DJ shot with one of the stolen guns… Oh the hospital did not mind, they wanted that address to Crystal’s house too baby. Now wait til I send my team in… You set my son up to die in the streets in cold blood… Ok, he is stronger than you think. I must say this hospital and its staff is awesome, you will not believe this, remember Ed O’Donnell my ex fiance… He works HERE… Yes, the man I was going to marry when I learned I was pregnant with DJ. You should have seen all the faces look like HUN??? yep that was my baby Ed.

5:18 am Facts of the shooting, DJ and Jaquan went to the store to grab blacks:), his people who were here when I got here state a man in a gray car drove past shooting. THAT IS A LIE, first of all DJ suffered a shot wound at close range to the head. The person who shot him WAS NOT in a moving vehicle, they walked up on him. Now, help me understand this… How did DJ get shot but JAQUAN did not, the LEFT HIM on the spot and did not come to the hospital…. This is the CRAZY part… He left him, did not come to the hospital, but his mother did… No she did not run up on me, in my face… You can stop right there. You already know what happened. I am not trying to be cute if I am MAD

5:14 pm I volunteered to do security yesterday…they had too many unauthorized people in the recovery room and I helped, clean the lobby:)

5:06 am DJ is having a CAT scan, so I have about a 20 minute break. I have not slept and I am WIRED on hospital coffee. I share every other detail of my life, so I might as well share this chapter. I thank GOD for prayers, my family… Father, aunt, brother, sister and cousin and more came to check up on him… He is too stubborn to quit. He is slightly moving his fingers and maintaining… The thought of moving with all of this… Father give me strength. Well, I have to get it together, we are moving and I would not give a damn what I am on my baby is coming with me.

5:02 am Jane Adams Hull House, the agency the seized my children, is CLOSING. Yes, that is correct and I am still suing you… Clarence Woods don’t go too far and yes Neighbor to Neighbor is SHUTTING DOWN.

2:28 am DJ is stablizing well, lots of swelling and very swollen but alive, thank you Jesus. He had a day filled with family who love him and plenty of prayers, and we played Fred Hammond for him earlier. Again thank you CBS and FOX for covering the shooting. And much thanks to the CPD and EMT teams that worked so fast and professional… Where is the video from the gas station.

7:42 pm DJ is stablizing and maintaining. Thank you for all of your prayers.

3:50 pm Please continue prayers.

3:40 pm Thank you media, his shooting on 72nd and Western was covered.

12:41 pm DJ is out of surgery, he is waiting for a room. I tank you in advance for all of the calls and prayers. He is a good son and he shall pull thru in Jesus name.

8:12 am Obama you happy now? Hun? Did you get your Target. If Gifford lived DJ better live too and I mean it… Still looking for a good story, I hope you are all happy. My son is fighting for his life.

7:29 am Please pray for my son to LIVE I don’t care about anything else, I just want him to live. At Christ Advocate Hospital in Oak Lawn, I hope Scottie is satisfied now… My son WILL LIVE.

6:12 am At Christ Hospital, DJ has a severe shot to the head, the docotors are taking him to surgery. In the name of Jesus, pray for him please.

4:22 am I got all DJ has been shot in the head!

7:44 pm Praying for DJ!

3:54 pm TONIGHT NBA ACTION LIVE and we are scratching the back of 26,000 TODAY in less than 4 days, THANK YOU!


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