Go DJ cause that’s my DJ

8:01 pm Watching TNT at a pals house, Vincent Carter, make it do what it do baby..

6:40 pm Wheel of Fortune, horn blows… Meatloaf in the oven… Ears open for TIPS you know I am a fast car and water front kinda girl…

3:43 pm Tap, tap, tap… mic check.. Announcement (Watching Jeopardy) JORDAN is getting married. Kobe WON y’all, Jordan gave up on chasing me so that must mean one thing KOBE WON, now you know I got traded.

The Bulls did not want to WIN sorry it ain’t my fault… Don’t feel bad Yvette my girls won’t get you, but Juanita’s girls on the other hand are MONSTERS LOL!

And this of it my way, he could not moan Chevette during sex so he can moan Yvette and you won’t know the difference! Enjoy! Jordan just crapped out!

I am still waiting for the PSA to the people tearing up the stores for his shoes, SEE WHAT I MEAN NOW, he is one of the most selfish… I can’t wait to read this prenup!

OFFLINE until GAME time KOBE tonight and I might not blog so he can play…

12pm Closing out 2011 With a OPEN MIND I made the COVER of TIME no comment! See Brian Jackson you always get me in trouble!




11:57 am ABC : Who is getting “high” today, well I do serve the Most High God:) I have not legalized Marijuana in Illinois yet stop pushing dang it! LOL stop playing Casino and Legal Marijuana I am not finished working yet and my voters are my base! Should I remain and run for Alderwoman of the 7th Ward…Oh wait there may not be a 7th Ward LOL!!! OFFLINE!

11:49 pm Sorry Indiana, I did not mean to CRASH the stage SORRY Deja missed her debit in Illinois with the Governor!


11:44 am (Sing to on the first day of Christmas song to this line up) My Debbie gave to me One black President, 2 Happy Governors, 2 State Senators, 3 Congressmen… 4 County Board, 5 House Seats and 6 State House Reps and a City Council sitting under my tree… Sandi Jackson stop playing girl! The more I win the more hair she adds.. LOL! Still not smarter can afford the do but I have the heart and soul of the 7th Ward!


Oh wait I have a video with Jesse Jr. and Sandi made a cameo, you know I cut off the mic at 12 so I am trying to FINISH The week strong.

11:41 am I am dong a YEAR in Review in a moment, hold on I have to post up Sponsor Ads first then this place will sit still until 2012!


11:38 am Hey Toni Preckwinkle, I thought you guys saved the CLERK’S jobs, ugh! I hear you and yes I am most prod of that walk! See the video below! No party see I knew just ONE of you would have a NYE party, can’t drink in public LOL! She was SHOT AT also,. this is not a movie!

11:35 am Hold on Father Pfledger I am not sending emails any longer just like Dart kept a eye on DJ and that Catholic Pastor was attacked not a coincidence!

11:28 am Sam Adams is covering my face, you saw Congressman Davis right, issue of DJ possibly being set up to HANG inside his jail, NO THAT WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE, what spirit did you let loose and who illustrated that Sam you want to explain that for me. What did you sacrifice, sorry about that possession I guess GOD needed to make a point NO DJ did not HANG HIMSELF in jail!


He is stronger than you thoughht, in a cell with a hanging wire hun! Yeah OK we’ll see! Got that Josh, is this making sense now!


11:27 pm Who can find a virtous woman her price is more valued that Rubies:) I see you too adn if you listen I can HEEAR you, no Rich I am not hearing voices Charlie Brown gang!

11:25 am GINGER (Baton Family) he is doing fine MiMi is a protective Godfather! Liquor with grass… getting drunk on ABC who is bringing drinks I’m ready! Freak of Nature LOL!

11:20 am Yes Deja we see YOU too you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing and Hootie, caught on film… you were WRONG but I love you and I cannot wait to see ALL of you again at once, my love is nmot going to change and you may be delayed you are not denied HOME is still HOME baby!

11:16 am Very ICY no Kobe I do NOT want Jewels I like cars:)

11:13 am DJ did you get that DRILL baby, RLC Drill Team… yeah he is OK she can see him just fine CODE WORD DRILL baby!


I never did like this one verse “if something happens to the CAPTAIN”…

Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan you mean???? Hum

11:11 am South Korea: Kim Jun Il I heard you need a picture with Kobe, I have my finger on the pulse of your pain, AMEN!

11:10 am What you HATE to admit is I loosely use the term TRILLION, if you knew just how REAL and SERIOUS and how you really can believe me you will know I am VERY SERIOUS!

11:06 am Hold on I will do a quick 2011 in Review Photo slide Show to end the year! Hey Silver Fox I am just curious did Jay Z explain I am the reason for his FAME and SUCCESS if I were to care and divorce him I am in debted 50% of all BOTH of them owe.

SING! I will stay with Kobe he already has my gym and work out plan, does that mean I cannot get boobs and a butt SMILE baby! He did see me at Oprah, they all saw me EVERYONE who was in BEIJING! You really do not know how much I am worth do you? Reminder the fatal MILK poisoning in Beijing Obama got jokes

11:05 am Which child may be returning later today, and yes Sylvia watched DJ for Pippen I promise. I have a camera working and several eyes in the booth RIGHT Chuck and Paul!

11:01 pm Hey Evelyn (shouting really loud) I wish I had your TEXTURE I would go SHORT too, that is my 2004 look, LOL!

11am Live at my desk for ABC News

Michael Jackson Kids, Debbie Rowe: Estranged Mother Visiting Children?

Great News, Debbie I think this is great and I think LasToya (who has no children, should be SILENT in this matter) I am proud of you Debbie, very proud of you!

9:54 pm NO you are not seeing things on the letter to Obama you do see KOBE’S name and my black planet blog page telling you where you could find me back then, they ERASED that whole file, you know!

9:48 am Gaining more TRAVEL sponsors and staying focused on gadgets, places I would shop and deals I find online that I want to share, now I am trying to get my restaurant coupon book collectively together, the delegates are not JUST coming to Chicago they are going to base here and travel to the other cities while they are here so I want the page set for the MAY madness crows that will soon be coming to Chicago! Now that I have all of the major items together I can now focus on FOOD and entertainment!

9:28 am New Sponsor Last Minute Travel and so many other great new affiliates adding on, building my site for 2012!

8:39 am Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible Ghost” Ethan you are the greatest (did Tom start on that Tom Jr yet, he can hear me I promise. Tom I want a BOY baby!!!)

I was going to ask for a BMW and you want to hear something funny, I tripped on you crashing off the parking lot tower in the BMW after I watched the movie, there was a BMW crash around the corner, not funny GOOD CHICK FIGHT scene, impressive… yes I watched it was good too and because I love my online bootleg channel I am not telling where I find my FREE NEW RELEASE MOVIES online, saves me a trip and I can much from the comfort of my sofa! I have to do Sherlock Holmes too!

8:35 am Good Morning America so you see (if you watched ANY of the videos I am talking directly to the MEDIA, movies to watch I am going to watch Bridesmaid and The Help today, at my desk adding SPONSORS to my website I will be here until 12pm!

8:21 am 2011 a Year in Review the TOP 4 Cases I prayed for… Dr Conrad Murray GUILTY, Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY, Amanda Knox FREE and Rob Blagojevich GUILTY and being swept off to Colorado!

8:01 am I am going to LEAVE this post up adding on until the New Year and I want to pray this year away and give RELEASE to all of the pains from the past, I call this putting 2011 behind me and opening the door for a FRESH 2012.

7:56 am ABC See there is Ben Bradley (Baby by ME) and I have to add the Toni Preckwinkle video go to 14:00 in this VIDEO what was my GOAL office in the City of Chicago “Executive Office of Special Events: right Anne Marie (LISTEN)… my cousin’s name is Anne Marie:)smile code name!


If you look CLOSE in this video (red turtleneck, I stick my RIGHT HAND out for a reading, and ABC like always had the EXCLUSIVE in my face CAMEO peek) Yes I really am talking to ABC!

7:46 m You are in the class with ABC fellow staff members: Judy Su and Ben Bradley, GOTCHA… see I work GREAT!

7:45 am Good Morning America, I wish Beyonce well, as a mother it is exciting to hear she too will deliver soon. Brianna GOT CHA!

12/29/2011; 7:44 am I think I want to keep these post up for a moment, my thoughts are still wide open!

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