Murray gets 4 years baby

12:08 pm Chuck Dee, I guess I can STOP fighting over Mustapha hun, Dawn never did get over the fact that I took Lisa to Jordan’s party without her.. I know, anyway! Hope he can take off his bullet proof jacket now!

12:07 pm My spirit is so overjoyed, I am so overjoyed… Thank you Father, I am so overjoyed! He got the MAX sentence for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson!

12:05 pm Murray says he loved giving MJ blow jobs I have it all lined up for you baby! WAIT he is ONLY for the LA COUNTY inmates!

12:04(a) Dawn hand on the table, “POISON” you heard New Edition explain that Kahlil Roundtree is gone right and the list goes on… now say you did not hear that song!

12:04 pm LA County here he comes baby, no VIP and no PC is needed please he gets no special treatment!

12:03 pm I want no less than $100 million, we can INSURE HIM and assign all proceeds to go to MJ’s estate!

11:59 am I’d like to see it too your honor, I owe you one, but in the meantime I can send a decoy… Seymour hand that for me please!

11:58 am I am ordering “BLOW JOBS” for EVERYONE who loves me (and helped, you had to help on this one… giggle) AMEN, so excited … thank you Judge! Women you qualify for that one too, stop playing… LOL

11:57 am LA County Jail here he comes baby!

11:56 am This is a have great sex moment I am so excited, very clear (Commander Brian 10-4)

11:55 am He is “so wreckless” and I believe he is a DANGER to the community!

11:53(a) I love you so much Judge Pastor with ALL of my body, soul, spirit and mind! I bless you I praise GOD for you and I cover you from head to toe with all my heart and love!

11:53 am He got 4 years… yeah baby!

11:51 am It won’t take long can he get MORE THAN 4 years!

11:49 am Grabbed his pen in left hand, now he wants to grant Dawn a go off sign, watch his hands!

11:48 am Court DECLINES to grant probation!

11:46 am Dr Conrad Murray aka Dr. Carl Bell and the may others that are planted around to do what, kill you off in anger, pick a hand any hand and live or die by it!

11:43 am That is why they want my case files DESTROYED all of this information is in that case file, all of this including the addresses of the ENTIRE Jackson family is in that case file!

11:42 am He violated Michael Jackson’s right to privacy RIGHT all of his acts were premeditated, and planned! He misused and abused his power to EXPLOIT and KILL Michael!

11:39 am Mary J Blige I hear you.. What is he reading the attempt of Illinois to try to DESTROY the files of my cases with my children, they did all of that to my children and when I subpoena those records you will see all of the lies and deception EFFORT (Hull House)

11:38 am He ordered 255 viles of this drug in a 2 month period, after ONLY ordering 3 viles in a 3 year period!

11:37 am Judge Pastor can use “ANY” hand he wants when “he” uses his hands Left (go Off) Right (I am correct). He is trying to be CAREFUL with his hands!

11:34 am Murray is doing my famous Richie pose! Thinking hard! I have to post that picture later! I know she hit Richie! I do not need his permission to smoke pot, see why I look mental!

11:32 am I am having a Jesus on the cross with 2 thieves moment, which one of you will betray me, I have that answer Dawn will betray me first! Eugene Sawyer, Eugene Pincham, John Stroger and the list goes on! People she claim as hers that she does not want to let go of to me, its a SOUL FIGHT, just like we are fighting over Farrakhan, relax I will not bring him back from the dead again

11:31 am So that is who is in my oldest son’s head, I should have known. LOL, I love those who look to betray me trying to think that Lisa and I… let me explain this… I moved 4 blocks from Lisa’s mother… why do you think I did that. I did not move near Barbara Baker I moved close to Katie McCoy and the message has to be sent that I will deal with Dawn killers

11:30 am Murray oh you believe me when I hear my LisaRaye voice hun… you so stupid!

11:29 am My go OFF hand (LEFT) you have to know the context to which I am Judging I am in my Judged chair now!

11:28 am Murray: I am having a he said the call I just got came from Lisa, you heard that too hun!

11:25 am Looking for my hands hun… Okay when you see me you see Lisa on my Right and Dawn on my left. Lisa is my black white girl face and Dawn is my white black girl face, I cannot cover all 1500+ NBA Players 1500+ NFL Players and do we have to count now… Alicia Keys is screaming,…. Dawn is sc’erd maybe!

11:23 am Right! Sc’erd to use your hands maybe, where is Dawn right now… you cannot see her pattern of behavior, she is still fighting about Deja, this is all about the revelation of who Deja really is, no matter what baby, you cannot have her or her power. LOL!

11:22 am Excuse me having a BLESS THE CHILD rat moment! Dawn wants me to be gone, she wants my POWER, LOL no baby you will never have this power and all you do is show your bad hand baby…

11:21 am I want more than 4 years and I honestly do not give a damn.. Born in Grenada, is that where you learned the art, locate that island on GPS (repeat of Haiti maybe) want me to curse the island… is that your wish:) SMILE

11:19 am Don’t cry… please don’t cry… you belong to me, I will teach you REAL VOO DOO baby, don’t cry it won’t hurt, like Mike you won’t feel a thing!

11:17 am Dawn is talking Mariah Carey is on TV, so this is basically a who loves me more of the 2 you know that answer Lisa loves me more than Dawn and Dawn is just pure hate… Lisa is MAD I would not give up my children to run the streets with her, but Dawn just being Dawn like she called me and told me Sean LeVert was dead… Let’s connect the dots…

11:16 am One more chance, give me just one more chance.. Michael wanted me to go to Law School this bad, he is the only one who knew my DREAM of studying LAW and that loss…

11:15 am Momma said make you WALK again and my back has been messed up since, I love you!

11:14 am Okay who was at the Jackson Victory Tour in 1984 at Cominsky Park, Randy gave me his shirt the 2nd night and Michael gave me the hat closing night!

11:12 am Randy and Latoya are there, now EVERYBODY knows that is me.. come on baby, why do I love the Range Rover so much, they all had TAN Range Rover’s back in the day I had the hood of that one 104454 Wilshire (Westwood) baby!

11:11 am Caught in the middle hun, don’t want to move left or right now do you… either way you will get hit and Dawn too baby!

11:10 am Anyone who can prove I am right she hits like that, I know Lisa would not HIT ME like that, Lisa HITS FOR ME, Dawn only hits those who soul’s she wants to Control, she crossed the line on this one!

11:08 am Too many cops being killed in this area they will tell me, why??? They want to LIVE!

11:07 am CPD driving with the left hand, you a target too hun, yeah I know Dawn has a big impact in this area that way!

11:06 am My Right hand is ready to shoot so it had to be DAWN her signature move she always hits me like that!

11:05 am I wore RED in my last public appearance!

11:04 am DAWN did this, DAWN was behind this!

11:02 am I just want ONE LAST WORD was it Lisa (right hand) or Dawn (left hand), who sent you was it Lisa or Dawn! Tell me now!

11:01 am Did you just look me in my eyes, you sick.. the plane crash in Illinois, see you got jokes, the plane crash in Illinois is on the news and he looked me in my eyes!

11am Targeting those you know I care about and who I love with my heart, see that!

10:59 am See that, see that, and I look crazy, come on man, this is an occult, this is a killer and he is still playing with his hands…

10:58 am Murray shifted, and you think this is not all related, you bastard, who else did your team plant, you bastard, so you are still making hits hun!

10:57 am Rahm, this is when my… what did you plant in Maggie, this happened right before Maggie.. yu bastard!

10:56 am I told you do not play with me on this one! You cannot touch my children! No baby, you cannot play with my mind, you are guilty and then you shot at me too, come on baby!

10:55 am Murray still playing games hun, where is your son, and the model chick:) say something I dare you… play with me please!

10:53 am My only regret is I cannot be there to spook him myself, we are all praying… pray with me children!

10:50 am Don’t get sc’erd… to late for that BOO, don’t get sc’erd I want the MAX sentence on this one in Jesus name… I know Momma is a Jehovah Witness, Amen respectfully Momma please put this in my hands! I want your hands CLEAN of this I want this to be all ME! I want ALL CRAZY CREDIT for this one! Please let me be crazy on this one and NO APPEALS… will be granted shut the door and LOCK IT!

10:49 am I hear you Latoya, keep me REAL in that room to that Judge! I don’t care about anything else, keep me REAL in that room right now for the Maximum sentence Jackson Family!

10:48 am I see Latoya’s side hick in the stand!

10:47(a) The female in RD looks like Ardell Sims, is she reading with me!

10:47 am Murray has been scared grey, look at his hair! Wait until I get you in a cell.. hold on baby, it won’t hurt!

10:46 am Brian Panish, is that my fiance Brian (Rahm’s Team) or Brain Jackson!

10:45 am Statement from the family… The children are NOT speaking!

10:45 am Cheroff and Flangan, I hold you in my hands, you will be fine!

10:43 am Keep him in state, please let him stay in state Penal Coded 11-70-h, I cannot pull it up

10:42 am Okay so this is not as exciting as a Laker or Bears Game but yes. All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and I believe you too Judge Pastor!

10:41 am Yes Judge Pastor tell the Judges that yes you read the ruling from my appeals courts they are so full of crap in Illinois but you know!

10:40 am What??? Do you really think I cannot stack a deck, all these fixed cases against me and you think I cannot do the same:) Giggle I love it when I am unbelievable, they did help me get a conviction!

10:39 am Chernoff and Flangan, you just want me to talk to you, you guys did a good job, TEAM WORK and you are fine I am proud of you all at the table, stand up… we are fine, stand up!

10:38 am Murray is contesting the proceedings ion camera stating his rights to privacy… he has no rights! We are on LIVE I love me some Judge Pastor baby, I really do…

10:27 am CNN: Murray is trying to turn the cameras off, but WAIT you did not worry the trail was on camera sop why trip now!

10:32 am Evanston thank you but you have Sufferdin, I would move that direction (Hillary I see you) but you know I am a Dupage gal if I move out of this area I want to head to Dupage but thank you for passing the Marijuana Decriminalization last night GOOD WORK!

10:28 am Avery Sunshine I am SO PISSED OFF I missed seeing you playing around with that jerk Steve (I was going to see her at the Shrine back in October but Steve was on bullshit with Terry and Prentice and I missed her damn it, SANG GIRL… It’s just that UGLY part of me. I am not going to cut my hair like that again I promise:)

10:26 am I do not mind the children speaking today, they have no Daddy, Momma Jackson if anyone should speak today they can, let them be the one to serve him justice, let them be the ones to speak to who is missing in their lives now. I am furious my children will NEVER be able to see Michael perform I have been cheated, my children will never get the pleasure… More pressure on Prince!

10:24 am Hey Judge Pastor an I give him any longer than 4 years and no special favors he is not famous and he does not require PC he deserves the same lock up as the rest of those convicted and found guilty…

10:23 am I did not do all of that work for nothing, you will never believe it is me but you know… who cares what you think… It is me and I am she… Light just went on in Judge Pastor’s Room can’t be late click here to watch online if you like

10:22 am CNN Online: Jim Avila Thank you, sentencing for Conrad Murry on CNN here I come Judge Pastor!

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