Mom’s in the kitchen

7:32 pm Okay, just thinking what are we planning for Daley Plaza New Yeas Eve, Chicago’s version of Time Sqare Live Headquarters…

7:17 pm LOL funny, that many food orders hun, LOL the Mac and Cheese is the BOMB, LOL!! Psst, hey you … big NOTICEABLE guy with the ear!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel waits with his family (including wife Amy Rule, left) for the Tree

6:12 pm Lefkow, yes Ma’am Happy Thanksgiving to your room also… Burge Class, would you like to see my notes! FEDERAL JUST DOING MY JOB!

5:25 pm DJ is fine, thank you guys!

5:13 pm By assigning you to Federal Access you have no political bias, neither Republican or Democratic, you are just doing your job, like me see! Political Blind No side!

5:11 pm Hi Donald… well, no one told me the rules, I know now… see yu next week, Hi Claude… I have a very good Federal Team and also SHOUTS to Rich, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, how does he look, think you can privately assign him to special teams:)

5:10 pm Judge Zagel… I got a plate for you too Sir, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys at Dirksen… I been hanging there since Michael Jackson 198? I have a plate on reserve for you too Sir. I guess I may not get to wear that robe, but I will TRUST your Judgement, Hi Pat!

4:58 pm hhgreg has the kind of sales that make me not want to pay my bills you know what I mean? did they say 32″ HDTV for $199 see you know what… Where is Donald Trump, Dear Santa… you taking too long, Marc Cuban… don’t play with me!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel shakes hands with Santa Claus before participating in the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Daley Plaza Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011, in Chicago. | John J. Kim~Sun-Times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (right of podium) celebrates with his family after lighting the Christmas Tree at Daley Plaza Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011, in Chicago. | John J. Kim~Sun-Times

4:57 pm Girl stop playing, hold on don’t give me a bad report, freak out alert in the food pantry, her faith in GOD alert, everybody cannot handle this… where is Deja?

4:51 pm The kids were watching the SAME cartoon I was watching I promise!

4:50 pm No no major sports figure, no movie star… It’s Silver Fox, yeah!!! no go have fun and SMILE tonight, I have you COVERED!

4:49 pm Which one is Silver fox… she knows, she knows!

4:45 pm, GOD works in mysterious ways and I have LOST TOO MUCH NOT TO WIN, FAILURE is NOT an OPTION! How long do YOU want this to take!

4:44 pm I ran the kitchen for New Birth, over 30,000 members, I am not doing this for me, I am looking for a reason to bless you, now you choose, if I be a liar say it, in the meantime, don’t out your motherfucking hands on me, you will not like what happens AFTER!

4:43 pm I can speak to a room and sit in my seat and plan my menu then show you how I make it to where I want to go!

4:42 pm Come on Sandi Jackson that was a just for you moment! Come on people, have fun why don’t you… Mitts and Sawyer… why would I lie!

4:40 pm My friends are haunting the hell out of this city, come on you guys are having fun! Rahm, how many people have passed you today and asked if you saw me Dancing with the STARS last night, Ken Bedford… How did I do with that Direction!

4:38 pm Thank you for the body double, she looks close enough on camera, nice look I agree! Pay me to handle your food, end of conversation!

4:36 pm I have a brand new spice for my spaghetti, shout out to all of the people who cover my head, when they playing with my money!

4:35 pm I am giving birth to babies all over the place. Ben Bradley I did not forget your baby!

4:34 pm You have got to STOP doing that!

4:33 pm FOX I wish you would test me like that, I dare you to doubt me!

4:19 pm Offline Taking a Break!

3:03 pm Sorry I am not BLOGGING I am talking LIVE below, sorry I think the counter is off!

2:00 pm Live with the CAMERA ON listening to V103 with Doug Banks while I am cooking you can see me LIVE in action and hear what I hear

11:21 am OUR GODSISTER we all SHARE Helen (Lisa, Dawn, Shaunnie aka DaBrat) and yes she also knew my grandmother Debbie, yes this is the young lady you see me helping around town, she is still alive and if you remember here is a scary tip, when I did Malcolm X with Rahm, you heard the name WOOTEN, she was at Mt. Sinai that day!

11:02 am FACT: Teddie Riley was in love with Helen Wooten’s daughter Toya, she had Toya killed because rumor was Teddy was going to date Toya and drop Dawn!

The same DAY I went to start taking care of Helen Wooten Butch Lewis died

10:57 am Heavy D was NOT an accident when her artist try to CROSS OVER she freaks out like that!

10:53 am FACT: To show you some of the SPIRITUAL FIGHTS that were had, Keith Sweat’s foot got cut off in Milwaukee, Dawn, Lisa and I were there, Dawn did not want Lisa to be with Keith, the stage malfunctioned and Keith Sweats foot was cut off… all that driving back and forth,… but I was there to make sure he was fine. Who do you think WE are FIGHTING OVER NOW… TIP: “The thought of you doing to her what you did to me is what I hate most” Beyonce Ring The Alarm… who would that song be for? Keith later called me on the road with him Bobby Sanders and Lonnie Ferguson, with Yuvette to keep me company to protect Keith!

10:49 am Hugh: My uncle code word beat her ass moment, she is crazy, keeping it real! Whoopie said point something out, but you crossed the line WHY you do not know my family and Barbara covers… see what I mean, now you want to fight, LOL funny!

10:44 am Who has the footage of DAWN doing the interview BLAMING Calvin for the FIRE, I meant what I said in court this is the only picture I have with her (recent) keep in mind my best friend Brian Jackson (lost his father) Best Friend who also was on tour with Me when we hit the road with Keith Sweat and BBD in 1991 Sargent Yuvette Wooten! Who else was on that witness list that has lost a loved one!

Sargent Yuvette Wooten

To my kick butt CAMERA GUYS who keep me rolling baby, I love you all!

10:40 am

I have the WHOLE CAST of DWTS watching so please relax and we are keeping track, so you know… See she likes to talk SHIT see that! They is talking shit! His ASS is on the line, there you have it, now where is her husband, total disrespect to her man!

10:37 am If I trained hi correct, The DWTS cast have all started and will continue to monitor my page, when you are talking to Sherry (Dawn, not Lisa, Lisa would not hang out with Sherry she is too tacky for Lisa) she has no money, no class and she is stupider than Lisa… she does not know anybody and she cannot elevate her in any way so why would I trip?

10:35 am Derek Hough was on my Facebook, then I lost him after Kim Kardashin started tripping. Sherry is talking to Ricky and Derek that is where his THREAT comes from! He was with me long enough to know and follow the BLOG! HE can follow… “I’m gonna SMACK YOU” That was a THREAT!

10:27 am You know what worries me the most, Beyonce being pregnant! They already tried to take Mariah Carey’s babies what will happen or what will Beyonce have, OMG I am so sorry! Why does that concern me I have a DOUBLE BLESSING in that house Jay loves her for me and She loves Jay for me! They told you who Deja is…

10:25 am Good Morning Mary (mines also) my face of the Girl from the Hood, and she is one of the talents I have had since the start! You know my brides maids and that is not going to change I only kept three!

10:24 am If I am CRAZY then EVERYONE who is covering me is CRAZY also baby! I know you hear me!

10:19 am The last shall be FIRST and the FIRST shall be LAST, since you cannot tell ME the TRUTH I am not OBLIGATED to COVER anyone so OPEN SEASON it has nothing to do with anything but TRUTH!< Don’t cross the lines baby at this point when it comes to my child… Whoopie has to think baby,m Oprah is putting money on the table trying to dig me out HERE from Chicago, what do you think… and your family is under scrutiny too, come on baby… Cut Off!P>

10:17(a) Eddie will never DENY me and yes I use to cook for USHER at New Birth, it’s only those who do not want to reveal I am who I am that are getting paid to keep me hidden that will say CRAZY and try to FORCE that issue… time to separate the wheat from the tears

10:17 pm Many are called few are chosen Peter denied Jesus 3 times so who am I to complain! Do not cross lines!

10:13 am Justin Beiber is on my watch, Usher aka Bishop Eddie Long give me right to keep him covered, Justin is fine and I have directed them to keep a tight leash on him, that girl was probably a Dawn set up, she has been doing this for years (notice he is sitting between Barb and Joy (he is fine and covered).

10:11 am Disclaimer: I am cutting myself FREE from Whoopie I don’t owe her anything.. sorry! I look crazy trying to justify all you know, so since things are crazy you are not allowed to cover me any longer SORRY!

10:10 am Oh damn I just remember the RULES, she has no power and she is arguing with me so I can call her fate RIGHT Bishop Eddie Long, TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar, she is crossing the line right.. so I can call her out RIGHT??? That is the rules I do not cross onto them and they cannot cross unto me, that was the deal right? So I do not need approval to ruin her life and career like they did to me RIGHT?

10:05 am ABC: Barbara you are responsible for her tongue I don’t feel like arguing with that HIV LESBIAN WHORE today, I would have to downgrade myself to even justify her comments, I am cleaning my house, so I can cook… She does not bother me and no baby, they will not hit me for you, YOU have no power! LOL! Can she cunt pass 100 that is what I want to know why belittle myself she tried to provoke a conversation, Minister Seymore loves these types!

9:55 am If I were a whore after working with Mike Tyson I slept in bed with Tony Pitts, Tyson’s Bodyguard all night to make sure nothing funny went wrong, Dawn got $700 that night but Mike did not have any issues!

9:51 am Kirk Townsend called me out of the blue and hours later Michael Jackson was dead, after he came to my house for dinner, his sister died SUDDENLY now you look crazy for me!

9:44 am Mike Bivins of New Edition was my FIRST REAL LOVE I use to attend the games at Mendall and I tried SAVING myself for them, Kirk Townsend can explain and Morgan Proctor kinda bumped everybody out of the way!

Even my aunt’s husband HORSE can attest to that Bobby Brown use to call my house at 3am and because he was not used to a LADY he was surprised when Jackie cussed him out and hung upon on him! I have been there since the start, my mother Officer Lattrell Sheriff of the Maywood Police Department, did security for them in Maywood at Mc Donald’s and the rest is history!

You would need to go to Raymond Boyd for that history and Brian Jackson has some of the memories!

9:39 am BOYZ II MEN, we met when I did security for Mike Tyson before he went to jail at the Clique in 1992. They are my conception LOVE KIDS via Mike Bivins of New Edition and though you seen Dawn, they are MINES also, I was there where Kalil Roundtree was killed at the Guest Quarters in 1992 (Art Norman of NBC) Dawn set ups and the rest is history, tell the story!

9:24 am Okay, Illinois.. you want to see CRAZY, I did all of THIS WORK for you to play games, come on tell me all you see, please!

Deja was on her way to college and this is what you want to joke about Illinois… Pat Quinn, what you know baby!

Mayor Daley Opened the Air Force Military Acadmay for Deja like his father put me thru school and this is what you want me to hear?

At a event for Bill Clinton, now I know this is NOT the report you want me to have RIGHT?

Bobby Rush, how would I explain all of this, you tell me what to say!

Well Toni how should I respond??? Do they really want me to SNAP like this, did you get the FIRED list, this should NOT have happened!

Danny, you know what??? LOL, no comment!

8:51 am I am going to step away from the computer to pray to GOD that was not who you wanted to say THAT about, oh I am so serious… now I can look crazy right, is this how we want this to go… yeah OK! Stepping away from the computer!

8:48 am I want ABC to say that again, think it’s a joke. Tell me that story again and be right, I DARE YOU and I am going to present my list! Tell me who knew what again please and all HELL will break loose in this city you will not make her a model of Dale and Pookie (15 year old project dysfunction, no baby, that is not the story you want to tell me is is Illinois??? Pat Quinn, all of you who tried to me me look crazy, especially after what happened in court in the final decision to give her to Harris… that whole family’s will go up in flames, tell me that again!

8:30 am Before I go COMPLETELY OFF and LOSE MY MIND and ACT A FOOL I am going to assume that was a misstatement!

8:10 am Did you say first time mother at 15 years old? No you did not say that now did you! See what I mean who knew what and when??? Come on ABC don’t stop talking now, what did you just say? No you did not say no stupid shit to me like that, did you say PREGNANT at 15, I want to hear that again!

8:06 am GMA: How HONEST will ROBIN be about how well she knows DAWN come on baby admit it where did you get TAINTED, come on Robin (former NBA family and yes she has met me, I am a former Jordan baby come on think about it) be honest!

8:04 am Indiana: I am sorry but Sugar Land is not liable for that SUDDEN ACT OF NATURE, and since GOD had all power of that NOT GUILTY, sorry but suing the band for FAME is not going to stop it or bring anyone back, that was a ACT of GOD and NO ONE had advance notice for that one!

8:02 am I am not fond of Kardashin being close to Derek and Derek was on my Facebook, until he was threatened to cut me off, I still have a few Dancers plugged in! I will not and do not like the Karadshin’s so you know what… I have that right and they have my money now make me prove myself right!

And the more Rob and the rest BOTHER me the MORE I am going to use Kris to punish Kim publicly and I will ruin her reputation for fun and expose her FAKE ASS (literally) for the FAKE BITCH she is!

8am This is Lavarie making all the freaking noise she can, entering ion the building would you want to deal with this CBS find this face in your files!

7:57 am This is Lavarie conspiring with the local postal carrier telling him to avoid delivering my mail, yes Jesse knows all about this, he sent me a letter affirming this was an issue! This BITCH has nothing else better to do but act a MF fool!

7:53 am In case you forget Lavarie Smith is one of Sandi Jackson’s volunteers who helped with the FORGED SIGNATURES that was CAUGHT ON CAMERA by CBS back when that investigation was going on, let me help you find that footage CBS, then you will be able to connect the dots to this drama!

7:49 am Hold on I have to send a email to the Councils I want this irritable bitch OUT of this building, last night this FAT BITCH tried it again, see I am not going to sit here and be a open target for BS in house and I mean it Jesse Jackson Jr (I am not calling Sandi because that is who started this mess) Pat Quinn, Toni Preckwinkle, and Rahm Emmanuel, I want this bitch out and I am about to compile a email with pictures and videos to support why I want this BITCH out of this building, NOW and I want ZIGGY arrested!

Sandi Jackson you will not continue to get on my nerves with this bullshit and if the sentencing of Rezko was not a clue…

7:46 am GMA: Ricky you have on the boots Helen bought me my Tommy Hilfinger leather boots (City Hall) I love you so much, there are so many people I want and have yet to meet!

Carson you sit at MY TABLE, Carson has the kind of spirit of OVER COMING that just … makes you want to LOVE HIM, whatever the reason he is just FREE of opinion and for that I love him….

7:44 am GMA: See you know what, you would NEVER have to worry about a BLACK WOMAN swimming with SHARKS that is just not something a black woman would do, I am so sorry!

7:38 am Cleaning and Cooking.. My oldest son called me, now I have to cook for my boys…

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