College Football Saturday

In bed

11:22 pm What Jesse… did we agree about something, what Jesse

Here we go, I am getting in bed

11:18 pm Going to bed GOOD NIGHT I am famished, good night offline

11:17 pm Barbara Proctor Gardner you owe me a missing $30,000 thank you!

11:16 pm 12 Disciples with Jesus!

11:15 pm I see Weed Trees are walking I am getting delusional

11:14 pm Luck be a LADY tonight, good job baby! 17 DJ got the ball, he is going to COLLEGE thank you!

11:13 pm Was that his girlfriend did she hear him right, well what did she hear GOD say just marry first!

11:12(a) I am not having another baby (9) don’t even think about it!

11:12 pm My sheep know my voice

11:10 pm Who caught a SPIRIT on FILM, good job band

11:09 pm I need the BAND to play music and the FANS to make noise!

11:08 pm Hey this must be one of those GLOBAL events I usually do not get this big a audience unless I have a flash mob like setting! They re-tweet my post flash mob style, globally!

11:05(a) Y’all are tripping see so long as I talk they will talk so if I shut up, will you, why does it matter who I am with YOU don’t see what you don’t want to see, all this hell I have been put thru here to be watched like a joke, now a man wants to spoil me and you know if he loves me right GOD will bless him in abundance, why does it matter… don’t think I forgot about them JAY Z tickets (99)

11:05 pm I see me moving too! Who raped who HERE we go I am ready to get in bed!

11:04 pm Obama said he don’t like Danny K Davis ain’t that right??? Got Gaddafi, where is DJ

11:02 pm I cannot find the name of the Sports car Joe gave me but I know I was downtown, I know it was GOLD and I know it was my favorite car

11(a) Daley was where, see when and after I leave they close all buildings down, they only kept this open because I am here, when I am gone they will file for everyone OUT of all buildings and I do not legalize Weed and NO Casino in Chicago… REALLY and Pat Quinn, gets to BUN COAL and black lung you bastards out who don’t like me!

11pm Where is DJ and DEJA and HOOTIE!

10:59 pm Now they want me to stay, they sc’erd of what will happen if I leave Chicago, must be something in the water, why y’all so sc’erd now!

10:57 pm Maybe they will leave me alone, you think!

10:54 pm Y’all tripping can I go to bed please these all night phone calls are something else, man!

10:54 pm Who am I marrying this time…

10:49 pm Quartette who is singing

10:49 pm I told you all I have to do is STAY AT HOME:) smile

10:47 pm I have had Joe longer than all of them 🙂 he gave me the cars to come and party and chauffeur you all around, my favorite the GOLD MITSUBISHI SPORT CAR, Dorothy the car I had with the party for SILK and the Green Cadillac

10:45 pm What are they trying to destroy that file again, see why I have a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR CASE vs the state, I said $33 million in 2009

10:42 pm They are not going to change what? Sending home DJ, my location of residence (I know because if I leave Chicago, SMILE, nervous now hun? Deja custody? What are we not changing? Me going from black men to Italian, what is not going to change! I’ll just walk off and leave you will force me to find another way to make it work just not here:) Who I will marry

10:38 pm Explain why I am moving again and when I do they are closing ALL these MF buildings down, RIGHT what’s love got to do with it, nothing I see how you feel, obedience is better than sacrifice, where is DJ again, don’t let them fuck my son head up please!

10:37 pm Jordan did not bring me a Range Rover and I want my catering truck damn it!

10:36 pm No because I wanted to have dinner and not talk to you guys I am tired of SCHOOL plus it’s getting cold I want a car:( pouting!

10:35 pm God loves Sports it’s like Roman Days, another OT is this a World Series OT, trying to keep mew up late hun!

10:34 pm Wanting Chinese

10:32(a) High on the Woo Soo!


10:29 pm They are jealous of DJ, Sugar Hill my rape or Players Club with LisaRaye you pick a version!

10:28 pm They throw away family like nothing, think they will save themselves I think not they sorry, and they set him up, just like this one, they throw the kids away to avoid support, all of them have records for spouse abuse and they cannot pay their bills! But you take pussy, RIGHT!

10:26 pm Oh shut up Pippen, so what, yu did not make me famous I made you whatever… anyway no story there!

Name DC # Race Gender Release Date Current Facility Birth Date Deposit
1 Pippen, Carl T 127409 BLACK MALE 06/15/2057 Varner Supermax 10/17/1984 Send $

ADC Inmate Search – Inmate Details

Information Current as of 10/29/2011

< Back to Search Results
If you would like to make a deposit through the Inmate Banking Service, click the Send $ Button
If you would like to be notified of any changes to this offender’s custody status, please click here
Inmate Photo
ADC Number: 127409 Send $
Name: Pippen, Carl T
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 202 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/17/1984
Initial Receipt Date: 09/20/2005
Current Facility: Varner Supermax
Facility Address: 320 Hwy. 388, Gould, AR 71643 Map
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 400 Grady, AR 71644-0600
PE / TE Date*: 06/15/2057
Total time*: 75 yrs.
* may be affected by other laws and regulations

10:24 pm What I do, unknown number, TJ is that my CNN TJ you, pretty boys club check in! Giggle Newsroom Whore (LMAO)

10:22 pm I did it with Johnny Cochran and the OJ trial, why do you thin Deja loves law, why can’t I do it with my husband Michael Jackson!(ssshhhh) he did leave me something more precious than money he left me my babies!

10:21 pm I only own 80+ acres I cannot grow this much weed for all these bipolar kids! No Prince you cannot smoke weed with DJ and no he is not crazy:) You are fine Deja and Hootie, mommy just works from home that’s all

10:20 pm Now can I get my Casino downtown, man it would be nice, wait a minute the west side!

10:19 pm Who got that OH WEE, sorry, Legalize weed or we are all going crazy, good play, hun!

10:18 pm Got grass all over the uniform, crowd cheers, yeah they smoking weed (21), LOL!

10:18 pm The refs say y’all over there smoking some that Rockwell Henry Horner Oh Wee

10:17 pm Chevette is a MF fool, I know right LOL

10:16 pm I got jokes and all of the votes, now while I have everyone calling each other vote to legalize weed, oh commercial from Jesse Jr.

10:15 pm My cousin do have some good weed they from the west side, y’all getting high, why they calling y’all names

10:14 pm That was a New Jack City line, it is not my fault they said it first, they follow me, I sent him home, I need a snack

10:13 pm Come on now Farrakhan now you know Jesus first miracle was turned water into wine and he said herb is good! Genesis 1:11-12, 29 it is in the bible!

10:10 pm See I thought I that was Silver Fox, but he has a twin, you pretty MF’ers all look alike, LOL anyway, we are supposed to be professional in this room…. uh hem.. I am not the hoe, who is buying drinks I go straight home every time… See Danny need to stop that stupid shit, he can’t pimp me, sorry dick bastard! I tell you just admit it baby, I am so intelligent, oh wait am I the political whore again??? Who did I ignore?

10:08 pm I said I would relax, I did! I said “Heavy Hitter”

10:06 pm 54 URLACHER I know baby, I know this cost him his Mom he loves me so!

10:03 pm One for the books, I know you do not know all of my faces but I try to wear as many at one time as I can? Okay who else am I talking to, oh wait these is more, this is like a mini black caucus of such! You look HI right here Walter, LOL, he so funny!

10pm Had to loan lots of power around Danny is not the ONLY one baby, hold on Toni, I need you to HOLD something for me. I trust you.. See why Reginald Fox was not a mistake!

9:59 pm You ain’t get no contact, stop telling you were hanging out with ME, can you see me now, joint session, look at that SMILE!

9:57 pm Well Chuck you will tel me when it is RIGHT, I got my eyes on him too, he found me dang it…

9:55 pm Harris is taking Deja away and the Pressure has gotten to whom, gotten thru twice to whom

9:54 pm I wore my purse around my neck and so did you, how did you see me!

9:52 pm Hold on cuing up Toni Preckwinkle footage 2010 it should be in part 1, We were at the start with a total balance BEFORE Ricky got PUSHED OUT! (hint)

9:51 pm Man Down who is this..

9:50 pm Stressing but trying to find you, come on man you guys almost found me, close but not quite I did not want to take a chance but I bet you played hide and seek with me! No Scary Movies OK! Peppa said NO!

9:48 pm Be good ladies, I got the girls they are just waiting for the Jay Z concert! The Jackson Kids, see I can sneak them in and out I promise and you would not know its them walking around I promise! Hey Prince, Paris and Blanket! I count too, yes you do baby and I can see you too!

9:46 pm I want the Richard Pryor laugh at me now JOKE ON YOU get to the TOP Wizard of Oz, Jackson Kids in town and you don;t even know it, dream come true and when I get up there I will not mind being lonely cause I am lonely in this sorry SOB of a hole you got me in, so I might as well have a heavenly asylum, thank you Smoking Weed!!

9:44 pm but you got a Wide Eyed and Bush tailed nervous as hell Mayor who knows if I leave this city they will BTMF up I bet I am not joking!

9:42 pm Kobe you owe me money for the WHAT case RAPE case, you still playing right? No I will not marry you and I know I dated you from 1999-2006 but if I had my choose of all 1. Derrek Lee and 2. Brian Washington

9:41 pm Here you go, footage of me going off after the divorce 30 minutes or less thank you, and Elvis has left the building, FLAT BUTT RED BLOUSE, in background good read DWade, LeBron and Carmello, DRose and Kevin Durant and I am not covering anyone NEW and I am not ordering the NBA Pass until I get paid, NO, y’all better have a CLOSET ready for THEM don’t forget Hootie

View more videos at:

9:37 pm Oh he going off where is LeBron, well, he could have been a Bull I could have had LeBron and Dwade. Talk to Scottie!

9:36 pm (6) Where is LeBron!

9:36 pm I don’t have to damn it come out I have mental issues I am in the house eating pizza and drinking beer talking to GOD, can you image the pictures I could get from up there!

9:35 pm It betta not be a MF on that floor it betta be sitting there EMPTY just sitting there waiting for me and I am not joking is that Tijuana

9:34 pm You want to be President I want Floor 89 in Trump Tower!

9:32 pm Every moment of my life is watched that is just a fact of life!

9:31 pm Who listens to you? Yeah they know its me, listen:) who do you talk to!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Inauguration: Rahm Emanuel sworn in as

May 16, 2011Story: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Inaugural Address I eat, sleep and thrive Daley and I just wanted to be a part of it,” Chevette Valentine said.

9:29 pm Cancel Another Month David Stern, who was the children’s GAL in that case Kristy Kunstman “STERN” was that her name, hum???

9:29 pm Legalize Weed

9:27 pm Montgomery, well I thought that was his kind of CASE he loves to act stupid, STALKING he knows that DJ is ASS OUT and he wants to pay to get rid of the EVIDENCE and ruin DJ before I can prove they RAPED ME, its on record at Northwestern, Hootie was with me when we saw MY medical records during my last break open, and I am feeling sick again!

9:26 pm Pippen sent him too hun, still up to your eviction tricks hun Scottie, he took the windows and doors in Arkansas!

9:25 pm Those are my events he cannot come to MY EVENTS I invited him to that one baby! I even have the pictures with Security and the Promoter to prove it, BIG MISTAKE, he is making a fool out of himself showing they are stalking me!

9:24 pm What did Herb Kent say oh the guy who was at the party with me, come on now who worked the door, can’t get pass Walter baby!

9:24 pm I sent him Joel Olsteen prayer notes and a Ebony with Steve Harvey, I did not hear… what was that noise

9:23 pm I pray that Deja SAVES herself that she will SAVE herself for LIFE so much more to do Angel. I have to settle DJ first, they playing with his head, WE love him!

9:22 pm Hun, what I miss

9:18 pm Gator caused problems with Seymore trying to make something outta nothing in drama, I PR’ed two Judges Howse and Swanson for him and he did not PAY me for my pictures, those were not my clients I was there with the Governor! I kept asking if I network them do I get paid standard election rates $25.00 per hour if I am not volunteering for you, who got that invoice?

9:16 pm Okay I need some noodles hold on a minute!

9:14 pm The original Black Alderman Pack Bill Henry my baby (Buddy Bear do you kow how many vegetable we had from Buddy Bear Food Drives?) Eloise and Vivain Stewart Tyler Baby, Danny looks CRAZY trying to make me look crazy

Danny, Bobby, Ed, Tim, James and who I miss all vowed oh yes R Mell, Burke and who I miss, stop playing.. Mell taught me to dance on the table, Danny ain’t the onoly one, I came from the Duke McNeil and Cardiss and Marva Colins

9:13 pm I loved bragging about being the spoiled brat niece of Chief Judge Tim Evans, hell he cannot handle all 3 of us be content with Dawn, besides that would take away the value Oh yes I found a nice RING, I’ll be fine! Just fine…

9:13 pm That was Robert Money talking, I heard that!

9:12 pm Hi baby, thank you for saying and playing, I think he is upset!

9:11(a) Beyonce stop laughing, anyway… Would it be inappropriate for me to sing SAY MY NAME… Cinderella

9:11 pm Here we go with this INDECENT PROPOSAL here we go, y’all play too damn much damn it I am not about to, told you I was worth money… damn I am good, keep it tight!

9:10 pm I am not a fucking gambling prize STOP PLAYING Jay you play too much!

9:09 pm Here come the girls, hell he sings about me, I got my T.T. shout out baby, you know I will be.. walking away I eard SHOT

9:08 pm Obama and Jay (99) Z up to something, want to see me hun…

9:07 pm I am talking to everybody too, hell I wish I could just pick one, here we go shooting again

9:06(a) I hate my HTC G2 damn it and I confess the service is better with Sprint but I am not getting full services because my phone is not equipped damn it, I miss my slide and touch feature!

9:06 pm Who started thinking of snacks first you or me, I am getting slow!

9:05 pm I am fine I am not dying, relax I promise I am fine, OK what I miss…. ma I am hungry but nothing thawed out, I want some shrimp and angel hair pasta wiht garlic and lemon peper… no shrimp, UGH!

9:04 pm Herb Kent saw me at that party, Johnathan Jackson (Federal Class, who am I there with) I know she is talking to them cause I am there, DUH, Spark hey Jackie… like I was saying Pat Fitzgerald himself trained me baby, stop playing!

9:03 pm I thought Pippen could not hear, NBA owes me money, you talk about it, who don;t know the story?

9:02 pm Luck right I am the elect Lady, Bishop Eddie L, Long told you that, wrote a book about it, come on man DJ is going to school I did not waste my spine in this chair for him NOT to go sorry and Deja and then Hootie

9:01 pm That looks like a Hootie clone, my baby, you know I am a cheerleader, LOL

9pm From the attic of my grandma’s house I use to watch Clifford Scales play while practicing MJ dance step and rehearsing for Debbie Allen;s dance class… Janet kept doing it first!

8:58 pm Get it baby, see I got to raise my kids, where is DJ I heard DOG FIGHT what just happened! My son is supposed to be playing football, man come on I need season tickets to the BEARS that must happen, with BOX seats I am not playing, Ditka has had me calling plays since Gentry 1985 stop playing man, I lobe football more that I love basketball, hate to hurt your feelings, my favorite of all time is baseball

8:57 pm (22) Who did I just marry, stop playing (22) Who did I just marry!

8:56 pm Nope see, where my check.. show me the money!

8:55 pm They are not forcing drugs on top of everything else are they with DJ??? OK go ahead, bet they see that, KIRK, is that Mark Kirk or Kirk Townsend.. might be Mark Kirk Senate, thank you sweetie, I know all info that will be used in the future elections, why do you think they are talking Rahm for President to me, if they know I cannot do it!

8:53 pm I am cool, we have no snow.. We cool, so far other than the occasional fire leading up to and towards the jails… well let me correct that I walked the first time the bricks fell off the building 2300 S California and this week fire at 2500 S California, getting closer:) Y’all got him, HE TOLD YOU don’t start a WAR, he plays with the WORLD ion his hand!

8:49 pm We only have bad snow days when I am mad, like… they gave custody of Deja to Cedric… I snowed you in:)SMILE, check the dates and court records… or I subpoenaed witnesses and BP exploded:) Or Danny K Davis went to PUSH ready to punch, and Haiti broke loose (stand off on the mountain, I win, he won’t tell you it’s me, so I keep me a few Jackson’s on hand

8:49 pm There is nothing wrong with me just publicly talking to the media

8:45 pm Stop playing man Stacy was with me when I was drunk and met Sean, ISTG I did not know who he was, that was why I married Torrence, he reminded me of Sean, that’s all…

8:44 pm Stacy… Lisa said hun, oh tell Danny you said that

8:41 pm I was aiming for Executive Offices of Special Events, y’all, tripping on too much crap man, let this crazy crap go… DKD want to listen now that I told him Obama about to hit him, oh yell… I guess Stroger, Sawyer, Pincham, wait let me think of whose else name and info in that file they trying to destroy, what other witness, protect DJ, they will say it was suicide, he is probably having too much fun

8:39 pm Commander Brian Washington, see you know Rahm saw that, he mad at me cause he did not win for Mayor, I was not there for Rahm I was there for Brian, and project patrol, community service, they behaved, DKD jealous, he should have hired me, he got Stacy tired ass a job.

8:36 pm It’s word play, we think back and forth, how fast can you play, catch up you can ONLY react to what I post, who am I looking at, you saw my face and know the names of my children, we already following the money, the hit Jesse, he ran to me, this is a sailing ship, wanna ride, Titanic, this time the black chick is wearing the giant black diamond

8:34 pm DJ is not getting out, you know who the Judge is on that one, why would a JUDGE be reading my page and using the content to hold my child, who is not getting out DJ. Well said Joe… not getting out, hun? OK you said Joe, wait!

8:34 pm No do not take it away, which JUDGE is that Judge Zagel and Rich

8:32 pm I am not having a baby for you Jay, So contagious (Diandre) I can’t take it (DJ) Have My Baby (Deja) and Let’s Just Make It (Hootie)

8:31 pm See not the crowd did not start tripping on that one, do you know how much LIVE moment at a JAY Z concert is worth, a LIVE READ, for him to FOLLOW ME in a room and TALK to me no matter where I am moment!

8:30 pm I am so mad I do not have JAY Z tickets damn it, me and Black would JEANS and BOOTS to dance baby! He got on me today, I want my car Jay, I am not F’ing playing with you man, I want my car!

8:28 pm I miss my Deja, I really do Jesus cover her in prayer!

8:26(a) No Bishop Lee Long,. I cannot marry a Pastor, sorry!

8:25 pm you mean my CODE BROTHER MATTHEW CROUCH who sees me as ESTHER my REAL NEW BIRTH FACE, you be the Judge, sorry about 911, that was a BIG Hell No you think! Does Abby and Exorcist make sens now, LOL!

8:22 pm You know the naive part about all of this is, if you know I am telling you the truth and I have you GPS tracked, because you know something about me, and I am talking to you as if we were on a conference call, why would you not believe. It is not like EVERYONE can hear me, or do they sit in that booth, just like you and read me just like you read me, and what makes you think they do not have the same access I do? Think about it, not it is not paranoya, I talk to whl I know READS me and I do it LIVE wiht LOVE!

8:21 pm Sandi knows me well, yeah uh hun, I got hit in the face, poor and slow police response and you think I don;t call JESSE FIRST let him cal his wife!

8:20 pm I keep count of EVERY lost if I know about it, who you guys listening too, see I personally enjoy taking tips, Jesse said what… see I think I am about to make a movie, see, BOTH eyes open!

8:19 pm My kids are cool! I know right, my babies, was Steve Job about to send me some computers or something, my brain is dead!

8:17 pm God used DOGS to find JEZEBEL, Peppa is just fine, well trained she had fun today!

8:14 pm DJ got SET UP AGAIN see what I am talking about, see how this is happening! I make one appearance in the hood for RAHM and I get PUNCHED like Stacy don’t live close

8:14 pm Wilson, hun, too tight.. hun? I was saying

8:13 pm Primary TARGET was TAKEN AWAY then CAME BACK talk to me baby, dream a dream… what do you hear, am I CRAZY yet, cause if I am you are too

8:12 pm All I need to do is touch and agree, what do you hear and see

8:11 pm Who said what, gotcha!

8:10 pm My kids were promised the BEST in education why do you think they built 2 new school in this area,. who do YOU think we built them for, I have a PATTERN of BUILDING SCHOOLS baby that is on the spot, trying to get FREE COMPUTERS .. damn

8:08 pm Gotha: Danny Davis just mad they want his old ass to retire and I picked Darlene Burnett to replace him to play me, the refuse to free up money for that District because of mismanagement to programs, shut up I am mad at you, every time, you ugh do not talk to me, generational curse is broken, you had Diane you don’t need ME too! I know he did it!

8:06 pm Sam Adams mic is too loud, Chevette is not MF crazy, I can hear you but what can I so if I cannot pay you and I cannot pay you if PIPPEN does not PAY ME!

8:06 pm I know why they want to DESTROY That FILE don’t you!

8:04(a) Well do you see Pippen or don’t you, there are so many HFS errors did you see that report, are you serious, come on man, be for real…(Yes he was making some ADJUSTMENTS big time ADJUSTMENT to my finance, Daphne, yes Rahm came to their school I see him he better get good grades, he knows all about me hun

8:04 pm They was trying to RAPE me you think hun!

8:03 pm Well.. I have not heard you say it with your mouth… I heard you say, I will be your wife, YOU tell me, am I WRONG!

8:02 pm My car ran out of GAS on the corner and I would not allow him to do it, no that is not what got told me to do…Brian am I talking to Commander, does he start to understand me and/or why.

8:01 pm Shaq O’Neal what boy, yes you found me 11/19/1999 when I met Kobe and saw Phil then you got your ring, you wish right.. NBA owes me MONEY DAVIS STERN I took you OVER SEAS, do not play with me I get something!

7:59 pm One of my best memories of New Birth, the 10 acre home I found that my car ran out of gas, right before Bishop and April drove into the private office on Panola! IN NB I am #3, Eddie calls me his 3rd wife, you talking to GOD or Eddie or Usher:)

7:56 pm WHAT’S YUP GRAND WIZARD, I TOLD THEM I USE TO HANG OUT WITH YOU IN GEORGIA, THE THINK I AM JOKING (I use to drive Torrence to work ay Kabota ion Kennesaw behind the mountain in the hidden paths never got lost, I got access to places that you would not IMAGINE in GA and when they tried to hurt me after my arrest at New Birth he had me transferred there, that is why Da Brat was not hurt in jail and put where she was, they know she my baby too, first time she did REGAL I did it with Protege after they cut up I pulled her on stage, she blew it open!

7:55 pm (11) Here we go… here we go, OK I will say.. Dawn make me

7:54 pm 85 is your son too, you OK, we did that movie TIME TO KILL, SAM L JACKSON

7:53(a) Lord have mercy, legalize weed 21

7:53 pm They see Deja aka Miranda, DJ was after CEDRIC hun?

7:50 pm Hitting they got hands on Deja and nobody is doing anything is that what I am saying, no wait that was Karen I would be second on that one, it has something to do with Deja, see come on man…Isn’t too big for either guy, HUM?

7:48 pm So now we talking about Pippen, where is DJ’s bail? I need a snack damn I need to go to the store, PIZZA, co CRAB LEGS, not that nigga did not bring drama in my life like this, see give a black man a bad name, this the same type of BS I am talking about a waste of my time and energy and if you think I am not filing a counter suit for Slander and Defamation of Character are not being filed for this being on my PERSONAL RECORD you are out of your mind!

7:47 pm Trapped in the closet again hun!

7:46 pm (7) come on man… see now I need a drink… here we go, Chevette be talking her ass off, no Carl, I know who I gave you punk

7:46 pm I can hear LisaRaye voice, that bitch can’t whisper

7:44 pm 5 which 5 is going on.. Ellison (Dawn) oh, what she fussing about, that’s you… I will give you breathing room, see every time you do one of your little set ups. See…

7:43 pm See why the other team gotta be ugly (7) here we go… here we, yes the pressure got to me, that was too much… y’all play too much



7:40 pm Oh they looking for “STEVE” he gave his license number…. “HE” put it on that report, I am just reading… just reading… can you read?

7:39 pm Thomas said, yes she will… see, like he gonna help… why you think I post stalker info, we cool… if DJ and DEJA don’t mean nothing, what do you think they think of HOOTIE and they failed him

7:38 pm Lord, they saw ELVIS

7:38 pm I am not having any more babies

7:37 om 44 Obama dont mess with Joe, what did you do, see that is why I don’t like you

7:36 pm I will disappear like Houdini up in this bitch SO FAST you wont know I am gone, PUSH ME PLEASE

7:35 pm Tip I started counting readers in 2011 I have had this blog since 2009 I have a audience of over 100,000 at any moment from all countries.

7:34 pm James Montgomery told me no so I called Sam Adams and Josh

7:34 pm Legalize me please (21)

7:33(a) I am not ugly (7) in my head,,,gosh, just keep on moving

7:32 pm (33) What Pippen

7:31 pm DERREK LEE what are you up to, running back with DILLON hun?

7:29 pm What else, Kyle Sutton… LOL

7:28 pm Duh, yes Terrence we see you, want to play:)SMILE

7:28 pm Do NOT talk (9) baby talk to me!

7:27 pm Woods in Supt Gary Mc Carthy’s office watching, SMILE!

7:27 pm Hey CHARLES BARKLEY! Ellison, what DAWN

7:26 pm I wish I would talk to Robert after what they did to DJ and DEJA no baby

7:25 pm You did not say that and think that report will not get back OMG, see…

7:24 pm If you have ever been in my house or on my FB I have you mic’d, especially if I love you but especially if you hate or what I want to hurt me hi Prentice, Terry and Steve, trying to get me out quickly hun?

7:23 pm See I need a drink I am getting DIZZY is this what I came online for! Is that HOOTIE, LOL that oh hell no that is CELO I thought it was HOOTIE!

7:21 pm What does JORDAN want, see you know what had you sent a car I would not have gone to dinner with that silly “MF” and I would not be going to court for being stalked, this is some “BS” man!

7:21 pm Derrek Lee did what (25)

7:20 pm I am not getting raped (11) I am staying in the house, I need a beer damn it! Which TONY are we talking to Blair???

7:19(a) Who had the MIC on that WHAT that was loud!

7:19 pm I am not a whore, damn it… DEAD, what happened, What I do??? Who got, see if y’all are shooting I am not going to talk!

7:18 pm They better not F with DAPHNE I heard that also, I know they know right I just don’t need DRAMA at work!

7:17 pm 50’s What 50, Yayo and Nephew they going off in the 50’s series, why are you all talking so much tonight, but I am on the bus, home run Derrek Lee, see this is a TRAIN RIDE but I am on the BUS!

7:16 pm Kobe WTF do you want, where’s my money, I want some CASH damn it, you out of jail RIGHT damn it I want to get PAID negro!

7:15 pm I do not have HIV (4) I am fine! Hey Deon 18 (FB & Family) (my cousin, she still alive, she loves me)

7:14 pm (44) Obama you getting on my nerve man stop playing!

7:13 pm Now they gonna say I am playing FAVOR with LUCK and YOU know who sees me, I am not getting raped (11) but you already know what that is all about!

7:12 pm Commander Brian Washington hun, see Rahm Emauel, you getting on my nerves!

7:02 pm See, this is funny as hell… Today I got served a OOP from the guy Steve, he claims I asked him for SEX, LMMFAOAOMMF, this shit is so funny, man its giving me a yeast infection funny!

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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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