Jackson Murder Trial Day 19

1:58 pm Lunch time… until 4pm our time! Trial in Recess!

1:57 pm From a PROFESSIONAL stand point his career is on the line if he presented such a report based off what they told him to say vs based on fact!

1:55 pm What he meant was did you prepare those charts, edit them and present them for your Defense and only for Defense, so you were COACHED in your report preparation! Custom Reports! Professional Opinion not based off professional experience with client MJ, this is all based off info presented or given by Defense, edited to their liking!

1:53(a) Based off info Chernoff sent you so that is all you have is what Chernoff and Defense sent you, so is it correct that info could have been omitted and or deleted if reported!

1:53 pm But your charts were based on the info given fro treatment from April and May 2009 not 10-15 years prior!

1:51 pm Did you have any knowledge of Conrad Murray being and/or treating “MJ” during May-June 2009

1:50 pm Theory: If I am a physician and I am going to treat a patient, I need to know WHO is treating him, what the treatment plan is, what they are taking and how often they are taking!

1:49 pm How do you do a proper assessment without knowing who and what the patient is being treated with, hum???

1:46 pm From the 7th to the 18th no activity that again CONCERNS me seriously 11 days of no treatment, that means he either sought treatment form another source, your info is incomplete, or info was omitted, that is not correct for a “so called addict”, a whole 11 days come on man

1:44 pm I know right and after I move they can CLOSE all these units, EVERYBODY will have to move but they are giving me time to find a new place. I am EXCITED about my new condo, VERY excited! Big Chick upstairs needs attention, hope she has a plan “I DO”, see once I move out less than 40% of the building will be occupied, it would be BEST for the bank to finalize foreclosure without tenants than to keep people in abandoned or vacant buildings, they will be FORCED to leave also and I will be in the Suburbs in nice and quiet, they got ooh wee too baby!

1:42(a) Very CLEAR hi “Silver Fox”… Hi Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and staff, hope you are having fun.. they put their hands on me and I am moving… I heard Rahm’s favorite word CLEAR, you were at Malcolm X to hun! I did explain I was involved (back then) with the Mayor’s Chief of Security, I did tell them, they think I am joking!

1:42 pm Wow, this witness is very BOLD, hum… I am not saying a word.. he is very reluctant!

1:39 pm Who got a FAX from me where I crossed something off the record, LOL oh I know my bad, well…Maybe they did not hear me say I am GLOBAL, see why I stay in the house, HI STEVE, be very careful.. be very, very careful… come on baby! I am followed 27/7/365 it is the LIFE I lead I know who is reading with you who sees me all that,. beware of the ghost!

1:37 pm A glass you know man, RIGHT, you better be watching me damn it, they too slow to understand how this works I can explain it all day long, if only they knew I am FEDERAL dummies, do you know what they do to people who touch me, they must be planning something BIG, why… I still see Prentice!

1:35 pm Here you go Chernoff (Steal) you laughing about Terry too, glad they all heard that from LA, hey there was wine in my glass… LOL I did not steal that, I earned that.. All them HDTV’s, computers, stereo equipment and stuff in his home stolen stop playing if I send my team in his ass is out of touch, and don’t let me foreclose on his home, let them watch PLEASE!

1:34 pm Just thinking out loud, See your Honor they should have just let me give MJ some weed he would have gained weight and slept all day after acting silly, might be a bit horny but you know!

1:33 pm Would he not have to treat and consult with MJ to formulate that thought and/or opinion!

1:32 pm I am very concern about the LARGE period of time GAPS of time missing, who and what treatment did he get!

1:31 pm I object speculative, he is formulating a thought for the witness!

1:30 pm I object leading the witness!

1:28 pm To all the smart clerks and paralegals in the room, you get credit too, Sonya can I get a chart baby! The DEAL was if I became famous Sonya would do all our graphic work, all in house baby, LOL! I give credit where due! Sonya you can stay baby, LOL turn down your mic, we can hear you all the way here!

1:26 pm So based on your testimony if you were MJ attending physician and he asked you to attend or monitor him while receiving Propofol would you treat him, NO, based off his testimony, he would refuse!

1:23 pm Fighting with Illinois to SAVE and/or PRESERVE my case files, I know right, they want to DESTROY my entire case files, I did not tell you who “ZEE” is so if you know it is by accident, I am waiting to introduce him!

1:21 pm Most meds are kept behind a locked and refrigerated storage bin which requires a code, can I save my records… Is that Steve Jaffe, just asking and Chernoff, I know how they hire attorney’s guess what they killed Doug Rathe’s father… they do this all the time who OWNS you baby!

1:15 pm Why has Dr. Cline not been called to witness, I think and maybe I am wrong it is speculation or hearsay and opinion for him to testify for another doctor, is it not! I want Cline on the stand, addiction specialist hun, he is going thru withdrawals himself is he not… agitated and overwhelmed, erratic behavior, very shaky and supremely nervous!

1:13 pm Please DEFINE large doses, I would love fro him too DEFINE not use such OPEN terms…

1:12 pm So basically they put that report in Excel form for simplified explanations!

1:10 pm I try to book all events in ONE DAY so I am not running all over the place, I will only be here for a half day on Monday, meeting with my own counsel and then visit with my son, MY PRIORITIES in tact! Then to end the day a visit to the CONDO baby!

1:09 pm Whew, last minute lawyers meeting rescheduled to Monday, now I have time and can relax and focus on CLOSING ARGUMENTS this week!

1:05 pm I am so very curious WHY he is DEFENSIVE toward the line of questioning, what did I say today?

1:01 pm I think this will post! You have Linda McCoy, Katie McCoy, Lisa McCoy, Heidi Fuller and John Smith (photographer) and I am on the FAR RIGHT full of GOOD champagne, we DID send Mustafa and Malika Shabazz (Malcolm’s daughter) home, dang it… I did send him home… now we can party:) SMILE he caught up to me later DAWN (that bitch)

12:56 pm Have to reviewed the prior treatment plan, you assessed their prior care, you reviewed their record, or did intake to treat them, he will answer me!

12:52 pm Hum, this is a shaky witness, maybe he realized who I am, I count and I track! I am noticing the witness is RELUCTANT to answer questions for the Prosecution, hum??? Maybe he is a bit caught up you think!

12:51 pm I was putting together the “6 pack” I was about to do it as a post but I wanted to put this in your face.. I am all of the above, that is ME!

12:50 pm Oh this witness is testy is he not, hum!

Lisa and Dawn Hendricks or Henderson one of those I am getting old… NOW which one or all of them have you met or seen, these are ALL MINES like it or not, they canot cut off their head, because I made THEM who they are, regardless to what they and who they know! If I cut loose they have nothing!

Three for One, you got Heidi (right side of Big Joe) Lisa (in front of me) and myself (on left side of Big Joe) my Levert face… no comment Quiet Storm

Dorothy, I know they try to be saddity but they need me now, you know? Anyway I told you thy LOOK white but they are just as black as I am just lighter!

That is the REAL LYNETTE I know she is pretty but baby, she has a mouth now, don;t be no fool and she likes that physical stuff, Fred I can still GET YOU, don;t make me call Lamont, oh yes he will! He better!

Ms. Black you all remember her the one I set Pippen’s brother up with how I got the baby, nevermind… thankful for my blessing, he is MINES, wssup Gurl.. hood chick:)
Spice and Cocoa, I put her thru Medical School anyway, she was a useful hoe, and a good one too, did she finish Medical School, I never went to LAW, I had babies instead… no regrets!

12:26 pm See what you do not know is Lisa’s father was KILLED by Sheila in the picture below, shot to death and caught leaving with a bag full of money, she has not been RIGHT in the head since she wants to DIE like her father did and she kills for FUN because you allow her to get away with it..

12:22 pm This is OUR family, see that FULL CIRCLE you cannot tell one story without telling all of the story!

12:21 pm And one for the Jackson Family for the record books, Here is Randy, Tito, Helen (hey Momma, she is fine… I am keeping her shut up damn it, she is still alive ain’t she) and Jackie Jackson..

12:18 pm Here is ONE for you Lisa, how would you like to see your DADDY again, Helen said hello everybody! You miss your Daddy hun, killing to make up for his loss, no matter how much and who you kill off Daddy is not coming back sweetie, why are you pushing someone to HIT you like this, why Lisa?

Lisa’s father is in the Wheel Chair below!

12:14 pm Janet (color picture below) I was blessed to gain tickets from Dick Clark to attend my FIRST Award Show as a guest honoring New Edition, I helped bring them from the GROUND UP, relax, Lisa killed Bobby’s Momma too!

12:12 pm For a week we had a BALL in LA while recording Remember the Time and Keep It In The Closet, in fact Arnold released Terminator 2 in July 1991, when I was there… the memories I have lost… MJ had me watched the whole time… I have no one to watch over me anymore… (tears, excuse me)

12:10 pm Lisa I was staying with you in 1991 caring for Kai and managing your career part time… you know it’s me, Teddy Riley had just come back from Osaka Japan, and Bobby Sanders sent me a surprise ticket to visit LA!

12:09 pm The most PRIVATE moment I shared with Janet, 2-3 days before her birthday, I was preparing to return to Chicago.. I hated to go but I did all I came to do, find MJ and make him REAL in my life, now I have to go home and LIVE!

12:06 pm Shout Out to Wendy and Patti Aldridge, what more can I say!

12:05 pm I think the pimps got mad because I had the finest 6 pack of gal pals in Chicago… Dawn, Lisa, Lynette, Sharon (Jordan like dark meat too) Heidi, Tessy, Spice but you know what can I say 10-36 Chevette and her girls are coming soon! Yes it is true Dawn has more POWER in my life than DAWN you did not know… OK when I revisited Janet after “SHE CAME LOOKING FOR ME” after I left LA, at the Park West (see black and white picture below by Brian Jackson) we even dressed alike in that picture, parachute was the stuff back then, look close WE dressed alike. Dawn was with me and Sonya went to concerts with me (without Dawn)…

12:04 pm FTR: I am Black, Indian, German and Irish… I see everything. I have some family that are as BLACK as TAR and some that are WHITER than Lynette, I have a thing for collecting Dorothy Dandridge kinda gals, they all feel safe with me, why is the Jenkins mic on?

12:02 pm You have PLENTY of People who in public give he appearance that they are balanced in their views and behind the scene just think White Man this and that… look at Danny K. Davis, he does it everyday!

12pm His vitals looked good to me on that last report so what did he do, what did he change, what went wrong… He was too busy being FAMOUS to take care of MJ… I like that white man touch, that was nice… I am certain he loved “some” of the patients, a Cardiologist is not cheap so of course he would be nice, he did not know he would be caring for MJ, to them they were his pot of Gold, so if their stints do not work it’s not our fault!

11:58 am In other words Chernoff, everyone you are surrounded by I KNOW ALSO, Defense is crumbling, WHY they have no Defense everyone Lisa knows I know too!

11:57 am You cannot look at Mark, Lamont, Kenji, Tim, come on baby NAME ONE I got them all!

11:56 am LL Cool J, OMG look at what I did for Bishop Eddie L Long and New Birth from a church to a Cathedral, them all belong to me baby, go ahead, talk! Relax Eddie got mad I would not screw a preacher they all get mad like that, if he took it,… it was not the first time that happened, can I at least watch to see hi\ow you feel about me, damn!

11:54 am Name a black entertainer I touched who did not strike GOLD, Jordan, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence (names I know you know) Mike Tyson (they allowed me to send him Cocoa to keep him warm, that;s so nice) oh wee, we don’t have time… Janet (my best child abuse face) in love with Todd Bridges, Kirk Townsend, remember when New Edition use to play games at Mendall, OMG Stony Jackson’s geri curl bay, LOL!

11:52 am Sonya had fibroid I healed her and she got pregnant, my child… Lisa, no comment… Dawn.. that;s mines too, why can’t they cut off their own head? I made them you are at the TOP of the Pyramid, now what I made her and everything I touched FAMOUS!

11:50 am Murray let me show you how DEEP this is Dawn got pregnant to give Diandre (my oldest son) a wife… DJ is Alonzo Mourning and Lisa’s Godmother, Tessy aka CoCoa is Deja’s Godmother and Hootie belongs to GOD! Just like I am Kai and Ryan and Malik and Dominique and Hunter and such Godmother!

11:49 am I hear Lisa talking in the courtroom, hum, she wants to talk to me now hun, OH now you got something to say hun LisaRaye!

11:48 am So he has identified about 3-4 different places he injected him!

11:47 am Stop eyeballing me I do not want to talk to you like that, what you want some too hun, bet you would love it, did you eat Lisa too, did you pay $5000 or did she give it to you for FREE, no baby, you took my soul take your time, Suge said it won’t hurt! they are waiting for you and have your room ready, I am hoping for a GUILTY and SPEEDY SENTENCING!

11:45 am STOP staring at the JURY all these cases they set up against me, what goes around comes back around, you can hear me just fine, stop looking into the camera like a stopped Deer, you can read just fine!

11:44 am This is a CNN room baby, we control who hears what in this room, do YOU have YOUR ear piece in your ear I do! When I type it they repeat it in the ear piece aka mic!

11:42(a) Tom Dart we are ALL holding YOU accountable for DJ and his well being in your custody and care, I am not joking! We have people watching ALL of this, I have to play myself low key not at the risk of my children I have NO sacrifices to loose sorry and he better be using this time out time well to THINK and give me time to relocate, I should have gone to Michigan BUT I have too much MONEY on the table!

11:42 am Murray your sorry ass did not take notes the day he died now you want to take notes, FAKE AS NIGGA!

11:41 am I want to MOVE too, right to the Suburbs DuPage County, leaving Cook County to itself safe a free from who I know and what I know about them, Sandi Jackson is on her own now baby, and sorry Jesse this was TOO MUCH!

11:39 am I was on that “First Black” thing you know, Obama is President I do NOT owe black people NOTHING ELSE I did what I was instructed to do and I will NOT drink like that again!

11:37 am I let OJ off the hook, only because of Johnny I will be DAMNED if I allow that to happen again, see Johny had the Luck of the Irish in his hands, you have no such luck I have no more PYT, no more Human Nature, no more Thriller!

11:37 am Opiate Naive Individual that is a good one, just say Drug Taking Dummy!

11:35 am Oh Lordy Lord, Judges going crazy, I got a Thanksgiving Massacre case on CNN2, Judge Pastor is NOT letting me out of class early and I have a half day too, stop playing!

11:34 am Botox and other drug inductions, maybe they missed the part when I explained I am part of the Federal Witness Protection Program, oh damn they stupid like Sherry… it means I am protected by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT dummies!

11:32 am Demerol it looks like a medical record of all the Rx he was given, stop playing Murray not so fast, Jury just take heed YOUR lives will never be the same, Interactive court, I am not the teachers pet… LOL, I am not Judge Pastor’s class poet and I have done great in this class, I believe!

11:31(a) Judge Pastor SAID can you hear me better now, I am still Directing the proceedings, LOL!

11:31 am It was sustained, thank you for that clarification, LOL!

11:30 am LOL, was that a sustained or over ruled!

11:29 am I have to say something every once in a while that STOPS him in his tracks, and he has no water to drink, I object your honor!

11:28 am Murray what you writing, why is it so important for you to play me YOU are not me, never will be I give better HEAD than you do!

11:26 am Sorry I had to make a BLT with cheese on Wheat for breakfast, I have to eat also… I know they take me for granted… it’s not cool but you know! Chernoff, so tell me can we wrap this up this week and yes you were very good at providing me with information, you do good sometimes, who gave the kiss!

11:15 am Witness do I make you nervous, why are you rubbing your leg so aggressively!

11:14 am Having a MJ moment, sorry it is so natural for me to play with MJ something as simple as sliding on a clean wood floor or practicing dance steps and watching MJ mock me later! We got a light giggle moments out of that, MJ would want you to LAUGH and remember his shows and performances and the way he made you feel!

11:11 am BRB restroom run!

11:06 am I just re posted PHOTOS below, update for media purposes! See below!

11:02 am Murray why did you shift in your seat, what is wrong, OH you covered your right hand with the left, OH so now you know it is me, yeah OK!

11:01 am Hillary is testifying at the same time??? Timing, she is giving testimony about Afghanistan, Surprise it’s ME!

10:59 am Come on people pay attention, you see Katie and you are impressed, come on baby, play right, who sneezed, God Bless You!

10:58 am BOO MF’ers got a video of “Katie McCoy” talking, did I surprise you with that one Murray, I know right, LISTEN I am that REAL to you, I am that close to you, can you hear me now!

10:57 am Keeping in mind that, many get just as excited with me reading them as they got excited watching MJ perform, if you think they cannot read “STOP PLAYING” man I am not GLOBAL for no reason, good morning!

10:56 am Withdrawal from removal or the stoppage of use of a drug, he has treated athletes if he names names, he is in trouble… beware!

10:55 am Now you know I am so natural open your bible Genesis 1:11-12-,29. if they are talking about Heroine, Cocaine or Opiates (I ate a hot dog bun) I am not the one if I ever test for anything other than WEED it’s a LIE!

10:53 am I am just making this one note, at the end of every session. The Judge gives clear concise instruction that you are to AVOID all media and news relating to this case, the problem with being a juror is being cut off r\from main stream media I like dealing with HARD CORE facts, HARD CORE testimony that is based off FACTS not theory or OPINION and to kiss that man in court WOW, I am glad I missed that!

10:52(a) Making certain we do what we need to do to get thru this week!

10:52 am I confess I am not in denial I drink when I can and smoke too! LOL, I am sorry.. Cough who is in court today?

10:51 am Yes I am getting my questions together Chernoff: Has this man ever TREATED and/or Met MJ!

10:48 am I missed the name I am back in court and new witness is testifying NOW click to view online Talking about Addiction Medication!

10:43 am Excuse me while I cry, because my greatest FEAR is that my children will never know the TRUTH about me and the LIES will prevail over the truth and all the promises of the future I made to them will be stolen from them!

That they may never know I risked my life to have children after I was told NOT to, you know when you belong to the Government and such high expectations are set for you…

that they will never embrace the richness of who they are and what I trained and programmed them to be.. If I made all of these FAMOUS and RICH what more do you think I had planned for my own children,

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