Heat It Up

7:12 pm Okay my feet are swollen and I need to relax offline resting FB access only, unless I need to say something important!

7:09 pm NBC Watching The Community this is a funny show I had to tune in!

6:37 pm Great News from the Judicial Inquiry Board, thank you Kathy Twine, see I do make plenty of sense I am glad you can see this now, thank you very much and God Bless!

6:26 pm Did he just mock ZOIE see that was not funny, I bet they got the Oh Wee! LOL!

6:25 pm Kobe sit your ass down, you ain’t going no where just sit your but in a seat and be cool!

6:24 pm do you know how much I could bring in Illinois in 3 years with Medical Dispensaries, come on man, I want the FIRST Loop location and I am not joking! I could bring in $100 Million in a year and how many jobs stop playing man! And food sales would go up too, LOL I have to close this day strong!

6:18 pm Jerry you know what, you owe me a Quarter bag of OH WEE I am not high damn it, “Still Pretty High” and I don’t want the reg… I want the Oh Wee! LOL okay damn it I am trying to legalize Medicinal Marijuana on a Federal Level, since taking the picture with Lou I went from Illinois to making it Federal so I am good, for heaven sakes look at all I do!

the real fun begins

an advert for me self

6:12 pm But there is going to be gambling, I bet they clean up, I can catch the blue line to that one baby! Gimme a minute I will be there! AND YOU KNOW IT!

Lou Lang of the Illinois House and Chevette at the BGA meeting for the Chicago Casino

Pulling all my support when I can! Hey Andy Shaw, he likes following me I lead to so much corruption and keep them busy, yes they follow me well:)

6:07 pm See why I have to keep track of my thoughts, anyway! If I did not save that thought you would think I was joking, just do not dial 911 from my phone and we are cool, wait I have to relocate then Black Lung, LOL!

6:06 pm I did not mean TRAIN WRECK literally you guys have to stop reading so close, thank you Metra for making that point (sorry)

6pm I did say something about as TRAIN earlier today hum, do I need to repost that note!

***10:19 am Far from a PUNK baby, I can handle mines, can you handle yours and FTR Tiffany James, Williams (the daughter) and the chick that tried that crap, now you know I have to move FIRST then that will be taken care of Tiffany is on 49th State hun, WRONG MOVE and PAT QUINN you better see to it that they pay for TRYING to put their hands on ME! I need to load the train, this is going to be a WRECK you can watch this show, BOOK IT!***

5:57 pm Nation on that Wheel again hun!

5:56 pm Michelle (inside laugh) I could not make this joke at the Ford Funeral, so I had to hold this, I am always joking with people about the DIGGING IN THE NOSE!

5:53 pm I have to keep MOVING so they can BLACK OUT this area, what, hun, you said it was not me BLACK LUNG coming soon!

5:50 pm Kobe if you said Italy I might have jumped:)

5:46 pm Maybe its me but it is HARD to find myself attracted to a man that people refer to me a “UGLY BETTY” for, maybe its me you know but hey! Our past is what it is, the one thing I am not going to be is a stupid ass whore for any man, they don’t even like you unless you with me, dude Karen did not do that and Dawn did not either I keep your name alive.

I keep the attention on the Nation if it were not for me, you would be BORED! You will loose all power when I am gone then you can look back and say maybe you should have treated me better, without ME what do you talk about! Right!

Nobody likes Karen and Dawn has run out of numbers so now what, think about that sweetie, you THINK you want me out of your life, now when I am gone then what, hun? Then What!

This Salmon salad needs to be on a bed of Spinach but damn its good!

5:39 pm Rahm has a right to send his children where he pleases so long as it is paid for by him and not the City Of Chicago:) I will defend that choice, if I were Alderwoman, you better believe my kids would go to schools I could afford also

5:21 pm City Council is biting their nails, I told you he was going to restructure City Council LOL. You called me crazy and I am going to get to a safe place where you all can fight this out! LOL, Should have voted for me! He is going to go from 50 Wards to what is it 35 LOL, Ok you watch and I will report!

5:20 pm Just in Paranormal Activity 3 is on the way, what did you catch me doing this time! Jerry I am NOT high, I wish!

Haven’t watched the brand new trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 yet? Check it out here- http://bit.ly/nblMUd

5:18 pm Calvin is that me with the Clique Dancers practicing outside your office LOL! Tony Blair see Kim Gordan (RIGHT)

5:17 pm I wish I had some Spinach for this salad but you know, excuse me time to eat!

5:16 pm Relax Rahm I found you and Silver Fox:)

5:13 pm Whew all my kids are in the teens cool!

5:11 pm Wayne look damn it I kept him out of jail, that is all I am going to do, oh yes we are talking to that crowd aren’t we!

5:09 pm go ahead Leah get your QUEEN on baby! Leah was there when I covered Jody Weis and she also did the story on Dr. Carl Bell for me! Look at her looking like a Queen, you go girl, loving it!

5:08 pm So I guess today is the Michelle dress in Red, Mc Carthy knows that dress! I swore him in in that dress:) it is black:)

5:05 pm Lisa so you want to HIT right, you have nothing else better to do right, OK, so Tiffany is your flunkie or Dawn’s that was cute, really cute and you wonder why I am leaving Chicago, wait I will be out soon!

5:02 pm Okay so now, what else do I need to update on?

4:57 pm Ok let me finish my lemon pepper salmon and salad it is too hot to cook! Man! I know how to make that how flinch (Lisa is my hoe) we use to eat at Golden Skillet on 71st back in the day after a event or night of drinking we would wake up and go order breakfast, they had the most buttery pancakes and grits, baby… anyway!

There you go baby you and Robin look so cozy together! I don’t do bitches! OK stop thinking that is me, never that and never that nasty whore!

Whatever, I don’t like fake bitches:) So Chery you want to CATCH ME UP is that how Sandi got you fooled, that is why you got jumped on outside ABC studio see, you double minded and if you don’t know I have been with you since Richard Dent, what more can I say? I was kicking it with Dent when she was a CHEERLEADER you forget Cheryl started as a Cheerleader for the BEARS, Jim left her because she was too much like Juanita!

4:56 pm See that Michelle, wearing my signature dress and you know I do not talk to Cheryl she acting stuck up, oh now you want to talk, if I see that dress ONE MORE TIME! no matter what color, oh yes I almost forgot!

4:52 pm Chickee met Lisa at a photo shot back in 1990 when she was covered in MUD and I had to make her sit still, Chickee did the temp nails for that shoot and Lisa later helped her open a shop I hated her for that as bad as I wanted to start my restaurant but you know that selfish bitch wanted me all to herself!

That is why Chickee took Kenji and you trip because I had him BEFORE I met you, I know right. Heard you were at the picnic, don;t go running around trying to find me at events did she cry when I did not show up Kelle 🙂 LOL, Jordan can find his own women I am not his personal pimp where is my Range rover you already know I am going to cuss you out nigga, stop playing!

4:51 pm No Kobe (you cheated on me and Vanessa no baby!) I am not doing ANYTHING else NBA sorry baby, LOL, thinking back I just remebered today when I introduced Lisa to Jordan… Chickee was in the car! Who knew Lisa would help her open a salon and she would take her husband, I am telling you we need our own show… LOL!

4:49 pm Crystal Lake, LOL, see Hootie needs to know Friday the 13 is very real, I would say there is Crystal Lake see!

4:42 pm What are you looking at?

Can YU see me in this dress??

My famous dress only YU can see me in this when I am on ABC

4:38 pm Oh I am sorry you all said I was CRAZY I look really crazy now I am not fighting with Rahm, he pointed to his coach when we swore him in, we have no problems (see this is when I have a problem) Silver Fox:) see how do I find a date after Mustapha?

You damn right I have to explain, I go on a date and they look up and see all Nations, what do I say, Dawn I am going to kick your ass for this! Where is Lisa Eli you did this! Eli where are you, see why I cannot go drinking with my friends, Dawn you play too damn much!

I knew you were being nosey!

Who are you looking for and why

4:37 pm What is the problem, WTH do you think he was once in the White House, as long as the people are not paying for it who cares that is his choice I would, wait until my children return home, no fight!


4:34 pm Thank You Ben show them HAPPY about having a job, can I get a Buddy Pass (LOL) last saw Ben working the Blago case:) a Brother with a job that has benefits now you know every female in his hood is on him tonight HEY!

4:30 pm Sonya blocked the embed code so you have to click here to see this one It Takes Two

4:29 pm Frank Clark I know right I only asked for 250,000 you topped that not bad, you know they are going to call you CRAZY right, LMAO!

4:20 pm Mustapha we really need to talk about this UGLY BETTY thing man for real I mean you know! I know you have to identify me one way or another (Muslim Face) no UGLY is Felicia I am far from Ugly.. Oh I know what I will eat tonight Salmon and Salad!

4:19 pm I was trying to play softball and found a common friend here is a blast from the past for all of you who know the history of this tale! I know I have to add security to them too I know right! whatever! She is smart she will figure this out!

4:14 pm I want to open my “Sunday Soul Food Restaurant” and retire, all I want to do from here on is open my restaurant and play. I did all I am supposed to do, you got a black President and I don;t like that MF anyway so don’t ask me to do it again… did I spend the night in Lincoln’s Room, NO so do not ask me for another favor with your (can I cuss) Punk A$$ Obama! I bet he is waiting for me to bail him out with the budget HELL NO!

4:09 pm Come on man you all know I wanted to run for Alderwoman, WHAT did DAWN say?

Danny K Davis was supposed to be my sponsor (I am cussing under my breathe) no comment Sandi needs to try to save her marriage What Dawn What DAMN!

Calvin, witness, Mustapha Farrakhan, Dawn, Chevette (family business) you know… Calvin did walk out the building and I did not have to kick DAWN’S ass for setting him up:) Oh I was ready:)

4:08 pm Rahm and I have no issues I did not fight his campaign, why should I, he knows my White House Access in fact his staff are probably a few who actually know who I am trained to me and all that! We have no problems!

4:06 pm Hey that is a commercial A brother with a JOB, get that money baby, see that is what we need to se more black men with jobs working baby! Wipe the sweat and get the check, WHAT Rahm… what! Silver Fox on my nerves already, all he gave me was a drink of water and see, I caused that big a distraction!

4:04 pm No mater who I try I cannot escape Mustapha so why try, I will just move out of the area and see what happens:) It is not like I can tell this story without talking about him and I am not UGLY thank you, we have to work on that Ugly Betty thing man, so you saying you like Ugly girls LOL yeah right, that makes me beautiful maybe not like Karen but you saw something! Hun??? What??? Right cannot speak up!

4:03 pm Where’s the beef (sorry) well… make up your mind its not my fault dang it BLAME DAWN she is the one who likes to play games, I know the HEAT WAVE of 1995 year Deja was born, hum??? Well!

4:01 pm I kissed the window and all hell broke loose just for you Mike Kaplan, y’all on TV hey! Are my lips still on the window, LOL!

4pm Father Pfleger I guess you have to do the footwork for the Cardinal hun!

3:59 pm ABC: Live on ABC, you are at 10 S Kedzie shouts to the Westside, hey!

2:10 pm Offline resting, if you want a reading MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!

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