BGA Update

12:50 pm BGA Report Update!

So how much are we paying that city of Chicago employee? What about the ones who work for Cook County? The State of Illinois? And many other government agencies?

We’ve just updated the BGA Payroll Database with 2011 numbers.

See where your tax dollars are going

The BGA is watching. We’re shining a light on government and holding public officials accountable. This is one part of that effort.

Thank you for your support,


12:30 pm Angie (Debbie Morgan) I am not going to CONFESS wearing THAT dress RIGHT NOW, LOL funny!

12:05 pm OK Erica is not a Muslim, see you got jokes ABC Susan Lucci did we SAVE the Show is all I need to know did we SAVE Al MY Children stay employed people!

12pm AMC: Oh damn ERICA is doing dual personalities, watching silently offline! Angie where is the baby!

11:58 am Offline working the phone I have less than a month to find a house, I refuse to deal with this stupid crap I don’t need chaos in my life baby and DJ will be 18 in 3 more months, time to do ME! If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me! I have to stay in Illinois I have a HUGE FEDERAL CASE that I am preparing for and well.. I am not walking away from this blessing!

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