Raising Holy Hell

2:48 pm Stepping away to rasie holy hell in Illinois, excuse me please

2:44 pm I’m back with distractions, sorry had to takew a call to check on cousin Quentin Birt (Jasmine had a wisdom tooth pulled)
2:05 pm Slight recess until 2:25 pm

2:04 pm 7 Ugly Betty, I am just curious Bias if you did not know me how did you know all of my number codes so well, they are not posted, how long have you been following me, hum???

2pm Tip: If you hear LisaRaye’s mouth you know its about money and she and Dawn (aka Karen and you did not know it) are 2 of the biggest White Women haters in the book. HINT: Sandi Jackson is pissed off at the table with her friends because Jesse left her for a White Woman, crimes against W.W. ratings are up again…

1:59 pm Keep in mind this is how she was programmed to think, this is how someone PROGRAMMED her to act, now who programmed this show.

1:55 pm I think it is just as CRUEL a crime if she is violated because of her crime the one thing I remember as a IDCO is my job was to enforce the sentence not to set my own personal stand of punishment for the inmates, she will be tried in a jury and this panel will determine her fate not sick and perverted guard who look to exploit her crime or seek vigilante justice.

YES the baby is gone but that is why we have the trial not to impose our own punishment if that is the case let her die off but do not piss on her while she is alive please now lets be real about this! Keep in mind the whole irony of this is YOU all know just as much as I do YOU are the ones being held accountable, if they tell me this much how much more should YOU know about what is happening inside YOUR WALLS think about that!

1:53 pm I do not want that young woman touched while in State Care and I can enforce this power, she is NOT to be mishandled by Correction Officers while detained. Let it be noted that to SAVE This case SHE MAY NOT BE TOUCHED by anyone from this point on, give her paper and pencil and let her read and write but do NOT abuse her…

1:51 pm Thank you Defense I allowed my emotions to get involved I forgot about “Caylee” you are right…… I MUST STAY FOCUSED

1:49 pm I have been having the worst headaches the past couple of days, Defense is making this graphic for me to make me sick, WOW, at the same time…

1:48 pm I have to first, noting all of the LIVE MICS that I have, need to remind myself that this was a life taken, Skull fell out of the bag… WOW… why would you want me to save you from this, WOW.

1:46 pm Roy Cronk witness cross examination

1:45 pm I am right here Casey I have to make you human to the people in the room, not excusing what you did, seeking answers to understand you. I see you!

1:41 pm I could throw a spin into all of this and say are we punishing her for what she did or for what she did not want her daughter to live thru, makes you think don’t it, I mean she can play the crazy role silently but think with me now.

She has been abused so much so that she doe snot connect emotion and pain. She willingly accepts the abuse as a form of justification for her life, did she do this in fear her child (like I think many times) would be a victim like she was, then she is so disconnected from the events, she is numb to the pain. What is the REAL CRIME!

1:40 pm I know right we are caught between Derrek Lee and DWade fans, stick to the trial

1:38 pm Good Job Code 11, rape victim on the floor, see who they all know the numbers

1:35 pm I don’t think we want to explore if her mother knew or not I think we all know the answer to that question, what I think I want to focus on is do they feel she needs to DIE because of it, why did I switch tactics, because I know after praying, they have been molesting that girl in jail demeaning her and making her a victim again, Eddie is very good at that, so now you have increased the punishment and have isolated her making her worst good ole Lisa (like she did to me and Da Brat aka Shannie Harris)

1:34 pm DWade has a front row seat… I do not talk when in class! I have Finals! Call me later!

1:32 pm Inside Edition: yes I am working the case.

1:31 pm “Brandon Sparks” (Yma’s son and Jackie’s last name)

1:30 pm Don’t worry I am not Karen, I love myself thank you!

1:26 pm (Cover story) Casey reaching out to her father, translating the floor)

1:24 pm The so help me GOD always gets me caught up, so help me … ME Amen (giggle)…

1:23 pm As her father left the stand he gazed at his daughter “he loves his child” Amen

1:22 pm Who is the DWade look alike in the crowd?

1:19 pm Casey if it helps, your father wants to say I love you, don’t know if he will fit those words in but you can feel that, still won’t help and/or bring back Caylee now will it!

1:17 pm Can you accept your daughter being locked up in a jail cell from all of this, can you really live that life, I know you do not want to loose her, its family. I know right may not be perfect but she is still your heart, first hand I know the story!

1:16 pm Faceoff, trying to admit your real feeling and loosing the one you really love is killing you hun, yeah I know Mr Anthony, I will say this as dysfunctional as you all may appear (my family too) you guys really hold it together!

1:15 pm Did you get a good enough peek into the REAL Obama, good then you already know… its staged and this is why I have her under watch I can see EVERYTHING at all times on her in that jail cell, BOO!

1:14 pm Casey see he does not want you ti DIE baby, he wants to HOLD ON you are all he has he said, keep talking

1:12 pm Judge Perry you know the ONLY reason why I want you to SPARE her life, they want YOU to kill her off, that is what they are betting on, YES I agree the crime deserves DEATH however they are using her to exploit crimes against White Women using a Black Man to ENFORCE their views, pay attention to the set up.

12:58 pm Oh how exciting Obama is doing another White House Tour today, RIGHT, anyway back to real business! When you guys WAKE UP let me know ok! I will allow you the enjoyment of THINKING he is really a President!

12:57 pm Making a BLT with salad while waiting for Mr Anthony to return!

12:55 pm My only issues is if I keep you alive in the midst of all that has been done (I guess to teach a lesson) do you really want to subject yourself to 24 hour isolation where you are away from the general population to be a guard sex toy, you feel me. Is it worth a lifetime of reminded hate, does that make sense, not all guards are BAD but we have our share of jerks.. Judge Perry is back

12:54 pm Adding on the drama and crime doe snot help matters but you know I know the whole story from a GUARD perspective and from the inmate side

12:52 am Okay back to you Casey, see I would rather spend time with you than with Obama, so we have footage of the guards in your room, grounds to mistrial or let you live, where did we leave of, we stuck at the hip the only other problem I have is now I have copy cats, see the dilemma

12:49 CNN back to CASEY TRIAL cleaning up the mess Obama made

11:48 pm Gary McCarthy, DON’T TOUCH THAT ONE passing the buck to you baby, STOP

11:47 am Oh my goodness Rahm, I cannot agree to you taking security off Burke, you will need to BEEF UP your security detail on this one the job issues I understand but hey

11:46 am I know you better find my money, all BS aside I want my money and I am not joking, you are not going to WIN again, you are a 1 term President now lets go

11:44 am My children were PROMISED good educations with or without you baby, I did YOU a favor don’t get it twisted

11:42 am Yes I have email access to him and if I had not damn it gotten him elected I know right open the Bible to Judges 4, Deborah told me to do it, now we acted that part out we have this out of the way, next question! What happened to Jesse Jr’s vision! Screw Sandi you know that baby was going to find me OPEN MIC why did you do that Obama!

11:38 am He knows his Bishop Long Ringtone, see Eddie they are not ashamed of you, you were a good father to them when you had them, thank you! Usher on WGCI, no Obama you cannot party!

11:35 am I am the President of the United States (sounding very insecure about his post)

11:34 am He is out of his comfort zone, he is in a room where he knows you are taking notes on EVERYTHING he says so this is NOT a black crowd he can feed his lines to or buddies he can bump booties with in the back, LOL his back is against the wall, he does not know how to address this crowd, FIRE SQUAD

11:33 am He is and has always been jealous of DJ but whatever!

11:32 am Thankful to GOD that DJ is starting to feel at home again, thank you Father, GOD is in his heart and he does not want to loose me:) had no business touching them they were fine!

11:31 am Name Play “Tim” Evans

11:30 am My first question here, talking to Andy Shaw, I am going to do GREAT TONIGHT big meeting ahead! to Jessica Yellin’

11:29 am Dream Act, Dick Durbin talking! I know right he lost a daughter!

11:25 am Obama Care has killed off many of the people it covers, hum, not much to figure out. Oh yes I met David Axelrod also, so let me see the people I met BEFORE sending you and most of  your cabinet since you have been there yep I know them all!

11:24 am I thank GOD I have better taste in men, I think, Not being insulting but you know the deal was I was supposed to spend the night in Lincolns Room, never made it too busy cleaning up this crap in Illinois, now let me see so I really care if he gets assassinated (LOOK DAMN IT I kept him alive this long)

11:21 am You should not feel bad Obama:) I mean I liked you enough to prove my point and use you to do so, the only thing you should feel STUPID as F about is thinking she cared and you thought it was LOVE damn she is a good actress, so now you have uprooted a country, cause total chaos, painted the White House BROWN and let me see, what do we have left… no clean water… fish and birds dying… major earthquakes and catastrophe’s yep you tore shit up pretty good!

11:21 am You thought Katie was going to argue with me, LOL, you feel stupid I know!

11:18 am Jim (Flint) what room are we watching, again I love everybody but it amazes me who Obama has selective hearing you cannot focus on ONE Agenda I mean I am all for Civil Rights but you cannot change the laws to cater to ONE group and leave the rest out of the party Sorry! It shows your rebellion, I know Lisa did not explain that you were just part of the collection, look at it my way I liked you enough to get you Elected!

11:15 am Pat Quinn looks like we are going to have fun this year at the Parade do I march or do I set up a tent to sell food, hum???

11:14 am He is using his right hand what did I say

11:12 am DJ saw Hootie and he knows I am working hard to restore HOME, he is finally getting comfortable at home

11:10 am Now you know I am not Anti Gay, however I cannot change God’s Law and Obama is overstepping his own power by redesigning the White House it is cool for now but when the NEW PRESIDENT is  sworn in they are going to repeal all of the things he did anyway so what difference does it make, HE IS TARGETING the GAY and LESBIAN COMMUNITY what are you cheering for he is calling OUT High 5’s what are you reading!

11:07 am He took his time to do a interview with V103 and now he is in the Hot Seat, out of his comfort level, he had to do a follow up conference to justify the time from yesterday, Happy Birthday Kirk, I had to call Obama for you:)

11:06 am Obama said (GO AHEAD) focus on Jobs, how did he know what I was talking about! RIGHT! Next comes City Restructure, nope you said I was crazy so he gets to act crazy, LOL

11:05(a) NOPE I am not going to fight him about ONE THING you took my kids he can do whatever he likes, go ahead Rahm

11:05 am CHICAGO: Emanuel: 625 city worker layoffs if union won’t accept reforms

11:03(a) I guess after doing a radio spot for Doug Banks you got called on the carpet, still struggling with identification issues with Lisa hun!

11:03 am ABC coverage of Obama speech, I am still waiting for him to tell me something he did good for the USA since being President, no White house Tours today hun

11:01 am The only thing he can take credit for in 2.5 years is Legalizing Same Sex Marriage, you are Anti God, we knew that, what else have you done since being President

11am This is funny as hell, LOL!

10:57 am Hum… Obama talking at the same time Casey’s Father is testifying, hum???

10:56 am Now you face LEGAL action because YOU are not sure of the Constitutional Powers that allowed you to interfere with Libya, digging a bigger hole. I get more from the Casey Trial hurry please

10:55 am Constitutional Law Professor Hat, do you really want to tell jokes, Gaddafi touching a nerve with Minister Farrakhan, her we go

10:54 am He has no business answering WAR questions without Military experience

10:53 am You know damn well my accounts got messed up they screwed up my check this month, got jokes RIGHT

10:51 (a) Pete I am not cursing, What Obama you knew I would be up working the case, some of us actually like to talk to people other than you!

10:51 am Hurry up I have the Casey Trial to work today, I did not plan to talk to you and it really does not excite me so keep bubbling away!

10:49 am Obama: “I am Commander in Chief”, I was raised to believe if you have to keep saying it you don’t believe it yourself, enjoy these last few months!

10:47 am Obama News Conference I was not planning to talk to you today LIVE on CNN!

Wednesday June 29th, 2011

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