Burke Attacl

7:06 pm I am strongly leaning towards Michigan also.

6:39 pm Ed Burke, there’s a HIT on you and YOU know it, you have been a target for a minute AND YOU KNOW IT…every since you said, decrease security detail, the Sandi spy over my head has been stomping back and forth, technically you still have MORE POWER than Rahm, I did tell you. That’s exactly why I am leaving Chicago, also the Haiti school Director, thet sacrafice children in Haiti, do YOU know who is in control of your kids, MEDIA WATCH, TAP, EVERYTHING HE DOES, I want taps on Every email, phone call, expense, follow him like you trail me.

6:34 pm Nope Chicago, yoi see what you put me thru, sorry G8, I REFUSE to remain in Chicago, I will NEVER find peace here. Right now call me selfish but I am only thinking about my children… I will have Hootie this weekend and I really do not CARE about anything but my children.

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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophetess
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