What more can I say

11:24 am He looks like Boozer, party at ABC, we got drinks.

11:23 am ABC: Its too early to drink.

9:13 am Offline.

9:11 am Michael Jackson is not dead, if he is why does “he” keep talking.

7:57 am Ann Marie, tell Diane I said that was for Debbie, Priscella, Michael J. And EVERYONE ELSE I lost because of her, enjoy hell when she gets there, Mac Arthur on Madison 4800 block on Madison, Church.

7:46 am YES, STEVE JAFFE WILL GET YOU… Hell, they are trying to KILL him off too, you damn right Steve will get you.

7:43 am I am not laughing at him, I am laughing because… What did Y’all give him. I love you Mario. I really do baby… He loves me, that’s what matters

7:40 am THEY DID NOT KILL HIM, he made a really bad dick sucking joke, he is fine, he is alive.

7:36 am Tommy, thank you baby. but I need the REAL touch, love me Tommy and let me step out the BOX, Tommy if you love me… you will bless me… We will come see you, I promise!

7:28 am I am WORKING on HOOVER as FAST as I can please I have issues too WHY do you think they are after my children!

7:23 am TD JAKES I told him we would be there, Jakes, that was not funny, he is not used to being one of us, not funny! I better get that house or better, Jakes.. I did tell him I am Serita’s cousin it is a Fast Track Class, LOL, Jakes.. see! Yes Potter’s House I am on my way soon, and I am not working in the kitchen…

7:22 am Rahm you know damn well I was tr home editing video! How did he get away with that LIE, man come on

7:19 am Mario got buste4d in the strip club LOL funny! Hahahahaha, well… you are now under Secret Service you should have never said you wanted to marry me, I come with DETAILS:) LOL! All these who are tripping I dropped everything to say YES to YOU, LOL… they did this when I said I was marrying Torrence at least I am giving this one a heads up! I did tell him! He did not stick it in, how do I know.. he came home and called me… until he fell asleep:) SMILE

7:18 am Rahm, Sorry but you know what… this is your city, I told YOU I was leaving, NO!

Mario no dick sucking jokes, got it:)

7:12 am I am getting back in bed and working via Android, if you hear me in fine print I need YOU to hear me in BOLD!

7:11 am Who did that Pippen, Kobe, Dwade, Derrek Lee, which one of you did that LisaRaye BITCH make me beat your ass bitch, see! Who slipped him up… I need bail money see, that is why I love HIM, I can say baby bail me out and I won’t have to explain:) Where is MY BITCH I need to SLAP her!

7:09 am LOL, I have to tell you who he is so you know who to keep alive… LOL, Mario got busted out playing in the strip club WAS THAT HIS MONEY OR MY MONEY… hun, LOL!

7:07 am Tommy, share me baby. I need the REAL LOVE I need the REAL CONTACT ok you still my BOO Tommy!

7:03 am My friend from Russia this is what we talked about Alex I am sorry I had to delete you, but I see you baby… Hey!

7:02 am Steve, he is so much like YOU he makes me sick but YOU are who I hear when he speaks, LOL that is a compliment baby! He has that MY WOMAN don’t get close to her attitude that I love , kinda like Torrence but a bit more serious and he will provide for me, he taught ME how to HUSTLE if you can believe it. Yeah, the FIRST man who ever spoiled me Janet, YOU know that! He can afford me especially of I can hold him right in Texas he will be so blessed you will think he is ??? on his level not to be compared to ANYONE the FIRST man who EVER spoiled me baby! And we have a soul tie which holds me to him… oh yeah

7:01 am Rod I will see you guys tomorrow OK, tomorrow baby!

6:51 am Wait I am about to post up pics of the NEW HOME I like GOD may find something better but this is what I found so far hold on, I will show you the pics

Front View

Gourmet Kitchen I am NEVER leaving the house:)

The Brady Bunch I earned this!

I love it so much…

No comment

6:42 am Think like this readers: Steve is Mario today, just think like that, they are so much alike, just do that line today!

6:39 am George Bush, Daddy… that was not funny… what did you do! Well, I he alive, now you have to spoil him RIGHT I am coming home to you! I know I get that house or better right, you introduced yourself to your new Son in Law. not funny Pop!

6:34 am Steve: What did you guys slip in his drink, I know he said something VAIN about Ma Bush, but he is alive so you love him, don’t do that again! Y’all play too damn much, he OKKK right, good I promise he will not slip up like that again, I got him Pop, not fair he is NOT use to being in the White House!

6:23 am Do it like this Steve and Marjorie, Mario and Chevette (Cooper) see you got ADP jokes, than you Eugene, cannot tell my name LIVE, thank you Eugene I love you baby!

6:20 am Steve: You have been reading Mario with me all weekend long, WHY do you think I like him, HE JUST LIKE YOU, now what. No competition if only you knew, it’s not about what I could have had it about what I man to him, free from all of this and he understands all of this too. He reminded ME I took them to a LeVert Concert back in 1987, NOW WHAT, see what I mean, he loves ME not who I am or what I do

SHOUT OUT to Suge’ Knight, hi baby. HE tagged me on FB, well he is not a celebrity but he is still family!

6:17 am V103 Excuse me I have to get used to living in a house with brothers, Steve did TD Jakes get my message about the HOUSE I found, baby if I don’t get that..I better get better! Eddie, I want that house!

6:16 am I am about to to the Bo Derrek thing I need braids for the Summer it is too damn hot for any other style, so excuse me while I repair my seriously damaged hair:)

6:11 am Tommy no mater what baby, I may get married I will still walk naked thru the house for you baby, you have been my Secret Service Boyfriend for this long baby I am not going to let you go, Jaimie Fox is in the box: What will I do married now, NO,. what will y’all do when (if) I get married, I still love you Tommy!


6:08 am OBAMA: Shut Up you should have given me Derrek Lee I am getting married normally!

5:52 am Yes, Tommy Orlando did a tattoo for Charles… Now that I am in a committed relationship I have to STAY FOCUSED so I don’t say the WRONG NAME its like having sex (or making love) to Rio and calling Tommy’s name, I work too much.

5:43 am V103.com Does this have anything to do with my recent announcement that I am engaged. Who is pisted and why? What did I miss.

5:34 am Good Morning Steve, up a bit late but I am here, who ia ticked and why… Please explain.

Tuesday May 31, 2011

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