New Birth Blessing

12:17 pm <span>Thank You for the Blessing New Birth Amen.<p>

12:16 pm <span>We see you coming Mario:) We see you coming, now if he can just get used to my life without freaking out!</span></p><p>

12:15 pm <span><span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>Bernice likes Mario,</span> if she has the mic I am doing good, thank you Sister, thank you! <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>Halleluiah</span>

12:13 pm <span>Eddie went the WRONG way, Render… Eddie… why did he exit, Eddie tripping, no more water he has to let me go to Jakes, LOL!</span></p><p>

12:12 pm <span>Bernice I know right girl, we were up all night falling asleep on the phone if you are standing up I know I have a blessing</span></p><p>

12:10 pm <span>I got Mario, he will be just fine, Bernice looking good baby! I see YOU… so I know I am good, did you like what you were hearing? me too girl. Did he align to what you heard GOD saying to me? Had to YOU are standing… Lady in the front STAND GIRL, stand RIGHT there baby you can do me right there baby!</span></p><p>

12:08 pm <span>Roberto SIT I said VANESSA not YOU! Oh shut up EVERYBODY know Eddie STOP being FAKE for a moment PLEASE</span></p><p>

12:06 pm <span>Vanessa would you please give that man some head DAMN, how does everyone else see/hear that and you cannot. That visual looks better. Amen</span></p><p>

12:04 pm <span>Vanessa, even if I am married it will not change the fact that Eddie loves me, but you know! Hey, at least I am assigned to ONE all I need is ONE! I love him too, Eddie see that is why I have to let go, NO you cannot have another drink, come on man be real, now you know I have a Rottweiler in my hands and he bites</span></p><p>

12:03 pm <span>We never argued and this one who loves his mother and esteems her highly  is a man this I do not doubt and this one thing I know he will NEVER hurt me, this one LOVES me in ways I cannot explain!</span></p><p>

12:02 pm<span> Eddie don’t be jealous, I get to spoil a husband like I use to spoil YOU. He already told you, he is playing for keeps!</span></p><p>

12:01 pm <span>I am putting my hood on his head, you may see “him” but this one is hidden in the BUSH baby, not by accident!</span></p><p>

11:59 am <span>Did Jaquatta Williams make it back from Oprah yet, you know I follow you girl!</span></p><p>

11:58 am <span>I opened the door, you can talk to him, hopefully he is surrounded by his brothers and family, you can talk to THIS one, “HE” does “NOT CARE” about who “YOU” are, all he will see is YOU are trying to get close to his woman, I know this one, I am not insecure with this one!</span></p><p>

11:55 am <span>My prayer is this, “That Mario is reading”, WHY, because there is nothing you can say to him about ME, nothing, he does not care about any of that, you are testing him! And that is a REAL MAN you can talk to him, that is a REAL MAN baby! I have no hesitation about this one!</span></p><p>

11:54 am <span>New Birth: I told you I was hanging out in Costa Mesa LONG BEFORE many of you knew, TBN do I have to explain this now!</span></p><p>

11:53 am I got a MAN in my life who all I do is listen to him tell me things that I say to you and that is what YOU all are amazed at, how did he KNOW ALL the answers and he just reopened the book after 23 years.</p><p>

11:51 am <span>Eddie why are you acting like a “THIRSTY VAMPIRE” today, see</span></p><p>

11:50 am <span>Eddie you and Mustapha are going back and forth and I am in the middle, sorry I am not going to talk about this, where is Deja, no I am going to say it again, where is Deja! Until I know the truth do not talk to me about that.</span></p><p>

11:49 am <span>I have a family waiting for me, I will be fine and what he is basically explaining I am praying PROTECTION (for them) on Mario and his family!</span></p><p>

11:44 am <span>To the Nation of Islam, I am quickly moving… yes I am quickly moving I am too close and you LIED to me, now I am not going to FOCUS on this too much but EDDIE is making it a POINT to talk to YOU, I told you when WE become a problem, YOU stay I will go!</span></p><p>

11:42 am <span>LOL: Eddie we are doing things we talked about this morning, you got jokes this should be good! You got jokes at the END of the PERIOD, LOL I am ready for you, let’s go.</span></p><p>

11:41 am <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>Eddie you got jokes, “THIRSTY” hun, things we talked about this morning, HEY you are not supposed to tell that part, see!</span></p><p>

11:39 am <span>Yes Eddie we talked about our feet hurting last night, LOL! You have bad feet too, don’t be funny, everybody don’t know what it is like to belong to the Government:)</span></p><p>

11:36 am <span><span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>New Birth, knows if they see Deidra I am leading praise, because I AM really, Directing the show from the booth, I work from home this way, SANG DEIDRA! I still faithfully serve GOD in volunteering my time, SANG girl, Eddie I will always love you but I need a manifestation of GOD in my life and this is good enough for me. Gone Vanessa good job baby! Wooh!</span></span></p><p>

11:34 am <span>DWade, I love you guys so much I am tried of loosing you, this was not my doing this was all GOD, I wish I could explain it being so right but hey… when you are a good woman, I do not have to look for a man a man will be looking for me. I will say this, every woman wants and seeks a man who wants to spoil her and treat her like a woman and if you guys love me then you will RESPECT that. I am not going to go into details but after everything I went thru and am going thru with Pippen EVERYBODY should be glad that I found one who has MY HEART first</span></p><p>

11:32 am <span>Yes I will pass up EVERY offer from all the “so called” men who thought they wanted to say something, I got tired of being passed around like a piece of meat, HEY DEIDRA, yeah I am good I see myself singing, I AM good!</span></p><p>

11:31 am<span> <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>NBA: I bet while I am trying to find PEACE in my life you guys are focused on who will win the NBA FINALS will it be Florida and DWADE or Dallas and Dirk, God is so FUNNY!</span></span></p><p>

11:27 am <span>I am really curious you are not wearing your RING I put on your hand are YOU letting GO Eddie! Are you finally letting go, WOW, so cool I feel better about that!</span></p><p>

11:25 am <span>I will explain it to him later, he is not slow, I am hoping he is reading because I need him to see and hear like I do! I pray to GOD he is watching. This one TAUGHT me I wish I could explain, he chose me, I did not choose him, again he loves ME more and that is what I need one who loves ME and sought ME.</span></p><p>

11:24(a) <span>You are reading Mario, why are you reading him!</span></p><p>

11:24 am <span>Angela Merkel (Germany) Good Morning!</span></p><p>

11:20 am <span>Eddie, to him I am beautiful, he loves MY FACE, I am sexy and there is nothing you can say to me about him <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>7 (Ugly Betty) </span>Sorry I am not a <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>Muslim </span>and I am not going to talk about that. <span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>

Minister Farrakhan,</span> I brought confusion and I am going to relocate just so I do not have to deal with DRAMA from all that has happened, you don’t have to worry I will go!</span></p><p>11:19 am <span>He will be HEALED and Diabetes will not hurt him, thank you!</span></p><p>11:18 am <span>Yes Eddie he is very much a MAN, and I am not worried about this one, YES he snatched me! Yes “he” came after me, RIGHT I did not chase him HE found me, for the bible said He that finds a wife finds a good thing, Thank you for that blessing it is sealed, I agree AMEN</span></p><p>11:16 am <span>Good Morning Sister Bernice (Colorful dress in the FRONT), I know right, no Kobe I am not tripping on you! This is going to be good, I will be with Jakes.</span></p><p>11:15 am <span>You are not wearing my ring (eeerrr) what happened to my regal ring, hun</span></p><p>11:14 am <span>Eddie is speechless, find the RIGHT words and do NOT be funny talk to ME nobody but ME I really do NOT care what you think of anything else, talk to ME!</span></p><p>11:13 am <span>You did not think there was a MAN who felt the way YOU feel about me hun? And he is not a millionaire (I need genuine LOVE Eddie, this is good but I need someone to HOLD ME too)</span></p><p>11:11 am <span>Eddie what is more important, how you feel or what I need, don’t stop my praise, stop playing if they were cheering for you you would not stop the praise!</span></p><p>11:10 am <span>I am NOT finished praising, talk to me… do not cut off the praise, say you are happy for me, after all of this and I will be happy, you were able to close your cases (you are welcome) but you left me wide open that was the final straw, you want me to stay here to deal with this mess, no baby. I am moving on)</span></p></span><span><p>11:09 am <span>Eddie this is not the first of the month, why are you looking so gloom, moving on baby I will be fine I am going to hang out with Jakes, you will still see me…</span></p></span><span><p>10:43 am <span><span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>March Cuban</span> get ready HERE I come, I am so tired I was up until 4:30 am this morning thanking GOD for ALL THAT!</span></p></span>
10:41 am <span>Coming Soon: I will be moving to Dallas and I will be attending <a href=””>The Potter’s House</a> with TD Jakes and (my cousin) Serita Jakes soon, pay attention for updates.</span>

10:39 am <span>I have always said, the ONE thing missing in my life was I needed someone who loved me more than I loved them, I am so glad to say that GOD filled that empty spot in my life, he took me back the beginning t9o the first MAN who ever wanted to care FOR ME, not who I wanted to care for, I found the first MAN who loved ME more.. I cannot explain it baby, but I am whole. So while I have been fighting off the spirits that held me back I need not fight no more!</span>10:32 am <span>Sorry Late for Church, </span><a href=”;p=&amp;networkID=1018&amp;WMP=1&amp;WMPv=6&amp;RPIE=0&amp;RPNAV=0″>Live at New Birth</a><span>, I have an announcement for you all, I will be attending The Potter’s House, once I move. Sorry but I am moving on with my life I have decided to do what is best for me!</span><p><span>Looking for a new HOME in Dallas, while in Church, Good Morning Bishop and New Birth, moving forth and getting better, I have what I need and I am full!</span>

<span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>Sunday May 29, 2011</span>

10:51 pm <span>Looked into my Crystal Ball and Texas in in my near future, I have nothing holding me here baby! Dallas here I come, guess I have to go sit in the Bushes after all:)</span></p><p></p>

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