2:44 pm they are watching all the TRAFFIC outside my house, got it!

2:43 pm They don’t know what you are saying so they have no evidence I know!

2:40 pm WGCI: Lisa was the last one with Tupac NOT me, that was the night before I did not get back at him for slapping me at that concert Brian, that was Lisa not me!

2:01 pm You made the mistake when you thought I was tripping, what IMAGE am I waring with in my soul, fine we EMBARASS you all so BAD fine!

1:59 pm Federal Witness Protection Program, Jesus came to “HIS” own they received him not, if I died off suddenly, how would you know if I were dead, think about it! What about if I just disappeared

1:58 pm I just want to raise children and teach that is what I promised to do, I don’t think Soul Food would go so good but hey you know. I am tired, I will go, I can go, if offered shall go!

1:57 pm I am not scared I am sad they cannot see me right here, that is all. I am worth more to other countries than I am to my own!

1:56 pm You would be this high too!

1:54 pm I’ll let you finish here! You found him hun!

1:52(a) If he is watching, well bring it!

1:52 pm They see me and call me sinner, they see me and say that I am forgiven!

1:50 pm I am LOVED in Egypt, all you have to do is if you have a Muslim friend ask them to LISTEN for you and tell what you are saying!

1:48 pm I am so protected that I would never know you came to my door baby. go ahead try it, this is my don’t fuck with me face, I keep telling you Bishop Eddie L Long… 911 I said sorry… What, I told you when I tried to go to Minnesota, they blew up the bridge (I guess that means No hun) if I am not welcome here, if I cannot be accepted here, I just go there that is all. Remember the GOLD ATM, where was I that day!

1:47 pm to shut me up, yeah but they cannot shut me down baby, I do all of this, go ahead play with my friends!

1:46 pm Going in different rooms this is fun!

1:44 pm Did you hear Deja, I did!

1:41 pm I did tell you!

Condi found him for me

1:39 pm Well, if I cannot find peace, I will nestle, I refuse to remain where I am not appreciated! Wait, before I go, I have to do something, funny thing is, they think I am joking!

1:38 pm It makes me sad that YOU think YOU are the only ones who have ears, Thank God someone loves me

1:25 pm You forget who I am AGAIN!

1:18 pm She is disobedience, this is more than … what was I thinking, whose voice said, let then try and I will finish all this shit! What voice was that, stop playing you never know where a HIT could come from, you don’t know how this works, now I know how my stuff works. Hoe RIGHT, I would rather live RIGHT than DIE wrong, who was setting up for a SHOT, not me baby… Talk to them!

1:17 pm They are talking to FP is she listening, dang I wish she were a real Muslims, she is not!

1:16 pm I grew up having dreams about King Tut! DEEP Michael Jackson, Remember the Time, I am pulling back MJ, I was talking to Teddy, I did pull him up this week.

1:16 pm how do you not see this RIGHT here in your face and they see me from there, they can see me too!

1:15 pm My tears from afar, I am crying, see this is not funny!

1:14 pm My spirit it waring, why is doing good not rewarded and disobedience is I know what SPIRITS it is the WRONG spirit winning and well that is how they say that, they DEMAND a NEW LEADER you not looking good right now!

1:12 pm I swear to GOD all this because she disobeys, see what I mean, that is NOT the message they want heard. What do I do now lord, did somebody try to hurt me, hum, okay… thank you baby! I love having angels, they work so good, do I worry… NO! My angels are encamped all around me, that is why I feel so SAFE walking where I do baby. I love to PLAY right here. Looking for me, just look for the SUN.

1:10 pm We got beer thank you guys, Cool dude OK it is water.. working on the beer, relax guys, anybody got music!

1:08 pm you got to know the language to know what they talking about, if you are not sure you hear what I hear!

1:07 pm I am with Chevy, this is deep, do you know they do NOT like FP there RIGHT I know, I know! What is waring in my soul, the FIGHT she give you shit! I’ll talk it I hear that!

1:06 pm What do they teach you, not to fuck with it, pay attention, LISTEN! It happen so fast!

1:05 pm Go ahead let them try to say that and I will finish this shit today is in the room, I heard that!

1:04 pm You can grab a signal from anywhere!

1:03 pm This is the DIGITAL ERA baby, all you got to have is a signal, ask whats around, test how GOOD the track me, no joke baby

1:02 pm We must be doing a test, see you guys get me with stuff like this cool, you know I have to guess and read body!

1pm You listening to Rick James too!

12:59 pm All this crap to show you WHAT is battling in my soul, see why I have to walk away!

12:55 pm I am hearing Mahumud (Amidenijahd!)

12:54 pm I hear Prince Abdullah, hi sweetie

12:52 pm Whose on a plane right now, hope you travel safely! I wish I knew what I could not see!

12:51 pm Obama said WHAT, what did he do, here we go they going off for real!

12:51 pm Prepare top be SHOT, are you serious!

12:50 pm Tell Mustapha hun, you want Minister Farrakhan supposed to say, Why y’all call me in this room!

12:49 pm Drop the bo bo, I did hear that we smoke some huf and what was after that, they sounds so sexy and yeas I am playing in the room, Egypt, if I shut up, sing baby! Wow!

12:48 pm I have noticed the increased patrol TRUST me I have noted, I am fine. What happened out there, I am loving listening to the story, I cannot explain what I did in that room, but this is how I got in trouble the first time… I thought they said Will you lick him!

12:45 pm I got 50 share in on this, I heard that! LOL I am sorry I am listening with my heart, share my joy!

12:45 pm I understood that part, I love you and I don’t want anybody to hurt you, I heard that!

12:43 pm Oh yes, and I was watching Paranormal Activity RIGHT … See why I keep this window open at all times, I thank you to all of my EYES that keep me SANE at all times, TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!

12:41 pm Thank you Egypt I know right the Prince of Egypt cartoon did not go like this damn it, I know RIGHT! They want some attention too, who else BAD y’all got and YOU want to say WE can damn it hear too!

12:40 pm Thank you EGYPT you did great, okay who else they looking to GET OUT, y’all cleaning house like that too hun!

12:39 pm They raising HELL like that about Deja, I am telling you, YES she should OBEY curfew and being where she is going is bad, so they demand a NEW leader, got that Mustapha, I told him!


12:38 pm It that us boys, WE GOOD ain’t got not problems, Must be talking in Arabic good, our TANKERS are on the spot, but the boys are chilling, heads out of the BOX looking around, can we send them some beer!

12:35 pm I am tripping it sounds like they are saying Chevette, I do not speak Muslim, but I am looking at some HELL of FIDE tankers baby, this is better than the movie I was watching, WHAT is going on out there!

12:34 pm I am listening in but I do not… He said Chevette, how they say my name like that CLICK HERE!

12:25 pm Mustapha YOU want to EXPLAIN the DEMAND for a NEW LEADER rebellion in the STREETS of EGYPT my MUSLIM MINDED Professor!

12:24 pm I am shaking cold, I had to STOP my movie to damn come thing, going to CNN for online coverage of EGYPT, see what happens what THAT WOMAN and I CLASH you think I am joking don’t you, WHO and WHAT face am I battling right now, WHAT face do they see!

11:18 am Why lie when telling the truth is so much more FUN!

11:10 Okay I am going offline right about now! Before I go, yes Obama knows all about this case, he was supposed to address this BEFORE he went to Washington that was the deal, he did not!

Pay attention this is WHAT he needed to get into the White House OK!

11:09 am Now you see why I am not allowed out the house, Jesse are you asking me to come help! Who is buying lunch! (Steel you did that already, out of the lunch line Mister)

11:08(a) I know right if you have never SEEN God smile on me you would not understand, or when HE cries, you have to see it for yourself! Of course he knows me, he married me to Torrence, and gets paid for his role, don’t be no fool Torrence!

11:08 pm I am trying to find all the Pastors you roll called (watching and reading my page in the back for verification)

11:06 am You better be SINGLE and NOT married I am not playing with you! You know who I am come on man Bishop Don Juan is my God father stop acting like you cannot hear me! Diane is somewhere tripping I know! (Rickey)

11:05 am Jesse you pimping at Push today, Shut Up damn it you know who Jesse is! Don’t make me call Minister Seymore on you, you know he is just a dial away baby… Get that paper player!

11:04 am It ain’t no secret come on now, please we are referring to LisaRaye, pretty to look at baby! Only doing what she was taught to do! Who is trying to marry me now Jesse! Can’t do politics and cannot do religion if I could I would be your daughter in law:)

11:02 am Don’t fall for it the MONEY is telling it all, I am trying to tell you, you did not listen to me the last time, I hope you hear me now! It is a set up, just like the SAME DAY I got invited to the GLOBAL FORUM is the same day I got locked out of the meeting with DJ, Obama knows I can BEAT him, look we did it, bet you better not ask me to do it again, NOPE I am tired of getting others elected and I cannot get paid.

11:01 am Okay I will give Dawn her just due credit!

10:59 am You STEEL don’t believe she is my best Red Bone, do you:) I know! Even Tessy payed her dues baby

10:58 am Did Bobby say sik her, now you know that is what they call me to do baby! Peace maker right here!

10:56 am Jesse did you say come get Lisa, I hear Lisa, if you have seen that tattoo you have seen too much, NO Lisa cannot sell or maybe she can $5000.00 but she dirty, pretty but dirty, I am not supposed to be pimping in church, Jesse!

10:55 am How much black history are YOU responsible for, tell them about the meeting at the FORT, I was in that car all night, sleeping playing withe the FBI… and have been watched every since! that was 1976 I think, Richie Daley Sr. called for Debbie to call a truce!

10:54 am I told you that MF is crazy not me. Look Debbie told me to do it OK I just did what Debbie told me to do!

10:52 am Obama set that up too, Hey Gifford it was a sign to the Judge who is probably thinking really hard right now, if you stand with me you stay alive, if you betray truth… who knows… Sandi SIT right here, you have too much to loose baby! Wearing MY shoes, I know it is a hard job, but you got to do it or loose it!

10:51 am You “Steel” alive stop tripping I will call your boss on you:)

10:50 am See this is a Waffle House Morning right here, do they have Orange Juice!

10:49 am Y’all need some breakfast in this room, did you have your scrambled eggs this morning, my goodness y’all dry.. let’s sing Taking It to the Streets, Sexy Chocolate! Oh my y’all need a new song baby!

10:47 am I have 3 close calls in the room, let me see… Steel just recovered on a kidney, that lunch payed off, Rickey… I do love him, and Bobby Rush (covering my eyes) I have much to loose and more to save, yes I am so real! Hey Bernice King, you know my New Birth face!

10:46 am Are we doing Skool Daze (Spike Lee) nothing but the DOG in me, I know more “Q’S than Omega Men!

10:45 am I would like to make this Judge a Supreme Court Judge “if” he can get it right! Think the WIZ with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, the mind behind the voice calling the plays baby, oh y’all tripping because I am black and a woman hun, damn I am good!

10:44 am Well they did not send you to Cuba, did not know I knew Hugo Chavez did you, Oh hell you did not think I knew all of these, I do!

10:43 am Rickey text back BET in case you wonder what he said:)

10:42 am Ricky (still alive) good catch! He must need and really like me hun

10:41 am Art Norman, he covered the Khalil Roundtree killing at the Guest Quarters in 1992 and I was his inside interview back then, Oh now you hear me!

10:40 am I text Ricky a Kiss to the family for me I am not coming into that room! LOL!

10:38 am Jesse they look thirsty for Honey Bee (inside joke) hun!

10:36 am RIGHT I sat on that side of the room, you are right, my beeps do not work for Mustapha, that concerns me I guess he forfeited his rights to his blessing so I cannot hear him!

10:35 am Jesse loves me I am still his baby, Lisa and Dawn cannot touch that and well! I thought he was President back then and sitting in that room I thought it was the White House, hey Auntie Jackie, now you know I will tell until I cannot tell no more!

10:34 am Got to be careful of what you say to me in this room, Debbie will get up and tear up Haiti if you say it wrong about her baby Jesse Jr! Whew, I did say I am sorry, WHAT they was getting too close to my baby!!!! Sorry I was a bit upset, sorry!

10:32 am Respectful acknowledgment of the person, WELL, I kept him alive he bought me lunch!

10:30 am In fact Debbie (My Granny and Jesse Sr former campaign Manager when he ran in 1985) also got the pool in Maywood named the Fred Hampton pool. Debbie did that too!

10:28 am FACT: I use to travel to visit Fred Hampton and who else in jail Uncle Bobby!

10:27 am Hey Uncle Bobby you heard what happened to Deja right, and now they trying to TAKE her to Indiana!

You got all of that

10:26 am Here my song, Hey! I hear MY SONG, I will POUT about this ONE song

10:24 am Wzup Big Brother, I see you!

10:23 am Al these Educated Black Men, OMG I know this is a Hot Mess, what was I thinking ion my sleep last night!

10:21 am Them LIPS gonna get you in trouble, am I THAT hot in that room, OK who asked for a drink of water, LOL!

10:20 am Yes I am human, and I do know the Jackson family!

10:19 am See y’all play too much, all them Red Bones, Jesse Sr, I did not ask you to find me a husband, see you got jokes.

10:18(a) I did that before, Million Man March, come on baby, OK this is a room filled with Educated, Employed, and Well Dressed Black Men!

10:18 am Is that Don Doty in the background, Don hush!

10:17 am INTERN WHITE HOUSE, this is how we do this baby!

10:16 am Johnathan now you know I am sending my attack dogs after him hold on and watch! Just found out he got another boost from Freddie Mac, you mean the same Freddie Mac that Chris Dodd resigned his post because he was going to get caught up ion drama, OMG I know I said fine black men in one building, here we go!

10:15 am 10-4 See that is why I have such TIGHT security, are my brothers acting up like this!

10:14 am This is when all my FATHER’S stand up see, y’all trying to find me hun, must have heard me tossing in my sleep about being there today hun, heavy on my heart and I have to keep my eyes on Jesse, I know it is not his fault his wife won’t sit! Hey Sandi, Proverb 14:1-7 baby a WISE woman builds her home a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands!

10:13 am All them black men in ONE room, I would overdose on love in that room, LOL! WELL, now you know you cannot have that many black men in one room and there are no women… I know right

10:11 am I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Black Caucus for their votes to pass Medicinal Marijuana, thank you to all of the members in Senate and the House for their support! Where is Carol Mosley Braun!

10:10 am I do not want to talk schools right about now!

10:09 am Now YOU all want to FIGHT and they are using that PUNK to cover, so Obama must be lining up HIT and you are SCARED okay, I wonder if you hear me… (tap, tap, tap… does my mic work in this room) Danny K Davis got a death threat, Obama is the ONLY one who could MAKE him make that announcement, Danny is scared. Yeah Obama is up to something!

10:08 am Johnathan that was MY kiss dang it, big juicy kiss next time you see me I better get one like that too! Kissing is so much fun!

10:07 am Man if I could do politics, gimme kiss 3J, gimme a kiss:)SMILE, what… stop playing!

10:06 am To tune in this is what you do, hey I just said that… SMILE all you have to do is CLICK HERE

10:05 am Oh he’s a wonder, sing baby, sing your song.. I am sorry I am not being disruptive, Go Head Willie!

10:03 am Having a Preachers Wife, choir moment, is Jesse going to let me SANG today, I want to SANG Jesse!

10:01 am LIVE at OPERATION PUSH, I see what I want to see, when I want to see it!

Saturday January 29, 2011


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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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