Date w/Derrek part 2 4/28/2010

2:58(a) Informal Ceremony at the ballpark that will be fun! That Juicy Fruit GUM is good are we having sex on the tarp Derrek! Chewing the hell out of that gum dang boo, is it that good!

2:58 pm Commercial (via Facebook)


[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML’s free e-zine here.] Workplace urine testing programs are a poor method for identifying employees

source: NORML Blog

2:57 pm Commercial (via Facebook)

Ambiance Suites Be sure to check-out our brand new Ambiance Packages! Our new packages are elegantly packaged in a black silk custom hat box that makes a perfect keep-sake box (and a great reminder of your incredible time at AMBIANCE).

2:54 pm Dear Santa, I want a life sized Derrek Lee doll for life, Amen!

2:53 pm Harley Ride Lake Shore Drive, that is NOT a major traffic jam it is something fun to do! With FULL leather and cross bones and all.. I am not joking we will do a RIDE to raise money!!! and just to have fun… to Navy Pier to go fishing! No more skate boards Dempie!

2:52 pm We have accepted the HOME RUN INN DEAL I am sorry and for Grown folk we will eat at Giordano’s that deal is not about Money it is about giving back to the Community and being a part of where I came from! My better half just makes it look good, you know… !

2:49 pm Caroline wants to walk me up the aisle…

I am so ready to ride, got my Becky Shorts, I see that, you thinking about me, good, ditto! I miss Uncle Teddy too, that DAMN New Birth.

2:47 pm See, you already know I am ready to put on some Becky shorts and call the players for a Lake Shore Drive Ride, stop playing, did you get that bike! CUB Colors and a really soft seat!

2:45 pm Try it again baby, HIT IT! They don’t know what I am saying!

2:43 pm Put some Peppa on that Font, see I told you he is BLACK leave my baby alone, hit your ball baby! Hit it! You hit that ball Font and hit it hard damn it and they better not say a word to you… I was thinking Lisa and I had my FONT BAT… yeah that is right!

2:41 pm My famous Michael Jackson suit, “MJ” loved to play dress alike, can you see me now… Derrek, Oh Derrek, I know right he was my dance partner for life and that was a moment brought to you by LisaRaye, who sat in my seat and has many of you thinking my work is hers, no that Bitch works for me and owes me too much money to talk about if I can just get her to stop sleeping with my baby daddies!

2:35 pm Can you find my mother Diane Valentine in this video, YES(1:25) (pulls back beads) face Diane Valentine

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2:28 pm I am very creative, LOL,is that Marlon Jackson Micheal’s brother talking, well, they use to play baseball every Saturday at White Oak Park in Encino, what! That is where I found the DOG in Janet’s video Control, see how I did that now!

Look in the fist 0:00-0:06 that dog coming down the stairs with Janet, I found that scruffy dog one Saturday at the Park after the game, she wanted it and I called it to her, I am not sure if it was a boy or girl! I always stood on her Left side and no I am not I was just curious!

2:26 pm Okay can I go lay in bed now? Rapist Morgan Proctor who took me when I was 16.8 and he was 27 that Morgan, yeah whatever, tell him to call Lisa! Just make sure all wills ready DEE, I don’t need his money:) I will keep ONLY 1 of that 3 now which one will I keep!

2:25 pm Steve you know I do not talk about MONEY ever, as a matter a fact ssshhh!!!

2:23 pm I had to FIND you Uncle Steve, what we have a BLENDED FAMILY, LOL

2:20 pm Aunt Ginger, Peppa said you confusing her!

2:16(a) I want to (Fill in the Blank)

2:16 pm I can make myself be whatever I want to be thank you very much, now what, WHAT!

2:15 pm don’t make me send my sister to find you, LOL! I am sorry private joke, what as a matter a fact that was the same day I taped with Farrakhan’s trainer see that you were there for all of that!

We did Springer October 1992 right Steve?

2:13 pm we can argue all day I am not altering my boobs, NO! I am not implanting my boob baby, NO!

2:12 pm Now you know I am the WORLD FAMOUS Male Impersonator, Laugh damn it you need to relax and release your damn belt why don’t you don’t fuel the flame, Len I know what kind of Condom he wears! I told you I would make you FAMOUS when we did Jerry Springer well, did I lie, no I am a great spouse LOL (HA HA)

2:09 pm Was that MIMI!

Like I don’t know my baby Momma, LOL Derrek I have a confession to make, you ordered my dress!

2:08 pm I bet… I bet…. I bet… the neighbor’s know my name, if not… WHY!

I am so sorry we in Da club calming, it’s only baseball! They have their Culture lesson SHUT UP I have to teach dancing!

2:07 pm “Juicy” hun, you know my name …LOL thank you Fran Valentine!

2:06 pm The better to taste you with my dear!

Sorry did I distract you, my bad, well, I am sorry! I bet… they know my name!

2:03 pm He is my SPOILED little brother, I am so sorry that is Derrek’s biggest challenge, they ALL saw my face!

Spoiled Rotten, Derrek you wrong… Did you get my dress yet, nope you are picking and designing it I saw the Tiera yesterday, it is OK we balance each other perfectly and I promise not to confuse you… LOL!

2:01 pm Playing Maxwell, Bad Habits… in his ear what you thinking!

I need more babies, get to work fella’s I will bring Daddy home baby!

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