Date w/Derrek part 1 4/28/2010

1:58 pm I know they love me RIGHT because they love their wives so I can love my man, and they better get home on time, now who has the keys to the car…Chevy! No comment!

1:56 pm I said I was going to work one inning, see y’all spoiled Font, you SPOILED you got mad I did not play yesterday, I swear to GOD you are spoiled, nope I should be there!

1:54 pm Riley, Hi T.T. babies what I say good, I know now you know we eating pizza at T.T.’s and you know… Hi babies I see you too, he can read good!

1:50 pm Len come dance with me, here you go the OFFICIAL Dillon SONG, “Bad Habits by Maxwell” this is when you black for a moment Len!

1:46 pm I love BOTH legs baby the right will take some adjusting the but the leg is perfect! Perfect Balane stay focused baby!

1:45 pm I must be rocking Dillon to sleep you know I am breastfeeding babies all over the place because of him! Pretty MF you, I know we can still use the motivation music!

1:40 pm Marlon, Oh wee!

1:39 pm Chippendale’s play better, now you know this is where all the BIG BOYS play… LOL hey they all hung! I even got a Japanese Stripper, hey!

1:38 pm Swing that bat baby, sell them tickets to that show KEEP your good job and carry your team Derrek, we take tips, it’s your JOB now stop tripping and have fun, just stay focused!

1:36(a) Rami.. Tequila!

1:36 pm Maxwell, hold on I can play that too!

1:34(a) That deep hun, hey!

That is about the ONLY time black people see you black, I like the white side of you better!

1:34 pm Is that for me, oh is that for me, you promise! I bet you will be SPRUNG, this time I’ll be sweeter!

This Time I’ll Be Sweeter – Angela Bofill or see more Angela Bofill Videos

1:32 pm I am sitting I see you, HARD HAT hun what you focused on Derrek, is this playing on your helmet, you know better I am the drink I am not the drinker, you thirsty! Yes I am MAD but I love you so! GREAT BALANCE!

1:31 pm Obama WHAT I am not talking to you and you are NOT invited I am sending you out of the country for this one stop asking, Michelle Malia and Sasha will be there I do NOT want you over shadowing MY DAY!

1:30 pm Let them WARM UP FUKE*U*DO*ME, we got you, score and get them excite, gimme a Japanese ball to play with!

1:29 pm The Riot, I will give them ONE inning then I am not talking!

First base coach (11) I know right, Derrek can see better RIGHT that is all that matters!

1:26 pm Okay I did Ricky for Jackie so this is one for Yma, can you find me in this picture!

1:25 pm Now when you say Kennedy yo mean, I know.. that has to be Caroline I will take credit for that!

1:23 pm Morgan Proctor yea see your grandchild! them BIG EYES yeah I know Atone with Dee Later, make sure EVERYTHING that belongs to Barbara and Morgan Proctor is in Diandre DeBornee Valentine~ Proctor’s name please my son has a condo on Lake Shore Drive!

1:21 pm Hey baby do I have talk, what you got up your sleeve!

I told you I am NOT like the other girls and I don’t drink strong drink! You happy to see me I see, SAGGING all in your pants, I see that!

Who the HELL can’t see that, a blind man can see that! What you got up your nose Derrek!

1:17 pm I got one for you, bet you don’t know anything about this one!

That is for you Jackie, How Come, you don’t Come!

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