You can call me Dr. Doolittle:) YEH!

12:16 pm Do not hurt my ORCA’s PLEASE you know I love them I love my whales!

12:15 pm I am on the right they see you too!

12:13 pm Hi Brad and Chuck and Dan you have to love my spirit you KNOW I am a GOD to the animals I am fine they will kiss the window WATCH the WHALES please!

12:12 pm If you could talk to the animals, do not hurt my babies, I am sending signals LOVE I am looking over his RIGHT shoulder they know how to talk too!

12:06 pm I see that too!

Illinois Review

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While millions of Illinoisans are suffering under record unemployment and a state on the verge of bankruptcy, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn is worried about…stay dogs. According to Michael Sneed, Quinn is on the war path over Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill…

11:59 am Sorry I was taking calls:) Back to WORK Photos by Brian Jackson.. What Deja brings Senators and Governor to school for Show and Tell… WHAT Coming soon Ricky Hendon at Washington Irving I planned that too!

I did a GREAT JOB thank you so much for noticing!

I am a GREAT PR person I planned on my children going to the BEST schools and I am WRONG for that! WOW!!!

I miss my ANGEL so much

I did my JOB thank you for noticing!

11:07 am Richie you have a picture with Deja YOU KNEW how do I hide this? I told you if CALVIN goes down you would too, hum…

Michael Scott was subpoenaed too,

keep thinking I am crazy and Maggie is on her death bed… Hey Richie it looks like you may have lived past your father’s record but I am seeing a upset here! Or are you too MF arroghant to see this hit I have been blocking YOU from since this all started, I cannot and I will not help because YOU KNEW and you are not helping me so now what?

10:18 am Omega MU I see YOU TOO!

10:11 am I keep teaching the longer we go the more I learn, I have one question if you know I find people professionally for a living why what makes you think… I am not good at what I do??? I am very good thank you for noticing, I pray they slip and share something on my site all I need is one printout just one! Invasion of Privacy 4th and 14th Amendment rights, if this is not brought to a close soon, I will take the next step in action and YES I do know how!

Lesson number one think proactive not reactive, always study the opposition like they study you and always stay ONE STEP AHEAD of the competition! You never know what I know, who and why…Always be ONE step ahead of the competition it works so much better to have the answers to the test in advance:)

  1. 33k – Adobe PDF – View as HTML
    David Guge, Chicago — private security contractor license reprimanded and Chevette A. Valentine, Chicago. John R. Walker, Chicago. Kim Wardell, Chicago. Arnold T.

9:24 am I asked you to keep that WOMAN OUT of my face with that BS and I am going to say it again! So now she is blocking the visit with Deja OK! I can play this too! This weekend ladies of the Nation please pay very close attention to her conduct, YOU have to judge this one!

Please tell me MORE of what you are reading on my page!

9:19 am I am UP now hell I tried to lay back in bed pain kicking in and did you know I went to the DENTIST 2/17/2010 and my jaw is still NUMB today, OMG this is crazy! And you want me to get back in a chair, hell the stuff they gave me 9 days ago has not worn off and you wonder do drugs and I am leary about getting medical attention! Yeah Right!

9:16 am You are driving me crazy tracking my children WHERE IS HOOTIE HOO!

Now who does not know that name as UNIQUE as that one is?

9:10 am My nephew is HOME WELCOME HOME T.I. I have been praying for you all the time, I am so happy to hear my baby is OUT! I wish I could save my own as good as I save others… Hey! You Don’t Know Me, I had to change that video to a cuter pic with my head uncovered!

9:05 am Oh I am sorry you obviously confused me for someone who cares, I bet you think Illinois is holding me, actually not so fast, NOW, I am holding you! When do my children get here form Guantanamo Bay, want to see a firework display, planning a good one right now!

8:59 am Maxwell, OK WHAT face am I talking to I have 3 on that one, that could be … HEY!

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In Christianity a prophet (or seer) is one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose. It is often associated with "PREDICTING" future events, but in biblical terms it is wider and can include those given the power to preach repentance to those who do not want to hear the message and to warn of God's wrath for disobedience. Deus solus me iudicare potest
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