CNN: This is the BS you called me to hear, GTF outta here with this stupid S#it!

6:58 pm I DETEST STUPID A$$ NIGGERS! and you wonder WHY I do not date black men, now do I choose a movie OBSESSED or BASKETBALL! HUM???

Looks like I am not the ONLY one who has early trouble detection radar! Who is watching who when the predator becomes the prey!

5:36 pm Now if you will excuse me I am having a really BAD DAY and I don’t want to talk!

5:33 pm I do not like Scottie Pippen, I do not want Scottie or Karl Pippen, I would have NEVER willfully conceived with that man and if I knew the option to pregnancy was still open I would have kept my legs closed, oppps I forget I did they TOOK what they wanted, I swear to GOD then to have to deal

5:28 pm All of this BS so I could sit and listen to you force feed me this Pippen BS I cannot say that I wish I knew he was a Pippen beacuse I love my son I only wish he had another father and then after all of that, even with 2 Questionable Pregnancies (first 2 with drama) I still kept the babies that was what was important to me, I wanted the children I did not care what it took to take care of them and I never complained, I never COMPLAINED not ONE MF time, I worked 3 jobs and 13-14 hour shifts, on welfare, section 8 and food stamps all so my children could have a decent life when I KNOW what I could have had and I gave it all up to be a mother and for the record, I did not date black men at the time I got pregnant with DJ I was engaged to ED who had just bought me a 3 carat diamond ring and proposed to me at Baton for my Birthday 10/1992, I gave up ALL my dreams for this BS

FUCK YOU! How about that, this is what I want to say FUCK YOU!

5:26 pm I esteem you so you could be just like them and you want to tell me what I am supposed to think I don;t give a F if I die in your arms what will it matter what I said, hun, I don’t give a F I am tried I am angry I am in pain I want my daughter MY GIFT I sacrificed MY BODY I took that risk I gave up EVERYTHING and this is what I get so you could replace me with some nickle and dime Bitches, you are just like them and you want me to say WHAT hun, all because I like White People you bought me out, you sold me off like slaves and you exploit me and use my children and I HATE you I do not give a DAMN what you have it all means not!

5:23 pm You compare me to that nasty, sorry piss poor example of a Muslim Woman and you judge me, I am keeping YOU alive and without me you were nobody I made you not Dawn and not Lisa and this is the thanks I get, WTF you damn right I have been crying all MF day, all MF day, I gave up college, I gave up Ed O’Donnell, I gave up a house in the Suburbs so you can make me common like Lisa and Dawn, then I find it could all be based on HATE for my being a Catholic!

5:20 pm Think PETER: I did all that MF work to make you a name and this is what I get to celebrate hun??? Wallace, is this what I esteemed you so highly for so I could wake up to this BS crap and you want to talk to me about religion I got one for YOU… what is the difference from a man who plays basketball and rapes a woman and a man who is in the Church who rapes a woman??? One can hide behind his religion especially if he is well guarded by who his father is, you are RIGHT there is NO difference! It does hurt when you go from the man who once I saw as a symbol of protection and now that has been all DESTROYED as you are now the person who I needed to be protected against and I have mental issues?

I punched holes in a wall, SEVERAL HOLES, because in my heart I felt like someop0ne was trying to kill you the next day my children are gone WTF can you say to me and the best reply you have is I AM …. OK, thank you!

5:17 pm I am not going to talk about this in fact I am working towards EMACIATION for DJ so I can be FREE of that issue and Deja and I are moving in and I am not changing my mind, my pattern of working WILL and SHALL change, I am not going to be online as much as usual and I really do not wish to talk about it… I am NOT going to be doing a DAILY Morning Break and I am not doing ANY more political work, if I promised you a SCHOLARSHIP oh well… and for all of this other drama! I do not give a F what you think about me!

5:10 pm I think I am ready to SHUT all of my sites and STOP talking, I am not going to play this game any longer and I am debating on how much more court time I am going to give, I am TIRED of court if I wanted to spend my life in court I would not have had children I would have taken my law degree, I do not five a F what Obama and any or you think. I do not want to think about Baby Daddies, Boyfriends or Lying A$$ Men who want to make me crazy with more lies… I want my PEACE and I cannot find it in Illinois and I want to get as FAR from Illinois as I can and that is all I am focused on!

3:52 pm 4 Elements (themes) My Children,

Okay 1. Diandre, 2. Devonte, 3. Deja, 4. Hootie

You have already done whet you need to do I do NOT want to talk to Obama and I am NOT going to work with, for, around… this is my reward… Now I really feel good about LIFE! In bed healing! Since working fro Obama no coverage and who knows!

1:23 pm I would not care a thing about Tony Blair if I had not bailed that sorry MF out of Morgantown jail he could not say a word and I am not helping him any longer too he cannot use my name tell him to call KIM!

1:21 pm Metaphorically thinking is that Uncle Tom or Tom Elser or whom…

Just want to remind you that we are at WAR all beacuse this SICK MF showed my face, no please let’s not forget this and I benefit least and suffer the MOST you have 8 minutes I am going BACK to the country and I am not talking to him!

1:19 pm I am sorry you are running out of time, so this is what… see why the F I do not like Black Men see that not one that you have heard from can say… that… see what I mean, TAKERS you don’t want to give you are all TAKERS so I have a silent FAN CLUB and this is what makes me CRAZY, thank you Washington, my children thank you and all of the dreams I forfeited to sit my pretty ugly ass in this chair so I could watch you listen to this sick MF tell me this to my face! Thank You!

1:17 pm He looked LEFT I am wearing GREEN!

Michelle that shot is on you I cannot give you a better hand than the one I gave you and Mustapha you wonder why I feel so naked! Drug me for a Gothika dream hun! thank you, I feel so…. intelligent!

1:16 pm He is getting off people I have my face covered my entire mouth my ARABIC LOOK so to speak if you have ever seen my REAL face, and he is turned on you have until 1:30 pom you cannot afford that drink AGAIN yeah I heard what they said and I want to hear him say it!

1:13 pm Okay sop this is a WHY are so many dying so fast meeting and I have to talk about health care, I will take this time to say thank you Washington for the Emergency Dental Plan Activated to deal with that Immediate Issue, WOW is it that damn serious! You would go thru all of … Obama this is for you, if I did not have my KLAN ties that I have, if I did not have the FAVOR I have on my life from the men and women who raised me like their own, how do you think I could have seated you int hat seat! If I did not believe in you the way that I did and I was able to convince them the people who love me to support you, my money, my support, my energy and this is what I get!

1:12 pm Badda…. I see BIG SHADOWS in WASHINGTON!

1:10 1. Mike, 2. Tom, 3. Jay Rockefeller, 4. John… what do all of these names have in common GREATEST HITS is that what you wanted me to read Obama?

Benji dumb A$$ what is your birthday, 4-15-76 RIGHT April 15 what is he caught up in, now is that what you wanted to read Obama, this is all one big FIGHT so what do we have to say!

Hey Danny Davis did you tell Diane you were setting her son up for trapping me, that is hwy Benji ran from the West Side right!

1:08 pm Who do you want to hear reading you cannot let LISA play my role in that house and that is the cast shadow that holds you down, and you want to see VOODOO, that hit on Haiti was a block on the White House! Am I right!

1:06 pm Snow fell off the car as I open more I cannot control my responses things happen and I cannot… Whales went off hun, who has not met me and seen a animal trick, OK!

1:04 pm Mike it is not 6that I do not want to talk, EVERY SINCE I put him in that chair whatever I say when he speaks they REVERSE what I say and when I say HIT they do the opposite, look all around you and and no look at me WHAT will you do when your project is trashed hun,m I cannot work without many of you and you cannot be affective without me and I am TIRED, so threats to RAPE my children, thank you!

1:03 pm Why did Dale have to say she is right here!

1:01 pm When I talk to Obama my children get attacked and people call me crazy give me 1 reason WHY I should talk to him, I do NOT want to talk to him!

Yes Charlies Rangel I see that HIT coming too! He wants to fight!

Who has my children!

9:53 am I bet you are waiting for me to turn on CNN… LOL just like I am waiting for this case to end! I am NOT helping Obama… OK!

9:52 am Made groceries, lite dusting now I can rest:)

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