Ardell Sims Olorode Curtis you have PUSHED me too far this time, no turning back!

12:27 pm they are trying to pull another Michael Jackson hit on me damn it the hell! and they are using you to do it!

12:26 pm Scottie is mad I am her and Dawn is Mad he is he so now what, what is so freaking hard to understand about this, while you tripping! I told you he ain’t no MF good and she is just as rotten!


He is the ONLY one who would back Eddie L Long up like this, this is how they fight, they know he attacked me and raped me which is probably why I was made to sit with DEJA this is not a joke while you are tripping…


12:14 pm Tom Dart why did Officers Hill and Lenti serve me at 10 pm… when did that start? or is that Dawn tripping again with Pippen, yeah I know you know Juwon Howard is Dawn, stop playing and Scottie use to play in Portland… I told you who they gunning for Mustapha, betrayal still not setting on hun, OK!

They don’t WANT her to know who she is damn it!

12:11 pm See what I mean they did this the day after I posted WHAT, see why I don;t want her to know anything… this was filed that day AFTER I posted Deja I have to tell you something, is this Karen again.

I faxed Mustapha already baby, think he don’t know thank God my mind works… fax dated 10/23/09 with that address baby…

See what I mean now, too much drama, you picked her up to drop her like this OMG! Like I did ntop have enough drama to deal with!

11:40 pm Oh I am sorry you were thinking Mello… LOL you forget I cover ALL teams… LOL

11:39 pm Oh they did not know I am ROY:) LOL suckers!

Okay before I go to BED GO PORTLAND I always cheer for Mello, they look for me there, we always flip the script to keep them off track… LOL

Good Night!

11:36 pm That is what we were looking for… thank you guys talking on private!

It is not what you see but what you don’t see here and ALL names will be included, we know that was Mary Mitchell and you said Michelle Sims I have Alexander, she still don;t get it do she WE saw that coming:) whatever I will handle this tomorrow!

11:34 pm Just a TIP:) Good Night can’t reveal the source on this one sorry:)

The judge said he was a ‘sleeper agent’ for Osama Bin Laden, waiting to carry out the next wave of terror against America. His sentence will allow him out in as little as five years.

Ali Al-Marri, convicted of being an al-Qaida sleeper agent, gets eight and a half years in prison.
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11:09 pm Emailing all of the politicians listed below RIGHT NOW with these files, great for a political run is this not… I can toughen up the STALKING and HATE crimes LAWS… Oh wait Obama did that yesterday… good read, you work me too hard dude!

11:06 pm This along with EVERY EMAIL and closed account report will confirm that THEY are stalking me how do you know, she told you baby…

FACT: she is watching me and reading about me, if not… How did she know what was on my page, thanks to her I have her work address and I can provide this information to so many for prosecution so let them watch I will teach them their computer phone number hold on while I get the IP address!

11:02 pm If they are watching my website, they are in direct violation of the COURT ORDER see how that works I can trace the IP address and report that to the POLICE all I have to do is track that account, every time they log into my account I can track that!

11:01 pm Todd Stroger you got all of that Tom Dart you see that too, good they don’t know who I know or how… you already have jail time planned, here is a copy of the FALSE REPORT!

10:56 pm We ready for this RELAX I got this, we had to let her move so I could show you how hard she is playing against me… PROOF in the PUDDING no I am not MAD I am working and faxing:) SMILE

City plans to prosecute those lying about police misconduct

October 29, 2009

The city plans to prosecute citizens suspected of lying about police misconduct, authorities said Thursday.

In 2004, the city started requiring citizens to sign an affidavit before they could file a complaint against an officer.

But the city did not go after people who lied in their affidavits, fearing that would scare off legitimate complaints.

In August, the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police misconduct, started examining a “handful” of citizen complaints investigators believed were false, said Ilana Rosenzweig, head of the agency.

None has been forwarded yet to the city Law Department, which would prosecute the cases under the False Statements Ordinance.

The ordinance carries fines of $500 to $1,000, plus three times the amount of damages sustained by the city because of the false complaint, said Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the Law Department.

“Our thinking was to take a balanced approach — treating the public similarly to the way we would handle a police officer,” Rosenzweig said, adding that her office recommends serious police department discipline against officers suspected of lying to her investigators.

One of the ways investigators are debunking complaints against police is by checking tracking devices in squad cars to see if the officers were where the citizen claimed.

The Law Department is also taking a more aggressive stance in defending lawsuits against officers — not automatically settling “small value” cases. That strategy also was launched in August.

10:38 pm YES Washington I am sending this to you NOW!

10:35 pm Dorothy Brown you signed off on this baby, I guess just like you ALTERED my divorce decree, now I am going to KICK YOU OUT of offfice give me ONE MINUTE, faxing this to OBAMA and SPRINGFIELD and others, these documents have nothing to do with my case so I CAN post these files!


10:10 pm I get threatened and they get to file a Order of Protection, GOOD, now I can take the tapes to court and she will get locked up not only for filing a bogus report BUT for initiating contact and making the actual threats she claims I made, you do know filing a bogus report is punishable with jail time… Thank you also I did not have all of the names and addresses and I can add them all on now, deja has to be moved now! LOL!
9:23 pm what is wrong now, Jody do they know this face baby? Maybe not… LOL, they do know I report to Jody don’t they?

Agency urged reprimand for Supt. Jody Weis

Action came after Chicago’s top cop backed Obama for president,police-supt-weis-obama-reprimand-102909.article

That means that Supt Jody Weis HEARD the voice mail, what was said and the criticism for my backing Obama, see what I mean BOBO you get on my LAST nerve!

Chicago’s police watchdog agency recommended a reprimand last year for the city’s top cop, Supt. Jody Weis, for endorsing then-Sen. Barack Obama last year during the presidential campaign, according to records released today.

Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority found that Supt. Jody Weis “impeded the police department’s operations and was inattentive to his duty in that, while in uniform and on television, he made comments that favored a particular political candidate.”

The recommendation was sent to Mayor Daley’s office and Weis was “talked to,” officials said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported last year that Ald. Tom Allen (38th) had called for Weis to receive a reprimand because of an Oct. 15, 2008, interview he gave as part of a WLS-Channel 7 story on security at Obama’s South Side home.

“He’s our senator, and he’s hopefully going to be our next president, so it’s an honor to serve and protect his home,” Weis, who was wearing his police uniform, said in the interview.

After Weis was notified he might have violated a police rule, he notified the Independent Police Review Authority, the city agency that handles complaints of police misconduct. The agency unveiled its recommendation to reprimand Weis in its annual report, released today.

Allen was upset because a Chicago police detective who had campaigned for him in his failed race for Cook County state’s attorney was found to have violated a rule that bars officers from engaging in partisan activity while in uniform or identifying themselves as officers.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” the alderman said then of Weis.

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