Emmy’s Part One

8:58 pm Molina’s Up! CUBS 3/STL 2 hi baby I know right IO have to work please forgive me, I would be there with you but… hey… If you hear the name of a person that means they are on that watch, they have tehir eyes on them! Hi baby

8:56 pm Prince wanted me to tell you guys:

Prince Jackson guys.sorry for not respond all to time but can send messages to my inbox (:3 minutes ago

8:50 pm How would I say this right here!

8:48 pm Did you know during the Beijing Olympics they all sang my name, they said “T.T.” I swear to GOD! That is why you need to stop playing! Oder and watch the Opening Ceremony!

8:47 pm Hey Nancy, U2

8:47 pm You said Lisa’s name it’s cool I know they know you all know it is her! They cannot say my name.

8:45 pm Did I open a can of no they dud not, you do know Keifer is my … well, I told you not to touch that door if he goes OFF! OMG.

“A Time to KILL” you know my Fontenot face:) Damn decode!

8:44 pm We are trying to make this a real as possible you know Drew was at the CUBS game so she is connecting the dots for me, Hi Derrek I am so sorry I had to work tonight baby, it’s my job, my watch!

8:43 pm My stripper face is talking COCOA is a cover for Nikki tonight We see you baby, when you hear COCOA that is you talking too!

8:39 pm I had to find the picture, OKKK look at it this way:)

I told you this earlier, all you have to so is READ:


Satellites monitored 24 hours a day from ORBCOMM’s Network Control

8:36 pm Jessica how do they please me, you know Jack Nicholson and this is where we started:)

My Bud Billiken Day Dress

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

Jessica Lange

8:34 pm Mustapha they see you as a hitter I guess.

8:32 pm They have a screen in the room where every update they roll a screen telling what I said or they have a ear piece! LOL

8:31 pm My BLOG is here LIVE yes this is very REAL!

8:30 pm the 3 of us in the bed you know who I sleep with it is this serious! How would I say that right here!

8:28 pm We are eating Strawberry Pies this is the end of the movie weren’t you watching we all dress up in RED and dance around eating strawberry pie!

They can say Lisa’s name you know it is her but they are talking about me, again you cannot see my face or say my name outside of Chevy:) They know it is me when you say it like that!

8:27 pm I want to go Footloose but I keep finding myself Cruising with my Legal face, hun A Few Good Men need to stand up now:) I am so good baby! You know I keep them dancing!

8:27 pm What I do last Summer!

8:25 pm “Team Effort” They know all of Hull House!

8:24 pm She said: Who don’t want “her” here, okay here is another twist she is up to something!

8:21 pm She is standing as the most hittable face in LA right now who has she infected got it! See when he said politican or rapper I should have known Lisa Obama is hiding his face in this crowd, I know DRAMA well if something happens to Obama they are going to say he was with “her” I mean what more can I say? I play baseball!

8:17 pm What did Jane Seymour teach me… I am seeing my hair! In 1981, she was cast as Cathy Ames in the TV miniseries of John Steinbeck‘s East of Eden.

8:16 pm Played a police officer… Heard Lisa talking who in congress or what rapper… LOL! Derrek can’t wait to renegotiate his contract I know right! Drew my face they all know! She was at the Game!

8:14 pm did you see that coming! My hair!

8:13 pm Where is Jane Seymour


8:12 pm Why is east of Eden playing in my head… who is talking here:

East of Eden (1955)

Directed by Elia Kazan. With Julie Harris, James Dean, Raymond Massey. Visit IMDb for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments,

8:10 pm Keep me rolling it is footage they will use later we got this, you have to watch me 24/7/365 never know what might happen it is just a way of living! There is no other like me so what do I say right!

8:06 pm CBS: Back to work I see you Tracy Morgan, now would that be Morgan Proctor my baby Daddy!


8:02 pm I have been doing movies since OMG this is how they taught me this was the CODE that I lived by… how do I explain it, I write the scripts for all of these. I dream and they bring the dreams to life.

Which is WHY this event like many others are so important, they want to see my face in a image that can be shared by BOTH black and white nothing personal but… I belong to those who bring me to LIFE! Yeah you see LISA but again, you were not supposed to see my face.

8pm How they voting here. For Derrek and I to be the winnig couple! Got it! Well I have to show you why, I hold all of mines! These are mines hidden scripts you don’t know about, more than just a face a revolution! Lots of power! BRB

7:59 pm Babysitters are watching the rooms thank you in advance! How you see me HERE!

7:58 pm I am looking fatal Glen Close is up, you pissing me off! Not a good sign!

7:57 pm Girl no you did not pull out my To Wong Fu pants see I want some JUST like THAT! HOT!

7:56 pm There is a FIGHT somewhere see why I don’t get rest tonight… OK here we go! Got to keep my eyes open Derrek I will rewind on commercials.

7:54 pm Where is DJ I am wondering who that hit is for? Where is DJ!

7:52 pm Alec Baldwin am I playing GOD again! How old am I again Rob! You know I traded that one in for Brad Pitt! My new sexy!

7:51 pm CBS: Emmy what I miss, you know my heart is at the game but I am working here at the Emmy’s!

7:50 pm Pujos (5) rules in St Louis, HIV is rampant there, I know baby!

7:48 pm When you saw Milton they knew I was smoking weed now you know I am still playing because you are still reading, this is their way of telling you they are not telling you how I play anymore. People look fro Milton so you will know my moves, he is covering my head.

Baby please if Derrek stays he has to dig them out of a $800 million dollar hole or Derrek is at the end of his contract season, so be optimistic.

7:45 pm Chevy on the plate at the game, I want to take Derrek to Memphis with me I don’t want him to be a CUB they don’t see Milton, OMG! Jerry don’t like me hun, I am not playing with you any more!They are only telling you I do not have WEED! So relax!

7:44 pm Work them legs girl, now that was sexy, work em baby! Chevy Chevette… I have to miss my baby’s game tonight I have to work!

7:42 pm My GPS Monitoring team behind the scene watching the floor for me, like that view of my window! Look behind the speaker I have this room GPS’d see me now:) Hi guys!

7:42 Pm, Todd Stroger, find your name here!

7:41 pm Thank you in advance for the missing check coming, Huge (Derrek) surprise!

7:40 pm Sexy is back!

7:40 pm Gena has raised me since GLORIA (Debbie in Italian) why did she hide me, I saw too much!

7:39(a) Momma kissing a girl, I knew it!

7:39 pm Are we giving honor to John Hughes, and this is my IHM crowd, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club I have been doing this a LONG time!

7:38 pm How did you know Torrence held Deja like that? Funny LOL, I don’t have a husband!

7:37 pm, Steven I hear you baby! Toni Collette WON! DeAblo (Diandre) can never be happy with his name!

7:36 pm Sarah I have a beard not a mustache!

7:35 pm Hey Justin so cute!

7:34 pm You make “50” your KING baby you cut off your head! Not me I can’t save who don’t want to be saved. Curtis “50 cent” Jackson DOES NOT play for. with, around for me. PERIOD I don’t care how you say it!

7:31 pm Girl I ain’t got time to play Lisa trick games you know I will play like I play and if that is who leads them I will play with who plays best with me!

Marc Kommessar is what? Whatever if he does what is he going to say?

7:30 pm Yep Nancy I think this is the room I need to play in tonight, it is just not fun watching baseball or any sport any longer just too much down play!

7:28 pm This is boring let me check on the EMMY’S (CBS) okay so tell me what I need to hear right here I am not good at chasing a man and this Derrek Lee things is getting old! I have nothing to prove to you!

Anyway, I bet I am going to pull out a surprise for you! I bet I got one!

7:26 pm Sounds like Lisa has this game also, I don’t know what these guys are talking about!

7:21 pm I get to clean all of this up or I will let you die will all of the lies! Come on leave “her” standing and I will sit!

7:20 pm Come on baby Pat & Bob saw my face in fact BOB bumped into me the day I took the children to meet Jennifer Hudson… and I am taking the cure for HIV with me and so much more!

7:19 pm Let them keep playing my children don’t come home say goodbye to the $500 billion Chicago WOULD HAVE made on the Olympics, come on baby.

7:18 pm Sadly enough you keep talking “50” to my face and you know I am so TIRED of that!

7:14 pm You know this looks like one of those games I might want to miss I would never put “50” in your face and I am starting to pull back from the left… I don’t want to carry baggage with me, I feel drama and you know I just… not tonight!

7:12 pm I don’t talk to that black dude he’s a sell out trick… sorry! Likes to argue!

7:09 pm Derrek I better hear good stuff tonight, not in the mood for drama!

7:08 pm Oh yeah I already canceled my COMCAST (they keep screwing up my bill) account so now what? I am ready to go, better play me right I am up shooting again!

7:07 pm I don’t have any weed (21) so WHAT is that all about and they refuse to test me so now what? My kids don’t come home this city looses so now what? Is this going to be a bad news game or what?

7:02 Pm Live with Derrek Lee I want to know how long I have to wait for him (pouting)! Hi baby!

7:01 pm T.O. won Nikki, hum wonder who he is listening to… PIPPEN IS PIMPING YOU BABY!

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